Odierno: Army stands to lose 200,000 soldiers

Odierno: Army stands to lose 200,000 soldiers

Gen. Ray Odierno has already committed to paring Army active duty troop strength from 570,000 to 490,000, but he’ll likely have to go much lower as the military enters what he called a “Bermuda Triangle” of fiscal uncertainty and funding cuts.

“My guess is we’ll go a little bit smaller” than 490,000 on the active duty side under current projections, Odierno said, but far more drastic cuts could come about if Congress and the White House fail to avoid the process called “sequester” on March 1, which would result in an additional $500 billion in military funding cuts over 10 years.

Under sequester, “my guess in the end is that over 200,000 soldiers will have to be taken out” of the Army’s active duty, National Guard and Reserve total strength of about 1,129,000, Odierno, the Army’s chief of Staff, said Friday at a Brookings Institute conference on “The Future of the Army.”

Odierno’s appearance at Brookings capped a week of dire warnings from all the service chiefs to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees on the impacts of sequester on training, readiness and and the overall ability of the military to respond to national security threats. Odierno even ventured the opinion that sequester itself was now the greatest national securirty threat.

“The Army has been in a state of continuous war for nearly 12 years, the longest in our nation’s history,” Odierno said, “but today, in my opinion, the greatest threat to our national security is the fiscal uncertainty resulting from the lack of predictability in the budget cycle.”

Odierno did the doomsday math for his audience. In 2010, then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates cancelled several programs that would have cost about $300 billion and in 2011, another $487 billion in defense cuts over 10 years was added under the Budget Control Act.

“We are now just beginning to implement that almost $800 billion worth of cuts,” Odierno said, and “now on top of that with sequestration, we’ll take an additional $500 billion worth of cuts in the Department of Defense, so we’re now up to $1.2 trillion.”

One of his major concerns is that he’ll have to cut back on training stateside, which will have an effect on providing the remaining rotations for troops in Afghanistan, who now serve tours of nine months, Odierno said.

“The rest of the forces that are now back in the United States will not be able to train (adequately),” Odierno said. “They’ll be able to do very small level, squad level training. They will not be able to do platoon level, company level, battalion level training.”

“I told a Congressman the other day I have two choices if I can’t make that training up quickly — I’ll either have to send in forces that aren’t ready or I have to extend those that are already there,” Odierno said.

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Come ON, Gen. Odierno…why are you so afraid to look at the MULTI-MILLION $$$ CEO compensation packages for DOD contractors like General Electric, etc., all at the U.S. taxpayers expense…???…
If those “patriotic” multinational corporations could cut CEO compensation to SANE and RATIONAL levels, we wouldn’t lose 200K low-level, and low-paid troops…the air must be thin at DOD JCS levels..that’s ok…
our troops can just embrace the suck tighter…

It looks like its gonna happen — like it or not.

The questions I would ask is what was the Army’s active and reserve levels before 9–11, and whether it makes sense to keep numbers where they’re when SOCOM’s numbers are growing.

The President is supposedly going to cut back hard on the number of troops left in Afghanistan, so does the Army need all these men going forward?

Start the cuts by abolishing the BCTs based in Europe. Why are we pumping money into the local euro economies?

Aurora: I agree with you completely. We should be getting out of All those European countries and let them pay for their own defense for a change. They keep cutting their Military budgets so they can fund their Social Programs, which is fine by me. Just don’t expect the US to pick up the tab for their defense anymore. The Cold War is over, and most of those bases in Europe should be shut down, or the host country should pick up the tab for all the expenses to keep it open. We need to keep a few bases in the region like in Germany and the UK and maybe Italy, but the rest need to go. We are shifting to the Pacific and will need to do much more in that region.

Also if we brought most of those troops home, just think of the local economic impact of all those $$$ being spent in the US instead of Europe.

You really think the Chief of Staff of the Army can control the salary of a CEO?

That’s what the reduction to 490k is supposed to cover.

Of the four brigades there, one is already disbanded and almost finished coming home. Another is scheduled to disband later this year.

We have been the world’s policeman long enough.Close foreign bases,remove fleets from the Mediterranean sea,abolish the sixth fleet and strengthen the pacific 7th fleet.Let Europe take care of Europe.China will be the next fight and we are a long way from being strong enough to take them on.Help build up Japan’s military and South Korea’s military.They hate the Chinese and would be great allies in a war with China.

But but Lord Obama said it wouldn’t during the debates

Move the Euro contingents (all arms) to Australia and NZ.
Carrier battle groups and subs East and West coast.
Beef up our presence in Japan, ROK and both the Indian and Pacific oceans.
Perhaps share the Aussies airbase in Malaysia.
We need that region stable and secure.
Aust and NZ pretty much out of range of any immediate offiensive action against the West.
There is no Eastern Bloc threat anymore.
Just a few mumblings.

Not only the BCTs. DOD wants to homeport 4 Aegis ships in Spain for euro missile defense. We know who’s picking up the tab and its not the euros. One can virtually guarantee that these ships will be met with protests by the euro left decrying the “warmongering” American military. Aside from those that will benefit economically from these vessels, the majority don’t want us there. Privately, someone might actually thank a State Dept rep, but what they say and do in public will be far different.

Stop this nonsense. We are not the world police. If the euros want this missile defense go on the record in public and bring out the checkbook. Otherwise, keep those ships home.


If he would retire we could keep 6 soldiers on staff for 2 reasons, pay and space. When did he last pass a tape test?? He is another bandbox general who along with Dempsey allowed themselves to believe that this would never happen!! So they let it!! Now they have to pay the price!! Retire a bunch of those useless flag officers and save that money!! None of them really fight the wars they just oversee them like a CEO, with too many expensive perks!!

Disband NATO, since there is no Soviet threat, they go from place to place looking for employment so the general sdon’t lose their SHAPE homes!! They are in AFghanistan only to prove worth, Last map I looked at, Afghanistan was nowhere near Europe!! that would save us some money!!

A big problem is that compensation has gone up 90% in 15 years. How about a four-year pay freeze, which would save enough to keep 40,000 more GIs on active duty?

Your numbers are way off, but you’re right that a military pay freeze would save money in the long run, but that would take Congressional action. The point of the article is that if Congress doesn’t do something — anything in the next couple months, then GEN Odierno has to come up with a $16 billion budget cut NOW. Same thing with the people here suggesting base closures. Closing a base costs money up front, takes several years, and takes even longer to see the savings.

These cuts will take the total force below 9–11 levels, although it is really fuzzy math. I’m a bit surprise to see them taking down the Reserve Component at a time when they say they are transfering heavy force structure into the reserve components. It is Fail all around, I fear.

You people are whacked. Who do you think operates out of those bases in “Germany… and maybe Italy”. We have a commitment to NATO that we are barely honoring, and it takes much, much longer to move troops into the Middle East or Africa or even Asia from CONUS than “over there”. Just cut it out with the isolationist Little America nonsense.

How many ships do you think the US keeps in the Med/6th fleet? The Navy does not
do old fashioned “Med Deployments” like they used to back in the day. In the 70’s
there was a constant presence of an Amphib Ready Group and a Carrier Battle Group
plus supply ships and subs so there was pretty much always 20 or more US ships in
the 6th fleet. Now, there is no longer a Carrier Battle Group or Amphib Ready Group on
continual station in the Med and the typical number of ships at any given time is five or less
so removal of the “fleets” . from the Mediterranean Sea is not going to save much.

John, you seem to think that the Generals are the people who decide whether or nor to be in NATO and if NATO should disband.
I have a newsflash for you — NATO, just like the US military is under civilian control and the Size and shape of NATO is decided by the President/Prime Ministers of the NATO countries and carried out by the Defense Ministers/Secretaries of Defense of the participating nations.

Great idea! I wonder though how New Zealand is going to like being invaded by the US. I like New Zealanders but they do’;t seem to want US bases there so under your edict, I guess that we’d have to invade.

