China’s Military Build-up Continues: Pentagon

China’s Military Build-up Continues: Pentagon

China is boosting its investments in missiles, drones and cyber warfare as part of a plan to deter the U.S. and other countries from intervening in the region, according to a new report from the Defense Department.

China’s official military budget, announced in March, is expected to rise 11 percent this year to $114 billion, reflecting more than two decades of increases, according to the department. The country’s actual defense expenditures are even higher, estimated at $135 billion to $215 billion in 2012, according to the Pentagon.

“China’s military build-up shows no signs of slowing,” David Helvey, deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia, said during a press conference May 6 at the Pentagon after releasing the annual report.

China’s defense budget dwarfs those of other countries in the region, according to the analysis. Russia, for example, spent $61.3 billion on its military last year; Japan, $58 billion; India, $45.5 billion; South Korea, $29.2 billion; and Taiwan, 10.8 billion, it states.

While China is upgrading its armed forces mainly to win a potential regional conflict, it’s increasingly focused on protecting territorial claims and building influence abroad, according to the report. The government has argued over territory with Vietnam and the Philippines in the South China Sea and with Japan in the East China Sea, and it maintains strategic ties to countries such as North Korea and Pakistan.

The People’s Liberation Army in 2012 commissioned its first aircraft carrier called the Liaoning using a renovated Russian-made Kuznetsov-class hull, deployed for the first time a medium-range ballistic missile known as DF-21D designed to attack large ships, conducted a test flight of the J-31 stealth fighter jet, launched more than a dozen satellites into space, targeted information from U.S. computer systems and marketed drones for international sale, according to the report.

The navy already operates three JIN-class nuclear-powered submarines, and five more may enter service over the next decade, according to the document. The subs will eventually carry the JL-2 ballistic missile, with an estimated range of more than 4,000 nautical miles, giving the service “its first credible sea-based nuclear deterrent,” it states.

Many of China’s defense investments are designed to deter U.S. and foreign military intervention in the region, according to the report. The U.S. calls these types of missions “anti-access/area-denial,” or A2/AD, while the PLA refers to them as “counter-intervention operations,” it states.

Helvey welcomed apparent attempts by China to reveal more information about its military. In a semi-annual white paper published last month, China for the first time included a headcount of People’s Liberation Army by service: There are 850,000 troops in the army, 235,000 in the navy and 398,000 in the air force, for a total of 1.48 million.

Still, Helvey said many uncertainties remain about China’s armed forces. “This report provides a lot of information,” he said of the U.S. assessment. “But it also poses a lot of questions — questions for which we don’t have answers.”

The document concludes that China’s lack of transparency about its increasing military power is heightening tensions in the region. “Absent a move towards greater transparency, these concerns will likely intensify,” it states.

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It seems to me China is waiting for the rest of the world to blow itself up and is ready to defend itself and remain a pocket of Asia all to itself.

Clearly our response to China’s military build up should be to stay the course on paying contractors a profit on design and development, because providing them a financial incentive to drag out design is working so damn well for us. And let’s never go back to having the US Navy design their own ships, because we like paying more for an LCS than we did for a battleship. Someone remind me why the battleship is obsolete — something about being too expensive. Oh, and let’s cancel the F-35 because even though the next program will similarly provide a profit incentive for the contractor that wins the next program (there’s a 50/50 chance it will be Lockheed) to drag out its development, I’m sure it will be much better. They just continue to get better. Haven’t you noticed?

That Red Dragon is nipping at the U.S. militaries ass .… loving every minute of it .

wow.….……I can’t believe what I’m readin’ all those “think tank” reports are wrong? golly its sounds like the dragon is getting ready for somethin’ big. This is like the 1920’s deja vu all over agin’. But freet not my fellow countrymen, we have the LCS, a bunch of marines in Oz, & then theres the air force & what maybe 3 squadrons on a good day for the whole pacom ao. The 25 I.D. for the entire region as well .…. ops.…… how could I forget the fbm’s.….…but didn’t Wen Ho Lee compremise the .….……nah, But look at the bright side, were “A Green Military”, burning fuel at 1.65x unit cost of standard fuel, golly thats a back door subsidy to those “green fuel” companies?. I thought the military was a “fighten arm” of the g’ment?.…..Essayons!

