Donilon issues stern cyber warning to China

Donilon issues stern cyber warning to China

U.S. National Security Adviser Tom Donilon stopped speaking in vagaries on Monday and called China out by name for the high number of cyber attacks coming from China that target U.S. businesses and federal agencies.

In the past, White House and government officials avoided specifically calling out China for the cyber attacks. However, the administration has since stepped up the rhetoric on getting serious about combating cyber threats. Government officials, to include former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, has addressed U.S. concerns with China in the past, but they have not laid out their concerns publicly.

In a speech to the Asia Society in New York, Donilon went public. Go to DoDBuzz’s sister blog, DefenseTech for a longer story on what Donilon had to say and the implications. Here is one quote from the newly minted national security adviser.

“From the President on down, this has become a key point of concern and discussion with China at all levels of our governments.  And it will continue to be,” Donilon said. “The United States will do all it must to protect our national networks, critical infrastructure, and our valuable public and private sector property.”

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No one takes the Obama administration seriously when it issues these sorts of supposedly stern warnings. Because there are never any teeth behind them. There are never any consequences for ignoring those warnings.

“Stop! Stop, I say! And if you do not stop, I shall be forced to say ‘Stop!’ yet again!”

Like that one spot in Team America where “Hans Brix” told Kim Jong Il the UN would write a letter saying how upset the UN would be if Kim didn’t comply…

Ooooh, a letter.
Because seriously, what else can the Obama Doctrine really dictate to China?

In that Great Hereafter wherever he is, Mao is looking down upon Obama and giving him an ethereal 2-finger raspberry.

Asking the PRC to stop please isn’t going to work fighting back and landing computer viruses on there computer would be a better deterrent.

Of course they would have been trembling because of a stern warning from Romney. You simply don’t get it, they have ICBM’s therefore you can’t push them around.

unfortunately they graduate thousands more software engineers every year compared to this country. And a Cyber attack on their system could be considered an act of war as it can be considered an act of war here. http://​online​.wsj​.com/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​S​B​1​0​0​0​1​4​2​4​0​5​2​7​0​2​304

The United States both created the Internet and provides Internet to all the countries on the planet, don’t tell me someone forgot to wire in a kill switch for China!

First of all, the Whitehouse has to admit its cowardly approach to addressing issues involving China. Secondly, China seems to enjoy certain leverage over America these past 20 years or so. This on-going problem may be the result of America being in hock to China if the news about American securities/bonds owned by China is true. Also explains why America has ‘given away the farm’ to China in terms of technology, R&D, jobs, Information Technology, etc and so forth.

All you have to do is threaten to impose a tariff on all imports from China, which would start a trade war. Who would that hurt worse? China.

It wouldn’t hurt us, because we would start hiring folks to make that crap in America. We can make cheap junk just as good as them!

Call in our loans!? NO problem! Tariffs would pay them off quickly!

Okay — since they are committing acts of war, let ‘em! If a real war started we could just play rope-a-dope, and it would hurt them way more than us! Can you imagine the number of mad Chinese out of work people would hit the streets? The riots would make all previous wars in human history look pale by comparison. Believe me, we have it over on them more than the news media lets on!

Um… They use Chinese contractors for communications in Washington D.C. True story! :O

This expose is entirely political. Its to tell the sheep that they are being protected from the nasty intruders. The actual war is being played out in secret and should remain there!

I believe you are right on the money (No pun intended) here. It’s time they lose that Permanent Favord Nation Status, and play like everyone else. So what’s the worse to happen. Jobs HERE. Economic Growth.
Wow, instead of being cowards we could stand up and get some respect for facing them, too.

I suspect all these attacks actually came from off-duty employees from anti-virus companies pulling crab from their basement and everything is just profit driven and the real motive for doing so. Otherwise, why the heck would the chins do that for gaining nothing by doing that. They value us as a trade partner. People there are sipping tea and enjoying life and got no time fooling with this child’s play stuff called cyber. Don’t be naive in believing an attack from state-sponsor non-sense.
The only reason for believing this non-sense is trying to justify government funding to spend on big contracts and benefiting private companies.

You know this part about hiring folks is funny.
I wasn’t born in the U.S so I didn’t mind taking a factory job or working at burger king and etc.. to make a living and now I am making good money cause I didn’t mind the low pay at some point, especially when I knew I had no qualifications.

My point is, how many americans do you know right now, by name that are jobless and would want to go catch the bus early, every morning to go work for minimum wage?

Good point — so many seem to have that attitude, and that is why they don’t succeed. However, I can’t honestly tell you about folks I know who are unemployed because I don’t know any. Maybe it is because I live where the jobs are. One can’t be too picky about location, if one wants to earn a living.

How do U put teeth in it without risking National Security, especially since we are already financially strapped with the wars we are already involved in! Being responsible is a part of the process. It’s easy to make off the wall statements when U have no responsibility for what goes on!

It is amazing at my job where I see thousand of large shipping containers imported from China everyday and empty exports containers leaving the US.. just a matter of time and the imports will have WMD’s or biological concerns in them that will due great harm to US worse than a cyber attack

India and a bunch of nations in south east Asia region produce cheap junk as well, add to that, most of them are rivals to China. Buy the cheap scarfs, plastic toy soldiers and such stuff from them instead, it will not only dis-favour China, it will also favour the rivals of China.


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