I hope you’re not suggesting the CEO of Lockheed Martin isn’t worth the $25 million or so that he “earned” last year. After all, the US has been in a recession for years, but Lockheed made RECORD PROFITS for that entire time. Are you suggesting just because LM doesn’t have a single program that is on budget or on schedule their failure to perform should have financial repercussions? If that’s all you’re worried about, rest assured, all defense contractors make MORE MONEY when they drag out development and jack up costs, so technically these are “financial repercussions”, they just go in the opposite direction than any sane person might expect.

Remember that at the end of the day the Army will have to be pared down to 100,000 troops. Every additional boot eats into our economic competitiveness.

Yea they could call it Pivot to the Penguins. About as valid as pivot to the Pacific

Not a single program on budget or schedule?
Lockheed is on hundreds, no thousands of programs. Lots and lots of them are not F35.
Tell us about F16, TPQ53, LANTIRN, HIMARS, AAQ39, Longbow, LRLAP, MLRS, TRIDENT to start with.

“much, much longer”? Maybe half a day’s flying time; 18–24 hours tops. For that we spend billions a year to maintain troops and equipment forward based. You assume these host countries will automatically allow us to intervene with these forces stationed on their soil without protest. Recall the uproar in the euro media about these forces being used in Iraq?

Not worth it. Bring them home. Basing our forces in CONUS does not constitute being “isolationist”.

“We have a commitment to NATO that we are barely honoring” Are You Kidding Me ? The US has and still does pay for most of NATO and the European countries are ALL Cutting their Defense budgets so much, that the General in charge of NATO is worried. Example of European thinking on NATO. Please read all the different article titles and Articles, ( Boiled down, the US will Pay for it ).
. http://​idebate​.org/​d​e​b​a​t​a​b​a​s​e​/​d​e​b​a​t​e​s​/​p​o​l​i​t​i​c​s​/ho

Yeah in order to save some troops the army can kill some really unneeded programs. But since these are Odeerno’s pet project he rather see men cut then his praised worthless APC and ICC which are going no wear for his personal pride. Time to drop politicians in uniform like him in the Pentagon and find real solutions.

18–24 hours tops? Seriously?
How many aircraft sorties will it take to move even ONE BATTALION with its equipment and supplies? (HINT: its a very large number)
The time to move even one brigade with equipment and supplies is going to be weeks, not days

Isolationism seems to look good to a lot of people here.

I’vve stated many a time the Europeans have enjoyed security to pursue welfare states largely at American taxpayer expense. That needs to stop.

A full abandonment of Europe because the “soviet” threat is “gone” is shortsighted and foolish. Russia is far from being an ally and we shouldn’t make it easy for Europe to fall into their orbit.

Isolationists forgot the lessons of WWI and WWII.

The only thing you move by air are lightly armed infantry units. Remember — FCS got cancelled. So having prepositioned stocks and deployable heavy force units stationed well forward is a must if you are in for real fighting. And these will move by sea.

Leading from behind and staying out of the fight may be this adminstration’s dream, but it is not NATO’s reality. It is one thing not be be able to deploy into Georgia — but what about Poland or Lithuania ? What are you gonna do then ? Wake up, people.

With the onset of retirement by the post-WWII generation, the crisis of the European welfare state is not a hypothetical. it is here and it is real. It is hard to see how the Europeans could could their defenses any more than they have already done. But at bottom, I believe that our presence in Europe serves American interests, first and foremost. We are and ought to be grateful for the support our allies provide. But ultimately, it is our government’s responsibilty to maintain a defense adequate to defending our interests. So I have no sympathy for the whiners who are all about “bringing our boys home”. Time and history will prove just how wrong these people are.

A war with China would be difficult to limit, with both sides having nuclear arsenals. But the challenge of maintaining our grip on the waters up to the first island chain — to say nothing of the Korean peninsula, is not an easy one. No doubt we will learn more about this as time goes on. Of the current breed of US military and naval strategists, Toshi Yoshihara writes and speaks most clearly to the subject.

Agree. It’s also kind of silly to whine about our European presence (which I’d like to see moved into Poland and the emerging democracies of Europe). We had CORPS in Europe. We’re down to two BDEs. The whining about our presence in Europe and “hundreds” of bases (many of which are physically next to each other or are in the same city) isn’t about “waste”. That’s camouflage to hide their true agenda of disengagement while not having to voice it or explain how to defend American intersts.

Many libertarians and Democrats are against defense spending and whine about waste. They actually believe the size of our military drives our foreign policy (like Generals tell the Pres what to do) and don’t want to admit to the public they are trying to defang us so we’re less involved in the world (if you subscribe to their belief). They ignore the fact that the diminishing of our military drives our enemy’s foreign policy and they don’t want to answer those questions. The naivete is staggering. Bad people won’t attack you if you aren’t a threat. Isolationism the policy of the naive and subservient.

Don’t worry, in europe we will not fall for someone else orbit. We only fall on ouselfs after shooting our own feet.

hey LOOK at *****ME***** I can YELL!!!!! and ?? SCREAM.….… all kinds //////// of NONSENSE #&^%#(& on the comments AREA!!! I know EVERYTHING ><)(*%$( SO LOOOOOOK at MEEEEE!!!!!

Steve, I do believe we have lot of islands and territories we can use in the Pacific. A lot of these places had air and naval bases during WWII

Keep the Marine and Army increase. Reduce the amount of Air Force Officers and stop the purchasing of the Air Force version of the JS fighter that cannot provide cost effective ground support. The Marine Corp JSF that is replacing the Harrier is safer and can take off from about almost anywhere. Air Force needs to stop spending billions with zero checks and balances. Give the Air Force back to the Army and split the planes with the Marines. Every Air Force Colonel whose job can be done by an enlisted Army or Marine Corp NCO should be let go.

Air Force version is the only one with an internal gun. I am not a great fan of the F-35, but it does seem like the only one that makes sense is the “A” model. I’ll bet that the Navy would love to see newer F-18’s.

I read last week that the U.S. was giving $25 billion to France for operations in Mali, hmmm why is it we have extra money to give to France but if I recall they were the same country that would not let the American’s fly over their Air-Space during the Iraq war and made U.S. aircraft fly over the Med. France needs to remember it was the American’s that rescued them during WWII.

And which one is on schedule and on budget? Oh yeah, none of them. I guess it was not such a good idea to pay them more to be that way. Hindsight is 20/20, at least for some of us, I suppose.

Why? We have new NATO members that don’t even pay the mandated amount of defense (and new countries looking to drag us into their conflicts with Russia). We already got enough trouble in the ME and an expanding China.

Time to get the other two Brigades disbanded. Also time to reduce USAFE drastically. Since the President did not think it possible to use the 14th MAGTF at Sigonella for their assigned mission(personel extraction from North Africa) last 9–11, we should disband them also. No sense building capability, if we will not use it. The money saved can be used to upgrade millions from regular Obama phones to iPhone5 Obama phones.

Time to come home from Asia too. Let Japan and Korea deal with China on their own terms. Not in China’s interests to invade any of the big players in East Asia. A conflict with India would cost too much. Lets quit makingup BOOGEY MEN and worry about our Hemisphere. China is the dominant power in Asia & we will never be, get used to it.

Agree with your main point that isolationism doesn’t work. As long as overseas commitments are dedicated to advancing/protecting American interests and not merely subsidizing the defense budgets of other countries, I am all for them. As for your examples, though — wasn’t WWI caused in part by extensive entanglements by European powers in mutual-defense pacts in order to maintain a highly volatile and unstable “balance of power” (in fact, I thought WWI was one of the main drivers of isolationism in the US leading into WWII)?

Here in a few months, the heaviest American vehicle left in Europe will be the Stryker. There’s probably a pre-positioned Armored BCT fleet in a warehouse somewhere in Europe, but no more heavy units ready to fight so that argument is kinda moot at this point.


How are you going to move forces from Germany, Spain, or Italy decides it a future leftist government doesn’t want to play? What use are those forces?

I’d like to see you go 3 rounds with him d*&@less.

