Marines Look to Return to Maritime Roots

Marines Look to Return to Maritime Roots

As the Marine Corps winds down ten years of land wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and more fully returns to its amphibious and expeditionary origins, service planners are vigorously  preparing the service for more sea basing and operations spread across wide swaths of ocean, senior Corps leaders explained.

“As we pivot to the Pacific and start looking at how we are going to operate in a very maritime environment — and the Anti-Access/Area-Denial things we have to deal with — we see that sea basing becomes incredibly important,” said Brig. Gen. Mark Wise, Commanding General, Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, Quantico, Va.

The “tyranny of distance” characterizing the large waterways and geographical expanse that comprises the vast Pacific region, coupled with the capabilities of potential adversaries in the area, create a circumstance wherein the Corps will need superior command and control, logistics and fires capabilities, Wise explained.

“We will be driven off the coast a little bit further than we are used to, so now we start to look at doing distributed operations where we are not going to have a Forward Operating Base. We will be sustaining and controlling operations from a sea base that could be over 200 miles away,” Wise told an audience last month at the National Defense Industrial Association’s 14th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference/Defense Tech Exposition, National Harbor, Md.

Wise detailed a series of recent and upcoming exercises aimed at refining the Marine Corps ability to succeed in conducting missions across vast distances, which the Pentagon likes to call distributed operations.

The main thrust of the exercises is to demonstrate and strengthen the Corps’ ability to aggregate forces through superior command and control while improving unit logistics and leveraging emerging technologies.


Distributed maritime and maneuver operations involving sea-basing and forces spread over longer distances can only be effective with sustainable command and control, Wise explained. Part of this could involve successful collaboration with U.S. coalition partners and increased cooperation with special operations forces.

One analyst agreed that increased security cooperation with allies in the region could substantially improve the U.S. military’s strategic posture in terms of command and control and addressing A2/AD issues, among other things.

“I think its essential that we, the United States, have an honest conversation with our allies in the Pacific region — not just our formal allies — but other countries in the region about what roles and responsibilities we will expect them to play moving forward,” said Christopher A. Preble, vice president for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.
Wise explained that long-range communications technology will be key to the Corps’ defense posture and sea basing strategy in the region.
“If I have a force over 200 miles inland from my command and control outlet, I’ve got to be able to do over-the-horizon and on-the-move communications,” he added.
With this in mind, the Corps has experimented with a small, handheld satellite radio able to network forces with voice and data over 16,000 channels at ranges up to 700 miles, Wise said.

Called the Distributed Tactical Communications System (DTCS), the satellite radio system consists of a small antenna, headset, cable and hand-held display screen. It uses GPS, satellite and software programs to establish beyond-line-of-sight and over-the-horizon communications networks. Phase three of the DTCS will allow for global communications and data transfer over 64,000 channels, Wise added.


Wise emphasized the crucial value of logistics when it comes to projecting and sustaining distributed operations. He spoke about improved battery technology designed to lighten the load for Marines on the move as well as small, compact autonomous ground vehicles able to travel on-board aircraft and haul cargo.

For instance, Wise cited the Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate, an internally transportable, optionally-manned vehicle able to load onto and fly in the back of a CH-53 or MV-22 aircraft.

“This brings a maneuver element that starts to take the load off of a Marine who is maneuvering in the battlespace,” said Wise.

Another key asset anticipated to impact the Corps’ ability to succeed with dismounted, sea based operations is the now-in-development Marine Corp variant of the Joint Strike Fighter, a short-take-off/vertical-zlanding fighter jet being engineered to take off and land without an airfield, Wise said.

“The F-35B will be able to maximize digital interoperability, collect a lot of data and push that data to a squad or platoon leader on CH-53 or MV –22,” said Capt. Richard Ulsh, Marine Corps spokesman.

The F-35B is slated to enter service in the Pacific region in 2017, Ulsh added. However, the program has been littered by delays and cost overruns.


Wise mentioned ongoing experiments with a small tablet with a digital display screen providing Marines with a real-time look at feeds and information from a host of ISR assets.

“With this tablet, a young Marine in the field can now see the ISR assets and task them dynamically. He can see and pull down the imagery and also drop in targets and coordinates. Now he can digitally call in fires on a position where he was never able to do that in the past,” Wise said.

All of these various elements to sea basing will be integrated together in a large, joint advanced warfighting experiment slated for the summer of 2014, called “Rim of the Pacific” international maritime exercise.

“Ultimately, when you talk to any Marine – if we make him as capable as he can be, he is going to win the day. That amphibious green monster will win the day when you turn him loose,” Wise said.

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This message brought to you by the cabal in the Corps known as “The United States Marketing Corps” to remind you that we aren’t just a second land army.

The USMC has no “anti-access” tools on the horizon because the F-35 (by virtue of its’ JORD) is obsolete to the emerging threat.

Oh Joy, another insightful bashing of the those showing success with the initial F-35B training a/c. The Corp has a future with the “Bee’ and is no longer limited by the Harrier or the Hornet. VMFA-121 at MCAS Yuma, Arizona, is continuing to receive their first 16 F-35Bs from LM in Fort Worth, by the end of 2013. As time progresses, the “Bee” may be able to also replace the Prowler.

Love the indoc.

I wonder how they intend to return to their maritime roots with amphibs that have no well decks. Must be quite difficult.

I fail to see how they are “showing success with the initial F-35B training.” They don’t have any combat ready aircraft to train with. Does that sound like success to you?

Hey, without the well decks on the amphibs, they’ll certainly be spending more time at sea.

I’m actually wondering why these aren’t labeled XF-35B, as they aren’t even remotely similar to the combat ready design that isn’t even finished yet, and no-one is denying that. So why they aren’t labeled as the prototypes they are…

That’s only LHA-6&7, 8 thru 10 will have well decks.

For more then a decade we’ve been seeing these stories pop up every couple of months. I wonder when they’re finally going to find their “old maritime roots” again, and if it’s even needed in today’s world.

And when will LHA-8 be finished?

After LHA-7 I would imagine. There are five on order, 6 is essentially done, 7 will be built without the well deck but was really already in production and the decision was made that the no well deck option wasn’t going to continue.

I’d say it’s needed more than ever. Just read a story about the growing piracy issue off the west coast of Africa now. Couple that with the weapons that proliferated out of Libya across North Africa and no real basing options and we are going to have to operate from the sea.

Stop acting like you can’t refill a ship after you offload.

Seems people lack imagination.

Has everyone forgotten China and North Korea already?

