Congress rips sequestration planning procrastination

Congress rips sequestration planning procrastination

The decision by Pentagon leaders to delay the planning for a potential budget cut that would slash 10 percent off expected defense spending was always a curious one.

These are the same leaders who often hold breakfast meetings just to plan out how they will hold a formal planning session. Planning is in the military’s blood.

That’s what made the past year of sequestration hearings and Pentagon speeches so odd when military leaders would tell anyone who would listen that the military had no interest in planning for sequestration. This budget mechanism threatens to cut half a trillion dollars from the Pentagon’s budget over the next ten years.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta would often say you can’t plan for a meat ax.  He would ask Congress how they expected the military to plan for a cut that generals and admirals had not control over. The Budget Control Act, which outlines sequestration, specified that the military would have to cut every program’s budget line by 10 percent, no exceptions.

Not until December did the Pentagon start making plans for sequestration ahead of the Jan. 2 deadline, officials said.

U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., grilled defense leaders on Wednesday over why they chose to wait until December to start making those plans. He said at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on sequestration that the lack of details the military provided made it hard for committee members to persuade the rest of Congress to stop sequestration.

“We’ve been after the Pentagon for well over a year to give us the specificity of what this would actually mean,” Forbes said. “We were constantly told we can’t get that information because we haven’t done the planning. My point is that it would have been a lot easier for us to persuade Congress to act if we had that specificity months ago instead of waiting until a couple weeks before the deadline.”

Of course, sequestration is a product of a Congressional vote.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno told Forbes that the military decided not to plan for sequestration because they were told it would never happen.

“We made the decision in the Department of Defense that we agreed with that we would wait on planning. Frankly, that was because we never thought it was going to be executed,” Odierno said.

The Army four-star said that military brass did all it could to explain how devastating the cuts would be when combined with budget uncertainties surrounding the continuing resolution.

“I communicated the impact of sequestration last year. It might have been general in nature but we were very clear on the impact of sequestration so our testimony on sequestration is not new,” Odierno said.

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter agreed with Odierno saying that planning isn’t the problem, it’s acting prematurely that worried military leaders.

“We have been describing the consequences of sequester for a very long time. We’ve anticipated that they’re not hard to see. So planning isn’t the problem. It has never been the problem,” Carter said. “The problem was doing something. We didn’t do anything until the last few months … because doing so is harmful.”

What the Pentagon did was put restrictions on spending on such things as travel and conferences while also outlining plans to furlough all Defense Department civilians in March. In Carter’s memo to the Pentagon, he emphasized that any cost cutting actions taken ahead of sequestration should be reversible.

It’s understandable that the Pentagon didn’t want to take any actions months before sequestration because lawmakers so often said sequestration would never come to pass. However, it remains curious that military leaders failed to provide actual details on what the sequestration cuts would mean for the military.

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The best way to avoid the sequestration is to kill some platforms that we don’t need. If we end production of the V-22, limit ourselves to purchasing 1 Virginia class submarine a year, and kill the F-35 C-model we could avoid the sequester:

There is a wide variety of heavy lift helos that could be purchased instead of the V-22, which might not be as fast but will still get the job done. I can’t talk for the submarine-side with any experience. The sensors and technology on the F-35C can be added to the Super Hornet. The Super Hornet with the International Road Map upgrades is better than the F-35C with the only exception being that it has a low observable radar signature instead of the full stealth one. This could be compensated for by making long range high-speed anti-radar missiles, which would without doubt make killing any IADS very easy. The EA-18G also brings an effective jamming tool with the new Next Generation Jammer pods that are being developed right now. We don’t need the F-35C to get the job done at all.

Simply stated, Rep Forbes, the DoD was banking on an intelligent America to vote out a politician that would let sequestration happen, and if an idiotic America voted to keep him…well, they’d get what they deserve!!! BTW, don’t blame DoD for this mess; who voted for it? (Let me get you a mirror so you can better answer that one)

All the retirees, government workers, Reserve, NG and active duty that voted the top politician back in can only blame themselves. He gave clear indications and was reported by Republicans and a few Democrats that he is determined to destroy the current economy, government structure (as per Constitution), bring this country’s defenses down through many avenues, keep Reid opposing anything the House sends up to the Senate so that Obama can blame congress for everything that’s wrong and then give Reid a by after Obama has run this country into the ground. Sequestration is just another thing Obama has threatened America with if congress and we don’t see things his way. I know everyone that reads this has, in their past, tried to get a good idea passed up the chain, but was blocked by someone. All Americans, no matter who they are need to comprehend what they are seeing happen in our government and to this nation. I’m a staunch Republican, but I don’t follow blindly. I don’t always agree with a Republican politician, but if they go too far out, I’ll vote against them and before that, I’ll give them an earful.