America, a fading country and a fading military …

Well what do you expect from a goverment that would rather spend billions on 3 world countries and aid to them.
instead of making our own country better and stronger and keeping our military the best in the world. what we need is a goverment that would look after our own a little more then we wouldn’t have so much to worry about. If we would cut a bunch of the aid we send to other places we could pay off the national debt. and have money to keep our military strong. and to take care of our country and our military Vets.

Make that a broke country.

@ pappy … OK a broke country too

Battleships are hideously expensive to operate and maintain. They would probably be a bad idea even if we were given new ones at zero acquisition cost.

Because you like the idea of a country that bans the free speech you’re engaging in of winning?



Well, while the corporations were so ecstatic to send all of our manufacturing jobs to China so that they could reap the rewards of cheap labor and receive such fantastic returns on their stock dividends, they forgot that China is a communist country and that all of the money went to Chinas’ Red Army. What a fanfreakingtastic job Corporate America !!!

In the history of this once great country, there has been no greater failure than our policy on China. We have created a monster and funded our own demise. The same cheap labor exists in our own hemisphere. Our Mexican and Central/South American neighbors don’t have nuclear missels aimed at our largest cities. A prosperous México may well have resulted in 10 million Mexican nationals in the US. They would be called tourists. We have been betrayed by our own government, and our corporate owned “free press”. Boycott Chinese made goods, or learn the language of your new masters.

@P51D To Late .….

@ Tim Hooey, If you believe the Chinese will not attack the U.S. because the U.S. Federal Government owes the Chinese Billions, think again .….. destroying the U.S. would be like a tax write . GET IT !

The Chinese can do this since they don’t have thier military spread all over the world fighting other peoples battles.

Probably a Rooskie who’s still butt hurt over the collapse of the USSR.

if you are referring to me ? .. American Citizen, former military intelligence

i agree! stop corporate greed and you will empty the pockets of the Chinese

China still operates an export driven economy. Without that growth engine, China’s generals would have far more difficulty building the PLA into a regional hegemon and a global player, and they well understand that. That won’t stop them from probing to see where they meet resistance, grabbing influence and control where they can, though in doing so they are offending many of their neighbors and pushing them closer to western ties, especially with the US.

Eventually China will develop much more internal demand and that will evolve their economy to where they are far less reliant on exports while also consuming much more resources. That is when the US will bump into a far less compliant China, not just in the South China Sea and Sea of Japan, but across the Indian Ocean, across Africa, maybe the west coast of South America, and probably competing to exploit resources from the Arctic and Southern Oceans.

“instead of making our own country better and stronger” — Are you forgetting the 690 billion the bottomless pit (Pentagon) gets every year??? Over 4 x larger than China’s defense budget.

They probably will not attack the US due to the amount of ICBM’s and SLBM’s that the US has. China’s long range missile capacity is lacking.

You may be an American but you’re no citizen. Best of luck…

Is it not obvious that China is doing anything and everything it can do to prepare for war? Why isn’t this spoken publically?

CLearly they are arming up to take back Taiwan when the US is too broke and weak to fight back and support taiwan. Not to mention support North Korea against the South. Once our influence is diminished enough, they will stab the knife in our back, just you watch. Read Sun tzu’s Art of War and you’ll see that they are only pretending to be our friends and arming only for defense. I don’t think Vietnam has any interest in invading CHina, do you? SO what are they arming for? To over power us at our weakest when they decide they can take what they want back “Taiwan” and whatever else may be on their agenda (Afghanistan for minerals), Africa expansionism, etc.

And I’m a former operator in task force 1337 bullshit squad. Give me a break. Probably a 4chan /pol/ type who think he knows it all/

CHina’s budget is as small as it’s nuclear arsenal in official reports. But consider the thousands of weapons hidden underground that aren’t reported and telll me tat they are incapable of lying about how much they actually spend on their military.

