Republicans filibuster Hagel’s nomination

Republicans filibuster Hagel’s nomination

Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel will have to wait at least another week before the Senate votes on his nomination.

The Republicans launched a filibuster against the former Republican two-term senator from Nebraska by voting to continue the debate over President Obama’s nomination to name Hagel the next secretary of defense. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called for a cloture vote at 4:15 p.m. EST on Thursday in which 60 votes were needed to end debate and vote on the nomination.

Only 58 senators voted in support of the cloture meaning debate will continue. The Democrat majority voted in favor of the cloture, but could only find four Republicans to vote against the filibuster. In a procedural move, Reid switched his vote against the cloture once the Democrats realized they did not have the votes needed to block the filibuster.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, voted present in the vote. If he had voted for the cloture, the vote on Hagel’s nomination would have taken place. Republican leaders signaled that they will likely vote to end the debate after next week’s Congressional recess.

Hagel is the first defense secretary nominee in history to be filibustered. Other defense secretary nominees have not been confirmed, but none have ever been filibustered.

The Republicans have said they still need more information in order to vote on Hagel’s nomination — namely more of Hagel’s personal financial records as well as more information about President Obama’s oversight following the terrorist attacks against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. Carl Levin, D-Calif., said before the vote that all reasonable requests for information had been supplied to Republican senators. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., the SASC ranking member, disagreed saying requests from fellow Republican committee members such as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, remained outstanding.

Reid said the next vote to end debate will come on Feb. 26 after the planned week-long recess for Congress following President’s Day on Monday.

Republican leaders tried to make their case on the Senate floor following the cloture vote that they had not launched a filibuster.

“This is not an attempt to kill the nomination,” said Senate Minority Whip Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. “This is not a filibuster.”

A back and forth on the Senate floor followed the vote in which Democrats and Republicans argued whether the Republicans had filibustered Hagel’s nomination.

“By every definition…this is a filibuster,” said Senate Majority Whip Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

Asked about the blockage of his nominee on a Google chat President Obama participated in Thursday, Obama said “its unfortunate this kind of politics is going on” when U.S. troops are fighting a war in Afghanistan.

Durbin said on the Senate floor that he found it “peculiar” that the Republicans needed more time to learn about a fellow Republican for a nomination.

“I would have assumed you knew Senator Hagel,” Durbin said motioning to Republicans still on the Senate floor. “He’s a known quantity on your side of the aisle. Probably more so on your side than on our side.”

Current Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had planned to return to his walnut farm in California on Thursday and retire from public office. He said those plans have been delayed until his successor is confirmed.

Reid said the Republicans had put the country in danger by delaying the vote on Panetta’s successor.

“It’s shocking to me that my Republican colleagues would leave our nation without a fully empowered Secretary of Defense [with] all the things we have going on in the world,” Reid said. “There are serious consequences to this delay, consequences that are occurring right now.”

The U.S. secretary of defense was scheduled to attend next week’s NATO defense minister’s meeting in Brussels to continue negotiation with Afghanistan to determine U.S. support after 2014 as well as the ongoing civil war in Syria. Panetta said he will travel to Brussels before returning to California.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, says it will not move forward until he gets answers to questions about the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Reid today said Hagel had nothing to do with any U.S. actions regarding Benghazi.

Graham’s Benghazi concern is only the latest issue that GOP Senators have taken issue with during the Hagel nomination process. At his confirmation hearing and again during a committee session on Tuesday before voting on Hagel, some Republicans attacked the former senator for not being a strong enough supporter of Israel and for being weak on Iran.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, even questioned whether Hagel took payments or contributions from countries and groups not friendly to the U.S., a suggestion that drew rebukes from senators of both parties, including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

The committee ultimately approved Hagel 14–11 on a party-line vote and sent the nomination to the full Senate.

Reid said the Republicans’ decision to filibuster the defense secretary nomination “sends a terrible signal not only to our military personnel, but to the world.”

In response to Reid, ranking member Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., slammed Democrats for bringing the U.S. to its current sequestration crises.