Did you guys forget they have helos on board?

Who are they again?

With Africa in mind, I would of thought our new bases that have been built / are being built there would be where most operations will occur from, and our forces would be inserted by air, not sea. In which case the marines ospreys would be great to get a QRF into place ASAP whenever needed. Not to mention most of the African countries with problems today are landlocked.

Second land army. Fourth Airforce. Fourth special operations force. always with an argument why the army or navy’s helos are not suitable for their mission, never clear on what their mission is but ready to state what it is not.

In a sane DoD we would turn the SEAL mission over to the marines, ban them from having gear or personnel that cannot be deployed on phibs, let the navy provide ALL of their air support, and reduce our budget by a few trillion over the next 10 years whilst improving our maritime capabilities at the same time.

The US Marines… redundant and redundant.

yeah I remember hearing’bout them thar PLA’s doing some kind of materials ballistic testing in the gobi desert with far-out metal man.….a missle that a lecturer at the USNWC (I’m not Navy) said.….ahhhh we got’it covered already, when I asked the q’s in the break-out sess. everyone (in-civis) kinda laughed, like it was a joke. A massive saturation launch sceanrio w/1 gettin through? Everyone was like come-on dude get w/the program! When we broke 4 lunch a well-suited gentleman approached me & asked my name, branch & rank. Its on the peer guest badge I was wearing I said!, lookin rather startled…he said ohhhh yeah, that’s right & he copied my info. I figured he was Navy Intell. not a cheap shot, the real deal.

Running Bear: Sorry, I’m a ground pounder, after ‘hittin the silk” that is! I think I know that prowler type aircraft, its the one with the old b & w rabbit ear antennae, with foil wrapped around each ear? The F-35B is going replace that?

BlackOwl18E (fast mover?) .…I was lookin at those type of ships when I was visiting a friend at Ft. Story, great place w/what udes guys call MWR billets…houses right on Cape Henry! & I thought the same thing,but I got it, those rope “ladders” they throw off the side of the de-embarking ship, just have the marines climb down onto those high speed air cushioned ferries.…then there’s dhos’ ‘7’s. How do u git from a shiney new LHA into one w/o a well-deck. Their great 4 ship to shore, but once outa da H2O, man what a target profile, I can think of seven weap. sys. that with a “well trained (E-2) dismounted infrantryman”: can wax’em w/1 shot @ xxx meters! Help out this busted up ole “Bull” My; L-knee, right hip, 3 kypoplastied lumbar vert anchored 2 my sacral plane w/a rod is startin’ 2 hurt!, never mind I’m just a nut case.….tryin’ 2 make sense of the policy?.….is there one? Because I still want 2 play & “Get Some”

ouch.… will the Navy now justifiy all the OCONUS & CONUS bases, NAS’s, NSY’s etc.…if that policy is ever implementented

Okay. I’m satisfied with that actually.

No, but considering the Helos have quite a few limitations, a Helo-only amphib simply can’t move marines to shore as fast as a Helo+Well deck amphib. Stuffing marines into Helos isn’t exactly maritime as they are trying to promote here either.

I think you misunderstand the role and source of the Marines. So for all those without a little salt in their beards, I’ll be happy to explain the Marines relationship within the military.

The Navy has three corps; the Medical Corps, the Air Corps, and the Marine Corps. Each traces their chain of command right up to the Secretary of the Navy. The marine Corps is a large enough organisation to justify it’s own structures, procurement, and budget just like the Coast Guard.

Redundant seems a trite criticism. The Marines mission has always been a simple one, “Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome.” And since the civilian government is comfortable asking the Marines to take on unusual missions, they will continue to need specialized equipment to see the job gets done.

I think you forget about the LPD 17s and LSD 41s and LSD 49s. They all have well decks.

wow, I think a bunch of Army dudes are getting their feather’s in a rufflle

X is the designator for experimental and wouldn’t be appropriate in this situation. They could use the Y for prototype but that’s not supposed to apply to these LRIP airframes which will be brought up to later standards through mostly software updates. The Marines plan to declare IOC with the Block 2B software. The USAF is waiting for Block 3F before they declare IOC.

The bigger question is what airframe changes may have to be incorporated. The less the better.

Last comments I heard, they can’t actually modify the LRIP planes to full combat readiness do the the sheer number of structural differences. They’ll never be good for more than basic training and research.

There is one big advantage to the marines, and it is actually something the other forces could learn from: Unified command. They may be a secondary force in many ways, but many missions are more efficient with a Unified command, and that’s where the marines come in.

The origins of the current structure is interesting, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense. Navy doesn’t need two army (Marine Corps and SEALs). The Navy’s army doesn’t need its own air force. We can’t afford that kind of duplication any more.

Yes this story keeps getting reworded and reskinned but it is essentially the same in that the Marines are trying to figure out a mission they like and is needed. The dumbest thing we could do is pretend they the USMC isn’t useful.

WHAT!? That’s outrageous! Lot 5 in particular was over $200 million per unit of each aircraft for ALL variants. We don’t even know how many aircraft we’ll have from LRIP by the time its completed. We could possibly have 200 LRIP before we have a combat ready version. That’s 200 jets that are super expensive and useless for anything else other than training, which much cheaper jets would be better suited for. That is the biggest waist of defense dollars I have ever heard of yet.

While I probably hate Marine Corps chest pounding antics more than anyone, I do not think they are completely redundant. They are good fighters and have decent standards across the board and they also do it fairly cheaply. The SEALs are what made me develop a real interest in the military from a Library book at school more years ago than I want to admit and I am probably younger than many people here still… Lol Either way, I cant say that the marines running the SEAL mission would be a bad thing but I do not think SEALs would have the effectiveness that they are known for if they had the strict, orders from the top attitude that the Marines are indoctrinated with. Their MARSOC and Force Recon guys are given a little more leeway than regular Marines but I am convinced that their effectiveness still suffers from it. I think they are every bit as capable as SEALs in the areas that their missions are the same, but due to leadership and the Corps clinging to “this is the way it has always been done” or “suffer in silence” attitude, the lower folks are ignored much more than a platoon leader in the SEALs saying “I would rather do it this way because it makes more sense to me”. With that being said, I think the Corps should be forced to choose Force Recon or MARSOC. The taxpayer shouldn’t foot the bill for both. MARSOC is redundant to other SOCOM units anyway and I dont understand why the Corps cant say these guys are attached to SOCOM for this time being, and these guys will be under the MAGTF commander as is done with recon units.

