Obama seeks smaller defense cuts; budget likely DOA

Obama seeks smaller defense cuts; budget likely DOA

President Barack Obama will seek smaller cuts to the military when he releases his 2014 budget on Wednesday, though the request is probably dead on arrival in Congress.

The $3.77 trillion budget for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 would reduce automatic cuts to defense spending over the next decade to $100 billion, down from $500 billion, senior administration officials said yesterday during a background briefing.

It would replace the across-the-board cuts, known as sequestration and mandated under legislation passed in 2011, with an alternative plan to reduce the deficit in part by increasing taxes on top earners.

The budget, which is two months late, reflects a similar proposal Obama made last year during negotiations with House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio. The spending plan would reduce the deficit by another $1.8 trillion over 10 years while increasing spending on infrastructure and programs to aid the middle-class.

An accompanying fact sheet from the administration didn’t specify additional defense-related details. The White House and the Pentagon are scheduled to release budget materials online at 11:15 a.m. Washington time.

Because of the gulf between Democrats and Republicans over taxes and spending, Obama’s request probably won’t get anywhere in the House. What’s more, another showdown over the debt ceiling may be looming this summer.

Thus, long-term automatic cuts to defense and non-defense programs could be here to stay.

Unless both parties can reach a deal that has eluded them for nearly two years, “it seems likely that DoD will see its budget cut to $475 billion in FY 2014 through the blunt, indiscriminate mechanism of sequestration,” Todd Harrison, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a Washington think tank, wrote last week in a budget briefing.

To show just how far apart the budget request can be from actual spending, that’s 11 percent less than what the Defense Department previously asked for to fund its base budget for the same period.

“Moving from one crisis to the next without resolution of the underlying issues has created a fog bank of uncertainty,” Harrison wrote. Chief Naval Officer Adm. Jonathan Greenert used the same phrase Monday to describe the budget situation during a speech at the Sea Air Space Exposition at National Harbor, Md.

“Because of this uncertainty, DoD and Congress have not yet begun to grapple seriously with major structural issues in the defense budget—issues that over time will erode the military’s ability to support a well-trained, modernized force of sufficient size to meet the nation’s security commitments,” he wrote.

Even with the spending reductions, the Pentagon needs to make significant changes to avoid bankrupting key areas of the budget, according to Harrison.

For example, if personnel, operation and maintenance costs keep rising, they may consume the “entire defense budget” by 2024, leaving no funding for weapons procurement, military construction or family housing, he wrote.

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Must want to put money into the budget to procure a replacement aircraft for Air Force One; as the current 747’s must be running out of airframe time, with all of the over-use!

The posturing continues, frustrating all efforts at serious planning.

I am so tired of the comments against President Obama decisions. It is because the Republicans want to stop every effort that the President want to do and now you have a million federal employees that are about to be furloughed 2 days out of a paycheck. Have any of the bad commentors thought about what that will do to the economy? Plus no matter what you think about federal employees, they work just as hard as you. The bottom line they were able to be hired as a federal employee, don’t hate, sympathize. President Obama is trying to help the middle class, senior citizens and the poor. The rich as Congress where there paycheck never change even after retirement don’t care. I just have one thing to say, what goes around comes around.

Obama doing a budget ? Get serious.

I’m tired of Obama’s poor decisions and lack of leadership. He’s 2 months late with his budget proposal and he ended up proposing a budget his own party opposes. Where’s the leadership?

Why didn’t he lead an effort to come up with a budget deal that avoided sequestration? Because he has no real leadership skills.

How many years does he intend to go without establishing a budget. It’s a sign of utter failure that he’s had to rely on a continuing resolution.

Ever since he’s taken office his attitude to the other side has been to try and run them over instead of compromising. He’s done this to himself and our country.

The name is President Obama, give respect to your leader, you would want some one to respect you. Don’t hate. He is there. You must be a republican. The Republicans has been against him every since.
Why can’t you and others see that. President Obama has tried, you know everything he did the Republicans knocked it back. The bad problems was there when he came. The 2 parties need to compromise, unite and help the President for the betterment of this country.

plus the sequester was Obama’s creation. And its a 2 percent cut in the increasee in the rate of spending. We are still spending more thn last year. all this BS about it gutting the country is a lie. He is trying to “make it hurt” by cutting stuff that the Government is actually supposed to do like provide for our defense. He isnt cuttign pork projects or HIS family’s extravagant lifestyle. Its all a ploy to piss people off and use the msm to lay the blame on Republicans and anyone else who doesnt agree with his “sensible” ideas. His way of the highway. Fucking socialists

President Obama. Give respect to your leader. Tell the Republicans to stop knocking down everything that he has tried to do. He is there and is going to stay there. The solution is for the Republicans and the Democrats to unite and get something done for the betterment of this country and stop sitting there just for a paycheck and we are suffering. This country is suffering because of the Republicans and the Democrats are not uniting. Just remember though they are getting paid big bucks, what about you?

I think that is very well put and even the average liberal leaning person would have to agree to certain aspects of it.