To Secret Squirrel, the reason why the French did not allow NATO over-fly rights is that they have a domestic Islamic terrorism threat that makes ours look like a joke, and they think of WWII as ancient history for the same reason.

Time to take a page from Mahan (or his idols, the Age of Sail Royal Navy): strong navy and standoff capability, smaller professional army and the capability to expand it as required.

Collaboration with other nations to provide light infantry boots as needed (as we did for “Coalition of the Willing”, and similar to how we got the ROKMC to participate in the Vietnam War; and Caucasian Georgia too).

I get the feeling we may be relying more on local forces that won’t always be under our control: Tora Bora warns us against it; as did Machiavelli.

We’re going full circle: When we couldn’t confront the Soviets head-on, we used clandestine services to get things done. And since you can’t send armies to fight terrorism, we’re doing the same thing.

Army increase? Should just roll them up into the Marines and call it good. If you want to see excessive waste, just look toward Big Green.

The programs that I listed are on schedule.

At that point, you shift them to bases in less restrictive countries but the important piece of forward deployment is the several week headstart at being able to use heavy forces without an ocean crossing. That advantage should not be given up for no reason.

Do you have a link on the supposed $25Billion?

It isn’t “their own defense” that is being protected by our troops being in all those foreign bases; it’s OUR interests that are being protected. Capiche?? We don’t give a —t about anything or anyone else. It’s the Amerikan way! We are an empire and empires are expensive to upkeep. Wake up!

Exactly. A “less restrictive country” like CONUS.

You do realize that by your irresponsible suggestion to cut Air Force ‘colonels’ you would be reducing the Air Farce, oops, I meant Force, by 50%. That is totally irresponsible! A better move would be to go after the ‘majors’ which would only deplete the Farce by 1/3. (Damn, did it again!)

In general, the Germans are cooperative even in cases where their government has decided not to participate in an operation. I do not expect this to change. Due to that nation’s history, “out of area” missions remain controversial and it is always good to let sleeping dogs lie.

We certainly have enough vehicles in the inventory to do this sort of thing. By my count, the number of HBCTs in the active force stands at 15 and probably going down. That would be five division equivalents, maybe 1300 tanks in all — that assumes three line battalions per brigade. I’m counting 7 HBCT or cavalry regiments in the RC, so I think that means — best case — that you lose about three, maybe four tank battalions out of the total force, even if you pass some of the heavy force structure into the RC. I’d feel a lot more comfortable about this if there were regular exercises in Germany and Korea, like Reforger but at major training areas, where CONUS troops deploy into theater on a rotational basis. The Army needs to be proactive and not just let this be a zero sum game.

The way we’re going, we will be joining the NATO members that do not spend the prescribed amount on defense. Are you happy with that ?

They’ve been talking about sending BCTs to play with the Eastern Europe countries like Poland and Romania for a decade, but we never had the time because of Iraq. Hohenfels and Grafenwehr have a lot of enviromental restrictions now and I don’t think they can do a full BCT exercise there any more. In 2002 the aviation brigade in Germany took all of their Apaches to a range in Poland and did a year’s worth of gunnery in a month. It helps that those countries want our money and don’t have an EPA. We send Strykers to Korea once or twice a year for exercises, but I don’t think those use an entire BCT.

Mahan has this to say in Chapter 1 of “The Influence of Sea Power on History”

“Having therefore no foreign establishments, either colonial or military, the ships of war of the United States, in war, will be like land birds, unable to fly far from their own shores. To provide resting-places for them, where they can coal and repair, would be one of the first duties of a government proposing to itself the development of the power of the nation at sea.”

While technology has to some degree mitigated these limitations, the basic principle remains the same. The more the United States concedes its position overseas, the less it can do on its own strength. Therefore, we need our allies abroad.

Start the cutting of expenses by ridding the Army (and the other service branches) of their bloated general/flag-rank staff. The US Army, at last count, had ONE general per 600 soldiers. If that isn’t bloated/top heavy then perhaps I’m not clear on the concept. And perhaps its time to start snipping away the perks as well.

Then, there’s fixing our acquisition system — a wonderful example of waste and corporate welfare will do to a nation — while giving the US taxpayer the lousiest bang for the buck int he civilized world.

and who of you genuine military troopers did Not see this one coming?..hmmmmm

If the US would just stop ALL the foreign Aid, it would not have to cut the Military at all. Put the rest on our huge Debt!!!!!! You cant buy Love!

mob — I can explain it to you but I can’t make you understand. Reread my previous posts.

Agree on the causes of WWI.

Wilsonian progressivism & idealism drove our involvement in WWI.

Instead of hanging the blame of WWI on progressives many embraced isolationism. A radical solution instead of analyzing the problem. Sounds like modern libertarians all over again.


I understand what you’re saying and I don’t agree.

If we don’t get a change of Administration soon, political hacks like Dempsey will destroy our Armed Forces.

Remember, obama said that he would fundementally change the country if he was elected the first time. I look at our country and he is getting his way and going forward with more. He supported the cuts & now he’s against it. He sucked the GOP into this so that the Dems can destroy them in the next elections for the House. God help us if they get control of everything…obama pelosi reid man it’s the eve of destruction!!

good answer

So, we are going back to the defense levels of the Carter administration. Boy, that didn’t work well.

No, modern land warfare has become a heck of a lot more complicated than in Mahan’s day and we are much more dependent on foreign resources than in his day also.

We don’t have time to stand up divisions. It took two years in WWII with mass conscription and we didn’t do well at Kasserine.

The coalition of the willing mostly served in the quietest areas and only by exception didn’t conduct major offensive ops and Tora Bora is a good lesson.

There’s also the fact that deployed ground forces serve two critical roles. They unmistakably state our commitment and provide concrete capability in the region. There’s a reson we constantly rotate a Mech BDE or more into Kuwait with another BDE of equipment at Diego Garcia.

WHY not just fire all the Troops…and let the ILLEGALS protect us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gangs on all street corners will be OUR home guard!!!!!!!
Why don’t all the countries that owe us monies…pay up????
GOD help us.……someone better.
I am a Vietnam vet.……and STANDING TALL!!!!!!!!!!

There’s so much cronyism in the contract and Defense of Defense. As the soldiers began to come home for good. The taxpayers should strongly consider who and what we’re spending our money on. It’s a shame you have to hire ten civilians to accomplish the most simplistic tasks. They are the the same ones thumbing their noses at the Commander in Chief when at best 45 percent have trouble spelling their freaking names. I’m just saying:)

200,000 less jack-boots I have to worry about when the “KING” starts enforcing his will upon the people.…..

Please see below reference regarding 200,000 less jack-boots for the KING

Good ideal. The problem is that it makes sense! Welcome home.

1st of all we need to geet ride of Obama and biden, then start repairing our military, and some of you have it right its political from the top, get rid of about half of the flag officers. Move troops around where they need to be not where someone4 thinks they should be bqecause oif their position. Stop giving our BILLIONS to other countries and ASAP. This should get some of the ball rolling. AND fix the VA and its political system, support our troops and get the BS out of the system.


Please support my petition on stopping our government giving away our money to other countries!!

Even worse, try imagining “Red Dawn”, only the Russians (or Chicoms or whoever) come in as “liberators”.

Cuts or no cuts, this could go very, very badly.….

I also attribute our entering WWI to the Zimmerman telegram and our ships getting torpedoed. Nothing as bad as what got us into WWII, but still enough to get popular support for the war effort.

Yes as well as the German underestimation of our strength and ability to get it to Europe.

Classic example of how percieved military weakness actually drew us into a war. (and we weren’t that strong, we had to use European aircraft, machineguns, tanks and artillery)

The country is help paving the way for those countries to THEIR eventual rise
1) China is a cyber threat. Intellectual property is being stolen to be reverse engineered.
2) China is buliding carrier to strengthen their navy so that they can secure trade routes from strategic resource rich africa
3) Our 2nd amendment, will be taken away

They need to take a look at the legitimate and FALSE medical claims as service members retired or ended their service with medical benefits. I know of cases there they were medically discharged for a knee. Now that former service member is running marathons and taxes still go toward her rehab or VA.

