Rep. McKeon: Sequestration will happen

Rep. McKeon: Sequestration will happen

The House Armed Services chairman said Friday that sequestration is inevitable at this point.

“I think it is going to happen. Both sides have fixed themselves into positions and are locked,” said Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

McKeon met with reporters at the Defense Writers Group breakfast meeting a day after his committee held a hearing with all four service chiefs on sequestration as well Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. During the hearing, Pentagon brass explained the devastating effects that sequestration will have on the military.

The committee chairman predicted that sequestration will stay in place only a few weeks or months before Congress comes to an agreement and passes a bill to stop the sequestration cuts.

“I think maybe when there is enough pain, there might be an agreement,” McKeon said.

The sequestration cuts will amount to about $500 billion over ten years for the Defense Department. The deadline to avert the cuts is March 1. McKeon said both sides of the aisle are too dug in on their views that he doesn’t foresee an agreement coming.

“Both sides have fixed themselves into positions and are locked,” McKeon said.

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Oh the humanity! What will we ever do? Our defense funding will be cut to the point where it will only be a hundred billion dollars more than it was during the Cold War (http://​www​.pogo​.org/​a​s​s​e​t​s​/​i​m​a​g​e​s​/​b​l​o​g​/​2​0​1​3​/​w​h​e​e​l​e​r​-​c​h​a​r​t​.​jpg)! Run for your lives. Panic.

The programs aren’t taking major hits you’re right. You miss the point. That 10% doesn’t come off spending on procurement. Most of that money is obligated on contracts already. The people suffering are those employed civilians that are being furloughed and the troops that are now going to face even longer deployments away from their families and loved ones. And that doesn’t even begin to touch on the layoffs in the private sector. The funding is on par with the cold war era, but the DoD of today is much more lean than it was 25 years ago. Long gone are the “gravy train days”. The impact is far more substantial.

Sorry, Buck. You’ll get over it. Maybe now we should seriously look at paring down our role as the World’s Policeman? Let’s start by canceling the home porting of those 4 Aegis ships in Spain to prop up the local Spanish economy; most Europeans are against “missile defense” anyway–or at least that’s what they say publicly. Let’s give them their wish.

Bring back ALL 4 brigade combat teams currently stationed in Europe unless the NATO governments pick up the tab. Since the likelihood of that happening is on par with me hitting Powerball tomorrow night, this will yield billions in savings in the mid-to-long term.

Navy can cancel the Littoral Combat Ship, which is a farce and will risk our sailor’s lives when it gets caught in harms way (note: “when” not “if”. The enemy gets a vote when hostilities break out). The thing is a travesty as far as being a warship and at $600 million a copy is a monumental waste of resources.

We can also save by NOT keeping one or two CVBG’s on station in the middle east. As the U.S. nears energy independence, we don’t need to bankroll the defense of a certain medieval, backward looking, middle east desert kingdom, or any of the other cast of characters that comprise our “sometimes allies” in that part of the world. If we’re keeping the sea lanes open to guarantee the free flow of oil to our european and asian allies, then its time they stepped up and covered down on this mission.

We’ll still have the largest Air Force and Navy in the world by a long shot. World Beat Cop? We simply can’t afford this nonsense anymore.

This is why we can’t have nice things…

I think it would be better if the procurement spending suffered instead of the servicemen.

let our allies allow to build their own Nuclear deterrence. We could leave Japan, German and South Korea

I’ve seen some stupid posts from you but this takes the cake. You truly have no understanding whatsoever of what pauses or breaks in procurement do to the entire system.

As he said before this is a self inflected wound. And both Obama and Mckenon are at fault.. Since they cant stop sequestration from coming I doubt they will stop it after it hits this is just the blame game when every one is at fault. As for services have to cut pet programs F-35B ICC and AFV can go away for now save the money for the men and training.

You’re not too bright are you? There’s a thing called “inflation”. Compare our defense spending (without the wars if you want a valid comparison-which I’m certain you don’t) as a percentage of GNP. Historically we are very low right now.

It’s probably possible to take fifty billion a year out of the DoD budget without creating total havoc. If those cuts are carefully targeted and prioritized.

Taking out $50B a year in unprioritized cuts across the board to everything, on the other hand, guarantees total havoc.

It’s a nutty idea. But consider the source.

