Iraq May Buy $2.4 Billion Air Defense System

Iraq May Buy $2.4 Billion Air Defense System

The U.S. Defense Department has alerted Congress to a possible sale to Iraq of a $2.4 billion integrated air defense system.

The Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency said the Iraqi government has requested the equipment, including 40 truck-mounted Avenger fire units made by Boeing Co., 681 Stinger surface-to-air missiles made by Raytheon Co. and 216 medium-range Hawk missiles also made Raytheon, among other products.

“This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country,” the agency said in a statement dated Aug. 5.

The government of Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion a decade ago has sought to rebuild its military in part with American-made equipment, including M1 Abrams tanks made by General Dynamics Corp., F-16 fighter jets and C-130 cargo planes made by Lockheed Martin Corp. and armed scout helicopters made by Textron Inc.‘s Bell Helicopter unit.

As of 2012, the Pentagon’s $11.6 billion foreign military sales program with Iraq was the fourth-largest in the region and the ninth-largest in the world, Peter Verga, chief of staff to the undersecretary of defense for policy, said last year during a congressional hearing, according to an account of the event.

In a foreign military sale, the U.S. buys weapons or equipment on behalf of a foreign government. Countries approved to participate in the program may obtain military hardware or services by using their own funding or money provided through U.S.-sponsored assistance programs.

The U.S. since 2005 has offered Iraq some $35 billion in weapons and services, though only about $8 billion of that involve deals implemented or approved by the U.S. government, according to William Hartung, an author and director at the Center for International Policy, a Washington, D.C.-based research organization.

Some of the high-profile sales to Iraq already underway include 140 M1 Abrams tanks, 18 F-16s (with a pending order for another 18 of the jets), six C-130s, and other aircraft and combat vehicles, according to a research note by Hartung.

The war in Iraq has cost U.S. taxpayers $1.7 trillion, with another $490 billion owed to combat veterans, for a projected cost of $2.2 trillion — far more than the initial Office of Management and Budget estimates of between $50 billion and $60 billion, according to a study released this year by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.

What’s more, because the war was funded by borrowing, interest charges may ultimately total more than $3.9 trillion — bringing the final cost of the war to more than $6 trillion over the next four decades, according to the report.

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And terrorists would have more targets.… Focus on ground first. Provide basic AA only is enough now when you have “friends” nearby.

“The war in Iraq has cost U.S. taxpayers $1.7 trillion, with another $490 billion owed to combat veterans, for a projected cost of $2.2 trillion — far more than the initial Office of Management and Budget estimates of between $50 billion and $60 billion, according to a study released this year by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.

What’s more, because the war was funded by borrowing, interest charges may ultimately total more than $3.9 trillion — bringing the final cost of the war to more than $6 trillion over the next four decades, according to the report.” — article

Well, who to point fingers to?

True. But really, these systems aren’t out in the open. Their in protected bases. Iraq may be a tad volatile right now, but now that much as to entire army bases being attacked. They need this, not only against Iran (actually quite the ally for them), not really for Israel (aipac would never allow congress to sell such weaponry), but probably against the Saudi’s and Gulf countries (in the mid future). Iraq is now shiite ruled, as it should be, and the sunnis don’t really love them too much. America sells more weaponry, you guys win. So don’t you decide how some arab nation spends it’s petrodollars, be happy it comes to YOU people, instead of us Euro’s, who design lately much better missiles (MDBA etc). Be glad, and toast!

Since the new Iraqi government is a pro-Iranian and Assad group I think arms deals are counter productive. I think the fact these weapons will end up in Syrian Terrorist and some in Iranian hands for them to copy will prove the Iraq adventure was a waste of time all along.

Everything that has happened in Iraq since 2003 proves that Republican invasion of Iraq is a disaster and a waste of everything from resources to human lives. That ship has sailed. Sell them weapons. Assad is better than religious terrorists in Syria. Or would you like 200.000 timothy mcveighs in that country?