Now should I remind everyone that we need to consolidate the Air Force back into the Army? Or about all the money that would save? Far more than this comment above. Also, do I need to go into how overly simplistic and mission specific AFSOC units are? And how only a small fraction of their deployments fall into “special operations missions” yet they have that level of funding year round?

One thing in this argument that most fail to understand is that the Marines fall under the direct command of the President. They are fully capable of going anywhere in the world and sustaining a mission for up to 30 days without authorization from congress. They can make a landing at the whim of the President, although this has been blurred over the years in order for our Army to go in, in force, it stills needs congressional authority to do so. The Marines do not.

This has been one of the reasons that the Marines need a fully capable force that can adapt to any mission. There have been arguments to either combine the Marines into the Navy or Army but the one thing that always prevents this is America needs her Marines and so does the President. I do not think the executive branch is going to give up something so powerful under their control, because it gives them more flexibility in reacting to the worlds problems.

“…They can make a landing at the whim of the President…”

And that’s a good thing?

Rapid Reaction forces are indeed necessary to rescue diplomats and citizens in foreign lands who are in danger, but one person should not have the ability to launch invasions.

I agree the F-35B is a waste of time and now the JSF is being copied by China. And with cuts in the end ending all new tools development I doubt they even get a new AAV anytime soon. BUT im glad to see the USMC return to there real job. Even with current weapons and vehicles the USMC is the worlds premiere amphibious fighting force and is worlds ahead or Russia and China in sea ground war fair.

FYI, the SEALs are nothing resembling an army.

You can nitpick all you want but the Marines are our best fighting men, possibly excluding a few Rangers, SEALs, and Green Berets. I would like to see MARDETs on our carriers and cruisers. That would take away from the 2nd Land Army accusation.//The Marine’s structure gives us three heavy divisions or three mini corps capable of going anywhere in the world accessible by sea, fighting, and winning. No other country in the world has this capability.

So I’m pretty sure this is factually incorrect. There is no distinction between the Marines and any of the other services in the President’s ability to deploy them. The WPR say Congress must be notified in 48hr and that troops can not remain past 60 days without congressional authorization. Tell me if I’m wrong, but pretty sure on this one.

Obama was facing criticism for Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya during 2011.

That would be the most recent example.

MARSOC was forced onto the Corps. They thought it was redundant.

You are correct. This myth of the USMC being exempt from the war powers act is just that.

ALL DoD deployments of ANY kind go through the Joint Chiefs of Staff (J3 Operations cell) before going the President for approval. The President signs an order for the Secretary of Defense to execute that deployment order, creating an official paper trail.


All the other forces do the same thing, they just don’t bother renaming it “MAGTF”. In every other army in the world, it’s called “combined arms”.

United States Marketing Corp indeed.

No other country in the world needs the ability… Not that it has mattered for almost 60 years.

Hell, the Army’s Mountain guys were the first regular troops in Afghanistan despite the Marines trying to cover that fact up.

Marines are not under the President. That is more Marine bullshit. They are part of the NAVY. They can’t replicate what the Army does. They belong on the shore when needed with Naval air and guns. Period.

The 4th ID would have been 4 times faster to Bahgdad, had turkey allowed them passage. Everyone knows they were the most powerful division in the world. The the 3rd ID (Rock of the Marne) kicked ass and got there ahead of the Marines who did well. but just saying. The Marine infantry has lagged behind Army infantry advancements for decades, regardless of how big their heads are. HOOHAH!

Marines are useful and have a mission. They are notstructured as 3 heavy divisions. Not even close. They dont have the armor or artillery. They also lack the logistical supply capabilty possessed by Army heavy divisions. Theyre a forward deployed expeditionary amphibious assault force and thats what we need them to be.

I’m pretty sure you hate Reservists, NG, and Naval/Airforce IA just as much.

Tell them the same thing.

to newtiffen.….….…..don’t hate.……marines are number one.….…best of the best.… bad you couldn’t handle the the marine corp.….….….….….

The Marines will need their historic abilities to seize beaches if Air-Sea Battle is going to work. Securing choke points from the land and sea is key to the US’s Asia-Pacific pivot: http://​thirdeyeosint​.blogspot​.com/​2​0​1​3​/​0​4​/​n​a​v​a​l-w

As A Marine I can’t imagine ever having to count on the Army for support. As far as air power, Marine pilots were willing to come down to the deck to provide air support. Air Force tended to stay high in the sky where they felt safe. It gave me nightmares thinking Navy Officers like John ( I served in Vietnam) Kerry might be the ones that covered us. o

Officialy, it’s just cheaper to build new ones than modify the old ones because of the differences. It technically could be done, but won’t as it’s not worth it. Considering how many changes they make on each of the LRIPS built, I actually believe them here.

The other forces can? There has been several incidents over the years where rivalries and lack of inter-service communications cause a mess. Eagle Claw and Mogadishu come to mind quickly. Another fairly recent one is Provide Comfort, where the USAF managed to down two Army UH-60s due to a lack of communications.

Just for those that do not know, back in the 60s, Marines and UDT (Navy Seals) were on the same ship, LSD’s. Marines also had RECON units bases on APAs at the same time but UDT had deeper pockets (Navy budget). There was always a unit in the Med at the time, 24/7, for any disturbance, with access to a few helos on the LSD flight deck. We traveled from the Med, to the Artic and the Canary Island in a short period of time. We can’t go in demanding democracy but we can react to certain situation with the impact of a hammer and get out just as fast. Our problem in the USA is to have someone with brains to pull it off.

True they can’t replicate the Army, they just do it better and faster. Part of the Navy operating on a limited budget.

Look for a weaker America, esp. under this guy in the WHSE. for the next 3.5 years.

This TACP Marine called in many flights of fixed wing in Nam with 3/3 — 1968. It took the USAF a while to learn CAS like our Air Wing guys but once they did they were as good as the our guys on their best day. They brought new tactics like Dash 1 dropping and Dash 2 running in but not dropping. About the third time around the racetrack every NVA was out of his hole standing up and aiming. That’s when Dash 2 pickled their ass. Never saw a Marine do that. USAF has great pilots.

That was fought from Wash, DC. I believe, not where the action was going on. Lots of limitations imposed.

I think that the Army with it’s bloated and very heavy Continental fighting machine, will be the ultimate loser in this coming budget battle. The Marines have “made do” with less than the Army since 1775. We can and will do it again! There is a place for US Marines and Naval Projected Warfare, just as in 1775!