Somewhat agree with you, but think the V-22 should not be cut at all. “The F-35 Junk Strike Fighter” should be Canceled after the last performance review. The damn thing can’t even turn like and old F-4 or F-5, which means in a dogfight the pilot as only two options 1. Eject or 2. Die. Neither option is except-able for the Future of the US Military. Time to just cut our losses and move on.

So cancel an aircraft that will only save a couple billion dollars and reduce the one ship program that is actually under budget?

Dear Congress, you’re welcome to blame my chain of command for failure to do their job when you can figure out how to do yours. I realize that the votes of few million who personally support our national security are no match for the 47% who don’t pay that bill, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to do the right thing. I am standing by for the sequestration, and can’t wait for you to see the full ramifications of the damage you’re willing to inflict on the security of the country which you so proudly serve.

Very respectfully,

I recommended killing the LCS, but they wouldn’t listen. I think if we killed the LCS we could keep the V-22 and possibly have 2 or more Virginia class submarines per year.

In the constrained budget environment that is coming upon us we must decide if we are going to have new platforms and increased strain on service members or upgraded versions of old platforms with good training and living standards provided for our servicemen. Either way one side is going to suffer: the platforms or the life styles of our men and women in uniform. We cannot have both.

This is the worst article. Each par. Regurgitates the same point…the Pentagon procrastinated and got caught with their pants down!

They have Stonewalled till the end…Now they cry about National Defense while they refuse to give up their Bloat.…Sad Group of JCS Guys…

That’s ridiculous — I’m a low level government civilian with the DoD and I could easily plan for this ‘sequestration’. Step 1: List every program that the military has. Step 2: Cut it’s budget by 10%. How much planning does that take? The automatic cuts cannot be controlled by the DoD. Congress has mandated that every program be cut by 10%. There’s no way to mitigate any impact when the DoD cannot pick and chose which programs to cut completely, there’s no way to reduce the impact on active duty forces or missions that are currently being funded. They will ‘All’ be cut by 10%. There’s no sense talking about which programs should be eliminated to spare others. No one in the DoD can spare any program. Congress has mandated 10% across the board cuts on every single program. Will this have an impact? Absolutely! Is there really any way to ‘Plan’ for this? No! When the time comes, the DoD will simply cut 10% from every program, including my pay, the pay of airman, soldiers, sailors and corpsman fighting in Afghanistan; the procurement budget for gasoline, bullets, armor, medical supplies, CSAR radios, maintenance depot supplies, you name it. If there’s a line item budget for it, it gets cut by 10%. Who’s fault is that? Congress is totally trying to shift the blame to DoD. Do they really think we’re all that stupid? DoD didn’t create this ‘sequestration’ disaster, and DoD doesn’t have any way to control or mitigate it’s impact.

The sad truth is that the Pentagon simply thought “no way they’ll go through with this”. Other government agencies have been planning, extensively, and in the process, between this and the various other budget delays, have wasted hundreds of thousands of man hours and dollars on planning and at the same time, were unable to work on other projects they had to still do, including in some cases, responses to congressional inquiries brought about as the result of a “complaint” from a campaign contributor.

We need to avoid all of this in the future and can do it easily with a constitutional amendment that simply requires a budget to be completed and balanced on time. If one is not, then the president and vice president, as well as the president’s party, are forbidden from serving in those offices in the next election. Similarly, all members of Congress would be unable to run for re-election the very next time they are up. Further, the pay and benefits of all of these individuals and their staffs would be forfeited immediately and not go into an escrow account, as would their pensions. My friends, we would never find ourselves in this disgraceful position again.

Junk Strike Fighter? Now that’s funny and would be funnier…if we weren’t wasting so much $$$ on it.