More Hawk missiles? Perfect, Iran needed new hardware to reverse-engineer into /their/ Shah-era Hawks.

Avengers, eh? This wouldn’t be the first time we dropped them off in the Middle East few-questions-asked. On the plus side, they should only be a concern to helicopters…on the minus side, anything you export will probably end up in the hands you least want them to be.

I’m sure the stocks of certain companies increased in value…hooray, value to shareholder.

I’m sure Giant Cannon Incorporated’s share prices skyrocketed when Mehmed bought them to bring down the walls of Constantinople…shortly afterwards, the board of directors was forcibly converted and the resistors beheaded.

“The war in Iraq has cost U.S. taxpayers $1.7 trillion, with another $490 billion owed to combat veterans, for a projected cost of $2.2 trillion — far more than the initial Office of Management and Budget estimates of between $50 billion and $60 billion, according to a study released this year by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.”

“What’s more, because the war was funded by borrowing, interest charges may ultimately total more than $3.9 trillion — bringing the final cost of the war to more than $6 trillion over the next four decades, according to the report.”

Since when do we cost future medical care into the costs of a war? Since when is a war not paid for on credit? Since when do we include interest costs?

Ans. When we have writers with clear political agendas.

Change the blog to DemocratDoDBuzz or do the same level of analysis over Afghanistan’s cost on the next story about providing, (Uh I mean selling) the Afghans Russian Helos or Super Tucanos…

Was 1.7 trillion even worth it good major? I suppose not. Seen as how Iraq is now an ALLY of Iran, instead of a US controlled proxy. Pretty much was the entire sense of the war. Secondly, the Asiatic hordes are the ones buying up all the oil, not the West (they pay more). second loss. It made the entire world hate America (partially rightly so) third loss. See, we don’t colonize and invade people anymore. If attacked, that’s a different story. Iraq wasn’t even a fart in the US’s living room. So yes, it was a total fiasco, and many republicans and officials of that duration need to be hung in public for everybody to see:)

“Was 1.7 trillion even worth it good major?” Not the issue but there are articles are out there arguing the point. Google is your friend. Was the additional five tril in debt we incurred over the last four years worth it? My point is the left leaning politics and bias injected into the article.

“we don’t colonize and invade people anymore.” Uh you might want to relook the politics behind Libya dude.

As for the Europeans hating us, they always have until their bacon is in the fire.

I love when “Concerned Europeans” chime into our defense discussions. They don’t have any of their own, they rely on the US to provide their security and don’t have to pay taxes for it. What a deal! That’s why Europe has cradle to grave socialism. We paid your security bill. Freeloaders and elitists still, the reason we left the place in the first place.

The Only Stable Area In The Middle East Is The Area Of Hate. Give nothing to any country there. Sell them nothing but weapons that explode as soon as they touch them. Stop whining about the past. Learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes. If you want to political troll go to Facebook.

To be fair, that inventor tried to sell his cannon to the Byzantines first but they didn’t want it. I’m not even sure if that’s relevant but it sounded funny in my head.

I don’t hate America, neither do most Europeans. What we hate sometimes is anti-science, anti-evidence based politics. Because that’s inferior. We hate inferiority. When the US came and helped us we loved them, and also when they protected us from the Asiatic hordes in the Soviet Union. But when they started wars left and right (like we have done in our entire history minus the last 50 years), we started to sour. When you value human life as the most precious thing in the world, you go to war less, and send in more diplomats. Libya indeed, but that wasn’t a 1.7 trillion war. At best 10 billion. Bomb some old tanks and ships, and let the peasants clean it up. Smart war as it were. See the difference?

For as much as the world “hates us,” not much has changed. The UN still expects us to get involved in everyone’s business, we still have military bases across the world and train foreign militaries, the world still does most of its business in dollars, and whenever there’s a natural disaster and a US Navy helicopter shows up its hasn’t been turned away.