The mindset is “the service is making me get out, Im gonna lie about my injuries sustained from military training and get my benefits for life. Even though I have not done anything rigorous enough.”

I say fradulent enlistment for having a preexisting illness. Army training that aggrevated the preexisting illness. Claim benefits upon exit cause I dont care about the country and I dont care about their money as long as I get mine.

I agree Soviet threat is gone. That system no longer exist. It is now the “Russian” threat.

The issue is not about CEO pay — in fact far from it. The issue that needs to be addressed is enabling efficiencies across all of the government agencies. Lawmakers seems to be spending a lot of time creating laws and more laws to fix things rather than perform an examination of existing laws and look for those areas where conflict and or ambiguity exists. Lawyers are very good at arguing and I find not as good as improving an existing system.

Wrong again on both counts.
Funny that you want to throw words like traitor around. On my case, I served 31 yrs in uniform including service in two wars. Care to whip it out and measure against me?

And for the record, the company that I work for is on the international market and does almost no work on DoD programs. People who do not agree with your worldview aren’t automatically traitors or evil, but then, that sort of namecalling is right out of “Rules for Radicals” isn’t it?

And it could become “Soviet” or something similar at any time.

Benedict Arnold was a General. Nice to see you making good use of the revolving door.

There is no BCT in Euope. THere is only BCT at 4 Posts in the states. Just saying

Sequester Congress and the White House

I agree with these comments. People seem to forget how we got into wwII. In 1939 and 40 we were a isolationist nation with nearly no military everyone could take a shot ant us

I say throw all those civilians out that have never served yet filling slots that a soldier once held. Finance,Food Service,Mechanics,Electronics Specialist and Military Police just to name a few of the jobs. My point is this: GIVE THE MILITARY BACK TO GI JOE. Yes the one who has to carry the load. And forget the stupid idea that the civilians create stability. And don’t forget the retirement for a 20 year Soldier is a lot less than a civilian. CW2 Retired.

Give me a break. I worked for a defense contractor for 24 years. Once they know that they can’t make the contract schedule, the contract delivery dates are modified so the contrator don’t get a bad delivery performance.

Of all the soldiers I know and work with, well over half would Gladly take a voluntary separation from the Army with honorable discharge and intact benefits. They are blocked by their contracts and Chain of Command from voluntary separation because of the nature of our commitment with the Armed Forces. I am one of those soldiers. I have served 6–1/2 years and 2 combat tours and I feel more than ready to move on with my life, college and another career field. I can’t. I am not allowed because my Contract states I have to remain in a job I no longer enjoy until 2015. Why shouldn’t soldiers be given the option to voluntarily separate if the Army wants Sooo badly to cut the numbers?

Secondly, at the risk of people screaming at me…It’s far, far past time Airborne operations were curtailed, if not eliminated, from the Army. We haven’t jumped into combat since the 80’s. The school could remain intact (with smaller classes). If the Pentagon (and the 82nd/173rd propaganda machines) can’t Bear to let it go, jump 3 times a years to keep current, and pay soldiers per JUMP, not $150 per month. If it becomes necessary at some later date to reactivate Airborne operations, the Army could do so with Basic Airborne Refresher of soldiers already Airborne qualified.

What we Cannot Afford to cut are training operations, ammo and weapons. If properly trained and given the right equipment, a much smaller force could do as much damage, if not more, than a larger one. If that were not true. we wouldn’t be throwing so much money at SF forces.

The troops that are going forward are replacing the soldiers that are already there. Even with the reduction of Boots on the Ground the troops that will be staying need to be rotated. Realize that these troops, our fellow citizens, or neighbors are stuck in a country with no leave and are working 12+ hour days, 7 days a week at a time in conditions that suck in compairson to being back at home. Keeping Service Members longer than a year is not right thing to do.

Save your ReichsMarks boys, Southern Germany will rise again.

majr0d … It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition.

They didn’t have a suitable base in Africa to use, but why did they choose to stand up AFRICOM at Kelley Barracks?

Below is a link to an article about recent expensive renovations to that Army resort called Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart Germany, and the nearby off base 15,000-square-foot mansion called Clay House that has long served as residence for the senior ranking officer. Its long past time to hand the keys to that resort property back to the Germans.

I am sure he passes his tape and weight. Have you seen him? He has to be 6′ 10″ and could crush you with one finger.

Terminate the Billion dollar contracts with General Dynamics, SAIS and others that suck up Billions of dollars to train soldiers how to use a battle field computer. These models are taught in advance Individual training and should be sustained by reenforcement training provided by Squad leaders. Battle Command Training Centers should be run by soldiers and not civilians.

Hard to believe a CW2 could be that ignorant of budget issues.

Civilians can be hired, fired, don’t deploy, don’t have to take time to exercise, don’t get lodging or other benefits generally, and only get pensions at age 60. They’re much cheaper than Joes.

Civilians create stability in certain organizations. It’s not stupid. A civilian can stick around long enough to be an expert at the job they’re working while a soldier may only be there for a year or two. This concept works especially well in non-deployable garrison or training commands where soldiers are just taking a knee for a couple years before their next major assignment.

Brigade Combat Team. Not Basic Combat Training.

why you hanging on the AF for , come on now look of all the toys the army has. the posts slated to close they still build on and improve??

As a real defense contractor myself and having spent plenty of time since 2008 in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar and Saudi. You are correct. I find it appauling that our govenment would rather spend hundreds of millions of dollars to aid a south American country to produce crude oil and we get none of it. Our countries defense should NEVER be in question or our power to help those who cannot help themselves. Our foundation of strength is getting weaker and weaker due to several administrations since the Reagen / Bush years. No matter which side of the fence we all sit on, weak is not a good place to be!

Are you saying 173rd ABCT and others aren’t in Europe?

this ia all a part of the taliban stragety was to break the U.S., put americans at edge with our government, and get other countries against us we were not in this mess before 9–11

Please, the GI’s love being in Europe. No training and nothing but partying and spending money on the European economy, hanging out at the Edelweiss.

China will be the next fight.….just as soon as we stop borrowing money from them and stop paying back what we have already borrowed. Or even worse stop paying them to make what we buy from them. Paying twice for cheap goods.…we are writing our own future.

youtube converter

Get rid of the generals and replace them with engineers and people who know the difference between a 5 cent bolt and a $5.00 bolt. Have the generals scoop all that money out of the sewer they have been throwing the taxpayers money in for the past couple of decades. The waste in the military is well known and has to be brought to a halt. If the pentagon does not like being told to waste less and do more with what they get then the pentagon is the problem, not the taxpayers.

yes, but what CAUSES those delays is constant fiddling with the design by DoD, or forecasting design completion for production on a completely new technology with no real hope of meeting the schedule but “DoD wants it!”

I wish they would put up the actual numbers spent and projected to be spent instead of saying there are going to be cuts. There are no cuts. What they are talking about is reductions in the projected rates of growth. Why all the hand wringing about having to cut the force when they are actually getting more money this year, and will get increases in the future years, even with the sequester? And why doesn’t the media point this out and demand that we do away with the entire baseline budgeting process that automatically raises the budget for each program every year? If we had a budget tht is, which we haven’t had in 4 years so that they could include the “one-time” stimulus that has been incorporated into the continuing resolutions ever since. We do need actual cuts in some programs, though I wouldn’t pick the military. How much would we save by doing away with TSA and having the airports take the screening program back over? How about limiting unemployment to 16 weeks or less like it used to be? We could do away with some programs entirely, such at the Endowment of the Arts, the Department of Education (which hasn’t taught even 1 child), not giving illegal aliens food stamps and other entitlements, etc. So much waste to point out, too little space to list it all. It is time to get to a balanced budget and do away with the child abuse we are inflicting oun our grand kids with this enormous debt that they will never be able to pay off.

AFRICOM doesn’t have to be in Africa to be effective. CENTCOM is in Tampa. SOUTHCOM is in Miami.