A lighter leaner Amphibious Force is just what is needed now in this down scaled (Gutted) Obama military!

Just a little clarification. The Marine Corps is separate from the Navy. Both branches of service are considered Naval forces and both fall under the Department of the Navy but they are separate. Actually the Department of the Navy probably should be called the Naval Department as to distinguish both the Navy and the Marine Corps as being part of it.

I’m glad to see the Marines return to West-Pac this is our area it is a prime area for conflict I am a USMC CPL RVN 69/70 and proud of it. and this something we need to do to flex our muscles and keep a tight fist in the area.

You don’t know the history behind that remark you made, the Marine Corps is the only service that can go into harms way without the approval of congress, but by order of the President. That’s why were called The President’s own. However, all services and U.S.M.C. are under the P.O.T.U.S. “Commander in Chief”, none of the services can say, “I feel like bombing Iran today” on their own, the Armed Forces are not in charge of themselves. P.O.T.U.S. can send in the Marines without a fight from congress, otherwise they wouldn’t be a rapid reactionary force if P.O.T.U.S. had to fight with Congress about it.

Yes, the Marines are part of the Navy. But I believe both forces operate under the control of the President with the consent of the Congress. However, it is true that Marines can be sent into harms way under orders of the President without congressional consent for thirty days. The Marines where never intended to be a standing/occupational army. Therein lies their unique ability to be a first strike force.

Retired USMC.

The Navy recently announced that well decks are coming back, so for all you non-Marines who think it’s all PR, guess again.

Are you out of your mind. The USMC has always been completely self supported. Infantry, tanks, artillery, logistics groups, air wings with fighters, bombers, cargo c-130, heavy, med helo, light helo and attack helo. The army in recent years have copied the Corps in combining resources into a division. no more armor division etc.. No specialized divisions. each one has everything they need. The USMC always did it that way. When the army needs air support they have to call in the AF. The USMC have their own fighters to take care of the guys on the ground. They’ll come back with grass burns on the belly of the plane too. Show me an AF f-16 go below 5000 ft. If your in the Army and have been on the ground and needed support, you know what I’m talking about. The Marine Corps has been in battles all over the world, since 1775. That’s why there’s always at least 3 MEU’s (used to be MAU) on Navy ships around the world at all times. No body can get there faster than the USMC. Plus, no surrender and no retreat!
Semper Fi ! 99% of the people that comment on here have never been in the military. They’re book experts.

Joe: blah, blah, blah…ad nauseami.

The Marines redundant? There is only one USMC and there is are two things we do well. We win battles and we work well with our sister service, the United States Navy.

Brilliant reply, Terry!

Semper Fidelis!

Wrong! The United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy are separate branches of the service, both of which are under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Navy.

Get your facts straight, newtiffin.

And according to the US constitution there’s not supposed to be a standing army. Unless congress declares war, we’re only supposed to have a Navy, which always has Marines. The pro-army people have to say bad things about the Corps because they remember all the times the army surrendered thousands and thousands of soldiers. How about all of the retreats? How much better off were the soldiers in the Phillippines after they surrendered? How do you even surrender thousands? They wished they were under Marine command. What happened to the army at Guadalcanal? So many times the army can’t keep up with the Corps in battles. Here’s the reason why. The USMC are shock troops. No surrender, no waiting around, just give the order and go kill the enemy. If you want to occupy an area you call the army.

Exactly! Semper Fi.

In the 80’s we had a MAU doing the same things. Through the Suez canal to great places like Lebanon. Mau’s went everywhere. When there’s no war and the army is back at their bases, the Navy and Marine Corps are still going to places people don’t want to know about. That’s the way the founders of this country wrote it into the constitution though. I can’t list all the stops for ten years before the first gulf war.
Semper Fi

Eagle Claw — A special operation screw up that could have just as easily happened to the Marines.
Mogadishu — A screw up involving communication with the U.N. and international forces. Marines would have been in the same spot or worse.

And don’t bother about the joke about friendly fire. Just do a quick google of “Marine Corp Friendly Fire” to turn up dozens of cases. This shows nothing in regards to combined arms.

And marketing it seems.

Oh dear, you are so full of bull…

Should I list the tons of times the Marines royally screwed up.

Or how about the times they surrendered:

Most notably, there have been occurances of such for the Marine Corps, in the opening days of World War Two at Guam, the Phillipines, Wake Island, and China. And then there was the little-known, for many years, surrender attempt during the Makin Island Raid.

Later, in Korea, 1950 there was a surrender that occurred at Hell Fire Valley during the Chosin Reservoir operation.

There were also Marine surrenders that occurred even further back through Marine Corps history during the 1700s and civil wartimes. (See Nofi’s Book of Lists.)

Or how about the fact that it was the Army, not the Marine Corp, who did the majority of landings in the Pacific and nearly all of them in Atlantic theaters, as well as the largest amphibious invasion ever. The Marines are nothing but a bunch of marketeers.

Marines have surrendered plenty of times, sorry to burst your bubble. Here is some:

Most notably, there have been occurances of such for the Marine Corps, in the opening days of World War Two at Guam, the Phillipines, Wake Island, and China. And then there was the little-known, for many years, surrender attempt during the Makin Island Raid.

Later, in Korea, 1950 there was a surrender that occurred at Hell Fire Valley during the Chosin Reservoir operation.

There were also Marine surrenders that occurred even further back through Marine Corps history during the 1700s and civil wartimes. (See Nofi’s Book of Lists.)

“Made do with less”.

No kidding, after you waste billions in tax payers dollars on ridiculous vehicles like the EFV which in the end get canceled.

A USMC division does not posses anywhere near the armor or artillery of a US Army heavy division. That’s not a debate that’s just TO&E.

The President can order any forces into combat without Congressional approval under certain circumstances. There is nothing different about the USMC.

Incorrect. Firstly, the SEALs are not an army. They are a highly specialized counter terrorism, special mission force that is lightly armed and cannot project “force” beyond the FEBA…not their mission. The Marine Corps is a completely integrated service branch, that does not really require the Army or the Air Force for support, that is more than capable of projecting massive force over land, sea and air. By being linearly integrated, they avoid the pitfalls and petty rivalries of a dedicated air force and land army.

