Air Force awards KC-46A tanker training system contract

Air Force awards KC-46A tanker training system contract

The U.S. Air Force awarded a $78 million contract to Flight Safety Services Corporation for engineering, manufacturing and development (EMD) of the KC-46A Aircrew Training System (ATS) — technology which will be utilized to prepare the flight-crews to operate the services’ next generation tanker.

“The KC-46A Aircrew Training System will develop, produce and sustain a complete aircrew training system including simulators, coursework, software, etc.,” said Ed Gulick, Air Force spokesman.

The deal calls for delivery of the first aircrew training device by February 2016. The $787 million contract contains options for production, training, operations and sustainment, according to an Air Force press statement.

“The aircrew training devices and courseware are scheduled to begin arriving at the formal training unit and operational air bases in 2016 and will be used to prepare flight crews to operate the new tanker. Work under this contract is expected to be completed by 2026 if options are exercised,” the statement reads.

The Air Force contracted with Boeing in February 2011 for 179 KC-46A tankers to begin recapitalizing the KC-135 Stratotanker fleet by 2028. The program is working toward completion of the critical design review later this year, setting the stage to build and fly the first KC-46A Tanker in 2015, according to an Air Force press statement.

“This is a vital step in the development of KC-46A,” Maj. Gen. John Thompson, Program Executive Officer for Tankers, said in a written statement from the service. “We have reached an award that is the product of a disciplined, meticulous and transparent source selection and delivers real value for the warfighter.”

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Nice to see the KC-46 still trying to enter service.

Is the cost of the program 78 million or 787 million?? Both amounts are listed I am assuming it is 787 million because 78 million would be a bargain I think. I am also glad the program is moving forward.

I assumed that $78M was the correct number, but given that we’re talking about the USAF here, you may be correct.

Aircrew Training System $78mln…KC-46 contract $787mln

I’m just glad the AF didnt award the contract to the same company that ruined the KC-135 training.

Not Quite. 787 Million would be a heck of bargain for 179 Aircraft. The Purchase contract is closer to 7 Billion. That’s with a ‘B’. 78 million for the Training systems. 787 Million is evidently a happy fingered misprint.

Check my last, KC-46A tanker contract: $35 Billion

With the exception of the in-flight fueling gear, won’t these pretty much just be 767 trainers?

that ruined which kc-135 training?

$78M is probably the initial award. The $787M figure could be the overall value of the contract if all options are exercised.


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