It is of value to read Kissinger’s “On China” for a view of their historical expansion concepts and so far they are true to history. Besides the business with the PI, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam they have just rubbed India’s nose a tad .…. “India and China reached an agreement to withdraw their troops after a three-week standoff on a disputed border.NEW DELHI/SRINAGAR, India — India and China simultaneously withdrew troops Sunday from camps a few yards apart in a Himalayan desert, apparently ending a three-week standoff on a freezing plateau where the border is disputed and the Asian giants fought a war 50 years ago.
But it was not immediately clear how far China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers had withdrawn — Delhi had claimed they were 12 miles beyond the point it understands to be the border with China, a vaguely defined de facto line called the Line of Actual Control, which neither side agrees on.
.….the preceding is a rip from MSM

The LCS fleet is hideously expensive to operate and maintain and to add insult to our injury-it can’t do anything! It can’t shoot, it can’ t hunt, it can defend, it can find, it’s worthless, it can’t even sail without major problems.

Go figure! We are paying for it. What do you expect from the worlds largest military funded by US dollars.

We have the government and military policy that the people wanted and voted for. We have met the enemy and it is us.

If China wants to take over Afghanistan, I say “knock yourselves out, you’re welcome to it”.

Yes, I’ll bet that hideously expensive gear box doesn’t tolerate water in the oil very well at all. One more chance for the contractor that designed and built the boat to make more profit on a screw up that was entirely their own fault. Hell, it’s your tax dollars, why would the Navy care if most of it becomes welfare for the rich? What’s really important to focus on here is that there need to be (and are) plenty of opportunities for Navy officers to get their fair share of the loot when they step through the revolving door. That’s what passes for “patriotism” today.

And we did it to ourselves. Hell, we continue to do it to ourselves. Our worst enemy right now isn’t China, but it soon will be.

Who was it that said, ‘Capitalists will sell us the very rope we use to hang them’ ?

If China is dim enough to have not paid attention to what we have gone through in Stan and Iraq and they want to cross the Straits of Taiwan and invade, I say let them and sit back and laugh our asses off as they squander blood and coin taking that land and holding it.

While China’s defense budget is smaller, even the larger unreported estimates, it is worth pointing out they are spending to deploy and operate principally in the western Pacific. I’m sure they fancy having some expeditionary capacity but mostly they are concerned with regional power. The US could spend $200 billion and just defend North America easily. So using a direct spending comparison isn’t really a good way to compare.

How so. ? If you want to spend the money you are speaking of better get the freeloaders off welfare and entitlement programs and get your deficit under control but that is not going to happen . the U.S. is going broke . America’s days are numbered .

how true

Agreed, and that kind of enemy is worse than a Trojan horse .

Blame the American consumers most are from Union Families. They want cheaper stuff. I can’t tell you many many “Proud to be Union” bumper stickers on cars I see at Walmart and Meijer. Union big mouths say one thing then do another. Unions are the biggest reason to export jobs.

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” I thought it was Khrushchev, but it was Lenin.

They will take Taiwan without even firing a shot.

Probably less. Power projection is ridiculously expensive and nobody wants to pay for it.


Thank you. At last someone willing to acknowledge the proverbial welfare that so many wealthy folks are getting and nothing is being reported on it.

I hope you are not referring to the current administration because this problem has been with us since Reagan.…

Unlike the US China won’t tie its hands to avoid civilian casualties. They will go all out to take back what the commie party thinks is their’s.

We’re paying for it. And China sees itself as the new world super power and is going to want to project power. It sees this century as belonging to it.

Obama is not helping. He has been talking loudly and forgetting the big stick, making us look like a bunch of hot air to the rest of the world. At least Bush back up what he said, right or wrong, with action.

Both Lenin and Khrushchev are ones to talk; just take a look at the country/empire they created.

Perhaps it is time for the U.S. population to fight back by not purchasing their products anymore? Considering our character as a “Country”, they should know better than to insult the U.S. about its interventions. We don’t mean any harm, but rather we promote harmony and well-being for all.