Not crazy about Germany but not a bad location if you want to be somewhere to synch operations and keep in mind Europe has a long relationship with most of the countries in Africa. Italy or Spain would have been good choices but they are much more fickle allies.

I don’t know if there were any nations in Africa that wanted to closely align themselves with the US and with which we wanted to be closely aligned. Germany is not likely to have a coup anytime soon and is stable enough to not be a victim of forment created by radical islam. Then there are the security issues.

A final issue is accomidations for allies and VIPs. Hate the dog and pony but it comes with that level of HQ.

cut congressmen pay and benefits

Department of Defense is the only thing the government is supposed to be funding according to the Constitution.

A large number of Federal civilain employees are Veterans. A good number of which are retired or have been medically discharged after deploying. The “civilian” jobs on most iinstallations are also filled by military spouses (who have preference over non-veteran applicants).

Civilain employees do not typically retire after 20 years. As a civilian employee, you not only have to meet the minimum required years of service, you also have to meet the minimum age requirement. If a civilian employee started federal service at 20, they would put in 30 years of service before meeting the minimum age. As a Soldier, your retirement is paid completley completely by the government. You do not contribute to your retirement. Civilian employees have mandatory FERS/CSRS contributions withheld.


No Air Force Colonel holds a job that can be done by an Army or Marine NCO. Your logic is way off on that one. Maybe the Second and First Lieutenants have jobs that can be handled by the Army or Marine NCOs but never does a Col hold such a lucrative position. And giving the Air Force back to the Army is an awful idea… You know how many people wouldn’t be allowed in the military because of that? There’s a reason why the Air Force is the most difficult branch to get into. But you’re right about one thing, the spending needs way more control.

SFC hope you are the first to goSo STUPID get over it HATER

Need some new brains in the political games. I would make immigrants who want to become a citizen of the USA first have to know and speak English. Second must qualify and do a 4 year tour in any of the branches of the military with no less than a High Evaluation Rating otherwise they and their family would be immediately disqualified from citizenship and sent back to the country they came from.

Next I would make sure that the CEO’s of any defense contractor is a veteran and does not get any of the ridiculous high pay they are awarded. The countries we send our troops to MUST pay us back for their freedom. 60 minutes had a good article on Israel last week.. just another one of those nations that want our money but don’t want to do anything to help us or listen to any request that we ask of them. Then we have our own internal Scamming Territories.. Look at Puerto Rico that don’t want to become a state so they don’t have to pay the taxes and still are getting Food Stamps and all the other benefits of a Welfare Nation.. A lot of US companies have CEO’s that are getting Millions of dollars in bonuses they don’t deserve since they have people in their Company laid off and on the streets who are forced to live on Welfare and/or Unemployment checks. Most of that would be prevented if the CEO did not get bonuses and had to take a 50% pay cut if they had anyone of their employees laid off.

There are to many high paid civilians, who do nothing and no matter how long they seve they get their full retiremnt pay.

Spain has its own SPY-radar, Standard Missile-equipped frigates, and the Euro freaks swear up and down Aster and a host of other euro designs are just as capable as US built systems.
Let the euros fund and defend Europe.
And if private American investors want to invest there, so be it.
But the US government needs to wake up and stop involuntarily mandating that US taxpayers should bear the burden of shoring up the economies of over half the other nations of the world.
High time those nations took more of their own personal responsibilities.

From one recent combat tour vet to another, thank you.

Something we have to be VERY concerned with, though: how long will our government keep its word on giving us GI Bill/college benefits to those of us whho earned it and are depending on it to make a new life post-service?
How long before they cut into that as well?
Many of us have already seen delays in getting our ed benefits in a timely fashion each semester.

You don’t take into account that the vast majority of Soldiers do not stay until retirement and thus don’t earn pensions at all. That makes MOST military much cheaper than civilians.

Wrong.…even the White House spokeperson has admitted sequestration was the President’s idea.

That’s right, because Obama does nothing wrong, right? I am so sick of all you Obama supporters who want to blame someone else!! He sucks as a president!!!! How is the sequestration supposed to boost the economy? Many federal employees are going to lose 1/5 of their pay because of the mandatory day off per week they are going to have to take. So in essence, someone who is making $50,000 a year will now make $40,000 a year. Never mind that they might have family relying on them to make money, apparently that doesn’t matter to these politicians who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, not to mention all the money they get to pay for things like dry cleaning, flights, vacations, etc!! Way to screw the little man!!! And it’s republicans and democrats together, they’re all liars!!! So don’t put this on just the republicans!!!

All changes our Government leadership makes on behalf of (we the people who emplaced) never affects, nor applies to these fat rich law makers/politicians? What the Hell has happened to America? How did we let these aristocratic jerks make the wrong decisions and give our.… Monies away? I’m not getting this, and Americans continue to put up with this crap? Why? We give money away so we can say “Hey Mr President, can you please make it suck some More” Hey Mr. Congressmen can you please make it suck some more. Raise the GAS $$$, Please let us pay more taxes to give it to Foreign countries and those here too lazy to work, Oh yeah please reduce our country security forces, we don’t need protection.

Rob, just because you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion doesn’t mean you should resort to name calling. As veterans, I feel you should be able to act appropriately. Or are/were you a problem child?

Thank you!!! Someone who is making sense!!

Do away with the Marine Corp. They have a proud history but we now have a professional army and
do not need a Marine Corp. Also, when I was on Active Duty years and years ago both NCOs and Officers had a Tempoary Grade (the Rank they had on at that moment) and a Permanent Grade. Bring that back and with the exception of E-1 and O-1 (2nd Lt), reduce everyone to a one lower grade (Major to Captain,
E-9 to E-8, etc). Do away with all these Command Chiefs (E-9s) at every base. The USAF,
for example should have only with top E-9 at the USAF level. Lastly, make all Pilots in the USAF
Warrant Officers (W-2’s) and do away with Flight Pay. Bill ret E-9

Not all of the civilian employees are high paid. Many of them struggle from paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet.

PolicyWonk has a good point. We could also save some money by not having double facilities for males and females. For example, barracks space should not be separated by male/female on separate floors. How many extra buildings could we avoid having to build? That is over $1.5mil per bldg. Every little bit helps. We could also pull from Europe.
Why not leave Afghanistan a little early?Make Generals retirement at 35 years. No more years for any reason. any more than that puts them so far out of touch with the real Army/Navy/AF/Marines and the current warfighting methods that the services cannot adjust to new threats. We should have learned that lesson in the last ten years.

If you want to save money first off, get rid of half the Generals in the DoD! They make way too much money in the first place to be sitting at the Pentagon! Second, get rid og the dead beat O-6’s who are just hanging on because in hindsight they could not find a real job on the outside! You want to trim further, make SGM/CSM’s retire at 25 year mandatory! Let O-4/O-5 retire at 15 years with 50 percent retirement. Congress needs to take a stringent review of the hidden good ole boy networking that has gone on in the military to happen unnoticed in the last 10 years!

Wanna save some money? Reduce the DOD civilian strength by 90 %. Civilian are worthless anyway, they’re just dead weight. GS stands for Government Service and of all the years I wore the uniform (27 Years) I’ve yet to meet a civilian that takes the word “Service” seriously.

Like I said, get rid of all the civilians in DOD, they’re worthless anyway. They can’t run, they can’t fight, they can’t be deployed. They’re worthless.

There are differences between Federal civilians and Soldiers. Without Soldiers to support, a large number of Federal civilian jobs would be totally unnecessary. If the benefits package a Soldiers receives seems better than what a Federal civilian employee is able to get then they are welcome to volunteer to become a Soldier.

He didn’t get to where he is by sitting behind a desk his entire career. He has a tremendous amount of responsibility and has to make very difficult decisions based on what Congress elects to fund. He’s basically the point man for the Army for our country.

As an aside, I wonder whether Congress is still going to get their automatic pay raises this year?