McConnell did not mention Hagel or the effort by some GOP Senators to filibuster the vote, but focused entirely on the budget cuts that will take effect in March unless all sides agree to a budget.

“In just 15 days across the board cuts are set to take place unless the President and Senate Democrats come up with a plan to replace them with smarter, targeted reductions” in the budget, McConnell said.

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Good!!! Hagel needs to be gone, anyone who has made comments like that about our Allies & Iran shouldn’t be our Top Military Leader. He shouldn’t be anywhere near a position of power with those type of views. There are other much more Qualified people for the job.

Never doubt the willingness of the GOP to commit political suicide. Their obstructionist policies (according to many polls) are angering the American people, and in 2014 they will likely have to learn that lesson the hardest way possible.

The filibuster is only one straw, and where they might gain a tactical victory — strategically they will certainly lose. Since they’ve already decided to set the sequester happen (which will impact those in the red states most severely because that is where the majority of our military bases are) and try to blame it on the POTUS, they will ultimately fail because the American people in poll after poll have already indicated they will blame the GOP if that happens. Hence — they cannot win — they can only lose.

And this saddens me, because we need a viable opposition party, and they are seemingly determined to see to it that the GOP isn’t that party.

“Since they’ve already decided to set the sequester happen”

Even if that doesn’t happen, here’s what Hagel means: huge cuts.

One of Obama’s political operatives said exactly that, in those precise words, on national television: that they specifically reached across the aisle to pick Hagel in order to cloak and justify “huge cuts” to defense.

If you’re getting a DoD paycheck in either a uniformed or civilian capacity, or if you work in defense industry, and Hagel is confirmed, then you had better get your resume dusted off and polished up ASAP.

I plan to work in the defense industry as an electrical engineer. It’s already tough finding a DoD job as is.

I listened to part of the questioning during the confirmation hearings. This ex Senator was no impressive as a sitting senator. He is equally non impressive now. He did not look prepared for the questions, looked disinterested, uninformed. When Sen. McCain asked for a Yes/No answer I thought what a great time to say “Yes, I was wrong the surge worked and saved the day.” He had been questioned on past statement all day and had waffled so many time. He could taken the wind right out of Sen McCain’s sail but on that one he choose to be a politician and looked just plain stupid.

It is political suicide only because the POTUS and his party control the media; it doesn’t really matter what the GOP does or does not do. The President will find a way to convince the public it is all the GOP’s fault. And people wonder why the GOP has been rather antagonistic towards Obama.

If in fact it turns out that Chuck Hagel can’t be confirmed, then no doubt, somebody else will be found. But I think this is partisan politics at its worst. And I agree with Wonkers, it will come back and bite the GOP in the backside. It would be nice if a few folks in Washington would decide to put the Country’s interests above the interest of their party. I think people are getting tired of all the finger pointing and blame fixing. It’s time to move on and tackle the real issues.

We would not have another right wing ‘chicken hawk’ here could we? Did you ever see any ground combat? Grab an M4 and get a few live rounds sent your way, you couldn’t hold Hagels jock strap!

This isnt a jobs program. Pull ALL of our troops and send in the drones, and kick some enemy butt. Its a lot better than sending troops home in boxes. Hey maybe you would like a few prosthetics and eventually suicide in your future! Republicans just keep digging, we will get you bigger shovels!

The so called surge cost more troops lives and the arabs have already taken ‘their’ country back. Llinsey Grahm just wants his ‘CAMPAIGN CONTIBUTIONS’ from the illiterates in his district. The republicans look like what they are,fools! Wait till 2014, the herd will be culled.

Perfectly stated, we will be a third world countrey on this path. One third unemployment is our gift from the right wingers!

Because long range combat with not casualties to your own side but civilian casualties on the action end of the missile is a just form of war — NOT. We are becoming a nation of cowards, and Hagel exemplifies this diffident decadence and cultural arrogance. So it is good that the Republican opposition actually does its job and opposes him, even if it is just for a week.

If the shoe fits wear it. I get tired of trying to argue with sheep who just are not interested in the facts and do not care how their selfish decisions affect other people around the world.