I agree that at least 10 % of all commands needs to be cut „, we dont need the AF space ship being built„,
we dont need the navys new air craft „, the e AF building its own space ship , is stuped„,contracting out services needs to be cut „, across the board„, bring it back to do are own work within in each services..


Chester, who are you? You don’t know what needs to be cut. Now you apologize to them now!!!!

We could cut the Defense budget 25% and still be the strongest Defense in the entire world combined. We spend too much there and I spent 58 years inside so just by inertia I know the cuts are necessary and the way to go. Far too much TDY travel that only pads the take home pay of the traveler at taxpayer expense. Cutting back on that alone would save billions — then the unnecessary weapons — airplanes, ships, etc and we are almost at the trillion dollar level. In our last 7 wars we have had air superiority and actually have faced no air foes — so we could do with what we have and still have nothing to worry about for at least 20 years.

Oliver —

What possibly makes you think that “all” government workers and retirees voted for Obama? My wife and I called Obama for what he is more than 4 years ago.…a typical Chicago politician who spent much of his time in the Illinois Senate voting “present” (coward) and then spent his US Senate term running for office. And BTW, it is getting tougher and tougher to tolerate the GOP as it continually crucifies me as a DoD civil servant.

Lets not forget that sequestration was President Obama’s condition for a budget deal last year. Someone forgot to tell him to be careful for what you wish for because you might just get it.

…as for the BOGUS, FABRICATED “fiscal cliff” CHARADE, I have only ONE thing to say:.….
(…yeah, I know that’s 2 things…told you “NASA” doesn’t mean “Need Another Seven Astronauts”…
…it means “Nature Always Supplies Abundance”…)
The whole thing is just more of Congress smoke&mirrors dog&pony show for the sheeple…
…sheesh, get a grip, people, will ya?…

This is hilarious! Congress, who can’t get out of their own way and get anything done, being directed by a president who blames everything on someone else is upset about DoD not planning on a draconian cuts across the board that are going to happen because they didn’t do THEIR job!??!! LOL!!!!

Is there waste in the DoD? Yes there is, but what federal, state or city government entity is going to say there’s not waste in THEIR organization? Same in private industry. I can find 10% waste in ANY place, organization, or business.

Whether there’s waste in the DoD or not really isn’t the point of the article though. But go ahead and rail about how smart you all are and how stupid everyone else is. It’s entertaining.

Lets cut ALL the perks the congress gets — like Nancy P’s jet to get her to Ca. nonstop (let them take commercial flights vs. AF jets). Here an idea; put congress in Social security and make them work 20+ years to get a pension — NOT 1 term !!!!

How about the Pentagon grills Congress about why they can’t pass a budget?!?!?

Why do you people keep talking about cutting this or that program? It is obvious you don’t know what the Sequestration is; perhaps if you read a little more, you wouldn’t make such meaningless comments. Please let me quote it for you: “The Budget Control Act, which outlines sequestration, specified that the military would have to cut every program’s budget line by 10 percent, no exceptions.” EVERY program, not just a select few that you don’t like.

Thank you for stating the obvious. I happen to know what “across the board” means. What I’m discussing is a plan to avoid that. Why don’t you ask yourself why the Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are looking at cutting programs to avoid the across the board cuts?

Cutting certain programs in a strategically planned out manner could allow us to avoid the cuts to EVERY program. Do you understand now why we are talking about cutting this or that program? Did I answer your question?

Besides serving divorce papers on his wife when she was in the
hospital for cancer surgery, remember when that little twerp
Newtie Gingrich shut down the Federal gov’t, back in the mid–
1990’s? America survived that just fine…my brother still got his Social Security Disability check, even though several million FedGov workers didn’t?… The media only cares about MONEY &
POWER, NOT the Demopublicans, or the POTUS, or Congress, or DOD…We’ll be just fine…After all, WE CAN run America without
Congress, much better than THEY CAN run America without US…stop believing in what THEY say…THINK

meanmarine, you are correct. The Sequestration is Obama’s baby and he’s going around the country saying Congress (and when he says that he means Those Republicans in the House) should not let the Seq happen. I worked as a civilian for 40 years in DoD and 10–20% cut, managed cuts, would only improve the efficiency. Efficiency, cost effectiveness — those words aren’t in DoD nor I imagine in any other federal agency. After all, they have the bottomless taxpayer’s pocket so no worry!!