Obama said in one of the Presidential debates last year that “First of all, the sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.”

Except that at the time Obama said that, Bob Woodward already had it down in hard cold print in his latest book that the idea for sequestration DID originate at the Obama White House. Note to Obama: don’t try to slip a dishonest evasion past the guy who took down Nixon. Doesn’t work.

Sequestration is here! The dems and the prez think they can avoid blame for this, up until election day and then there will be “Hell to Pay”. Let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya! This is the legacy of the “boomer” generation. Now we see what the hippies begat! :D

Because the same guys that didn’t vote for the Democrats because Obama is black wont vote for him again ?

These revenge fantasies are just getting lamer and lamer.

Yep bring them back disband and scrap them — wait you thought we would bring them back and give everybody an infinite paid holiday stateside. ? LOL

Actually, I think you are trying to refer to all the people who voted Democrat precisely because Obama is black and have gotten nothing for their efforts. What rock have you been hiding under all this time?

Presumably the people who voted for Obama because he was black haven’t been disappointed — or have I missed the bit where he has revealed himself to be a white man LOL

Sequestration will sink the GOP long term because prodefense voters like me will never vote GOP again or donate to them. The House GOP will be down to 166 seats in 2014

Sequestration should go forward and there should be no more increases to the debt limit.If it is necessary to shut down the government then so be it.Stop spending money we don’t have.

They really have painted themselves into a corner as a bunch of greedy rich old gophers

Now, now, that will solve all our problems, won’t it, And the nuclear winter that comes from all those mushrooom clouds floating around the planet could solve the global warming problem in a hurry. Write the President immediately — he must have the benefit of your opinion !

Key words “If those cuts are carefully targeted and prioritized.” But they won’t be because some congressman with scream bloody murder and will block any common sense reductions.….

That would be a start but the fockers don’t know how to STOP SPENDING!


We always have money for a snow skiing trip and a golf outing.

See the note above the vertical axis where it says, “FY 13$ (trillions)”? That means the dollar amounts in the chart were all normalized to a fiscal year 2013 baseline, or, to say it even more simplistically, inflation was taken into account making this chart a comparison of today’s dollars. Clearly LBJ did not spend over $2 trillion on defense even with the escalation of the Vietnam war, spending which was not split out from the defense budget of the day. On the other hand those lighter red and blue areas above the Bush and Obama administration years that are labeled, “Global War on Terror (GWOT)” represent the amount of our defense spending that has been marked for Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess you missed that one too.

Actually, the 10% will come off of procurement and every other account because BY LAW (the sequestration law), the cuts are to be evenly applied accross the accounts.

No, not “Some Congressman”, the sequester law itself MANDATES that the cuts are to be applied against all accounts which pretty much stops any careful targeting and prioritization

There are much to many General and Field Grade officers in the ranks. Very expensive to fund in retirement. This sequestration will force their reduction to a legitimate number. Let’s hope?

By the way, the defense contractors claim to be “entitled” to a certain percentage of our GNP. I’m sure this would make perfect sense to a mob boss’ offering “protection” to businesses within their territory, it is not actually generalizable to the US as a whole. Even the defense contractors themselves have started to realize how lame their demand for “protection money” was, and have mostly abandoned that campaign.

Clearly what we need is more weapons development programs and fewer servicemen. After all, being in charge of servicemen never got a Colonel a promotion to General, but being in charge of a weapon development program that funnels billions of dollars to a defense contractor is a sure way of climbing through the ranks — especially if you don’t make the contractor mad by suggesting that they actually earn their money.

The problem isn’t as much sequestration itself, it’s the 10% across the board cuts in all programs. There is no flexibility in the law for the DoD to channel the cuts. The problem at hand is that most of the cuts will come is a compressed time frame. This is a financial disaster in contracts and planning, there is no strategy that can overcome those kinds of cuts. There will be legal fallout for the US Government that could drag out for years if sequestration occurs.

You truely know zip point ^$%## about the military promotion system.
Here’s a hint: The top generals do NOT come from the acquisition ranks, they come up through
leading troops at company, battalion, brigade, division and so on. The path to the Combatant Commander, Chief of Staff and JCS spots is operational, not procurement.

Further, there are lots of Colonels (and Navy Captains) who serve as Major Program Managers and they funnel into a small number of acquisition flag officers within the services. Usually, the few who do get the promotion to wearing stars top out at one star and very very few ever get beyond two stars.