NOt really. YOu really don’t have a pulse on the American people. You’re not the god damn bolshevicks.

This is what he republicans are supposed to be doing! They are there to represent us and stop Obama’s agenda, not conform to it. He’s not a damn dictator. The whole point of our Republic is to be able to have a small government do as little as possible and whatever it does do better go through an exhaustive process of debate before being passed.

It’s too bad we can’t get straight answers on Benghazzi. The administration totally bumbled this horrid incident, from the president on down through Hillary and her underlings. Good people died, and we need answers that the current “king” refuses to give. He just wants to sweep in under the carpet and move forward. I commend the Republicans for trying to get a straight answer whatever tactics are necessary.

Blaster they’ve had answers, and probably the best answers anybody can give, but because those don’t fit in with what they’d like to believe, they won’t accept them. Yes, I’d agree, somebody dropped the ball, probably somebody in the State Department, or in the CIA. But that doesn’t mean there was any evil intent on the part of those people. And some things are “classified” and will stay that way. That’s the way it is and always has been.

not one democrat against this nomination?

That’s what happens when you come to a confirmation hearing blatantly unprepared. He will likely still be confirmed.

Yawn… you’re such a blinded, strident ideologue you’re hardly in a position to offer any type of political analysis; you’re a DNC sycophant who defends any and all actions by this administration, no matter how vile. What people SHOULD be concerned about is that ANYBODY in Congress, DNC or GOP, would vote for Hagel after the spectacle he put on at his confirmation hearing. It’s glaringly obvious that the man is not fit to hold the position. If the DNC had a shred of integrity 9a bizarre concept for any politician) they would tell President Obama to try again.

You do realize who’s been in charge lately, right? Where do you people come from? Oh yeah… the public education system.

Funny, when the Dems fought against the appointment of John Tower (former enlisted man), that was just fine but when the Republicans oppose someone, its a crime against humanity.

You have no idea what you speak of. Your full of misguided bias. And your sitting there back seat quarter backing a man who has actually spilled his blood on foreign battlefields.

This Viet Vet says you’re as clueless as the Chicken hawks you support.

LOL at “best answers anyone can give”

Q: Why wasn’t a relief force sent in to assist the Ambassador and his people in the Benghazi consulate during the 7 or so hours that they were under attack?

A: “——————Crickets———————-”

Q: The adminstration said that this would be investigated fully and the perpetrators brought to justice. Why did it take the investigators over 3 weeks to get to the consulate and being recovering evidence?

A: We had to wait because it was far too dangerous for westerners to be there and the Lyboans had not given us permission. (Never mind the western media who went in to the unguarded and unprotected consulate safely and successfully)

Q: What about the bringing of the perpetrators to justice, how is that going?

A: “————— Crickets—————”

What is new in Washington??

It never ceases to amaze me that the Republicans who occupy the senate have a vendetta against anything and anyone President Obama is in favor of. With the exception of John McCain no other member of the committee has had as much as a snowball thrown at them. Senator Graham seems to have lost his power to make a decision separate and apart from McCain. As far a Cruz is concerned ‚” The man is a idiot”.
Graham asking Hagel questions about Libya, when Hagel had nothing to do with anything with occurred in that country…You people lost the election, get over it. If you spent as much time governing as you do throwing stones maybe our country could move on from this hate oriented political bullshit.

Ted Cruz — who did not server in the military — continues to question the patriotic loyalty of this man who did.

As they’ve been saying, that is some brass.

Did ANYONE pay attention to the hearings?
I did
He is an embarrassment. I care not whether he is a former club member of the Senate
and all the current club members are voting.
He is inarticulate and unfamiliar with policy etc.
He also sees his role as not one of policy.
I mean what part of this makes sense to have him assume command as SecDef?
Had I performed as he did during the hearings, I would have pulled my application
but like so many in Washington, he is not even capable of seeing himself as he is.….… more
political hack among the many in DC

They may have reached across the aisle but what they retrieved is hardly worthy of the office of SecDef

I’m sorry, but the GOP cut its own throat by sending John McCain originally to do battle with Obama. For some unknown reason, McCain never engaged Obama and consistently showed a fear of him. I blame McCain for the mess we are in at the present time and I believe the stage is set for the fall of this great country just as Obama, Reid, Pelossi and all the others planned. I simply don’t see any way we can ever recover. You can take it to the bank that Hillary will follow Obama and continue his destructive path. Throw in a few million Hispanic votes and we are the new Mexico.….better learn your Spanish.