The federal civlian workers who were furloughed in 1990’s did receive their pay — was delayed by a week or so — so they got a free vacation. Those of us who weren’t furloughed because we were “essential” had to go to work and do our work and theirs, but we did get paid on time.

Now, who was it who VETO two continuing resolutions to protect government funded abortion?
I don’t think Rep. Gingrich was ever in the position to VETO anything.

frickin’ laughable! Congress ripping DOD for failing to plan for sequestration?! turn it around and point the finger at Congress and ask those fools why they don’t get off their butts and take care of the people’s business instead of the business of politics. how long did Congress have to do something about this before it got this far? as DOD, i’d just sit back and let the –it hit the fan at this point and state the obvious — this is all fall s at the feet of our Congress.

The GOP has to go. They are ruining the miltary.

President Obama, author of sequestration, promised that sequestration will never happen many times. Blame the President for not keeping his word! It was his idea and he got Congress to agree to it as a a gimmick because even they were convinced it would never actually happen. So don’t blame DOD for not planning for it. They were just trusting their Commander in Chief and Congress, taking them at their words. Now the whole country gets to suffer because this trust was misplaced.

Both parties are to blame for sequestration. They voted for it and now they have it. The results will be a smaller, less capable military and failure to support all of the commitments that these same politicians have made to our allies. So much for a safer world after the fall of the wall. North Korea doesn’t mince words when they threaten the United States with nuclear attack. Our weakness must be showing already.

I don’t see any of the comments above recommending that the United States cut any foreign aid spending. That would take care of the budget problems. The President and Congress need to take care of the United States and quit helping the rest of the world. Pretty soon you will not have the assests (the American People) to provide money to run the country. Stop the foreign aid, when the debt is down by 50–75% then we can start to help again.
Thank you.

Hey Forbes, the military is doing their job. Why don’t you and the rest of the scum sucking GOP welfare maggots PASS a budget. We have been bugging you idiots for over 4 years about this.

soo true

Let’s not leave out Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor as if they didn’t get perks. Ditto House Speaker John Boehner. Michele Bachmann can also be listed too. The business of demonizing Democrats but turning a blind eye to Republicans won’t work anymore.

That is so true Frank!

Ask Mr. Lew who dreamed up “Sequestration” (If he’s honest, he’ll admit to it)!!!!!!!!!!! THEN; you can blame congress and the prez for letting it happen! We all knew when the bi-partisan committee was formed; that they would not agree to any cuts, and sequestration would be “Their answer”.

Fisicall cliff fabricated! Yeah, right! Sounds like a Obama voter to me. Probably drawing welfare also! Well, we just lost over 450 people and it will triple by next year. For the ones that voted for the idiot, they brought it on themselves. Insurance up 37%, pay cut basically another 12% on top of that. Also facing another 25% cut and 10hrs a week. The cliff is real! Ex military and a civillian employ who provide support to the military. In my 20 plus years I have never seen it this bad! I can’t imagine what this country will be at the end of his second term! Blaming Bush isn’t going to cut it this time!! Also the 47% on welfare probably are not getting cuts! The foreign aid is probably not either. America, the land of the obligated!!

pat you must have gotten you info from obumer. the senate hant voted on any budget the house has sent them. what a idiot

How about congress taking a 20% cut. They are government employees. An change their retirement. One retirement could foster 10 new jobs a year.

You can only blame Congress only Congress, they passed it and they can change it. I wish some of the DOD personnel being interrogated brought to light what everyone was thinking. It is not DOD problem, it is yours Congressman and you need to take ownership of this train wreck. DOD thought they were dealing with Professional that were responsible partners in governing our country not a bunch of spoiled kids who can not work together…

Maybe we the people should just cut the political congress senate president etc pay in half, that would save alot of money, then no other cut backs would be nessacery.

@metfan lou
Starving a eating pig won’t make it any less a pig, it will just make it skinny.…nobody like to eat skinny pigs. But however, predators will attack them, because they are weak. To do a thing without thought is stupid, and Congress acted without thought in this matter. What did they think would happen, that the Military would suddenly get stronger with less funding? If you saw that much waste and did not report it, then you were helping that problem fester, thats why we have IG’s. What that base needed was better management, in this case leadership.