The reality is, why do we need the Air Force and Army? Why do we not fold all of those capabilities into an expanded Marine Corps and save trillions of dollars in duplication and specialized equipment for those forces. Bottom line, and you can ask any other service branch…there is no force on this earth as capable as a fighting US Marine. Bar none, we are faster, stronger, more well disciplined, can repeatedly accomplish tasks that would throw the other services for a loop. We are tasked with the most difficult missions, with the smallest budget, and have historically made more of much less when it comes to equipment. Our training is better, and our men and women have a pride that is sorely lacking in other branches. I can say all of this with certainty, as I began my career as a US Marine, and am finishing it in the US Army.

So, try looking at the problem from the side of capability to complete ANY mission, not just one or two. Marines do it ALL, better than the other services combined. Give me one good Marine, any time any place, and I will guarentee the mission will be accomplished. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

Semper Fi


Don’t take my word for it, take the quotes of these fine men ( 5 of them just happen to be U.S. Army Generals, who you may of heard of)… : “I have just returned from visiting the Marines at the front, and there is not a finer fighting organization in the world.” (General Douglas MacArthur, USA, outskirts of Seoul, 21 September 1950.), “The deadliest weapon in the world is a MARINE and his rifle!” GEN. PERSHING, US.ARMY, “The more MARINES I have around the better I like it!” GEN. MARK CLARK, U.S. ARMY, “I can never again see a UNITED STATES MARINE without experiencing a feeling of reverence.“GEN. JOHNSON, U.S. ARMY, “The safest place in Korea was right behind a platoon of MARINES. LORD, how they could fight!” MAJ. GEN. FRANK LOWE, U.S. ARMY, “Panic sweeps my men when they are facing the AMERICAN MARINES.” CAPTURED NORTH KOREAN MAJOR, “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.” PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN, 1985, and my personal favorite for all of you who just can’t shut your suck… “There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and those who have met them in battle. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.” Unknown

This was not questioning the competency of the marines in Mogadishu or anywhere else. However, that battle was such a mess because of a lack of planning between JSOC’s task force ranger and the Army’s 10th mountain division task force. Not co-operating with the UNOSOM forces just made it worse, but wouldn’t have been an issue in the first place had JSOC informed 10th mountain better. Eagle Claw still would have been an issue with the marines, yes, but the point isn’t the marines are a bad force. The point is the opposite and that their unified command is a great model.

Any branch of the service can be sent into combat by the President for limited duration under certain circumstances. There is nothing special about the USMC.

“The War Powers Resolution of 1973 (50 U.S.C. 1541–1548)[1] is a federal law intended to check the president’s power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of Congress. The resolution was adopted in the form of a United States Congress joint resolution; this provides that the President can send U.S. armed forces into action abroad only by authorization of Congress or in case of “a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.“
The War Powers Resolution requires the President to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days, with a further 30 day withdrawal period, without an authorization of the use of military force or a declaration of war. The resolution was passed by two-thirds of Congress, overriding a presidential veto.
The War Powers Resolution has been violated in the past, once concerning the Contras in Nicaragua and by President Clinton in 1999, during the bombing campaign in Kosovo. All incidents have had congressional disapproval, but none have had any successful legal actions taken against the president for violations.[2][3] All presidents since 1973 have declared their belief that the act is unconstitutional. [4][5]”

I was TACP also in 1968–69 with 3/9.… We never could count on Air Force fixed wing to hit a damned thing… Their aerial observers and AC-47s were fabulous though.

Finally, some sanity. Semper Fi brother.

Well Said!!!!

It’s not the fact that I don’t believe them. It’s the fact that I do believe them that bothers me. It’s the principle that matters.

Do you know how much we’ve spent on these now useless aircraft?

Or YF-35B

“The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States…”

Congress shall:

“…raise and support Armies…

To provide and maintain a Navy;

To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings”

The Constitution doesn’t explicitly ban standing armies. It’s just that the state’s rights founders preferred to avoid a standing army, especially without large nation-states that could hit America on short notice. Forts, magazines, arsenals and dockyards are still provided for, which later gave rise to the two-tiered temporary/standing army system.

Trying to have it both ways. “Everywhere” and “Everything”.

Someone needs to tell the ABN that more chest-thumping is required to compete with the Marines.

I spent over 30 minutes typing a well thought out comment and you didn’t allow it because it was too LONG.
Then U ask me to re-type it in TWO messages? So I just shortened it a few lines, then your site deleted it!
Well, for the most part, the one liners posted on this site are not very informative to any degree and most of
we old people need a few more lines to explain a concept. This country has had “free speech” for a long
time but people like you and your foolish limitations are what causes miscommunications .Your notification
that the word “limits” on this site was at the end of my post. Should be in the beginning! Don’t concern your–
selves any longer, I’m certain you will appreciate my refraining from FUTURE COMMENTS !

United States Marketing Corporation.

20,000 Army soldiers cleared 12 miles of jungle to relieve Marines under seige at Khe Sahn.

Marine air dropped a 500 lb bomb on a company of 173rd AB in Dak To.

Lebanon was handled by East Coast MAUs which did not have to go through the Suez Canal to get there.

So what happens when one of our Super brave forward observers eguipment is captured before he can destroy it?
Is the whole system now under observation? Where i the security?
Also… Quit the damn bickering… we are all on the same side.
F Jeffers U.S.M.C
V.M.O.-2 doorgunner Tet-68
incountry 66–68 Wecome Home brothers and sisters

The Marine Corps does what it does on 8% of the defense budget, a quite remarkable accomplishment. According to you their marketing is just as remarkable. People remember the Marine Corps ads because they show what a Marine is. They do this on 12% of the DOD advertising budget while the Army & National Guard spend 61% of the advertising budget and you aren’t impressed by Army advertising.

When you have nothing to advertise you can throw all the money you want to at it and no one remembers the ads. The most important part of Marine Corps advertising is word of mouth by its reputation and success in battle.

Everyone thought the MV-22 was a waste of money, too., Now, it is exactly what the Marine Corps needs for the over-the-horizon attacks described in this article. Now they just need something to replace the LAV’s and AAV’s like the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle was to be.

The Marine Corps has a reputation for not wasting money. The Harrier is on its last legs. It’s cheaper to use an F-35B and share the development costs than go out on their own. Look at what the Corps spent on MARPAT, a few million dollars compared to $billion spent by the Army and they don’t even like the results of their wasted money.

If you don’t think the Marine Corps doesn’t need aircraft, don’t call for air support when you are heavily outnumbered.

It seems the biggest battle the Army is fighting is trying to make the Marine Corps look bad, you’ve got a hard row to hoe. Marine don’t go around bashing the Army and it gets old seeing soldiers bashing the Corps. If you wanted to be a Marine you should have signed up with the Corps.