There’s no evidence that drones increase the risk to civilians.

They do require on-the-ground intel though.

The reality is that 85% of the defense budget is going to disappear eventually anyways. US companies cannot become competitive again with the huge direct and indirect costs of paying for a military socialist sector that essentially does nothing useful — And no your job isn’t guaranteed by the constitution. Its just a matter of managing the decline.

The Republicans think that when it comes down to it its better to maintain the contractors and make the cuts men, training and veterans. They know politically that small town America will vote for them as long as the democrats support blacks, women and gays, so there is really no political downside. And its far better to have a few million disaffected losers on the street than the alternative. Fantasies of revolution are just that — these are people who cant organize to fight their way out of a wet paper bag they are easy to disperse. The odd terrorist attack by a disaffected loser can easily be handled by strengthening the police a fraction.

And there is a good point that keeping contractor engineers and managers away from the commercial sector will prevent them infecting existing companies. The dream-liner debacle is emblematic of the sort of mess that happens with people from the defense contractor sector are allowed to effect a commercial business.

At least we didn’t fund the attack and supply them with weapons and training — what usually happens when the Republicans are in charge.

Do you really think opting out like that is a good idea ? Why not work hard and gets your skills up to a level where you can compete in the commercial market ?

The GOP listens to all of its opponents go on and on about how far Right candidates are unelectable, and then flops royally with moderates and flip-floppers even their base won’t support. Kind of hard to win when you take the other side’s advice.

Hagel does not deserve to BREATHE let alone be SecDef.

I did two 12-month tours in Iraq and three months in Afghanistan.

Hagel will be just as worthless and destructive to the Military as Panetta. NEITHER of them are worthy of the position of SecDef.

YES, come 2014, we WILL be “culling” the stupid liberals, illegal aliens, and welfare bums from this land.

The days of your Obamachrist and his ilk are numbered.

Partisan politics??? Isn’t that EXACTLY what your pathetic Obamachrist has been doing since 2008??

You liberal loons blame the right for the actions of the left.

May God have mercy on your wretched souls as I will NOT. May the next civil war begin.

My powder is dry and my aim is true.

To oblat: are you referring to the weapons that your Obamachrist GAVE to the Libyan opposition to Quadaffi?? Because THOSE were the weapons that were used to kill our Ambassador and three brave men.

If you ask me for proof of my statement, just ask YOUR Secretary of State — Queen Hillary and her reply will be: “What difference does it make?”

This person (for lack of a better description) surely should NOT be seated in any position related to DEFENSE

The prez will appoint him while the senate is on their holiday. You heard it here first.

Just another example of how our so called reps will not do their jobs. John McCain should be ashamed of himself his hero expired a long time ago, it’s time for him to go home for good.

Bless you for truthful and straight comment. If Hagel is this stubborn and hellbent on paving the way for his own “place in the sun”, the Military and the nation needs LEADERS, not self serving hacks. What kind of leader cannot keep the peace with his own party member? Back to a job Hagel, get off the gravy train!

None of this matters much. Obama won’t nominate or approve any candidate who won’t act as his puppet so we can’t expect a man of substance who would make sense and stand on his own two legs. They need to be lefties or Muslims or just blahs who do as they’re told.

It is simply partisan politics and payback from former collegues who fell betrayed. In 2004 he was more than qualified for Defense Sectretary, as well as Secty of State–to quote John McCain. But, now he is not?. What happened ? Hagel is a Vietnam Veteran, who like a lot of his fellow countrymen, and veterans, came to see the invasion and war in Iraq for it was. Unfortunately, for Hagel, the mistake he made is speaking out publicly, and, in so doing, embrassing his fellow senators and the Republican Administration. This is not about Hagel’s qualifications or background, it is, as Sen McCain, pointed out on Fox News last week, about his criticism of a Republican Administration while serving as Republican Senator. God forbid one lets party loyalty stand in the way of speaking truth to power, especially the truth about carrying on a war under false pretenses.

