AFCENT removes drone strike public records

AFCENT removes drone strike public records

Air Force Central Command has removed drone strike statistics in Afghanistan from its monthly reports at a time the Pentagon, CIA and the White House is receiving pressure from Congress to provide more information on the process to approve such strikes.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, staged 13 hour filibuster on March 6 to delay the confirmation of CIA Director John Brennan. Paul wanted the White House to tell him if the president has the authority to approve a drone strike on a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil.

Brennan was confirmed the next day, but the statistical category for drones that AFCENT provides for air strikes from all aircraft in Afghanistan disappeared the day after Paul’s filibuster. Military Times first reported on the missing statistics.

AFCENT officials had added the separate category for drones in order to “provide more detailed information on [remotely piloted aircraft] ops in Afghanistan,” an Air Force official said. That bit of transparency disappeared just four months after it was started.

For example, the Central Command record stated that as of Jan. 31, the U.S. had executed 44 weapons releases for the month of January in Afghanistan. For 2012, the U.S. executed 494 weapons releases from drones. That was a significant increase from the 294 weapons releases executed in 2011, according to the AFCENT records.

A weapons release is likely the firing of a Hellfire missile, the munition most often fired from U.S. drones.

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Watch as the left which criticized and screamed at everything Bush did remains silent on this.

Must be a mistake. Obama promised us more transparency.

Indeed, Obama and Bush Jr no longer differ in drone strike policy. And I get the feeling that Obama’s rendition policy is little different either.

Makes you wonder why Republicans hate him so much then. Domestic policy?

That and hypocrisy…

Makes one wonder why the Democrats hate(d) Bush so much, given that one of their own has now adopted a very “W”-like view of the world, even after campaigning so loudly and clearly against it. Perhaps it’s something in the water at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue opened his eyes to the ugly realities of the cold cruel world.… Nah, given all of the other stuff, that would be wishful thinking. :-(

That’s part of it. The other is rage against Bush Jr for Iraq.

I’m pretty sure most people disagreed with Iraq, and still do.

Most people? Nope. Pretty much everybody agreed including both houses of congress. What failed was having single source information from Iraq. The entire world thought he had nukes, and he had already used chemicals. He tried to bluff America. Good bluff, but bad outcome because we looked foolish.

ROTFLMAO! If a fellow smells like a skunk, acts like a skunk, and even claims to be a skunk, would any REASONABLE person, unable to employ the 20/20 of hindsight, assume that the fellow is not a skunk! Sadam told the whole world that he was a skunk. He acted very much like a skunk when he assaulted his own defenseless civilian populations with chemical weapons, and then he directed the most brash international land-grab into Kuwait since Hitler attacked Poland. (and dont forget that he re-introduced the internationally abhorred horrors of 1917’s war gasses into his little spat with Iran). THEN he ignores the international demands for openness in his military adventures into WMD, and closed his borders to the outside world. Hmmm… yes to paraphrase Octavian, those who would now attack Bush over his actions are honorable, rational, and reasonable men.… They are ALL HONORABLE MEN, and we here can only look in blameful retrospection at a former president who put his duty to protect the US, its interests and allies ahead of his political future, not praise him.… …. George may not have been a Julius but does he really deserve the ridicule so many would conveniently heap on his head now? But they are, of course, HONORABLE men.… . . :-)

I for one believe George W. acted in what he believed to be the best interest of the Country. Sadly, I can’t say as much for the current Clown Prince. He is out to do his best to discredit this country.

Still better than Mittens.

This is because Obama wants moves his drone strike here to America now.

Let us know how, be specific.

Thinking_ExUSAF, that is a most elegant way to put things. I too am appreciative of GWB for what he did. Can’t imagine now numbnuts in the WH now would handle it, Maybe bow to someone and blame it on the guy before him.

What is the matter with you numbnuts. This President and Administration has done more for the US Military around the world than choirboy GWB and President Cheny ever thought about in their misguided eight years.

