Sequestration would extend deployments

Sequestration would extend deployments

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno told a Senate panel Tuesday that the budget cuts associated with sequestration would force the Army to extend the upcoming deployments for units heading to Afghanistan.

Service chiefs have tried to place specific details to sequestration and an extension of the continuing resolution. Both deadlines will be reached in March and Congress has had military leaders march up to Capitol Hill to ring the alarm bells of the effects these cuts will have on the U.S. military.

The service chiefs sat before the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday and will do the same for the House Armed Services Committee Wednesday.

Odierno chose to highlight the effects on training. Odierno’s service is likely to take the biggest hit in sequestration, mostly because it’s the largest service in the military.

The Army’s top officer explained that the budget cuts will force his service to reduce training across the Army. The units headed to Afghanistan will receive the priority, meaning the next ones in line will suffer. That next rotation could be one of the last, if not the last to head to Afghanistan.

Odierno explained that given the choice he’d rather extend the deployments of the units currently deployed to Afghanistan rather than send soldiers into Afghanistan who are not prepared.

“We cannot fund the group that comes after them,” he told lawmakers. “So what that means is the initial replacements that go in at the beginning of 2014 are funded; those that would come in later in the year are not. And so it would take them much longer to be prepared, and so we will have to make a decision somewhere along the line to either extend those already there or send people that are not ready, and I choose not to send there that will not be ready.”

Military​.com reporter Matt Cox wrote more on the subject from the Tuesday hearing here.

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Hate to say it after Obama’s BIG left wing speech yesterday its coming. No way are they going to fix this this week.

Maybe you generals should give up your cushy perks and pay for the troops deployment. May be you generals should stop reinventing the wheel when a new crew takes over, if it ain’t broke, don’t fixit !! Maybe Congress should take unpaid workdays to make up the deficit, aren’t they federal employees too??!!

Any reducion in force, will automatically extend any mission personnel involved.…What’s so surprising about that? All of the short tours will surly be much longer right off the start.….I can recall many a tour that was 12 months extended to 18 months, As the 18 months tours were extended to 24 months…Yes, it did become a part of all volunteer services, with one excpetion, we didn’t have them crying to their elected officials, as we do now. The wives had backbone then, and they didn’t cry like hell to their husbands, to make his life a living hell deployed! The wives even knew how to care for their children properly. The major difference was the Services weren’t OVERLOADED with single parents with 6–12 kids that made everyone suffer

I personally don’t care what label to which a person chooses to be identified. Republican, Democrat, Independent or any other is like DelMonte, Heinz or the store brand. The bottom line is where it all counts and whatever it takes to make our country whole, is what it is all about. I am an economist with common sense and never fail to balance revenue and spending. Listening to a talking head, reading a speech that was written by the extreme left does not impress me. The words often sound so familiar, because they have been used over again and again. I have seen the extension of tours before, looking to save the government some immediate challenge and hardship placed on families. We have a deadend administration with a lot of antiques who need to be retired from service. They are too old to think rationally, too rich to care about the American people and have no clue that we all know of their incompetence. Our military does not have to be extremely large, but it must remain effective. The generals of our armed service are competent to operate in the theatre and not be hindered by a group of officials who have no earthly idea about what is necessary to succeed and what is not.

Congress should take a 20% pay cut and have the same medical and retirement we vet do.

You are far from the only person who thinks this! Same laws, regulations, medical, retirement, etc. for all Americans, including Congress!

Wow, you obviously are jaded by whatever leadership you had in the military…that is if you ever were. I agree with the first portion of your personal assessment however, being a single parent in the military myself, with one child I might add with an ex-husband who was military and decided to have an affair and leave his family, so, not to my own fault, I am a single parent in the military. I never made anyone suffer and I’ve made plenty of sacrifices. I’m about to deploy again and will be caught up in yet another extension. You should change your views on single parents in the military. You certainly have no idea what you’re talking about in that regard.

I do not like the idea of sending troops anywhere not prepared to do the jobs they are asked to do. We’ve had that already. Extended deployments are hard on soldiers and their families. So, I don’t like either one of these thoughts. Money, and there is never enough of it.….no matter the event. It is my hope we will not have to suffer any of the results that will come about due to money.

Perhaps the Obamacrats could somehow find a way to cut $85B somewhere in a trillion dollar budget?

If our government makes the civilians from the bases cut back to 32 hrs a week for the six mo. this will hurt the economy like the fall of GM would have. This again is the middle class which has already gone for 4 yrs without a pay raise and the businesses in the communities across the nation will suffer because there is no extra money to spend after utility bills, House pay,food , children etc. It will create a domino effect. Why pick on the civilian gov. workers again? What is wrong with our upper gov. , like the president, congress , sen. etc taking a 20% pay cut for 6 mo.? How about all the sports players? Get it together and stop telling Rep. congress to just say no to everything ‚and that little group knows whom i’m talking about. We as americans feel our gov. is like the terrorist that hold things over our heads every couple of months and this is not FREEDOM!!!!!!

Perhaps if they reduced foreign aid by 50% or more, they could afford to take care of our troops.Most of the countries that are paid foreign aid, are our enemies any way.


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