Controversial M-17 Sale for Afghans Remains Undecided

Controversial M-17 Sale for Afghans Remains Undecided

PARIS — Russian defense giant Rosoboronexport remains in negotiations with the U.S. on the sale of Mi-17 helicopters that will go to the fledgling Afghan air force.

The sale of the 30 helicopters remains in negotiation even though U.S. Army officials have said the sale is all but a done deal. In fact, the U.S. Army has received considerable scrutiny from Congress over the sale to include the previous blockage of the Army’s top acquisition official’s confirmation.

Alexander Mikheev, deputy director general of Rosoboronexport, said at the Paris Air Show on Monday the company remains in negotiations but remains optimistic over the deal. The U.S. Army had bought the previous Mi-17 helicopters from the Russian defense firm.

However, the increased scrutiny has come from the dealings of Rosoboronexport with Syria and the sale of weapons to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in the midst of the two-year civil war.

Last year, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, blocked the confirmation of Heidi Shyu, the Army’s top civilian acquisition official, over his concern with the contract to buy 21 Mi-17 helicopters for the Afghan air force. A year later the negotiation continues with the Russian defense firm even though they have not backed down from their commitment to the Assad regime.

U.S. Army officials have said the contract with Rosoboronexport is a necessity because the Afghan pilots are the most familiar with the Mi-17 and Rosoboronexport is the company that builds the helicopter.

Rosoboronexport along with other Russian defense companies have struck a prominent pose at the Paris Air Show as their aircraft have taken center stage with the U.S. aircraft absent from this year’s show.

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Want to leave them something how about a W-85?

The whole thing is ridiculous. We’re training peasants to be a conventional army to fight peasants. Of course the peasants who don’t have the conventional gear are winning.

M-17? Thought they came out with a new rifle, as far as the Mi-17 Helicopters go let Afghanistan buy their own. For all the blood we shed over there to free those people from the oppressive rule of the Taliban, those ingrates should be paying us. Ok they’re poor, but their country has a lot of natural resources they could use to pay us with. Same goes with Iraq.

They had better have a helluva maintenance & spares package to go with those birds. Even as tough as the Mi-17’s are (I consider them the Checker Marathon of medium-lift, general-purpose, rotor-wing aircraft.) the “cultural” gaps in technology will doom these aircraft to becoming flying junkyards. Hopefully, DOD won’t load them down with super gee-whiz avionics, and other high-maintenance, high-breakage fluff. AAF needs on-board navigation? Duct-tape a compass to the instrument panel. AAF needs an advanced targeting system? Change the Ball-to-Tracer ratio from 5:1 to 3:1. AAF needs advanced comms? Make sure there’s at least on cell-phone charger jury-rigged into the electrical system. AAF needs night-fighting capability? Don’t EVEN think about it!

JOKE: Do you know what the Pashtun word is for “preventative maintenance”? No? That’s OK, neither do the Afghans!

WTF? Buying non-US DoD item for foreign aid? Buy American!!! WTF????

Wow. Do you really believe that Rosoboronexport Builds the Mi-17v5? If so, then you also believe that the Army Acquisition Corp knows what it is doing. NOT!!!

When will the senior commanders and the federal government realize that Afghanistan is a lost cause ? They are crying the Afghans must have our money and equipment to maintain the current government. The Taliban have thousands of their fighters in the puppet government’s army. How many times have our military members been shot by uniformed Afghan soldiers. The Taliban are sitting back and laughing as they count what military equipment and infrastructure is given to the Afghanistan government, knowing that in 2014 it will be theirs. If you are old enough look back at South Vietnam. 1972 99% of US troops were pulled out. Leaving tons of equipment, including jets, boats, tanks, etc. Left them complete military installations. In a couple of short years it all got captured by the Communist North Vietnamese.

When the USA is pulling out of Afghanistan every piece of equipment we brought in MUST be taken out of country. If nothing else take it out to the Indian Ocean and dump it in deep water. Any military base we built MUST be destroyed. LEAVE THEM NOTHING. Yes the doves will say that by doing this we leave the current government defenseless. Go back to my first statement . Big deal. The current government is to weak to fight off a lone enemy soldier. Karsi plans on giving everything to the Taliban in return for his life.

OK due to congress backing Islamic murders in SYria we leave the afghan AF w/o new helicopters. How about Poland they will replace there Mi-17s with UH-60s soon why not have Poland sell A-stain used Mi-17s?

According to this article, DOD say’s its buying 30 Mi-17s for half a billion.

Maybe someone reading this can get to the right people in DOD. One of the best fixed wing airplanes for Afg ops is the Dehavilland Buffalo used by the Canadian defense forces and others. Most important it is a maintenance and logistics supportable aircraft. I am told the Egyptian AF has a number of surplus Buffalos, probably loaned to them under FMS and transferable at no cost to the taxpayer. I am told the EAF has a good maintenance record on the Buffalo. While I am not sure all of this is true, it should be easy for someone in the DOD FMS management to determine. Can anyone help? I have tried the congressional but no answer.

we stop veterans from getting benefits, try to make military pay more deductibles for their medical, then we give syria $300,000,000.00 after supplying the aftgans helo’s(and very nice ones)so they can be used by the taliban in 6 months or the taliban will drop them like a duck hit with a 12 ga. at 20 ft. i can be wrong but i am under the impression that this helo can be knocked down very easily from ground fire.

They kept a small number of helis airborne with miracles and prayer during the undersupplied Northern Alliance days.

Considering what happened to Najibullah, he’d be a dumbass if he accepted anything less than military strongman.

love it

Belated second to the motion…
but given our CIC pulled the rug out from under the Polish Govt on missile defense on the anniversary of Stalin’s invasion, don’t see it happening. Oh my bad, not invasion… response to Hitler’s invasion. Stalin was communist so he probably thought it was a liberation.


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