What? Where did you come up with that one? Especially given the current sequestration that has the DOD carrying 50% of the cuts. Get real!!

The fact that you would even think that let alone put it in writing this ridiculous comment , shows the no / low information individual you are .

I want to admit from the get-go that I am totally anti-Obamanation but one thing that everyone probably realizes (or should) is that once you are in the President’s chair, there are things that have to be done that they never thought they would do and one of them that El-Presidente’ has come to understand is UAV strikes. Another that he realized was that he needed to keep GITMO open — even though he campaigned on closing it.
On another note, I hope everyone understands that whether a person is sitting in the aircraft or in an air conditioned control booth, it is still the person that pulls the trigger not the UAV. I know that sound simplistic but many people — especially the Liberals — treat the UAVs (or drones as people mistakenly call them) elevate them to almost mythical proportions.

Who is the enemy of America? I don’t know but he seems to be already here and in our own backyard.

Sadly since we do not live in a monarchy or dictatorship but a self proclaimed best form of government of democracy,it is not one man we can point our finger and blame for the failures our or state.We must come to realize the fault lies on the President,the House,the Senate, the Judicial system and ultimately ourselves​.It is easy to point fingers and blame those around us for the failures and mistakes around us but it take bravery and courage to stand up and take responsibility for one’s own actions.We the people have voted these men and women into their places of power,so it is we the people who are to blame.Since most of us are prior service;one thing I know I learned from my military training is self accountability. To keep to topic,by removal of this information we have tried to ignore accountability​.It is a mistake and we will continue to make mistakes as a country until we take a deep look at ourselves and start taking responsibility for our own actions.

Dummy! Go hide a hole or move out the country.

There is no difference, except for the targeting, between the drone strikes and bombing of Hanoi. We are carrying on a war in a supposed ally’s back yard. Assasination has become the standard of American war. God help us when we apply that to US “crime”.

I missed in the article where the Obama Adminstration ordered AFCENT to remove this information: can anyone help me find that line?

I assume you’re talking about Groege W. Bush, who got us into a phony war in Iraq, where we have lost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, while Cheney and his Haliburton cronies made billions?

1. The Halliburton contract was signed during CLINTON’s presidency.
2. Cheney retired from Halliburton before he came into office and his pension was covered whether there was a war or not.

Don’t let the facts interfere with your wacky MSNBC fantasy though

George W…???… You mean JUNIOR, who FAKED his Texas Air Guard service, went AWOL, started Iraq War2, to TRY and finish what Daddy started…???… Cut taxes on the rich, and raised FedGov spending to fund an illegal war… And, who has $100’s of MILLIONS in mutual investments with the House of Saud, through the Carlysle Group…???…THAT “George W.….????.…the little twerp who has DISSAPEARED from the media…????.…

THANK-YOU, SIR!.….I AM RESPONSIBLE.….Now What?.….seriously, thank-you, SIR!…

Bush-puppet jr. deserves all the @&^$##%^ we can give that little twerp…How YOU feel about Obama, is how *I* feel about bushy the cocaine addict, drunk, and NON-pilot…(HE NEVER learned to fly in TX Air Guard.…Try to find even ONE Vet who flew with him.…

Bradford, my sad little innocent friend. Why bother attacking a former president? If you really MUST, think about Millard Filmore, or Andrew Jackson, or any who time has had the opportunity to justify or condemn? Are you perhaps trying very hard to lower the bar in terms of assessing our present President, particularly now that he has Syria, Iran, and N. Korea looming on his horizon. Personally, I can just hope that his decisions are no more reprehensible to anyone, in hindsight of course, than George’s!

The current dumbocratically controlled administration and congress have yet to pass a full budget from what I can remember. They only pass continuing resolutions and they started automatic budget cuts that is affecting everyone including the military. So how are they doing their best for the military (or the country in general).


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