The Marine Corps isn’t part of the Navy, is is part a the Dept. of the Navy. The Marines and the Navy are sister services under the Sec. of the Navy. The Sec. of the Navy is a civilian. A Marine veteran, James Webb, was once SecNav.

The Marine Corps spends 12% of the military advertising budget while the Army spends 61%. Just trying to help you keep your facts straight.

My best friends are Marines. I love them, but have to overlook their self image. Read the mostly negative comments about fellow war fighters.. Mostly Marine bravado. Even some jerk was dumping on the men in the Bataan Death March. He obviously wasn’t a warrior. I love the Marine infantry because I was a grunt too. But most of the Marine big mouths are REMPS or wingnuts. The Army infantry has always done most of the heavy lifting. get a grip on reality. And yes the Army does make beach landings. See Normandy and also the western pacific islands in WW2. Some were combined assaults with both units. Intra service rivalry was never taught. But the USMC made it an art.

I was in a tougher outfit.

USMC never teaches when Army infantry came to your aid. Psycho babble corp.

Believe it or not, amphibious warfare has evolved past simply rushing beaches with Higgins boats.

Try itemizing what it costs for the Navy to support the Marines, then add it to the Marine budget. Navy will be happy to “spend less”, especially when the budget long knives are out.

That said, try percentizing the casualties suffered by all services after 2001. See what that pie chart looks like…

Don’t get started on friendly fire.

R.I.P. Pat Tillman

Second land army, maybe. But the U.S. was fortunate to have the 1st Marine Division as a part of X Corps at the Chosin Reservoir, which stood and held while the “first army” — Walker’s 8th, of “Bugout Boogie” fame — broke and ran. Read General Ridgway’s commentary on Marine General O.P. Smith and on the performance of the Marines in Korea.


I’m interested in how this will affect the MOS I want to go into when I enlist (1812 — M1A1 Abrams Tank Crewman).

Oh my gosh… I’m a proud Marine and I’m embarrassed by the lack of knowledge and misconceptions in this reply.

It is amazing how many “experts” here know all about the USMC and how it is redundant, unneeded, too costly, of no value and most any other denigrating comment they can think of. Too bad they have no real experience other than maybe having to eat their words in the past or repeating another nonsensical moron they read or listened to. If there weren’t a Marine Corps, someone would have to invent them because they’ve been far too important to the history of this country.
lt col ls asadoorian, usmc, ret.

I have served with both services (Army and Marines) and I hate to shit in your Wheaties but, if the Marines had a bigger budget and a few more Marines; the Army would have to have a going out of business sale. With the Marines you get more bang for the U.S. defense budget buck! You could just operate a Navy and Marine Corps and a small Air Force to operate the U.S. nuclear and bomber sections.

That’s always the way I have seen it. We are the “first to go and the last to know”.

They’ll still need tanks.

But, I did go through the Suez Canal to get to the Gulf for Op’s Ernest Will and Praying Mantis.

Here’s an example of cost saving. While I was working in the G1 at MCAS Cherry Point our Marine pilots were complaining about having to live in GP tents on the flight line in Avian, Italy while their Air Force counterparts, who were flying the same missions in Afghanistan during the 80’s, were staying at the local “No tell Motels”

First to go and last to know? Guess the Marines never heard of the RDF. (Thats Army for Rapid Deployment Force). It would include (then) the 18th Airborne Corp and the 1st Cavalry Division. Deployed several times with the 1st Cav and never once saw a Marine on the ground until we already had boot, tanks and arty on the ground.

Should also note in reference to the comment above concerning percentages of casualties, that is a non reference. If we go by that the largest percentage of casualties during the Vietnam war were not infantry or Marines. They were Army Tankers.

Reputation for “success”?

I still remember the royal **** up that was Fallujah, it took the army to straighten things out after the mess the Marines made of things.

All I’ve noticed is insecure Marines here running their mouth and trying to steal successes from others. The army guys seem confident enough in themselves and their successes not to need to resort to such low blows.

You mean the Marine’s ludicrous idea of assulting a beach fortified with heavy AT weapons and anti-ship missiles… with $20 million dollar floating tanks.

Yeah sure, it has evolved. The word is called: Obsolete. If you are going to land, you are going to land on an undefended beach these days, period.

The rest is Marine marketing.

Interesting subject. Yet, in terms of reality, there will be no progress if we allow women in combat roles and allow open homosexuals in the ranks. Simple, stupid.

“Marine don’t go around bashing the Army and it gets old seeing soldiers bashing the Corps”

You mean I haven’t been reading a litany of “Marines do it better! OORAH! SEMPER FI! on this thread for the last hour? My mistake.

WGMARTIN, the question is just how “light and lean” you’re willing to go. Right now the Corps is as large as the entire British military. With four divisions it’s hard to argue with the “2nd land army” critics if the Corps is supposed to return to a maritime force.

this is GySgt D Angel: this is wonderful, IF the computers do not go down & the satlite remains in place. I foresee problems. saying this — I do applaud the idea.

GySgtDavid Angel USMC ret’d 1964–1984

How could we be too costly? We get all the left over $hit!

What is wrong with some of you guys?? Each brance of servise do what it do, the Army do what it do, and so do the Marines and so forth. I mean I can joke about the Air Force and Navy all day, but it’s just that, jokes. Some of these comments show some real animosity towards the Marines. We all know the Navy and Air Force ain’t gonna fight any ground war, if they tried it would last about a day.…well, mabe two. Thats the job of the Army and Marines, it’s what we do.…..the other two branches are just,…well, and lets be honest here, they give us a ride to the combat zone.…transportation if you will.…hehehehehe!!!

As I look at that picture, I noticed that troop is wearing a head band, I thought Marines didn’t wear head bands.

And I would say that the Marine Corps hymn says it all!

Simply stated Joe, you’re an idiot. The role of the Marines is quite clear; America’s 911 force. If it were not for the Marines you would be speaking Japanese/German (and props to the Army for the European campaign) right now so show a little respect for those that have faught and died for your right to spout of moronic gibberish. You want to save some money, tell your President to stop giving free handouts to the “entitled” in this country that have earned nothing but receive Obama care, welfare, and all the benefits of being a “prisoner” in this country. The social programs in this country are going to be our downfall, breeding incompetency through social safety nets, protecting the weak, and promoting the “its not my fault i’m too lazy or stupid to work so I’ll be a leech on society” mentality. — “Multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.” ― Charles Darwin

Wow, it’s almost like the Free Poles, the Soviets, the Free French and the British didn’t even exist! Plus the ANZAC, British Indian forces and the Kuomintang. Clearly the presence of Marine observers at Neptune caused the Osttruppen on Omaha to flee their posts, flattened the bocage, blasted through the Germans for Cobra, closed the Falaise Pocket and evicted the Germans from Hurtgen Forest and the Siegfried Line.


