Lawmakers Protect Funding to Refurbish Humvees

Lawmakers Protect Funding to Refurbish Humvees

A U.S. House of Representatives panel has preserved funding to refurbish Humvees despite an Army request to shift some of the money to pay for more urgent needs.

The House Armed Services Committee, headed by Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., denied the service’s request to transfer $171 million from a program to refurbish, or re-capitalize, the iconic four-wheel drive High Mobility Multi-purposed Wheeled Vehicle, or HMMWV, known as Humvee and made by AM General LLC, based in South Bend, Ind.

“These funds are necessary … to sustain reset as units return home from Afghanistan and other deployments,” McKeon and Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., the highest-ranking Democrat on the panel, wrote to Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale in a letter dated June 21 and obtained by Military​.com. “Rapid reset is vital to overall unit readiness, and … these vehicles could be used to address current shortfalls in the Army National Guard.”

The Humvee program had the highest transfer amount denied by the committee in its latest review of the Defense Department’s overall request to shift $9.6 billion to pay for higher-than-expected war costs and other expenses.

The Army originally planned on spending $271 million in fiscal 2013, which ends Sept. 30, to upgrade 2,128 of the light trucks, for an average cost of $127,350 per vehicle, according to budget documents.

The work is performed at the Army’s Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, Texas, where workers rebuild the trucks and install upgraded components such as frame rails, air conditioning and on-board vehicle power systems.

In other big-ticket programs, the panel also denied proposals to transfer $140 million from the Air Force’s Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures, $128 million from the Army’s battlefield communications network Warfighter Information Network-Tactical and $33 million from the Air Force’s C-130 cargo plane.

The panel deferred decisions on a number of other high-dollar transfers, including $563 million from blast-resistant trucks known as Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, or MRAPs, $101 million from medium-duty trucks called Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, or FMTVs, and $97 million from the self-propelled howitzer known as M109 Paladin Integrated Management.

In smaller-ticket items — but ones that drew the harshest criticism from lawmakers — the committee denied requests to transfer a total of almost $32 million from the Air Force’s research and development account for advanced technology development, specifically, advanced materials for weapons systems, aerospace propulsion, and power technology and manufacturing technology program.

“The Department would be foolish to think that it could so blatantly disregard both congressional priorities and prerogatives in determining funding levels for programs supporting national defense,” the letter states. “The committee expects that future reprogramming requests should not attempt a similar tactic of brazenly disregarding the role of Congress in determining sufficient levels of funding for programs.”

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See the problem coming the House put all the GOP pork into this defense bill the Senate will not adopt it. The House wont take the cuts in t he senate bill so we get another CR for this year.

Doesn’t the Army and Air Force know better what they do and do not need???

I’ve got a suggestion.

Why don’t we just let the industry lobbyists write the entire Pentagon budget directly, and do away with this charade involving the “lawmakers” in Congress? It would save considerable time and produce often identical results.

Kinda sick isn’t it? They cut the budget — AND THEN tell DOD how to spend the crumbs!

Yep, goes for the entire US budget, and on the state levels. And you wonder why the country is going downhill. Politics and budgets should be made on scientific evidence, on what’s best for a country’s whole. Not a few people who want better for themselves only. Why refurbish humvee’s? Can’t drive around the base in a bit broken down humvee? And they’re going to be replaced anyway. Plus Afghanistan has MRAP’s, not many humvees. Why refurbish an outgoing model. In the face of budget cuts like these, it would be very smart to listen to the Pentagon in how it wants to allocate it’s monies.

It’s all a jobs program. Corporate welfare. Economic stimulus for the smarter-than-the-average-taxpayer business types, who believe they are “entitled” to such public largess. Much of standard business model is shifting costs to taxpayers through subsidies, tax breaks, and low taxes. It’s why we’re reverting to the old English model of aristocrats and poor. And why we will see one crisis after another. The world (and pension funds) need to STOP buying US Treasuries and subsidizing this federal Ponzi scheme for near zero interest rates. Then the Budget Control Act and its sequestration provision would cap stupid spending. But I have near zero expectations. Congress was elected to bring home the bacon to their districts and states. Our children will simply default on debt that means nothing to them. Then America will truly be a thrid-rate power.

What does a new Humvee cost?

Revised contract from 2012 makes them around $146,000
Having RRAD do these is just a jobs program, a complete waste. You can have a new vehicle for $20k more. The reset vehicles will never be the same quality as new.

What does a new Humvee cost?

They originally cost an average of $88,000. But nothing costs what it did back in the early 1980’s.

I’m getting ready to be furloughed, starting next week, and they are forcing us to refurb vehicles we no longer want.……nice.…

I didn’t like it at first but it is a decent vehicle. It fills the role as it was designed. It was NOT designed to direct action roles and is not defensible against IEDs. We need to keep it and the MRAPS and the Abrams and the Bradley. We also need a new armoured ambulance to replace that POS the M113/M577 series of ancient slow dangerous to crews vehicles!! I still think the Army bit it when it took the LAV-25 and turned it to the Stryker which is too heavy and wide and can’t fit in all but basic mode in a C-130!! Why can’t we use the ambulance version to replace the M113/M577 ambulances??