The defense community (uniformed and civilian) have advocated a percentage of GDP for DEFENSE but a specific percentage for the contractors or procurement is a figment of your imagination.
Put up or shut up

Sounds good, how much money is it? You say it is very expensive so I’m sure that you have the cost figures. Of course, they are all people with over 25 yrs of service so when they are forced out, they will get their pensions unless you are saying that they should not get one after 25+ years of service.

Absolutely Correct

Does anybody realize the people that are really going to be hurt during this sequestration? I am one of thousands of low paid DoD employee and I am slated to be furloughed for 30 days. That means no paycheck for me and if it takes place for 30 straight days on top of not being paid I will also have to find some sort of way to pay for my insurance benefits. For the past 2 years we have had our pay frozen, but the benefit costs are still going up. Over the last 2 years my paycheck has gone down not up. I will now have to figure out how to pay my bills on time with no money so I can keep my government job since I have to have good credit to stay employed.

I agree that the government needs to stop spending and the waste of money is outrageous to say the least! I have to work for my paycheck and to see that the government has gone to bullying the decision makers into making decisions at my and other working government employees expense makes me sick! My kids and family will surely suffer for this as will other families of low paid government employees in my area. The comment I read the other day that said this will only last until the pain is felt.…what pain and who’s pain. Not my pain or the other’s that will be affected. If they wait for congress to feel the pain this will never be fixed and will never end. Congress should feel the pain of their decisions not the working employees that rely on their biweekly paycheck that will be substantially lower because of their decisions. Congress should have their pay with held because they can’t make decisions and can’t do the job they were elected to do. The burden and pain should not fall on the innocent government employees and soldier’s that actually do their job every day with or without the financial support of the federal government!

SEQUESTRATION is the brainchild of Mr. Lew (White house chief of staff); possibly the next treasury secretary. What a scary f.n. thought.

Once again, the Republicans were masterfully out maneuvered by the Administration. Sequestration, a brain child of the White House, was proposed with the absolute intent that the cuts would happen and the dupes on the Republican side bought the hogwash story that sequestration would be so horrible that no one would want it to happen. When the President said in his third debate with Mr. Romney that sequestration would not happen, the Republicans were all in, giving in to a 600 billion tax increase to offsets cuts to social programs from sequestration. So DoD is the big looser and among DoD, the bigest loosers are the 1.1 million civilian employees who will take a 20% paycut beginning in April 2013. Just for good measure, cut 3 billion from Tri-Care, that serves both active duty and retired military. Is anyone seeing a trend here, Republicans in Congress.…anyone?

Go back to your rocking chair, gramps.

It is almost like they are using you as a human shield against defense cuts.

With all these Jimmy Carter 2.0 cuts in our defense, can any one say Red Dawn?

If the whole military industrial complex is entitled to a percentage of our GDP, then it must be ok.

OK chief, show us all where I am wrong. Please list all of the 3 and 4 stars who made rank through procurement. Hell, even show me the major programs that current rmy 4 stars like Dempsey and Odierno have managed as LCOLs and COLs to get their stars.

Put up or shut up

More bullshit and backtracking.
The biggest expense is personnel and the biggest variable cost is OM&S (Operations Maintenance and Support) and neither of those is the domain of the “military industrial complex”. Again, show us all where the contractors have demanded or even advocated a specific portion of the GDP for themselves.

What seems to be lost on many here is that Congress can eliminate sequestration any time it wants to by repealing the legislation. The President would certainly sign the bill. If sequestration occurs its because Congress wouldn’t stop it.

All of military spending the part of the domain of the “military industrial complex”. How can that possibly be a difficult concept for you to grasp?

It’s funny how sequestration will “cut” the defense budget back to 2007 levels, and yet in 2007 the defense industry had tens of thousands more employees than they have now. Seems like everyone is yapping about sequestration and yet is more than happy to see us bleed jobs and tax dollars marked for defense to countries overseas without saying a word.

“I tend to think about the percentage of GDP devoted to defense as an insurance policy to secure U.S. liberties and interests,” [Lockheed VP of Finance Vance] Coffman said. (http://​staugustine​.com/​s​t​o​r​i​e​s​/​1​1​0​9​0​2​/​b​u​s​_​1​1​1​2​2​0​7​.​s​h​tml) “Yeah, I’d hate to see anything bad happen to you or this place if you don’t pay up, if you know what I mean…” “Guido, break his arm so he knows that accidents can happen.”