The Marines were responsible for amphibious island hopping across the Pacific, with the Army responsible for landings in the Solomons/New Guinea up through the Phillippines. Plus Neptune in Northern France, Dragoon in Southern France, Sicily, Italy and West Africa. The scoreboard for amphibious landings is clear.

The Marine advantage of unified command is one the Army also had in WW2, then lost when the Air Force seceded.

The Navy won WW2 in the Pacific, and would have done so with or without Army and Marine help. You cannot seize what you cannot get to, and you cannot hold islands without the Navy to control the waters.

As a concession to the land fighting forces, seizing New Guinea and the Phillippines without the Army *or* the Marines would have been interesting.

American culture is rivalry-based and group-think oriented. You must be “part of something”, or you are nothing. You must tear down the other guy, or you are weak and un-masculine.

Sounds just like high school.

I did sea duty on the “Gunny” Gunston Hall. It had a well deck. The boat is still active

Like quickly getting to Bengazi to protect Americans… My appologies, just fustrated !

Simper Fi brother! The reason why: The Corps keeps its NCO’s p*ssed off to the point they are ready to bite off heads. Let them loose… Its a beautiful sight… Marines working together !

I am indept to AF JP’s. I have a brother alive because of Stanaland.

Sorry, bad typer; AF PJ

Ryan, If you want to be somebody Join the infantry! If you insist on being a tanker try to get in 1st Tanks.
If you have a high ASVAB score you might be able to be a 0352 tow gunner which will be attached to a tank unit.
TOWs turn tanks into butter.

Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster in lieu of a Second Award of the Silver Star to Staff Sergeant Joseph Stuart Stanaland (AFSN: 14919054), United States Air Force, for gallantry in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force on Koh Tang Island in the Gulf of Thailand on 15 May 1975. On that date, Sergeant Stanaland was the Pararescue Specialist of a HH-53C helicopter which flew three sorties spanning more than fourteen hours. Sergeant Stanaland and fellow crew members placed United States Marines aboard the destroyer escort U.S.S. HOLT and then escorted a damaged aircraft to friendly territory where they recovered its contingent of United States Marines. They then delivered a contingent of United States Marines to the island despite intensive hostile fire. They remained close to the island and provided protective fire for another aircraft and escorted it to safety. This courageous action aided in the recovery of the S.S. MAYAGUEZ and its crew.

And they still haven’t recovered every last Marine from Koh Tang.

The Marines are not indoctrinated with a ”orders from the top attitude”. The Marine Corps values and encourages individual thinking on a small unit scale. Over-all planning is done at the top which is called the Commander’s Intent. The Marine Corps has learned long ago that no plan survives the initial engagement which is why they want young Marines from the fire team leaders and up to understand the basic intent so when the plan goes to hell they can adapt and accomplish it anyway. Personal Initiative has been a value that the Marine Corps has strived for back before Commandant Krulak wrote about it in ”The Three Block War”. This personal initiative drive is something the Army has found hard to strive for mainly due to their great size. The Marine Corps being smaller can afford to exercise less control over and put more decision making capabilities on it’s small combat units than the Army with their huge amount of personnel.

The President can legally send in the Marines and keep them in operation for up to 30 days before he needs Congressional approval. All other forces need Congressional approval before their deployment. The Marines have this job because marines were traditionally sea borne forces launched from the Navy for short coastal attacks and raids. So their use has long been accepted as force but not a declaration of war since Colonial times.( I purposefully used upper and lower case ‘m’s for Marines because in one instance I’m referring to the U.S. Marines which is a title and in the other I’m referring to the noun marines.

My grandson is in school at Camp Johnson. His MOS is Logistics (landing support specialist). I was glad to read about the need for improvement in equipment and the areas it will be needed. This will directly impact his deployment.

Eric, I deployed Marines all over the world and I can assure you that there is no difference between any of the DoD services in regard to whether the President can legally send them in. Its called the War Powers Act and it applies to all of the services. The Army and Air Force can also deploy at the President’s order. It is exactly the same.

Joe, were you in Fallujah? What an asshole. Typical Army bullshit. Son, you were probably shitting your pants in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle while Marines were taking the fight to the enemy. Anyone who was truly there would not talk shit like you do. Do us all a favor and go back to playing Call of Duty on Xbox.

You mean the Airborne’s idea of assaulting a heavily fortified airspace with heavy AA batteries and modern fighter planes (or even obsolete MiGs) in a giant air fleet of flying transports.

Yeah sure, it has evolved. The word is called: Obsolete. If you are going to land, you are going to land on an undefended landing zone these days, period.

The rest is Airborne marketing.

Tbh, it seems no one’s seemed to have gotten past high school considering the maturity in the population of America.

My son is currently a Logistics Marine, also a landing support specialist presently in Afghanistan. He loves his job dispite the conditions. I’m proud of him and all our service members regardless of what branch the represent. Semper Fi!

MGySgt (Ret)

Semper Fi!
I too noticed this difference, I went the other way around though, enlisted in the army, served in 3–13 FA BN, and after college took a commission in the Marines. Before I took my training as a soldier I didn’t think the Marines were much diffirent, but that’s becuase my SA wasn’t totally developed I was looking from the outside in.
Now having been in the inside, the professionalism, leadership, discipline, and execution of tasks that the Marines do is 2nd to none. Unless you’re a Marine, or have had an tight knit working relationship with them you will notice the difference, otherwise your opinion is just that, and not actual fact…
Think about it us Marines were withdrawn from Iraq after the fall of Baghdad… but guess what we were called back and put in the most violent region, because some branch couldn’t handle it…

Joe it sounds like you’re an army POG… didn’t you hear that hating is bad?

Joe’s just mad, because he’s an army POG dog, and they’ve had to switch their motto like 3 times within the last 10 years… The lack of discipline is clearly there. He just hates that we are Americas fighting force. If one was to ask anyone what branch is more reputable they instantly say the Marines. Don’t hate on it. And as Marine1 mentioned we have the lowest budget, and I’ve seen it being in the MAW, Navy has very deep pockets, and the army has even deeper pockets, but they still cannot do what Marines do… decentralized command that keeps highers mission and objective as the goals. Hell I’ll take a corporal of Marines over an army SSgt.