Funny how when it was proposed that our Congress and Senate forego their pay until a actual budget is passed to prevent these kind of actions, it was quickly noted that our Constitution prevents any actions that would affect the pay of our elected. Gee, how come federal workers aren’t protected by the same Constitution? If they (elected government officials) were forced to be furloughed maybe they would colaborate (not compremise) on what is best for our country instead of their polictical party. If you voted for sequestration, then DoD should close all military installations in those states or distrincts.

..If only Congress would stand up for our country, and not worry so much about being reelected. Congress should take a hard look at welfare, stop all benefits for the parasites; that have never worked a day in their life, and have no intention of ever working if they can help it! There are many people who deserve welfare, but the majority should not receive the free ride that they are now receiving. Cut all aid to illegal aliens, and I MEAN ALL AID. I married my wife in Thailand in 1971; I had to jump through many hoops to bring her here, including signing a paper stating she would never be on welfare. Also stop the payments to the mothers who have had more than two children out of wedlock, the first two may be a mistake, but after that it is too receive more welfare payments. If the congress did all this, congress would not have to take one cent from the military! Remember this a bad time to cut our military; Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are building up their military up and not cutting it. THEY ALL HATE US! The USA needs a strong military.

I agree 100%. It proves that 51% of America were hood winked by a smooth talking “Cool Cat”. Don’t blame me I did not vote for the great Divider

Thats because at the time that part of the constitution was added, we actually had congressmen that knew the importance of a military, and paying them was suppose to force them to do their constitutional duty, nobody ever thought it would come to this. The only way to fix this problem now is to vote them out of office(the ones that would damage the very Country/Military they are sworn to support), but gerrymandering has made it difficult, they know that, thats why they are doing this. The last election we made make some headway in that direction, come the next election, I venture to say we will make further headway.…these guys are a danger to domocracy and the well being of this great nation.

Your argument is moot.

If you saw it and failed to report it you are just as guilty as those who did it.

Whether you agree with the Republicans or not they are the only ones in Washington DC that have made any attempt to deal with the sequestration and the “fiscal cliff” in the past year. Look to Harry Reid and the Senate for answers as to why they did NOTHING. http://​abcnews​.go​.com/​b​l​o​g​s​/​p​o​l​i​t​i​c​s​/​2​0​1​2​/​0​5​/​h​ous

Regarding that BOGUS “47%” figure, which made infamous, that includes children, disabled, retirees, and vets…get your facts straight…the CHARADE & FARCE of the so-called “fiscal cliff” is equally the creation of the Repubthugs, & Democraps…And, just what do you think I DO with my $720./MONTH Social Security Disablity check…???…Put it in my secret Swiss bank account…???…You’re a fool…it ALL goes right back into the local economy, stoopid…

Nice try, Bill Aubre, but your plan is WAY too complicated…y

NO APOLOGIES, Sally…I agree with him…

The V-22 is not a heavy lift vehicle… that’s the role the new CH-53 is meant to fill.

Pat — I am not sure where you get your information from but the Republican controlled House of Representatives has submitted a budget every year like they are supposed to (here is a link to last year’s budget proposal for 2013 — http://​budget​.house​.gov/​f​y​2​0​1​3​p​r​o​s​p​e​r​i​ty/ ), it is Harry Reid and the DEMOCRAT controlled Senate that have NOT done their job. If you really want to research the topic there are official transcripts available online of Senate meetings where you can see for yourself that Republican Senators have asked for the Senate to do their job and submit a budget. The House Republicans have also tried to submit a couple of plans that would have dealt with the sequestration and the fiscal cliff last year but, again, Harry Reid would not allow them to be introduced to the floor of the Senate to even be discussed. So tell me — which party is being “obstructionists”? The GOP doesn’t have clean hands but the Democrats are just as bad.

Unfortunately for the US voter, we do not have the Constitutional option of calling for “no confidence” votes in an elected leader and dismissing them from office, outside of the scheduled November elections.
Several other nations do (Canada had just such a vote last year to rid themselves of whoever…).
And we’ve seen the media messes that happen when legalities do get involved and scandals bring about the downfall of an elected leader.
It would go a long way in restoring the voting constituents’ confidence in the US government leadership (and might actualy encourage those elected to better serve the common/majority citizens’ interests instead of foreign and corporate interests):
1) if Congress cannot decide in a timely fashion in the best interests of the electors, they get an incremental stepped pay cut the longer they fail us.
2), fail us enough and you’re out of office, no scraping by until next election 2, 3, 4 years out.
Sounds like like a plan.
Unfort, federal legislators would never approve such a measure, and guaranteed the Supreme Court would declare it unconstitutional, if the Pres didn’t veto it first.