There is a huge difference between the so called “military industrial complex” and contractors but you probably don’t see it.

Uh yeah, because there isn’t. Duh. What do you think the “industrial” part of that term means? Did you think Eisenhower was talking about the paper plant down the street from the Air Force base? You’re funny.


Republicans are for the rich and so if this happens many low income and moderatly rich people will be affected and when this happens those republicans will soon be out. And real change will come about in the government of the United States, too long in coming.

Please support my petition against giving away our money!

I agree with you 100%. Stop giving our hard earned money to third world gumps and let’s start taking care of our childrens education and health. Also to those who keep harping that Republicans think of only the rich. Well I’m a Republican and I ain’y rich by any stretch of ones imagigination.

You dont see Congress cutting their fat cat Pay and perks!! I say pass a bill that if they dont pass a budget, BALANCED Budget, they lose their pay until its passed. Also, let them pay for their medical insurance and pay into Social Security. These cuts are a joke, and only about 10 days of spending this country does. Cut off all foreign aid to countries that dont support us in the UN, bring our troops home and kick the UN out and cut off all their funding.

The one post says that the Republicans are for the rich, if this were true the Dems should be happy as 7 of the top 10 richest people in the congress and senate are Democrates.

Contractors are part of the military industrial complex but they are not part of the military. Most military spending staying IN THE MILITARY and does not go to contractors.

Sequestration has developed into a confrontation between individuals, and party affiliations, whereby the average citizen will bear the financial burden resulting from their ill-advised opinions. The president, once again, has displayed his normal lack of knowledge regarding this issue; his advisors seem to revel in his usual lack of understanding . Is there any policy maker of influence, addressing the possible harmful consequences of this fiasco.? If so…let him(her) speak and be heard by we the public..

Congress isn’t worried about the million workers that will be hurt by these cuts. They only worry about themselves and the 1%. God please help us to overcome this stupidity.

The Sequester was the president“s idea to begin with. He was trying to force congress into actions favorable to him and the democrats. Punishment for their failure to approve more taxes and to basically leave domestic programs as is, was the sequester. He held that axe over their heads and it looks like he may get his revenge in a manner which he now dislikes. Government is too big and too bloated. Lets hope many democrats feel the pain they voted for. Sooner or later the lies seem to catch up to the liar. Go Sequester !!!

instead of the government cuts and military downsizing…why doesnt our government think about the real problem repeal the nafta trade agreement to all nations causing harm to the US Economy… bring back manufacturing and jobs… More people working more tax dollars… more tax dollars more govenment and civilian spending…every one wants cheap goods but at what price do we pay for it no paying jobs… we are quickly becoming a service country … all service countries that i have ever seen are prtty much 3rd world countries… we used to be a manufacturing country, a world power in all products made if civilians and companies would have payed attention to what the bottom line really ment…( no jobs, no true Us companies or products) I think the greed all around would stop… GET AMERICA WORKING AGAIN lets start a movement REPEAL THE NAFTA TRADE AGREEMENT and get america working again 24yr Us ARMY COMBAT VETERAN

Tam-now you understand what those folks who have been unemployed for the past 4 years, because of this president’s misguided policies which have nearly destroyed our economy,are going through. You are facing 20 to 30 days and are having difficulty figuring out what to do. How about a family of 4 trying to exist on unemployment compensation ??? When the other person is affected adversely it is merely a recession but when it hits home it quickly becomes a depression. Thank the folks who voted for this administration and the democrat senate who have no idea what a budget is because they have not drafted any.

I appears that Obama’s war against the successful has infected the military. There was a time in America when success and financial independence was a coveted a goal. Trumped-up class warfare benefits no one, except those in power. “United we stand, divided we fall” isn’t just a quote one might have heard in school. It has real meaning and consequences. Sequestration is just another wedge issue Obama cooked-up to divide the nation and destroy the Republican Party just like the “war on women.” When it is your turn to muster out of the service, who are you going to see for a job…an “Occupier” pot head or successful “un-American” 1% businessman who owns a business?

