U.S. Buys Time in Delaying F-16 Delivery to Egypt

U.S. Buys Time in Delaying F-16 Delivery to Egypt

The White House’s decision to delay a shipment of F-16 fighter jets to Egypt may buy the U.S. some time to sort through its complicated aid package to the country.

President Barack Obama this week opted to stop a planned shipment of four of the Lockheed Martin Corp.-made aircraft to Egypt after military forces ousted President Mohamed Morsi and other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood from government.

“It’s not appropriate right now for that delivery to move forward,” Josh Earnest, the White House’s principal deputy press secretary, said yesterday during a press briefing aboard Air Force One en route Jacksonville, Fla., according to an official transcript. He echoed comments made a day earlier by Pentagon Press Secretary George Little.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has reportedly informed Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, the head of Egypt’s military, of the decision.

When asked whether the administration’s move was an effort to motivate or punish the Egyptian military, Earnest said, “We’re continuing to review our obligations under the law, as it relates to all of this, and we’re hopeful that officials in Egypt will continue to take the steps necessary to expeditiously move toward a democratically elected government in that country.”

The fighter jets are part of a larger deal Egypt brokered with the Defense Department. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency in 2009 notified Congress of a possible $3.2 billion potential sale to Egypt of 24 F-16C/D models and associated weapons, equipment and parts. Twenty of the aircraft were to be delivered in 2013.

The agency in 2011 informed lawmakers of a potential $1.33 billion sale to Egypt of 125 M1A1 Abrams tanks made by General Dynamics Corp. and associated weapons, equipment and parts. The country is in the process of buying a total of 1,200 of the combat vehicles.

In addition to the planes and tanks, Egypt purchases American-made ships, helicopters, missiles and other weaponry with the help of U.S. military aid that totals $1.3 billion a year, according to a June report from the Congressional Research Service. The country also receives about $250 million in economic assistance, bringing the total U.S. aid package to about $1.55 billion a year, according to the CRS.

However, lawmakers say a special financing arrangement, known as cash-flow financing, effectively allows Egypt to place orders for weapons that are worth more than what it receives each year in assistance, according to a July 26 article in The Washington Post.

“It has gotten us into a situation where we are mortgaged years into the future for expensive equipment,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., told the newspaper.

The privilege — which is also granted to Israel — makes it harder to shut off aid, as is legally required to happen when a democratically elected government is deposed by a military coup or decree, according to the report.

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Stop sending military aid to the Middle East. The US uses a small percentage of their crude oil. Not like the early daysof OPEC.

This includes Israel. Let them fight amongst themselves. Stop war fighting on their soil with troops on the ground. Once they stop fighting each other we then either trade with the winner, leave them alone or nuke them into glass.

I know this sounds cold blooded cold hearted. I don’t care. Tired of filling body bags with US service members. Only to give the enemy back everything these members fought and died for.

For those who reply to this I ask you to have been in a warzone fighting unit. No REMF remarks or comments from those who never served.

Could at least get a picture of an F-16 not an F-18

The Air force just realized that with the new “pivot” to the Pacific that they now have to fly over water
so they are buying F-18’s now ;-P


I don’t know why the fact that it has a picture of an F/A-18 instead of an F-16 bugs me, but it really does bug me.

I see your point but I am almost happier that they decided to NOT photoshop an F-16 into their only stock shot of the pyramids.

Better go back through aircraft ID 101. That is an F-16. Single vertical stabilizer and stove pipe underbelly intake. Nowhere near an F-18.

Wait so when the country was run by a Islamist who wished to put the entire nation under the boot of extremism it was OK but when after the largest protest ever seen and the entire country almost admits he was trying to enslave them all so the military gets him out.….….….….….


Washington is full of absolute morons.

the one in the picture above is an f-16…its you who can’t distinguish and f-16 from f-18

“As U.S. lawmakers weigh measures to restrict aid to Egypt, one crucial consideration is being largely overlooked: Shutting off the defense materiel pipeline to Cairo would take several years and ensnare the United States in an unprecedented contractual quandary.“

True, but the fact is, the US is supposed to be a law abiding nation. Well, many of those laws were stomped upon in the previous decade (and many times since ww2), but if you have a clear law saying: WE DO NOT give military aid to a nation which has underwent a coup d’etat, you look very silly just going on. Might as well scrap all laws or openly become a dictatorship. Morsi, idiot that he was, WAS indeed democratically elected, and the elections were overseen by unbiased agents. He was indeed imprisoned and overthrown. I agree with the actions that took him down, but it’s still a coup. Which is why we now see the US saying: it’s not really a coup, more a coupe light or whatever. So they will still be getting those weaponries, but delayed a little bit. Let’s be honest, you people pay for the weapons of many nations, and that weaponry buys you jobs at Lockheed FW, and ‘allies’. Well I wouldn’t want to cut off EGYPT if I wanted to be a influential player in the Middle East.

Been in Egypt in april by the way, at Sharm el Sheikh in the red sea. Very nice snorkeling there. Didn’t see much else other than fish and fellow tourists haha.

Good old Obama wont sell military weapons to normal Military allies. But to anti Israel and people murdering Muslims that’s Obama.

Exactly. Strange that our government only wishes to arm radical Islamists and the Bro’hood… Libya, Egypt, Syria.…..

Which allies would those be that don’t get to suck at the teat of foreign aid funneled into FMS?

Let me get this straight. We taxpayers are forced to cough up billions to GIVE to Egypt so they can then afford to buy our Jets and tanks. Then we call this a “purchase ” to make it look like they bought it all with their own money.

Not a big deal. We haven’t repudiated the delivery yet; we are indeed buying time until the Egyptian government sorts things out. If Egypt bitches a lot, I’m sure they have more deliveries bought and paid for that they are risking. Bear in mind that these F-16’s were ordered two years ago…throw a fit and we’ll cancel everything from here on out, which jeopardizes deliveries for at least two years, and the opportunity cost of deliveries from two years out from here.

Egypt’s military machine may suffer if maintenance is also withdrawn or stopped for two years. They could bootstrap Iran style, but it’ll be tough. It’s possible neighbors may attempt to take a bite. Iran survived on illict shipments during Iraq-Iran, Egypt may not have that luxury.

its an F16 f18 Hornets have duel rudders and two engines per requirement of navy

At least we could get some Egyption sheets and bedding out of this deal.

They changed it. NOW it has a picture of an F-16. Earlier it had an F/A-18.

Blame Carter. The Arab Israeli Peace treaty gives both Egypt and Israel billions every year. Basically the US gave Egypt a better deal than the Soviets could and Israel a payoff to sign the agreement. But, we have had relative peace around Israel since 1973 and a fairly stable regime in Egypt that was somewhat western leaning.

Only one commentor got it right. We shouldn’t be providing weapons to either side so they can fight like children about religion. War and death is a core American industry. The US sells (or gives) weapons to ANY country (paid for by taxpayers) so we can keep the defense industry going. Using borrowed foreign money, our grandkids will pay us back by finally forcing the US to declare bankruptcy, wiping out all those military and government pensions, and sending grandma and grandpa off to the slums (I mean senior citizen center), where they can eat mush and watch WW2 movie reruns, dreaming of the days when the US was a great power!

We thought you were the big aircraft authority around here … pffff. Can’t tell the diff betw a Falcon and a Hornet? Sheesh.

I’m flattered you think I’m the big authority on aircraft. Thanks for the compliment. ;)

In the meantime you can have a look at some F-16 photos and find out which one is F-16 :) :

only a very sick fubar person would send f-16 s to egypt!!!!! FUBO!


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