Battleships became obselete during WWII because they were only good for bombardment of coastlines and enemy ships. The aircraft carrier proved to be very effective in fighting. Future fighting will be done with dromes, carriers and subs. Why the F35 was cancelled is because of budget. This administration wants the money for welfare handout — socialism. Since this administration is downsizing defense neeeds, I suppose the president will use dromes and cyber to fight the next war, how myopic is such thinking. Fighting terriorist may increase,but also will traditional warfighting. Look at N. Korea and Iran as two examples.

Don’t worry about China. They are greatly expanding their offensive nuclear and conventional capabilities. They will have many more working stealth fighters, aircraft carriers and stealth bombers than we ever will be able to field. China will do what it wants to do because it can.
Let’s worry about ourselves being uncomitted to a strong US military ready to defend this nation. Even now Boehner continues to state that he wants the sequester to stay which will make us weaker and weaker. Sorry, we have to spend a lot more on defense if we want to continue to exist as a nation, and yes this will require significant tax increases. China will be able to win the next cold war against us.

Thanks to Obama,
By the next three years. We be a third country, looking for a hand outs.

Dope ! Learn how to spell.

So the stealth fighters/bombers, naval fleets, and pacific pivot is not a big stick?

Many commenters here seem to hint that the United States may not be strong enough to deal with China. Their suspicions are correct. The United States, as a country, is currently struggling with issues that are self-destructing and already bringing it down. Its social changes are dismantling the foundation that once buttressed its greatness as a nation. The U.S., it can be easily argued, is no longer a nation because of the divisions among its people. The truth is that because of inner turmoil, the U.S. in the near future will be too weak to be influential in countering Chinese aggression in Asia. China has become an extremely powerful country and growing with power continually. Since 1970 it has accurately boasted having the world’s largest army. Since then it herald’s the world’s largest highly trained modern army with an air force and navy not far behind. You want to laugh at this then you are a fool or an idiot, or both.

China will trigger a regional war that will drag the US into that war (like the 1950–1953 Korean War). They are preparing for war the same way Germany did prior to WWII. The problem with the sequestration is it does affect the DoD disproportionately to the rest of the budget. We can’t counter the Chinese buildup like we did the Soviet Union without the cooperation of congress. Right now, the communist (liberals) in congress have their sights on getting the illegal aliens to vote for them by giving them carte blanche citizenship. Spending trillions of dollars on welfare programs and create a welfare state larger than the European Union.

True enough!!! first off-“what enemies” do the chinese have???? We are in debt to them and neither political party, the borrow us into debt Bush Jr Era republicans and the spend us into debt current Obama democrats ‚are too busy fighting each other to understand that we face a THREAT with China.

They still SUPPORT vile north Korea and they take pleasure in having hackers inside china( and probably supported and financed by PLA) launch cyber attacks on our financial and military systems. The only mission for a blue water navy for China is to go out and CHALLENGE the U.S. and its western european allies in the worlds hot spots, win over the locals that China really doesn’t care about, then sail home smug and arrogant about how they “poked the imperialist west in the eye”

My Hope is that N.Korea finally snaps and TURNS on China like the rabid dog they are, and then maybe the chinesewill figure out that world peace is truly a combined effort. They don’t really care about the N.Koreans, as it is only a pploy to force the U.S. to abandon Taiwan. I say give the Taiwanese access( not control) to nuclear arms as a deterrent, and watch the Chinese howl.….

Battleships pioneered the use of UAV’s. They’ll launch 16″ UAV’s all day long, at ranges up to 50 miles. Great bang for the buck too.

The CEO of Lockheed Martin makes $27 million a year in welfare payments from the US government. Personally, I can think of a few people who deserve it more, how about you?

The next time you go to the store and don’t buy anything marked “Made in China” you let us know, ok?