If Sequestration happens, I’m going shopping for new representation in both the Senate and HoR. This is not a President problem or a particular Party problem but an AMERICAN PROBLEM. Don’t pay anyone in federal office until Buget is passed!!!!!!

Your shutting down the govt is not just the military & congress etc. It is your Federal workers such as I which puts safe food on your table. If this sequestran happens I will be furloughed for 15 days with no pay & that will shut down the food processing plants, read some of the other news Jimmy! For all you that love your steaks and fast foods say goodbye for 15 days! If us inspectors are not there guess what it dont run. If it dont run there will be no food unless you raised it yourself.

The Military is OK?? Try living on their pay & try giving up your freedom & what do you sacrifice??


VADM Mark Skinner, ASN/RDA, VADM Architzel, ASN/RDA (ret), VADM Kevin McKoy, VADM David Dunaway.….those are just the ones in my recent memory. Though I agree with you for the most part, I’m living it.

They are going to lay off nearly one million federal workers. For a month. Great way to impact the rest of you idiots you have no clue what this is really going to do to the economy and ultimately each and everyone one of you. They need to cut programs that need cutting not furlough federal workers that have not had a raise in 3 years

Hmmmm.…let’s have the military provide commercial sponsorship while we make 800K middle-class DoD civilians take a 20% cut in pay for 6 months…AFTER those same civilians have had their pay frozen for nearly 3 years. AND…let’s keep paying the idiot lawmakers who continue to put us in the situation. Yeah…sounds like a fair plan.… The best number yet.…$78.3M…that’s about how much the government would save if we stop paying our senators and representatives, who ARE NOT doing their jobs anyway, for one year. There was a time in our history when our senators and reps were PUBLIC SERVANTS.…what a concept!

How about anyone that isn’t a Dod employee that gets their pay reduced by 20% beause of Sequestration pay an addition 20% in their taxes for the rest of the governments fiscal year. Lets spread it around to everyone so that it’s not only the DoD employes feel the pain.

You’re not paying attention. No cuts to the active duty. Obama should at least sequester his golf for the durati

This government is out of control, led by an amateur who attempts to subvert the Constitution at every opportunity. Starve the beast. Go sequester!

How can both sides be “dug in” when they’re are even at work?!?! Hey Tiger, tell us more about how the President would be a “great stick” if he only works at his game…

.…aren;t (as in are NOT) at work…oops

You’re an idiot who doesn’t know what kind of cuts are going to happen. I’m going to take a 20% pay cut, and you know what? That isn’t even my biggest concern. I know what kind of hit the DoD is going to take, and it will take YEARS for our defenses to be able to meet an emergency. When Panetta said the US defenses would be ready to meet a threat from North Korean aggression, he either was still completely uninformed, or talking out his ass.

Yes, because voting for nobody is certainly going to get things going and keep the liberals in check. You have a choice to not be stupid, give it a whirel.

Obama is not your problem See W the schrub Bush and his wars and let be stockmarket and Banks toooo big to fail

Don’t be so foolish to believe that this cut to the defense budget wont affect EVERY American, we will all feel the effects of this. As spending in the defense industry stops, money will stop flowing to every industry that remotely supports the persons in the defense industry. The cut is money taken directly out of the economy of the United States. This has zero effect on foreign governments… Consider that discretionary money spent by every person tied to the defense industry will dry up. When the people that walk through the doors of our businesses no longer have the funds to buy, the businesses will no longer be able to support employees… 25% of the national budget is discretionary spending, around 15% of that is tied to DoD. 75% of what the government spends is not even being discussed. DoD is low hanging fruit, it’s what a magician calls a distraction, it keep you focused elsewhere while the trick happens right before your eyes. You are being fooled, and it’s going to hurt everyone.

We just need to pull out and focus on the USA first.….. our people need us! That would save billions that we can invest in US the Geart USA!

Welcome to the real world outside your protected fence! No sympathy. Tax payers are bearing the burdens of an over compensated and under worked government workforce! Certainly, as many other non-government workers, you will figure out how to manage with less.

So question to you, Jimmy … how much debt are you in? Credit cards? House payment? Car payment? What are you doing to reduce your debt? and FYI — Everyday people just like you work for the government and, without their jobs they can’t pay their bills, feed their families, pay taxes .… obviously you haven’t put alot of thought into your statement.

Linda, USDA, FDA?

