McCain will not ‘walk out’ on Hagel vote

McCain will not ‘walk out’ on Hagel vote

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said  he will not support efforts by Republican members of the Senate Armed Services Committee to delay a vote on the nomination of former Sen. Chuck Hagel to be defense secretary.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, who has emerged as the most vocal opponent of Hagel getting the top Pentagon job, said he would put the process on hold until he gets more information about the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

McCain and Graham were equally tough on Hagel during the nomination hearing on Jan. 31, but McCain cannot support blocking President Obama from getting his choice for defense secretary. While he shares many of the concerns voiced by Graham and others about Hagel’s positions on national security issues, he said Hagel has met the committee’s requirements and deserves a vote.

“I will not participate in any walkout of tomorrow’s committee vote,” he said in a statement. A walkout would be disrespectful to Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., the committee’s chairman, and be “at odds with the best traditions of the Senate Armed Services Committee,” he said.

Graham’s threat to hold off on the process for more information about the Benghazi attack, in which the U.S. ambassador to Libya died, is only the latest move by GOP senators to thwart Hagel’s nomination. Some have demanded he turn over copies of speeches he has made in recent years and provide information on contributions from foreign donors to groups with which he has been affiliated.

Hagel’s supporters say he has already provided the committee with all the information typically required of nominees, an argument essentially backed by McCain in his statement.

Levin rejected those GOP efforts and called for a Tuesday vote. Currently, Democrats hold a 14–12 edge on the armed services committee, making it likely Hagel will win approval on a party-line vote before sending the nomination to the full Senate for approval or rejection.

“Look the bottom line is we have 66,000 troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq — sorry, in Afghanistan rather, and significant issues to deal with internationally.  It is clear that Senator Hagel is uniquely qualified to be Secretary of Defense, and it is clear that he has at least a substantial — a majority of senators who would vote to confirm him,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney, who reacted to threats by Graham and others to stall Hagel’s nomination.

He also said the Senate already has all the answers available on the Benghazi attack.

“What is unfortunate here is the continuing attempt to politicize an issue,” Carney said. “In this case, through nominees that themselves had nothing to do with Benghazi, and to do so in a way that only does harm to our national security interests.”

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The fact this clown is even anywhere near choosing who gets the top job at the P confuses me. His mind is so incredibly futile at comprehending basic politics he surely cannot fathom the complexities of the human races ever meteoric journey into Nano/Transhumanism/cyber warfare/social multiculturalism/the limitless scientific fronts, and how to keep not just the usa but the free world ahead of the game forever! This simpleton’s opinion is that of a barbaric cave dweller trying to construct a intersteller spacecraft by hand.

To think that a man with hands in so many pockets might have had a dollar trade hands from one organisation to another dozens of times until it ends up in the hands of hamas isnt exactly hard to imagine is it? im sure a dollar you have spent prob went to a organisation that funded terror. maybe everytime you fill up your car. Take the bush family, who pretty much fought a war against the bin ladens while the bin laden family made millions from the construction of arms the americans used to fight them with.

We can always go back to a businessman in charge of the DoD. Huntsman? Romney?

The other choice is a 4 star general and any other former E– or junior officer.

Are we talking McCain and his role re SecDef or Hagel hypothetically having a role in picking generals to head something? If anything, CENTCOM is fairly tip of the spear, rather than a “top job at the P”.


Was he paying attention to the circus that took place during the confirmation hearings?
I was.
It was embarrassing.
He was inarticulate, was not familiar with policy e.g. containment and so much more
He talked in circles when asked a direct question BY MCCAIN
but its no doubt a done deal as Hagel was a member of the club and they are all members of same
club so no problem
The nation?
Tough. We just deal with it as we do whenever congress does ITS thing

Uniquely ????????????????????????
In what way?

Inarticulate, uninformed and an embarrassment
I guess that makes him uniquely qualified?
What a menagerie there is in Washington

As Senator Hagel, and myself a Vietnam Vet in Pleiku. He’s served our nation with honor. Mr. Hagel has served congress with honor, he is the best of any of us. I think the Masson Dickson trend of thinking has no place and shows no honor for those who serve.

I would imagine what was meant by “uniquely qualified” was the two Purple Hearts he received while serving in combat in Vietnam. Can you match that? I only see one embarrassment here, and it isn’t Hagel.

Your post brings to mind one word: mushrooms

We elect them knowing the authority that they have. Congress has over a 90% re-election rate for incumbents, yet around a 20% approval rate. That is partly the fault of the voters. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Isn’t it great the Democrats have the the number 1 (McCain) and 2 (ColinPowell) Republicans in their pocket!

Hagel was McCain’s campaign guy in previous national elections. They have been friends for years. Now McCain is just ticked at Hagel for something that has absolutely nothing to do with being qualified to be SECDEF. This is petty nonsense. His questioning of Hagel before the committe with all of this yes or no answer stuff made McCain seem almost chidish.

Senator McCain has seen better days. He has led an exemplary life and he has been a good Senator, but he should have gotten out before he got old and bitter. All he is doing now is discounting his otherwise honorable legacy.

being wounded doesn’t require any particular skill oe intellectual understanding. If that were true we’d be grooming a Forest Gump to be SecDef or President.

Thanks for your service and I agree that we need those who have served in Congress but we need someone who is also up to the job. I’ve known many veterans who are more articulate than Hagel and demonstrate a better understanding of politics so give us one of them and not this poor bloke.

So he served in Vietnam, so did I. He was enlisted so was I, But obama wants a lap dog so he chose Hagel. Nuff said

Im with Sen. Lindsey Graham this guy has no experience in leadership and also is pro-islamic and anti-Israel so NO WAY he should be Sec of Defense.

It’s unbelievable that someone would give you a negative star for stating that he served his country with honor. What was possibly negative about that. Even if you don’t like Hagel, you can’t deny the fact that he served in Vietnam.

Seems a bit strange to get a negative for valuing someones service for this country in a department of defense firm.

It also seems relevant to the post to me. I don’t think we need another buerocrat ala Rumsfield in SoD personally, but I can’t seem to figure out what some of you guys priorities or loyalties lie. It doesn’t appear to be with this country though.

What have you done since Vietnam? Are you in a position to be SoD? I doubt it, but only you know the truth.

You’re right. He’ll be in way over his head. But he’ll just cover it up by being a hotheaded bully. Most staff turnover of any other Sen. in office while he was there. Containment answer on Iran was pathetic, Levin had to save him. Not satisfied with murky financial dealings. He’ll let Iran turn Tel Aviv into glass before really coming to Israel’s aid. Clearly not the time to screw around with someone who says a lot of stupid things. We deserve someone better for the job.

We need Dick Cheney back in the saddle to clean up his friggin mess.

That’s sarcasm, right? I hope.


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