What makes you think that it is all the President. It takes two to tango. As a governemtn employee, I am realistic to know that we don’t always use money wisely. Nor does the Conngress, both Republican and Domocrat. There is enough blame to go around for everyone.

You need to go back and re-read his first sentence, you missed the key work “that”.

How would ANYONE know how much/what to cut, as a Dem controlled Congress has not passed a budget in at least 5 years! Get your own house in order, that others may then do likewise.


Why is congress even slightly surprised w/r/t the DoD not planning for the sequester? We’ve known about that for *months* because an article announcing that little factoid was published on this very site!

Where the economic problems came from is obvious — its openly published for all to see on the Congressional Budget Office Website. And if congress wants to fix the problems all they have to do is rescind/rewrite the legislation that caused ‘em in the first place. But that they have openly refused to do.

But for congress to be upset with the DoD when it was openly published that the DoD was doing nothing to prepare because they all felt congress would be adult enough to deal with the problem is rather amusing (in a black humor kind of way). So they are in fact upset for the DoD not doing their job when the Congress itself failed to do its job.

I think if they just sequester the top dogs in congress that would fix the budget, because the people at the top can afford to be out of work and make the most money the most of the people on the bottom of the food chain dont and can not afford one day a week unpaid.

It is real easy to find fault with the department you worked in. But cutting the DOD is like cutting your own throat. What makes you think that your department will be cleaned up to your standards? Thanks to the DOD you get to say whatever you want on this forum.

One groups thought as “bloat” is another’s basic need.

You know so much about each service’s needs and etc. The Navy and new aircraft? They are being put together with bobby pins and superglue now. The F-18 is worn out. It was made for 3–4 year war not what it has been put through. At this moment and time contractors are being cut. Know before you speak!?!?!

You know not what you speak. You are very unaware of the condition of aircraft I guarantee. DOD is already cutting out TDY, conferences, and etc. We didn’t get where we are in defending our country by sitting back and saying “well, until we are attacked, no big deal.” Oh that’s right, we already were.


get your head out of your a

I have seen it too, I am a Fed employee, and I am for sequest.

stupid — no, misguided — perhaps. People need to stop believing everything they hear, and do their own research. READ, sounds a little old school I guess. The news in the US is so so so sensored

Just go out to the parking lots and find all the cars with OBAMA/ BIDEN bumper stickers and lay the owners off. That will shrink the DOD by at least 40%. Should take care of sequestration, Don’t you think.

Im inclined to agree with you j. oliver. I just shared with a co-worker that we really need to sequester congress. That would reduce the deficit a great deal and People!!! Remeber this when it’s time to vote for the congressional offices. Please remember!

What planning is left to do at DoD? Sequester mandates 10% cuts accross the board on all programs within DoD, minus already stated exempt programs and services. Let’s review, the Fed employee has had it’s pay frozen for 3 years, gov retirement contributions have decreased, and now potential 22 days furlough. Seems they have been punished enough, how about spreading the punishment around? Agree with previous writer, EVERYONE takes a cut (including foreign aid), that would be a “balanced approach” , and would be “paying their fair share”. But that doesn’t seem to be important, so let the sequester kick in and let it serve as a reminder for what the gov does do for you.

Well, I guess we gotta keep those tax loopholes open to save the “job creators” its been 12 yrs all thier way and now they are holding us up without a gun. You cannot just cut ur way outta this problem. How many here make over 500k? Thats wat I thought..

Its coming let the blame game begin. Its both Congress and Obama at fault Obama could have had some cuts in education and other domestic areas and say no new taxes it would have been stopped. BUT he wants the DoD to get cuts and to save his education pet project, and raise taxes. GOP could have had the Army kill BIG unwanted programs save money and work a deal in other areas to offset this, they didn’t. SO lets point the finger at all of them.