As an Army Vet, I have great respect for our Marine Corp and when they are called on, they deliver.…..each of our Military Units deliver when called on. My issue with the DOD is there insistence on committing Marines into large ground based combat operations?
Large ground-based combat operations call for the critical-mass only the Army has the size to deliver in overwhelming numbers and it seems to me to be a waste by deploying the worlds premiere Maritime Force into that environment.
When you couple that with the deployment of two Heavy Infantry Groups with a common mission that use different equipment, different uniforms, different chain-of-commands, often different communications systems, you have committed “Frankenstein” to the battlefield. There’s a good fit for each of our military forces in todays battlefield.….…’s a matter of deploying the right ones to the right fight!

You are so full of Shit…

More marine PR, if you have seen a marine hummer stuck in the desert unable to change a tire because they were waiting for the “tire specialists” to arrive you wouldn’t believe it

The Marine Corps does not need to prove its significance. History and a close look to the future does that for them.

The marines are a drain beyond their cost. Every Air-force F-35 for instance will carry two tons of marine requirements that wouldn’t exist except for the crazy idea that marine F-35 should be close enough to the front line that the Taliban can easily take them out.

The first step in getting rid of the marines is making them part of the army. If fighting on beaches is such a great idea let them make their case in the same room as the joint mule team and the fighting fairies troop.

I’ve always understood interservice rivalry’s but some of you guys are taking it way to seriously. The truth of the matter is… absolutely none of the services are perfect and everybody who has served know all the pros/cons, good /bad that resides in their branch. However, no one can deny that our entire military is top notched, we are the youngest and most advance nation in the world and we couldn’t have gotten to this point without every facet of our military. I love it all.

It bugs me to hear when some people take these quotes out of context singling them out in order to further their own ideas and agendas that one branch is significantly superior over the other.
What these quotes tell me, is that these Great and Legendary Men of the US Army (who’ve prided themselves in their service) have held themselves to such a high standard and represented the US Army in the most professional of manners when it came to inter service relations. That we should be following their lead for this for the good inter service relations instead of “competing” with one another funding and accolades, etc.….

You do understand you idiot that it was the Army, not the Marines, who did the majority of amphibious landings in WW2. Hell, they did more amphibious landing in the Pacific theater than the Marines, sorry to burst your bubble.

Ummm… No?

The Airborne never tried to sell themselves as a force that can land in a contested area.

Otherwise they would be building an armored stealth transport plane that has cannons sticking out the side. Kind of like an analogy to the Marine’s EFV.

P.S. — When was the last war that America did not have near absolute air superiority?

F-16s wont thats why you see A-10s in a CAS role more than a 16 or a 15. And i dare you to tell an A-10 pilot he cant get close enough to the ground cuz i bet your ass hell prove you wrong. The army has more multi purpose aircraft than the marines, marines have support helos and attack helos. Army has support, attack and recon helos. And im sorry but marines are not the best fighting men in the military, and the 4th ID is not the best division in the world, provin by army statistics the 10th Mountain Div is the most deployed unit in the Army( an im not sayin that jus because i was a grunt in the 10th). 10th is also one of the most recognized div when deployed, hell some divisions such as the 101 and 82 dont even have a history before ww2. So dont give me this Marines are the best fightin men bs.

Personally thats what should happen, Marines are a Navy componenet, sorry boys but you paycheck does still say Dept of the Navy on it, yall are transported by the navy at times, yall are stationed as security on board ships in a Carrier Group and have always been an amphibious unit, i think the pacific is where yall belong, its been yalls domain since WW2, the Army shall remain in Europe where we have always been. Obviously Marines will be on most all naval bases but we should all go back to our roots of where we fought, having as many ground units in a conflict as possible for show of force is great an all, however we didnt require the Marines durin WW2 and i dont remember hearing many army units go to the pacific , dont quote me on the last part tho.

Regardless of which branch of service, there is no greater feeling within a military serviceman’s heart than that of serving their country. My father fought in Korea, U.S. Army. I am retired USMC, Semper Fi. Bless all of America’s military personnel, past, present, and future.

The Marine Are The Our Nations Rapid Deployment Force

Joe probably isn’t anything…

Your an attention Wh**e . Right.

We used to ‘Sea Duty’ . I was in when it was a ‘B’ Billet like Embassy Guards. We are very adaptable. Now we have a 500 man force in Spain sitting around for the call to action since the Benghazi Fiasco. Anyone that has been in direct combat knows that 7 hours is a long time to be alone… Lets not forget the betrayal of those fine men that were waiting for help to arrive and were let down by the clown in office now.…

Until Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel learn how to shoot, America will always need the United States Marine Corps.
GySgt GC Beymer, USMC 1st Force Recon 1968

Including Benghazi…with a fully trained Rapid Reaction Capability should the President call.

Lets save some money, scrap the Army and Air Force and leave it all up to the Marines.

Many in the Truman years felt the same way. Then a little thing called the Korean War proved why we needed a USMC. Not Redundant, needed.….…

Your Army Units are not even fighting as Divisions anymore. They still lack the transport to get to the fight. The USAF lacks the airlift & the Sealift command takes weeks to load and sail from the states. The MEU’S are self contained units ready to go, that work as a team, & can be on station in in hours or days.

Talk about flexibility and mobility, I was with 3rd Amtrac Bn, ’66-’67 in RVN. We arrived in LST’s from California, did an amphibious landing and then spent my entire tour either operating over land, or going up and down rivers leading to an assault on the Charlie’s. No one else could do that. Whatever the mission called for we were capable. Today our beloved Corps needs updating of its amphibious capabilities, Because (again) no one else can do it.
Semper Fi

SSgt Jim L. USMC

The term “Gunboat Diplomacy” includes the Corps. History abounds with names of famous Marines fighting in the Caribbean, Mexico, the Philippines, China, WW1, the Asiatic Fleet, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and the middle east off and on for 238 years. It is an affective shock and awe– assault force. Just ask anyone who’s fought them. They are a storied outfit with no end of can-do spirit. They have their place, and that is in the face of the enemy doing what they have been trained to do. I welcome their return to the Pacific and hopefully the MARDET’s will follow. Taking them from their original role and trying to reinvent the wheel as just another land based unit was and is a bad idea! They are much more at home when their boots are full of sea water! God Bless the Corps!

Lee, you old son of a gun. Totally agree

Steve Anzalone


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