The Chinese have demonstrated how the “free market” enables them to bring down food prices without government meddling. Just add melamine!

What’s also sad is that they’d gladly cut employees just to pay for acquisition programs that get so expensive that unit buys get cut too, leaving the military holding the bag for R&D costs with few deliverable aircraft to show for it.

10% cuts on WIC, HUD and Medical are better than none?

Don’t be silly, just change parties to the Dems and vote for the most conservative candidates. Yes, there are conservative Democrats; certainly more of them than liberal Republicans.

See you at Galt’s Gulch.

To paraphrase Reinhold Neibuhr:

“First they came for the contractors, but I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t a contractor. Then they tossed out the soldiers who were overstrength in their MOS’s but I didn’t say anything because I was a civilian. Then they BRAC”d half the army’s TDA installations across country, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have to move to keep my job. Then they froze my pay and furloughed me, and there was no one left to speak up for my case, because they were already gone.”

Yes, your pain is felt. But keep in mind that these defense cuts have been going on for years now. Feel betrayed ? No doubt you should, because this is no way to treat people. Some of us get very hard, because we’ve been through it all before, and it takes a lot out of you to know that you can do nothing to stop it. One week to go.

Passing a budget is easy. Balancing one is difficult and the democrats in congress will not vote forf a balanced budget because giving away goodies is what keeps them in office. The republicans passed two budgets in the House but Emperor Harry Reid would not allow them to be debated or voted on in the
Senate. The democrats only know how to tax and spend they have no clue on how to balance the nation’s books. Those of you who voted democrat are getting exactly what you voted for. If the republicans don;t stand firm the country’s economy will collapse under a massive debt which our young people cannot possibly pay off. Wake up folks-it is Obama and the big spending democrats who are the problem not the solution.

Wow, Grunt, you’re smart enough to spell two out of three words correctly. Perhaps you too can run for Congress someday.

When was the last time we needed a Littoral Combat Ship? That’s why the USAF has those C17 flying ambulances.
Nearing energy independence? SINCE WHEN? Have you seen the price of gas lately?

The debt ceiling issue is right around the corner. Republicans should demand significant cuts –in the neighborhood of 5 trillion over the next 10 years-or no deal. Shut down the government and start re-organization to eliminate some of the fat. This president, with the help of democrats in congress, has added some 250K government jobs in 4 years. Start with the Dept of Energy, 20+billion dollar payroll,with no energy produced-eliminate the bulk of it and put whats left under Dept of Interior. Dept of Education-dismantle and send responsibility back to states.. Bring troops home from foreign countries and string them along our southern border-seal if off completely. Homeland Security-dismantle-replace with military .

Not quite-the republicans were villified and called obstructionists by a president who continually lies to the American public and gets away with it because the media is in bed with him and there are people like yourslef who believe him. Instead of furloughing 800,000 for 20 toi 30 days they need to cut the force down to 500,000 permanently. Anyone who is eligible to retire, must do so or be fired. Many of the top earners have spent their entire lives feeding at the public trough. Time to go !!!!!

Until you have been one of those over compensated and under worked government workers, you should not go pointing fingers. My husband and myself have worked for the government for a combined total of 59 years. Both of us could go to work for a non-government company making much more than we do now. And like Tam said, we have not had as much as a cost of living raise in more than 2 years plus there has been jobs cut and many if us are doing the work of at least two people, if not more on top of that, we have to scrimp on many supplies just to get our jobs done or else purchase them ourselves. Don’t tell me welcome to the real world! I live and work in it every day. By the way, we pay taxes too, and have been shown no appreciation for what we do. There is a big misconception about all those high paid government workers–theyare not as common as you think . Let’s consider taking away all those benefits that our elected officials get after they have left officeand it would be agood idea to freeze their pay and slash their expense accounts. That wouls save tax paying citzens a bundle..

There are more wealthy democratic politicians than republicans and love to dig deeper into taxpayers pockets!

Unfortunate that our elected congress is committed more to their parties than the Nation . They all stand a very good chance of being recalled in history as the congress that was worse than the congress after the Civil War. Regardless something is very wrong here when our national treasure is squandered on “failures” such as new material and “wars” that could have been handled otherwise (Iraq). Being the largest employer on the entire planet it can’t keep it’s forces supplied on reductions. But there are ways to save many dollars which brings us back to our congress, why is it so hard for them to see the answers that are just under thier noses? Could it be they are so consumed with their own enrichment or political bigorty that nothing else matters? Where is the real respect for our armed forces and the nation in any of these tantrums they keep having. HEY CONGRESS: you are not fooling anyone as it is all evident in your words, deeds and faces, get over it and move on.