I am amazed at some of these comments and pointing the finger at the republicans. What about the democrats and the president. The founders of our government did not intend that politicians would be a lifetime job. They were to represent the people not themselves. And this includes the president. Those in office are more concerned about getting reelected then the rest of the USA. But to the original article, congress has no business pointing the finger at anyone period. Abudget has not been passed in four years so who is to blame. Not DOD, not the rich, not the middle class, seniors or whom ever. Blame yourselves for voting these butt heads back to congress, and for putting someone back in the presidency that has no idea ho this country is supposed to be governed, not ruled. Wake up people, elections are coming. But in the meantime let your Senator or Rep know of your dissatification that is if you are, and to get to doing your job, that’s what your are baing paid for. And I might add well paid.

Apparently you haven’t been around a lot of DoD personnel and offices. The only place that there is a significant (I would guess more along the lines of 25%) percentage of Obama supporters within DoD is in the Washington D.C. metro area. So, unfortunately, that won’t work.

Many of them are OTs (Oxygen Thieves). Only good for stealing my air.

The very saddest thing is that no amount of logic and good ideas from any of us, or even from personnel inside the DoD and other government structures that are doing a decent job and have an idea what is and is not superflous is going to make any difference. Afterall, because some congressional or senatorial district representative had bargaining (or blackmail) chips to preserve military manufacturing in their district/state…congress and the senate continued to put in purchase orders on things like the Abrams tanks long after being told point blank that we did not need them.…so they are in a warehouse. How many soldiers’ disability could have been covered by just one of those?

I worry about the 800,000 jobs lost in defense and related contracting, not just because I may be one of those cut, but, considering the job market outside of that “niche” is not all that robust, where are all of those people to go and what will our “brain trust” of their experience be, and how will that affect the surrounding businesses, the reduced income tax coming in and on and on?
Sure some will be deservedly gone having been keeping a job in government just because it is so hard to fire them (it is easy to fire contractors). From experience and lots of observation, a lot of promotions in at least one intelligence agency happpened because they “could not” fire the person. So, they promote the person just to get rid of them to some other poor schmuck who ends up working for them. Other personnel govt./military/contractors may just decide to go ahead and retire. But, we all know that the actual implementation of cuts is much more likely to get rid of people that actually do a good job.…the fat always seems to boil to the top. Which means that we all lose the experience and “corporate knowledge” of all those personnel.

I think the point Diane M is making is than Nancy Pelosi insisted on an Air Force version of the Boeing 757 or cross-country transportation to her home district in California. Before her, and the current speaker, used a Gulfstream IV/V. Significant cost difference per mile, and symbolic of her attitude toward the federal purse.

Wow. Just, Wow.

I agree we need to get our budget under control but if it just going to hurt a select few pocket books like government workers then it should hurt everyone’s pocket book. Its only fair the congressmen, senators, and president take a cut in their pocket book also . Foreign aid should also be cut a significant percentage. Get our country back on its feet first then help others.

I think individuals that maliciously slanders their democratically elected Commander in Chief of being “determined to destroy the current economy, gov’t structure,” etc., all in the name of “running the country in the ground” is about as treasonous as treason gets. Turn off your FOX, Hannity, and Limbaugh soap operas and get a life you moron.

Hey doesn’t sequestration mean cuts across the board? I think Air Force One operations need to be trimmed down. Next time the Prez wants to go to Hawaii — maybe they won’t have enough fuel, flight crew furloughed etc. Same goes for all the free flights congress gets!

It is hilarious that Congress says it didn’t know it could be so bad!

Democrats get everything they want in the fiscal cliff deal, and when it goes sour somehow it is the Repub’s fault. Classic.

why not let the miltary conduct BRACs, which THEY requested, to get rid of excess infrastructure.….THEY know what to get rid of.….the AF and Army are begging for more rounds of BRAC

I can’t believe that it took 17 people before someone finally commented on the fact that Congress hasn’t passed a budget in 7 years. I would call it “pointing fingers” by Congress to say that the DoD doesn’t budget, when Congress has not sucessfully done any “financial planning” for 7 years. Way to go Congress… You’ve got my vote!

Good idea Frank but foreign aid only represents about 1 percent of the budget. This will not bring a lot of money back but it will show the leeches that you cannot bad mouth our country and still get money from us.

You mean that we can’t blame Congress? They are the idiots that haven’t pasted a Budget. Income is down for the average American since 2007 melt down and Bush gave a tax cut to further reduce the tax base. I’m glad every one has Obama to blame!!!

