Rep. Hunter Recovering from Spinal Surgery

Rep. Hunter Recovering from Spinal Surgery

The Capitol Hill press corps was quick to spot Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., in a neck brace today.

Hunter, a former Marine who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, showed up at a hearing of the House Armed Services Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee with a plastic harness around his neck.

Turns out the congressman didn’t get into a physical altercation with the Army’s chief of staff, Gen. Raymond Odierno. (The two recently got into a spat over the service’s battlefield intelligence system.)

Rather, he’s recovering from spinal surgery, according to a staffer. Hunter underwent a procedure called cervical spinal fusion to repair a disc that degenerated after he injured his back while serving in the Corps.

The surgery took place about three weeks ago and required an incision in the neck, the staffer said. The brace is designed to limit the vertical movement of his neck to let the bones fuse.

The 36-year-old congressman is expected to be out of the brace this week, the staffer said. Still, it didn’t stop him from needling Navy officials about the troubled Littoral Combat Ship, or LCS.

“If you had to go up against a China or a North Korea, the LCS is not the best ship for that scenario,” he said. “It’s great for the Strait of Hormuz. It’s great for other areas. But with the Asia pivot, it’s not what you want. You want more cruisers. You want more subs that have the survivability against the long-range threat.”

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I’m just so glad to hear that someone in Congress has a spine. None of the rest of the invertebrates would say anything against that little crappy ship. Obviously we need more people like Representative Hunter.

Anterior Cervical Corpectomy With Fusion: It’s a delicate operation that uses bone either from the person or from a cadaver, attached to the vertebrae to stabilize them following “cleaning out” the debris of fractured bone elements.
Usually C4, C5 or both. My spouse had the operation, and it took her almost a year to completely recover and for the bone fusion to permanently “set.” Has to be done by a surgeon who specializes in that procedure.

I had the same anterior surgery a few years ago and haven’t had any further pain problems in the cervical neck area. My prayers go out as I know how painful that can be, although I didn’t serve in Iraq, naturally conditions can have many various etiologies. Get well soon!

A scenario that comes to mind would be to take this technology and embed it into a more military or operational-based pattern.

Yup, until he calls for tactical nukes against Iran.

He otherwise seems like a pretty sane fellow.


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