Not true Ken. Republicans are for a balanced budget and a path to paying down the massive debt to which Obama has added 5 trillion in the past 4 years. As for the rich, we desperately need them in this country., Have you ever been given a job by a poor person ??? The change which you see coming if democrats take over the entire government will be reminiscent of Greece. They will spend us into oblivion because they know no other way. The leeches who have sucked our treasury dry will have to move on since there will not be any money. The lenders can stop lending tomorrow if they so choose. You are grossly uninformed!!!

So, your idea is to repeal the law so the democrats can continue to spend other people’s money. We are talking about not spending 44 billion this year and the democrats act as if it is the end of the world. They just have an addiction which can only be cured by their dismissal from congress. They act as if a proposal to cut 1.3 trillion in ten years will doom the country . They, however, make no mention of the fact that they will add an additionl 11.8 trillion to the debt in the same ten years. It is all smoke and mirrors. There is no cut. It is merely a reduction in the planned spending. The national debt will be over 30 trillion at the end of the 10 years. Anyone who cannot understand this is seriously mentally challenged.

If sequestration is taken off the table, there will not be any cuts. The democrats do not intend to cut anything. Instead they will insist that more revenue is needed which translates to higher taxes for everyone, including those of us who are retired and the middle class. They already got their increase in taxes on the so called rich but that is a drop in the bucket which they will go through in a day or two. They don’t have the guts to use the term spending so they refer to it as investments.Among the hundreds of bills passed by the Republican controlled House are two budgets which would lead to a balanced budget for the country. Emperor Harry Reid will not allow either one to be debated or voted on.

Please provide the name of one democrat who has advocated cutting social programs to reduce the deficit. Also, name one democrat who has offered a bill that would reduce the national debt. Most conservative democrats are either retired or deceased. The only way to even consider paying down this massive debt is by balancing the budget and there are no democrats in favor of taking such action except with their mouths and continued rhetoric. The democrats are scurrying like rats trying to find a place to hide. The money tree has died and dems don’t want to attend the funeral and are seeking inspiration from the tooth fairy.

Yes, true, however, WHO PASSED INTO LAW SEQUESTRATION IN THE FIRST PLACE? This is something that was passed into law not too very long ago. Someone thought of this great idea, then they all voted on it and voila! just like that it’s a law. All done within the last year or so.

It is the presidents fault.

EVERYTHING that happens under his time in office is, that is the way it is, it’s a fact. He has to take the good with the bad.

If it happens on your watch, it’s your fault. And it’s the president’s watch until he no longer holds office.

Sure you can have nice things if you are willing to work for them. If you are implying that the government takes to much of your money in taxes, then you are absolutely correct. If we reduced the size of the
Federal government by 30% and eliminate useless departments and duplicate programs, we would be financially solvent and taxes would not need to be as high. The interest on our national debt is in the hundreds of billions and without the debt that money could be used to build infrastructure and help those who are truly in need instead of providing luxurious lfestyle for the welfare kings and queens.

Linda, the Military IS okay. And they get pretty good pay. They do give up their freedom and they sacrifice alot.

BUT, it is always a very much voluntary service. If you don’t like it, leave it. Enlisted members do not HAVE to reenlist, Officers can resign. Many of these servicemember’s ask themselves, do I get out or do I stay in? I did, every time I knew my contract was getting close I pondered that question. After I was in the military for 15 years, I stopped asking myself that question.

It really is that simple and a choice that is made each and every day.

Right on James;. We have sequestration because the super committee failed and congress does not have the guts to cut spending. They voted on this law thinking it would shield them from criticism and that the average Joe would somehow forget to link them to these cuts. The republicans want to preserve defense and the democrats do not want to give up the social giveaways that keep them in office. So, the only way anything gets cut is by this sequester. It is a shame that we do not have any leadership in the White House and an Emperor running the Senate. New taxes-fine !!! Cuts in spending-No!!!!!