Air force one should be the first thing cut. Ubama uses it to fly all over the world campaigning instead of taking care of business in Washington. Every single trip he takes cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. The Democratic Party should be paying for these campaign trips thinly disguised as business trips.

Cut the damn budget. It is 50 billion. THE military along with the rest of the US government wastes moreth an that pissing off taxpayer money.

Wait a minute, the Congress that can’t do their job and pass a budget is criticizing the military for being unable to plan around the financial equivalent of a knife to the gut while maintaining all of their current obligations?

Does this strike anybody else as idiotic?

As we look in on the GOP politburo, we hear Boshlevik Boehner addressing Cossack Cantor along with the rest of the minions. ” Comarade Kruchev would be proud of you, we have acheived of burying the country from within” GOP traitor trash cowards.

Umm… Who hasn’t passed a budget? The Rat infested Senate? You are right. The House, now controlled by Pubs (formerly by rats), have passed several and dirty harry won’t allow a vote in the senate. In his defense… Il duce would never sign off on them, but even the rats won’t sign off on his. Divided gubment is fun. BTW, I happen to place the blame on all rats… That includes bam.

About cutting an AF Space ship (If they even are planning on building one.) In fighting a war the side that holds the high grown usually wins.

What’s the point in planning? 10% across the board is 10% across the board. Unfortunately what typically happens when you do stuff like that is the more politically savvy will just stop doing their job and say “can’t do it with 10% less” while the hackers will find a way. The fat will get fatter and the skinny will get skinnier. The Air Force will stop flying because they won’t have money to water the golf course while the Marine Corps will just feed Marines less and keep flying 20+ year old Hornets and 40 year old H-1s.

That doesn’t solve anything. The people we elected to make these decisions all should go for the good of the nation. There should be only one term that all congressional and presidents should serve. However, if a tragedy happens tomorrow in a foreign country we would send billions of dollars to help them out but yet we don’t take care of our own country. Both political parties are out for themselves and the people of the United States don’t matter!!!!

I agree, the DoD could handle some cuts. But these cuts would come about by changing the way they do their business. You say that you have spent 58 years inside the military. I didn’t know that they took recruits as young as two years old. You do know that there is a mandatory retirement age of 60 in the military? I’m a 24 year veteran with 7 combat tours with only 3 of these so called expensive TDY travels. I can tell you that my experience has been staying in tents for months at a time that are covered in black mold and should be burnt to the ground. this couldn’t happen because there is no replacement for them due to lack of money and resources. Do there need to be cuts to government spending? Yes, but these cuts need to come from across the whole spectrum of government spending, not just discretionary funds.

Is it not time to step up and “Take Action” for a defense spending plan to remove the threat of national security?

Are your morals of supporting our troops gone and more important to the lobbyist that supported your part for election?

Stop the indiscriminant spending cuts and bring our armed forces back to its needed status. Be different in your government role, and have a conscience as an elected official in our government.

let the senate and house take a day off without pay for 22 weeks and see how long it takes to get things done.
stop minting dollar coins that no one is using. bring the military home now instead of 2014. stop giving money to other countries in foreign aid. just a few ideas from an old civil service worker.

I agree with the super tech cuts. The JSF is, as it was in the Vietnam era, too much expectation with a high price tag than actual effective spending for a useful weapons platform. McNamara urged a single fighter-bomber for our air forces in Vietnam. What resulted was the F-14 & the F-111.…..where are those super machines now?

As for the V22, any kid who works on bikes can tell you of the vicious gyroscopic forces involved in rotating a spinning object. The props on the Osprey are HUGE & heavy. This concept need further development. Oh, they may also wish to consider providing some self defense armaments. An armored machine gun station on each side, perhaps a forward & an aft firing machine gun turrets should also be considered. Barring those considerations.….…..@ least allow the crew & assault personnel to roll down the side windows so they can shout insults &/or harsh & profane language.

Over the years I’ve noticed how military planners enjoy spending our tax dollars on the next hi-tech ‘toy’. I would think it MORE effective FIRST to improve what is in the present inventory & then let that expense fall to the contractors & OEMs. Couldn’t the F-18 be fitted with vectored thrust or a vertical lift fan?


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