Kerry, Hagel and Brunner are a waste of good pay and powder…this administration is composed of hacks and clowns…

Hacks and Clowns?

You’re too kind — you mean pure unadulterated LEFT-WING SCUM.

Let the DeomcRATS win in 2014, take over the House and then you will see the US turn into the Soviet Unions of the 50 and 60 era when people waited in line for food and such. Then you can say, Gee I didn’t know that would happen. Remember the politiclians will live high on the hog and we be poor.

Bovine male droppings . ..absolute crap.

you put “horrid” in front of the wrong word, i think you meant it to be placed four words further back in your second sentence.

he won’t be in charge of anything related to defence. since 911 it is clear to intelligent americans that the name should be changed to:
Defenceless Dept.
on that day, civilian airliner passengers, with no military training, provided more defence of the U.S. homeland than the ineffective DoD.
anyway, a lot more than defense workers would lose out– huge pieces of the taxpayers’ fed funds are sucked out by universities feeding at the DoD federal “trough”.

Hagel is not fit to become Secretary of Defense ! He is a wuss concerning Iran and Islamic fundamentalists
and also he is an anti semite.

I’ve got an idea, lets raise the debt ceiling, let the dems take over and we will be free and solvent forever.

Your post just PI**ES me off it is so asinine. So as an elected Senator in a country with civilian control of the military is he not allowed to question Hagel? Look at it this way how much of an unqualified anti-Semite does one have to be in your eyes before soeone can question him.

Your response shows such enormous ignorance of how our system works. A Senator could have never served and be as pro military or as pacificist as they want and are ALLOWED to question anyone.

Did anyone ask about Obama’s medical degrees that allowed him to change and regulate 1/6 of our economy?

Hey folks on both sides of the issue of Hagel for SecDef. Consider this for a moment. Any of you who have achieved the rank of at least E-7 or any O level rank has more command /executive experience that Chuck Hagel at managing / leading military organizations. Who gives a rat’s rear end about Hagel’s statements / opininons on Israel etc? I could give a hoot about any of his anti-Israel stances. I want someone who is really qualified to LEAD the DoD and this guy does not have the demonstrated basis in any way necessary to lead this nation’s largest and most critical department. Get real, folks.

Doesn’t matter if a 2nd Lt has more leadership than the current president did in 2008, fact is the current president is still an inexperienced novice who is nominating people for critical positions like Hagel because he just flat doesn’t know any better. Perhaps his true motivation is to put a “republican” in SecDef and let him gut the entire nation’s posture of Strength projection for the sole reason to be able to say “look, I put a (an inexperienced, incompetent) republican in there and look what kind of degraded strength he has brought us.” Let me put a real democrat in there and we’ll really gut DoD and show the entire world that we are a true force to be reckoned with on par with the likes of say Luxemborug or Siri Lanka, Bhutan or Valhalla (the golf course not Viking Heaven) or any other 12th world inconsequential nation…

Come on you folks, If you are on here, that says you love your country so get you head out of rectal defilade and don’t support a former squad leader to lead the world’s foremost military orgainization. Get Real, YALL!

Oh and 100% of the Vietnam Veterans in Hanoi support Kerry for SecState while perhaps 4% of Vietnam Veterans in America suppored him for the office. Supprising that McCain voted Swift Boat Kerry for SecState… Have a great night folks.

Are you surprised? They have no guts, but ALL became the Obama’s rubber stamps!

In a country of 315 million people, hagel is the best we can do. Puleeeeeze!

Another “Non-denial, denial” from GOP Senators bent on blocking Hagel’s nomination for SecDef.
As an outspoken critic of the conduct of the Bush Administration’s strategy after Iraq was “secured”, the antiques
are putting petty politics in front of national security. Hagel is not qualified ? Rumsfield was perfect ?
What part of being reality challenged do some of you Obama haters not understand ?


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