The question here is what constitutes “every additional boot”. Can we field a viable 2-front fighting force with only 100k troops? Since US seems to rely on the military to compensate for its lack of diplomatic skills there’s a good chance there will be more conficts down the road even after the Middle East fades away.

trackman/treadhead OOOOOOO! The military industrial complex is going to have to cut back-finally. And yes, we have to stop trying to be the “world’s policeman”-we cannot afford it anymore, because we have to pay off the debt for OIF & OEF, which includes taking care of the wounded veterans from these two mis –adventures.

America is 5% of the world’s population, but half of its military spending. We are shrinking as a percentage of the world economy, so naturally our military spending has to shrink too, or else we will collapse the way the Soviet Union did. It wouldn’t matter who was president, it’s “physics.” What we have to do now is shrink both our global commitments and our military together, in a controlled and sensible way. That’s basically what we are being forced to do now. Painful, yes, since I may take a 20% pay cut with sequestration, but I’m willing to do my part.

You’re gonna need the help of the Viets as well. They’ve been our enemy for thousands of years. It seems as though they haven’t learned their lesson from the Sino-Vietnamese War of 79 where they got their asses handed to them. Be lucky that majority of the 1st and 2nd generation Viets in the states were raised to fight any kind of government oppression. So, in other words, don’t be afraid of the BIG RED ARMY. The way how those guys trained is no joke. Makes our military look like a bunch of whimps which is honestly sad, but rest assure, we got Vietnam who is south of China who trains just as crazy. Who else knows their ancestral enemy better than the Viets? Go figure. LOL

Right on brother!!

DOD spending cuts have to start with congress. How about letting the military cut programs rather than force them to keep programs because some congressman does not want a defense plant to go idle in his district. We are making weapons that we do not need to prop up local economies. The problem is that if we make those cuts we will put a lot of people out of work and no politician wants that to happen in their district.

Cut foreign aide and pay for our defense.

Very good response and you are extremely accurate about it also. I totally agree with your summation.


china is our greatst threat our sservices cannt loose that mnay , an hen what who is goin to replace the highy trained soldiers you keep loosing the most experincedd ecead of politcs our nation is the youngest n most powerful n still have great threats CHINA IRAN SYRIA. RUSSIA NORTH KOREA.. WE NEED TO KEEP OUR MOST EXPERIEBCED COMBAT READYS

We haven’t learned a thing from past history, China and Russia are building up their military while we are cutting back, wake up, the same cuts came after Desert Storm, we cut back to much and then we had to rebuild our military.

In a more perfect world, we would fight until we win. No rotating in and out of theater. We lose a lot of on-the-ground experience every year, and end up starting over again. Same problem as in Iraq and Vietnam. We will never win these kind of wars if we stay on the clock.

What $$$?!?! If they are all ‘brought home’ that would put them out of jobs!! Do you really think that our country can withstand an influx of 200,000+ of working age people? And the ones that come home from the European bases will bring with them wives and possibly teen-age children that would also be looking for work, where does you think they will get employment so as to have any money to spend?

And where would you suggest they be housed, if they were to be kept in the military at all? Are you aware of the fact that most bases are at capacity for housing? What do you think that bringing them all CONUS would do to the housing market? Supply would be nil and demand would be skyrocketing, along with the rental prices. And sorry that is NOT a good thing, for one the military would just then have to up the housing pay,(which by the way is not exactly a huge amount now)

You confuse isolationism with non-interventionalism. Ther eis a difference.

But WWI and WWII had nothing to do with isolationism. We were shipping supplies to England and Russia before we were at war with Germany. Were you aware of that? How would we react to a foreign country supply an enemy during wartime? Yeah, you know exactly.

How about Japan? The Flying Tigers were Americans contracted to fight the Japanese using American loaned money to buy American equipment and hire American pilots. Today, this is not taught in schools or military academies (can’t have people knowing history). We would call them foreign fighters today. Did you know any of that? It would appear not. The American government creates most of its own problems and then plays dumb and innocent when someone dies because of it.

Redlion66, you’re exactly right. China can’t afford a war because all of the trade is needed to keep them afloat. A war would kill their exports of finished goods and their imports of raw materials. People don’t understand the economic side of war.

Yes, I’m quite aware that gov’t policy was supplying England and the USSR contrary to most of America’s wishes. (Ugh BTW, it is taught at West Point I went there and later was an instructor).

Isolationism vs. non-interventionalism? No, I don’t confuse the two. I don’t buy the euphemism. Today’s libertarians try to bill themselves as non-interventionalist and not isolationist. The fine print legal reality is our WWI and WWII policy was really non-interventionalist and not isolationist and libertarians want to take advantage of that misnomer. The truth is they are espousing a return to the policies that failed miserably before WWI & WWII. Nice try.

Do you want me to poke holes in your “blame America first” philosophy next? How’s the weather in France?

Odierno is using that disingenuous “Washington Monument” defense to protect the new acquisitions he wants to make. Just look at Feb. 25 Time magazine. Buying 459 V-22s for $53 Billion, Missile defense for $126B, Three more aircraft carriers for $42B (planes are extra), 30 attack submarines for $93B and 2457 F-35 fighter jets for $400B. Much more important, he thinks, so cut the active force. Actually, Odierno’s looking forward to his post-retirement employment with a big defense contractor. The job, of course, is contingent on keeping those big procurements. Troops be damned. Our tax dollars at work.

Just enforce all standards both weight and personal to pare down the force. The entrance stardards should be the same as it was in the peacetime army and before 1974.

Our military has too many senior officers and not enough troops. Get rid of half of the senior officer corps [and their DOD civilian counterparts] and (1) nothing would be affected; and (2) we would have a lot less unnecessary paperwork. For example, why do 4-star generals require a team of people to cater to them. One aide is enough

Thank you for your service!


Our current Commander In Cheif is making a serious mistake. Do not cut our national defense spending so deep.

I have read many variations of comments on this topic. Most of us are looking at the short game and not the long game strategy. The Army’s mission is to deter aggression and if that fails fight and win our nation’s wars. Currently the Army has been doing a whole lot of other things in addition to fighting the war on terrorism. The Army needs to change the composition of the units it has in its formations. The Army needs to become more lean, lethal and agile. In order for this to occur the Army has to cut the fat literally and figuratively. Yes it is top heavy on Officers and Senior NCO’s. The Army really need to look at troops to task and conduct a true assessment with this. The started on the right track with the BCT formations but did a half asses job with that. Actually it’s history repeating itself in this case because the Army used to have regimental combat teams from the Korean War era till the end of the Vietnam war. The BCT concept must be retooled to be totally self sustaining. The Army still has a higher ratio of support to combat arms formations. I think its 3 to 1 or 4 to 1. Why do we still need all these sustainment commands and signal commands. get rid of them or widdle them down to a battalion formation and keep one for each theater. Doing this will get rid of the top heavy staff (Officers and NCOs) and put the slots needed in the combat formations where they belong. Raise the standards of the combat formations so they can easily fit into a joint spec ops role if needed or beef up spec ops and bring two more ranger bats on the active duty. In other words make the formations fire power combat effective. All this talk about leaving certain theaters is unwise. We need a presences but not a large foot print. Take Germany for instance, since I read this a lot about Europe. Currently the Army has a Stryker Bde, 1 Airborne BCT and 1 or 2 Armored BCcts but they’re going down to one. The problem over there is there are still too many top heavy support units 2 signal brigades a sustainment command and MP brigade. There are really 4 Army communities left over there. Mannheim is gone and Heidelberg is next. So they are on the right track U.S.Army Europe Hq is now a 3 Star billet and that means a reduced staff. V Corps is gone off the active rolls. This kind of thing needs to take place Army wide. Totally leaving that theater is unwise because the Bear or the Cold War era changed his coat but its still a bear. There are nations over there are willing to pull more than their fair share and shed blood with us. I can name a few Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary and the Republic of Georgia. These are partners that hated communism and likes freedom. Most of them have deployed with our forces to Afghan and Iraq and we train with them when not deployed to a war theater. Bottom line for this is we need to maintain those partnerships and keep the potential foes at bay. The European theater will shrink some more and it will get to the correct size one day. Everyone seems to forget when the Army was 176,000 Strong in the late 80s and early 90s in Europe now we are not even a fourth or that number. There are no Divisions left in Germany Think about that. We need to start cutting more stateside or increase the reserve and guard forces if we don’t want to keep an active strength that can fight two fronts. Maybe that strategy is whats is changing with DOD. who knows. Another model I’ve seen that works well is with the IDF. I’ve worked with the IDF in the past and most of their forces are reserve in status and they don’t have a sizable active force and they’re still lethal. They get the job done. Either way The Army has some hard choices ahead and I just hope and pray that the present leaders in charge make choices that is good for our Army and not what good for politics or their future careers. Other wise the next war that comes up may have all of us who are retired getting phone calls or letters telling us to report to the nearest Army installation near you. I still maintain my weight and I can still hit 40/40.…

What ticks me off the most is they always talk about cutting training, when you should be increasing training to compensate for fewer soldiers.