Isn’t that what happened with Obamacare???

I read a news article lately about one of these vehicles that looks like the updated Humvees. It said that the Army was going to dismantle them.….and that they cost one million apiece. I was shocked.…especially because they were being dismantled. Why?

AMPV will have two medical variants. We can even afford them, if the Army will stop pretending that GCV is an urgent priority and focus on the much more critical problem of replacing the M113 family.

the vehicle is so wide that we had to reduce our fire power by spliting the team, part for security of the vehicle and part for the men walking down the narrow streets. new vehicle should be narrow, light and fast. forget the multi-purpose vehicle, just give the military what it needs for soldiers on patrol when doing that job. i did not see patrols dragging a laundry, commo.,med, or a mobile mess hall while doing the job. for that matter most of the equipment designed to be towed by the hummer is still in the depot somewhere conus. nothing is going to meet all the needs and nothing will stop the enemy from destroying vehicles, i saw mraps blown to pieces.

Because they were built to placate the American public who believes the American military shouldn’t be taking any casualties. So we put them in these very expensive coffins that didn’t really help. If you want to defeat an insurgent force, you need to get out of your damn vehicles and hunt them down! How do you think they travel around the country? On foot and by pickup truck, and you don’t hear about them getting blown up by IEDs. You can’t win any war of you’re not willing to lose thousands of soldiers in the process.

So now we’re cutting them in Afghanistan and selling them for scrap. We would have been better off if we just paid them not to fight us, like we did in Iraq (remember all those local militias we paid not to fight us)? It would have been far cheaper. Sometimes we Americans are so stupid when it comes to “playing war.”

American infantrymen do not travel around on the battlefield in pickup trucks. Must be confusing us with the Taliban.

Medical vehicles have to be able to go anywhere, any time. That is the nature of the business. This post reflects the biases of a COIN army that goes to sleep in barracks.

“If you want to defeat an insurgent force, you need to get out of your damn vehicles and hunt them down! How do you think they travel around the country? On foot and by pickup truck”

Pretty sure he meant the insurgents use pickup trucks, but don’t forget motorcycles/mopeds and wearing burkas when on foot to get close.

We should just move all the hardware into the Panjshir Valley, and pay the Tajiks to protect it.

Then when Karzai gets his head put on a stick, we’ll re-arm the Northern Alliance and let the Tajiks and Uzbeks rule the place. Pashtuns don’t want to play nice-then we’ll sic Dostum on you.

IEDs can kill and maim foot soldiers. They are called mines. Likewise with pickup trucks. No — I don’t defend poor patrolling and reconnaissance practices that cause mounted troops to blunder into an ambush. Dismount when needed. Better still, put eyes on the bad guys, bell the cat so that you can catch him when he comes out of hiding. Cleanse, rinse, repeat. And — oh by the way — I won’t complain if you go in mounted to the fight.

The arny stripped the national guard of its equippment then scraps it in afganistan and leaves the guard with nothing at home. Some one in the house relized this and made the decision to rectify the situation.

That’s all we need…is more Humvee DEATH TRAPS!!!! Haven’t they killed and maimed enough of the troops by now???

The problem is that the rebuilding of the Humvees is an effective use of funds.
The crumbs you refer to are hundreds of millions of dollars.
If left up to the brass, they run out and buy several hundred dollar toilet lids.
The vehicles in question are going to National Guard units stateside.
At present, the vehicles are unusable junk, the Army is getting a smackdown after buying crap, overpriced crap.

The canvas-sided M998s with no frills were $88k. The fully armored and equipped M1152s are $250k or so. The Army is currently divesting itself of much of the soft-skin fleet. They’re being turned in by the thousands to the depots probably to save maintenance dollars and get ready for the JLTV fleet whenever that arrives.

Not sure where you get that we stripped the Guard and left them to rot. The 81st ABCT in Washington state was issued a complete set of command and control systems (radios, tents, BFTs) and their entire vehicle force reset. Everything still had the plastic on it when they took it to their Annual Training last summer.

what about all of the pork and waste on the civil programs that still don’t have checks and balances, ie…free cell phone, food stamps, section 8 housing, and the longest running WAR!! The War on POVERTY 40ys Plus. and the Second longest war! War on Drugs! 30yr Plus. by the way GM charges US 70K per base unit, Retrograde is about 20 — 30K, Up-Armor per unit cost about 150k –200k. While you can go out to the local GM dealer and purchase a base unit 35K — 50K. the Real question comes in to play where’s the IG or AG to ensure that we are buying them for 25K at MFG cost?


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