Wow, Ladydee, I didn’t know we were in North Korea and had to refer to him by only proper titles. If you want to respect him a certain way as your dear leader, go for it. No one here needs to you telling them who to respect when they weren’t even being disrespectful. I highly doubt you refer to George W Bush as President Bush even though that is how he would be properly referred to as a former President. Aside from that, did you ever think that the opposing political party is against the President because their views are the opposite of the other one? I know that must come as a shock to you but that is how it is. The Republicans have only the House so that means THEY are the ones who are forced to compromise if they want anything done. It is in the Democrat controlled Senate where the compromising is really supposed to be done but Harry Reid has not allowed a vote on numerous things and that is making him and the President look bad if not incompetent. The way certain Democrats have acted in the past few years feeds into the Republican statements of them wanting big government, more taxes, and more control. They also seem to play right into the hands of Republicans who seem to have the more logical, common sense solution to something. Again, when the Democrats ignore their ideas and refuse to compromise simply because they can, they are not doing themselves any favors.

Tell me how to say GW’s title. I am sure you have always given him the utmost amount of respect.

President Obama’s spending plan for next year contains a number of adverse proposals affecting military enlisted members and their families beginning with a 1 percent cap on the military pay raise for January 1, 2014. He will also urge lawmakers to adopt a less generous formula for calculating federal retirees’ annual cost of living adjustments known as the Chained CPI. Last but not least, we can anticipate his plan will include a revival of last year’s proposals to close military bases, increase TRICARE fees and implement new ones.

If the GOP wants to avoid sequestration crippling our military, they need to compromise.

Anyone taking a deep dive into the Pentagon’s budget, like I did for nearly 30 years, will see waste, fraud and abuse everywhere. Each program grew incrementall yover the years by at least the amount of inflation. Taking a sequestration hit of 10% merely sets them back 8 to 10 years on the value of that inflation increase. It was to pay for rising prices of the same set of goods and services. It will NOT gut the military. That is a hollow argument. There are all kinds of ways for the Pentagon to get the same for less. Like NOT deciding to develop or buy something in the first place they later terminate. My money is on the Navy cancelling the trimaran hulled LCS. Too costly to maintain, and a toothless target.

Obama is now officially worse than Carter. The young black community has been ignored by him, the budget is full of perks and socialist programs and that is why it is DOA on the floor.

We don’t need Lil Kim’un and NKorea, we’re DEFEATING AMERICA, by
ARGUE, ARGUE, ARGUE, ARGUE.…..etc.,etc.,etc.,
.….….obviously, the “B” in “Bman” = “BULLS**T”…ARGUE, ARGUE,ARGUE,ARGUE,ARGUE.….….

…and, as usual, the Repubtards will VIOLENTLY OPPOSE RESTORING taxes on the SUPER-RICH,
BACK to where bush-puppet,jr.slashed them from, to pay for a phony war in Iraq, over phony “WMD’S,
all because DADDY Bush didn’t take out Saddam Hussein in 1991.…
…and now, the Demoncrats wanna grab our guns.…
ARGUE,ARGUE,ARGUE.….we’re about sick and tired of the crap from BOTH parties…

AGREED…mostly, anyway, and that’s a start…The “trimaran” hull LCS has GREAT potential as a platform for UAV’s…at MUCH less $$$$ than the CVN’s.….

Being rich does not give the government a right to forcibly confiscate your money anymore than being poor or middle-class does.

I’m so confused by this move it hurts. Despite his lack of leadership on budget issues, our president has always been dang good at political maneuvering. Heck, he allowed sequestration to go through by his inaction while simultaneously putting the opposition on the receiving end of the blamethrower. He had plenty of chances to display actual leadership abilities if he TRULY did not want sequestration to pass(he cried wolf about it for months). It’s so it’s pretty dang crystal he wanted sequestration and has noted in the past that the military must be downsized.

At the end of the day this will not pass and nothing will get done. He knows it. Therefore… why do this? He’s alienating his party for an issue he won’t display any leadership at getting through.

Moving from one crisis to the next without resolution of the underlying issues has created a fog bank of uncertainty,” that statement reflect’s POTUS Obama’s; foreign,energy,economic & For. & Dom. commerce policies. As they say, let no crisis go unutilized. “We the people” are saddled with a professional politican ruling elite (both parties) beholden to the influences of the lobbists on K & L st’s in D.C. and of course their big$$$ campaign contributors. It’s as simple as that. If election statistics hold true (since 1945) the “out” party gains 6 Senate seats & 6–8 house seats, do the math. That renders POTUS Obama to just continuing his “campaigning” around the nations’ universities & spending time w/the presidental historian. Hillary 2016!!!!!whoa.….I can’t wait!

When he tries leading instead of being absent from Washington he might get respect.

His budget is not going anywhere ladydee. You’re obviously a partisan pawn yourself if you think he has done a good job. His party controls the Senate and they put out their first budget in four years. That isn’t because the Republicans did a damn thing, that was because Harry Reid and the President were more concerned about incumbent Democrats having to cast votes that would get them thrown out of office in the 2012 election. They were more concerned about the party controlling the Senate than they were with doing the jobs they took an oath to do. The mess that is the federal budget is 100% the democrat’s fault. The last 3 years the House has passed a budget and the last 3 years the Senate and the President have say on their collective asses doing nothing. President Obama needs to stop campaigning and start leading.

I can wait for President Hillary. A long time. I’m sure all those foreign diplomats whose lives will be at greater risk can wait, too.

$180M for Presidential helicopters in the FY-14 budget that nobody is mentioning, while the USAF grounds aircraft, ships don’t get fixed, and the Blue Angels cancel an entire season.……

He seems to have worn out those “perfectly adequate” Marine One helicopters in just 4 years too.….…. $180M in the budget to start getting new ones.….….

According to the budget briefing slides there is a OCO request pending and will be submitted sometime between Myay and July for more money for the pentagon. Is this money that will help stop the furloughs and trump sequestration???????


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