Look to other countries like Canada where the quality of the soldier is higher with a smaller budget. These guys need to get their heads out of their asses and fix this.

Franch, thats the country that did the lion’s share of the fighting against the real(original) Al-Queda in Afghanistan in 2001–2003. Thats the country whose SF troopers had Osama Bin Laden in the cross hairs of three snipers for almost three hours in 2001, but were handcuffed by an American imposed ROE that required approval of senior Americans before taking out the top AQ leaders, so OBL was long gone before the “take the shot order” came down. Thats the country whose FFL Paratroopers moved 29 kilometers on foot(across mountains we do not operate in) to out flank and destroy a Taliban force of 400 that had most of A Co 1/508th PIR trapped in a ravine without any American support in Wardak. Then almost 2 years later performed almost the identical rescue for a company from 1/3 Marines in the exact same ravine. Just making sure were talking about the same Folks.

Clp2013 Thank you for your service. I think that your points were spot on. I’m retired. I wonder what is in store for our veterans. My son recently separated from the Army. He did three combat tours as a 11C(Astan, Iraq, Astan). He was wounded 3 times, lost part of his left hand and 2 finger to a gunshot, had a melon ball of IED damaged brain scooped out of his head. Then he was sent to Europe and filled up with Painkillers and Psychotropal drugs for depression. His Dutch girlfriend got beat up by her French ex-husband so he beat the hell out of him and his two brothers in Brussels. Big incident in the Belgium, Dutch and French papers, he was separated with a General discharge for 1 “alcohol” incident. a Silver star, Bronze star and 3 Purple Hearts and he has no GI Bill. Use your GI Bill now because Raul Grijalva, D-AZ, and 22 other Democratic Congressmen are pushing to end it in 2018. Why? Because with GI Bill the government OWES you, with student loans the government OWNS you.

Um, Dick, you know that GEN Odierno is the Chief of Staff of the ARMY right? He’s not trying to buy anything you just listed and the cuts he’s either enacting or warning may happen have nothing to do with those programs.

Wow, how come I can’t post something this long?

Transplant all overseas bases stateside. Over the long run this will save DOD money and boost local economies.

Well it’s pretty obvious that some folks out there aren’t keeping up with what is going on in the world and don’t realize that bases in Germany have closed, closing or moved to alternate locations within Europe. Italy is still in tact. It also apears some folks believe that we can remain reamin somewhat of a super power without a military that is better trained and better equipped than our possible threats. It appears some folks agree with our so called leader in destroying the U.S. by taking away our guns at home and reducing our Military leaving us defenseless. How many years has it taken us to become a country that is respected and feared by others and it appears it’s only taken 4 years to reduce us to where we are now and another four to set us up for the final punch. Have you not looked at the US economy lately, where do folks think that many soldiers removed from service will work, there’s no new jobs opening

Never seen anything like this in my life. Obama should be ashamed of himself. He does not have the intestinal fortitude to make a decision; blames everyone but himself for this MESS. Stand up and admit when you’re wrong and move on down the road.

Good timing by the Democrats just when Iran and North Korea are getting their long range delivery systems for necular weapons of mass destruction on line and ready to use..
I am a Vietnam Vet. too and proud of it.

If I were still in the service I’d be headed for the exit door at the first opportunity. If this country isn’t going to provide our troops with the equipment, training and manpower they need to do their jobs, they should say adios.

I recently had to lend a friend over $600 to get nursing uniforms because her GI bill money hadn’t come through yet. Her tuition is on hold. Thank God her college is understanding and knows the money WILL be coming at some point or she would have had to put off her education another semester. Meanwhile, she owes me money and the gov’t owes the college money and nobody is getting paid.

How about you’re wrong? Where in Europe does the Army conduct BCT?


I take it back. Didn’t see it was Brigade Combat Teams.

Our military was once a strong self-sustaining unit until the contractors like Haliburton moved in. Why not cancel all contracts and let the MOS qualified soldiers, sailors and Marines function in the role they were supposed to rather than let the training go to waste and overpay some civilian who is likely untrained to handle combat. Think about it, our soldiers enlist to do specific jobs such as electrician, mechanic or cook for a lower enlisted salary, and I’ve witnessed civilians shipped over and take that function just to make money for Haliburton which would have otherwise gone bankrupt.

It’s time that the United States steps down and let the world run its course. The reason why this world somewhat hates us is because we get too involved! We need to bring our soldiers and resources back into this country and focus on our own problems. President Obama has made some rough calls, but he is our leader, and I will back him up as long as it’s for the good of this country. Greed and power have plagued our country. Laziness and drugs have aided in our destruction. The world needs America to rebuild itself on the principles we once had, and that is pride. Pride in working hard to do what’s right. Pride to stand up for ourselves when we get pushed down. Pride in our economy and not borrowing money to ridiculous sums that will take years to recover from. Pride in helping the little man, not with his financial needs, but his will to better himself for the future. Our ancestors built this country from blood, sweat, and tears; they would be tossing in their graves if they saw what we are doing today! Im not trying to persecute anyone nor am I perfect, but lets have some integrity here and do the right thing. ‘Merica!

He might be your leader but he sure as hell isn’t mine. Obama couldn’t lead an Arab to an oil field. You want all those things that would make America great? Then we need a true leader, not the charlatan divider-in-chief we have now. A leader unites people. He has done nothing but divide this country.

That all sounds good but If our nation every backed off the world stage then what would happen with the despots and tyrants of the world who would cut our throats at a moments notice. Currently our nation looks weak and this is why some nations think they can thumb their nose to us and the rest of the world. Obama is weak and he has not fulfilled his promises to the American people. I know our nation hasn’t been innocent in many things but if we exit stage left then you will wake up one day when some foreign forces invade or we… all of a sudden crumble from within due to our leaders falling asleep at the wheel. Roosevelt’s both of them were leaders. Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and even LBJ was a leader. LBJ even took on his own party to pass the voting rights act and the civil right bill through congress. That called for big ideas and leadership and he still took responsibility for screwing up the Vietnam war and did not seek or accept the nomination as president for another term. What has the current POTUS done that is big and unifying to our nation. Nothing… that’s the truth and I respect the office but I don’t respect the man holding that esteemed office at present.

I think by you being in the service you should have a little more respect for your leaders, but you need to open your eyes and put the blame where it really belong. No one every seems to blame the house and the GOP or the tea party. They don’ care anything about the military they care about what they want. I am so tired of people blaming one man for all of these problems. You seem to have a personal issues with the President. The president gave congress one year to get their act together. You cannot get them to work. The most heart breaking thing to is that the GOP and tea party want the the president to fail so badly thy are willing to sacrifice this country. OPEN YOUR EYES!!

I believe if they are going to furlough individuals, they need to start with congress and because they are government employees furlough every last one of them. Cut Congress pay.