Of course the Chinese are ready so are the Russians, Remember the Chinese and Russians will pool their Resources together against the U.S. and NATO, the Chinese are preparing for war against the U.S. if one can not see that then one is blind , Putin has given a warning not just to Israel for its bombing of Syria which is in violation of international law . Putin is also giving a warning to Obama . the Chips are stacking up against the U.S. this is sweet .

Right, the U.S. is not strong enough to defeat the Peoples Republic of China, but then can one imagine when the Chinese and Russian are both knocking at America’s door, that is about to happen .

It is actually the GOP and Boehner who keep sequestration alive and well.
If we change course and increase defense spending and improve our decaying nuclear deterrence, we can persist, but time is not on our side.

America dose not have three years left

If the rest of the world blows itself up, why would there be a need to defend yourself? Defend itself from what?

“China’s military build-up shows no signs of slowing,” David Helvey, deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia, said during a press conference May 6 at the Pentagon after releasing the annual report.“__________________________________________________________________________________Well we got a lot of American companies over there helping them out so.…there ya go!. And to think, rumney and the teabaggers wanted to send more American companies there to lend more help. Apparently it’s not a real problem because the House of representatives keep letting them do it soooooo!!!

I think they both hung own their EX-Country, because the old USSR is no more…and we are still here.

I’ll let you know, like now.….and extend that same invitation to you.

we are dsimantling our ICBMs while China is fielding thousands of new warheads

Globalization and Globalization of Military weapons have some dire consequences.


No, China has a historically recorded sense of manifest destiny like many of its Occidental counterparts. China seeks to expand its size, wealth, influence and power.…it seeks a Chinese world.

Found your fetish.

Pat Buchanan, in his editorials from 2002–2008, pleaded with the Bush Administration and GOP leadership in both houses of representatives to not create policies that encouraged our manufacturing base to move to China, along with the transfer of so many dual-use technologies, manufacturing techniques, high-paying jobs, tax revenues, and so on. But he was ignored, and everything he predicted came true:
– China has been using the huge infusion of cash to build up their military
– China has been using the huge infusion of new dual use technologies and manufacturing techniques to build ever-increasing weapons systems capabilities
– China has become far more belligerent diplomatically, bullying their neighbors and throwing their weight around
– The US lost *millions* of jobs, the tax revenues, the manufacturing base, and gave away the technologies in return for short-term profits (added bonus — those 8M+ people that lost their jobs, are the same people the GOP blames for being on welfare, food stamps, etc, that their policies caused them to be on!).

Pat Buchanan was right. And we’re going to be paying for the appalling stupidity of the 2001–2008 period for decades to come.


I dont see china getting 10 super carriers anytime soon.

Being retired now for a few years, I can only laugh, reading how China is building-up its military. I worked for the DoD within an inner department hardly known, much less talked about. I can say what I am about to write about because I know the mind set of most people who would not believe it anyway. Not only that, it really isn’t all that classified except for certain technologies that are not conveyed as of yet. That mini-space shuttle that is flying around in space is more than what most people are speculating. It is testing as we speak a technology that would obliterate any country who fires missiles against any ally or the United States. It uses a S.M.A.R.T. ken-tic system that targets, locks, and destroys any and all missiles fired within seconds. It has already passed a major hurdle. Not only does it kill space vehicles it obliterates the so-called Carrier one-shot missile that China and Russia brag about. It has no chance of even getting close to a Carrier Fleet. S.M.A.R.T. is also being used to replicate our defense assets within seconds. Meaning, Raptor-22 and the 35-A is moot. What we have is more than anyone can comprehend…even our enemies. Don’t be fooled by cost over-runs and etc… All a ploy to keep our contenders and you guessing. Our technology field, as it stands, is past anything another country could ever develop. We were not stupid after WWII not to advance ourselves above and beyond what we know as technology today. We are already in the 23rd and beyond century. As like any product, we have them on shelves and bunkers, buried deep within our country. At the proper time they will be shown or used, as the case may be… Just thought you would like to know… It’s no secret… But the terms are…

The may be nipping at our @ss…but once many business start returning to the US…which is NOW happening, it will be more liek “gumming our @ss and will tickle!!


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