I am not in the military. It has also changed since you were enlisted because its not ok

Unlike congress, the military is made up of real men and women. The more they complain, the happier they are. Put the military on the border and solve the problem within six months. Simple solution but much too difficult for our government. Cut congressional and White House staffing pay by the same amount as that of DOD people and see how quickly they find some porkbarrel programs that can be eliminated.

Its too bad the government does not work for the people. They only work for themselves. God help us.

Hey DOD employee-are you forgetting the over 10 million of your fellow citizens have had their pay cut 100%. It is called unemployment caused by a president whose policies have suffocated a struggling economy and who continues to believe he has all the answers. When his ally, Nancy Pelosi, states that unemployment checks stimulate the economy and are good for the country, it is quite obvious that they think all is well. Thus far Washington, D.C. has not felt any pain because there have not been any government layoffs. Conversely, the president added 250,000 new federal employees in the past 4 years. It is time to start paring down the bloated agencies of our government . The president wants a lean and mean military and we want a lean and clean government so lets cut it by 30% as a starter and see if we can cut some more.

Hey Kris-I’m sure the 10 million who have been un employed for four years have tears in their eyes because government employees may lose a few dollars this year.

I’m not forgetting the 10 million fellow citizens that had their pay cut 100% through unemployment. I don’t agree with the president and Nancy Pelosi’s policies or politics. But your solution is cut the pay of another 800,000 government employees. These people have not had a raise in the past three years. They are paying more for their benefits and taxes like everyone else. You state “Thus far Washington, D.C. has not felt any pain because there have not been any government layoffs.” If there are layoffs Washington DC will feel little or no affect of layoffs. It all the other state where there are federal employees. Congress will still receive their full pay and more than likely will get their automatic raise they make approximately $193,400 a year and a cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it and how many of them don’t accept it. Also note that the Bureau of Labor Statistics February 1, 2013, Government employment continued to edge down in January (-9,000), on trend with its average monthly job loss of 6,000 in 2012. In total, government has shed 704,000 jobs since July 2008.

The other day i saw a billboard along the road which read ” Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from the people that are willing to work and would give to those who would not work” ;Thomas Jefferson. Makes me wonder if he somehow foresaw the looming sequestration. Fits to a “T” taking away from the workers and giving to ALL SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN that refuse to earn their pay. Starting to remind me of the socialist form of government that Russia had when we knew it as Russia. You had the government versus the rest of the country. Humm, seems to be happening here and now.

So true Joe. The old soviet union had the politburo which governed the lives of all soviet citizens. In the USA we have 546 individuals who make and enforce the rules for the benefit of those 546 individuals. If these people had the best interests of the citizens at heart they would not take advantage of the system the way they do now. For example how about a law that states that anyone earning an income in this country pays into social security or all federal employees will have their retirement money in 401Ks like their private sector counterparts or the cap on income subject to Social Security taxation will be removed so that all earned income is taxed rather than taxing only the first $113,000.00 which discrminates against the middle class since most workers make less than the current cap so all of their income is taxed while the big earners have only a portion of theirs taxed . How about a part-time congress like the States have ? Cut their salarlies in half . The less time they spend in D.C. the less they can hurt the country. Ad infinitum !!!

Isn’t it ironic that democrats still claim they do not have a spending problem but rather a debt problem. Children,if you did not overspend you would not have accumulated this massive debt. Oh ! It is all George Bush’s fault, they had nothing to do with it. This administration added 5 trillion to the debt in four years but it was not their fault-old Bush hypnotized them into wasting all of this money and they had no control. Bush caused this sequestration too, he snuck in the White House and signed that bill into law while Obama was vacationing in Cape Cod or was it Hawaii . To top it all off, Bush had the audacity to leave instructions to the effect that the USA woul refrain from producing its own energy and that under no circumstance would the Keystone Pipeline be approved. Instead, we should continue to pour billions into companies like Solyndra even if they used the money to give million dollar bonuses to executives who led the company and others like it into bankruptcy. After all, they were totally inept but they meant well so lets give them a few more borrowed billions the taxpayer can afford it and China is a good lender. Wake up America-the democrats will ruin this country and always blame someone else.

listyeNo if you look back at Clinton who turned the oil speculators loose, then Georgie boy that launched a war into iraq on false prestenses, then you would really see the truth. The problem with tunnel visioned people like you is that they blame it on the current president and not presidents and congresses past.

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