Would someone–anyone, explain to me exactly what 490,000 troops are DOING now that we are on the brink of being a peacetime country again, and for eternity? Each of these troops cost the American taxpayer $1M per year. That’s right–one million big ones! We simply do not need these troop levels anymore! There is no justification for such swolen troop levels; the reality is this excess is what nearly brought on a Depression and we must correct this excess–now. I say slash the levels, get them out into civilian life and off the government dole!

I dont know the answer. But the military probability will be to look for any reason to get people out , there is not a lot of jobs out here so what s going to happen to those people,how are they going to live .Some may plane to retire from the military ‚A lot of military men and women have lost time with there families that they can not get back or make up there kid first step,or child birth wife mom passing, when his family really need him or her be there for support. THIS IS THE THANKS THEY WILL GET FOR SERVING. THERE HAVE TO BE ANOTHER WAY. RETIRED NAVY RESERVE 2005

As to your disbanding units not used for assigned missions or to counter potential threats, the failure of action is not a reason to disband the units; it is rather a reason to fire the leadership for failure to act. But, your point does have merit if the majority of the voters in this country continue to elect leaders who fail the country and the people by failing to act.

And, as John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States, said to the U.S. Constitutional Convention, we should protect the Office of the President of the United States, and other High Public Offices, from those who would bring undue foreign influence on these positions; he further stated that the POTUS should be a natural born U.S. Citizen, not just a U.S. Citizen at birth. It is clear that the administration is lead by a President whose father was a foreign citizen of Kenya, and whose step-father was a citizen of Indonesia, brings foreign influence to the office of the POTUS. Instead of enforcing immigration laws and taking action against those that break those laws, he wants to let illegal immigrants stay in the USA. I believe the POTUS want to add to the voting roles of the Democrats with foreign influence that seeks to destabilize this country over time. The POTUS want to speed up the path to citizenship for many illegal aliens or undocumented people as some call it. I think we really need to define what a natural-born citizen is now by-law.

Outside of SCOTUS decisions, I have not found any reference to legislation by the Congress that defines what a natural born citizen is. And, many people assume a native-born U.S. Citizen, on born on U.S. soil, is automatically a natural-born U.S. Citizen. I believe if both parents are U.S. Citizens, then you should be an natural born U.S. Citizen, regardless of where you are born. This should also apply to unmarried mothers where the father is not documented or does not assume paternal rights on the child. We need to stop handing out Citizenship to anchor babies, or even to children whose alien parent(s) visit this country on tourist visas. If most of the illegal aliens would leave this country, maybe we could have more money for national defense. Our own federal government is taking our country down a financially destructive path that is now affecting our national security.

Correct me if I’m wrong clp2013, but didn’t the 173rd just recently jumped into the Northern Region of Iraq?

I do agree with your statement concerning voluntary separation. Just another way of the military’s motto of “Work harder, Not smarter.”

Where is General David Petraeus turned CIA Director? — Resigned as head of the CIA.
Where is General William Ward, the former head of U.S. Africa Command? — Relieved / fired.
Where is General Carter Ham, the former head of U.S. Africa Command? — Relieved / fired.
Where is Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaoutte, the former commander of the USS John C. Stennis strike group? — Relieved / fired.
Where is BG Jeffrey A. Sinclair, former deputy commander in charge of logistics and support for the 82nd
Airborne Division in Afghanistan? — Relieved, facing a court martial right now.
Where is General Allen? — After facing accusations or an investigation into wrong doing to which he was cleared, he relinquished command of the International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) to General Dunford. Gen. Allen decided to retire and not take on the position of Commander, US Central Command at SHAPE, Belgium, which still also be referred to as Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).

Under President Obama, our Commander-In-Chief’s leadership, I do not think you have to worry about saving money by eliminating flag officers. Many have been fired, possibly reduced in rank, forced to retire, court martialed, resigned, or just decided to retire from the military/political landscape. The POTUS and SECDEF seem to be handling your idea that quite readily. Something seems fundamentally wrong with this picture; In my opinion, I think this set of events is a reflection of the leadership we have at the highest levels of our government. I am not sure where this path is going to take us; but I am very concerned about our national security.

While CO of the 101st Airborne Div. General Petraus was the ultimate approval authority for the Courts Martials of 23 NCOs and 7 Officers on charges of adultery. All were convicted. All were removed from service. All past 20years were allowed to retire. The NCOs with less than 20 years were just separated, as were the officers with less than 20 years. These NCOs that were SFC or above were reduced to SSG E-6(the lowest grade elegible for a 20 year retirement), the officers all retired as Majors.
With his self admission General Petraus should be ordered to active duty, convicted and reduced in grade to Major O-4 for retirement.

While CO of the 101st Airborne Div. General Petraus was the ultimate approval authority for the Courts Martials of 23 NCOs and 7 Officers on charges of adultery. All were convicted. All were removed from service. All past 20years were allowed to retire (The NCOs with less than 20 years were just separated, as were the officers with less than 20 years). The NCOs that were SFC or above were reduced to SSG E-6(the lowest grade elegible for a 20 year retirement), the officers all retired as Majors.
With his self admission General Petraus should be ordered to active duty, convicted and reduced in grade to Major O-4 for retirement.

Actually in 2003 the 173rd did a promotional jump into a airfield in Northern Iraq, while 350 Northern Front Soldiers and 80 Special Forces troopers watched on the airfield they had secured 2 days earlier. Then the trucks that were waiting for them North of Mosel, where they could have landed in C-130s, showed up and off they went.
It was a full gear, uploaded version of a Hollywood jump., just like Fryar Field , Ft Benning or Sicily DZ, Ft. Bragg, with about the same amount of opposition as you get in Georgia or NC. It was so well staged, too look great for the press, with no appearent tactical need or objective, you would have swore the USMC was in charge.

Dave, I hope English is your second, no third, language. Dude drop the bong at least 30 minutes before posting.

Off the “government dole”? And each of these troops “cost the American taxpayer $1m per year”? How about each of these troops are risking their lives, missing their families to ensure that YOU can sit there and insult them. The fact that you even have to ask what it is they are doing, shows how ignorant you truly are.


Stands to reason that we should cut troop strength, but more than that we need to cut upper echelons also and perhaps not proportional. I believe we have to many Generals to start with as the present TDA now is based on previous planning which is obsolete. The new assymeritical requirements are very much different.


Kind of ignorant there in your assertion that the troop levels nearly brought on a depression. You could ZERO the defense budget.… Thats right ABSOLUTE ZERO and the US Federal Budget would still be in a deficit. Whats more, the non-defense portion of the budget (you know, the other 80% of the money) is rising quickly and will continue to do so.

Another idiotic commet. GS = General Schedule.
Most DOD civilians are vets! And a lot of them do deploy…VOLUNTARILY


Why can’t we pull back over half of our forces back CONUS, stop hemorrhaging Billions in foreign aid to countries with people that hate the US and take care of our own?

I agree. Why can’t we pull back over half of our forces back CONUS, stop hemorrhaging Billions in foreign aid to countries with people that hate the US and take care of our own? Have those countries that owe us — pay up …

What I can not stand is Gen Odierno joining in the Presidents mass hysteria the “Sky is falling” talk. This sequestration cuts are being blown way out of shape. Just another politician with a uniform on.

I agree with you cause my husband is active duty Army and its such a shame that they are willing to cut the military and not the MULTI-MILLION $$$ CEO compensation packages for DOD contractors. But God will see us through.

Actually, aside from the obligatory “show jumps” such as you mention in each war since WWII, there have been no combat jumps since 1944. Airborne could be vastly pared down, since other forms of air mobility and vertical envelopment have superseded it. The Ranger units are redundant as well, since Special Forces and CIA have incorporated the Direct Action missions in their repertoire and the Ranger units get used as regular troops anyway. One could go on ad nauseum concerning various entities in the Armed Forces that continue just because they have an internal lobby rather than a functional utility.

You must not be very familiar with what the Ranger units have been up to lately, they aren’t used as standard infantry.

Is this Odierno, shrek looking dude wearing should pads in his uniform? I seen him in ACU’s and he is not that broad shouldered, no where close…

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