“Iraq May Buy $2.4 Billion Air Defense System”. Yes of course they will buy it, and it will be paid for by the US taxpayers.

Right on major.. I was thinking the same while reading the comments.. This website is starting to shift very left..

You used the word “hate” now you’re backpedaling, how European.

Europe hasn’t started any wars in the last 50 years? Yes, the Egyptians invaded England/France causing them to seize the Suez as well as the half dozen or so interventions in Africa. Who from Mali invaded France? Have you heard of Cyprus, Bosnia, Serbia, Libya?

Puhlease! The selective memory and attempt to preach is falling flat.

War is horrible but we’ve quite a way to go before we reach of fraction of the bloodshed European power politics has inflicted on the world in the last century. You guys need to listen a heck of a lot more than preach. BTW the last 50 years of relative European peace you’re crowing about has been provided Europe courtesy of us war mongering Americans. It’s absurd to think you have a lesson to teach anyone besides relying on someone else to pay for your security.

True all that you say. But you can’t argue that ‘hawks’ are bad for human life. Mali was a small intervention, aimed at preventing terrorism from gaining a foothold in our doorstep. You would have done the same if venezuela was a muslim nation traning islamic rebels (and we would have shut up). But invading nations 10k miles away? For what. Honest now, you know Iraq was a huge lie for oil. I would have even applauded it if those incompetent Republican bureaucrats could have WON IT and owned the oil. Alas, they didn’t. Serbia is more akin to the US civil war (in the sense that it was a large country (forcefully made up of smaller countries/populations) that seperated from each other. With this, there were big problems and war ensued. We’re talking Western Europe. And btw, we are ‘reconstruing them’ (former yugoslavia is joining the EU slowly), like the south was done by the north.

Indeed you helped us through Nato the last 50 years, and let’s not bring hitler etc into it. We are talking about 2013. Not the long past.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. But wars like Vietnam and Iraq were right wing wet dreams and had NOTHING to do with national security. War away based on national security, I applaud you. Don’t war based on a chicken hawk’s wet dream. Lindsay Graham loves seeing men sweat, I hate to see men killed and injured.

Have we lost our freaking minds?????? Not no, but hell no!!!!! I mean, seriously??????

Funny…seems to me Europeans go to war less now because they can’t afford it, not because they suddenly had some fantastic revelation about the preciousness of human life.

So “little” interventions are OK. LOL, European hypocrisy. Hawks are bad if you’re a mouse. I guess you have weasels in Europe.

And that little Serbia civil war? Puhlease! You guys couldn’t wait 50 years before you had another good rootin’ tootin’ genocide which AGAIN you had to rely on the US to stop. The selective memory and attempt to preach is ludicrous.

BTW, that’s less than 20 years ago and we’ve been there the whole time to keep the peace you “civilized peace loving” Europeans couldn’t.

Stop arguing before some tin pot third world country takes notice and we have to bail your butt out of the next fight you can’t finish.

Vietnam was a right wing wet dream? You know that Kennedy and Johnson were Democrats? And LBJ was about as left as they’ve come.

You’re right that Lindsey Graham has been pushing a little too hard to play in Syria.

Kennedy was pulling out of Vietnam. Many say that’s why he’s killed. Who know’s you nor me do.
LBJ was indeed a ‘domestic’ liberal. He freed many ‘slaves’ and tried to clean up the stench of American racism, and gave many elderly and poor health care. God love him. He was indeed a foreign policy ‘hawk’, which is what will hunt his soul forever. Indeed you can be left and right at the same time.

The domino theory almost reads like a plot by the military industrial complex. Fight EVERY single communist nation. Great, guess what Einsteins: back then POVERTY bread communism. Meaning the US would have to attack every nation in the 3rd world (which was all countries except north america and Europe/japan and Oceania).

You should have let it run it’s course, except for the most strategic parts (europe and south america) which you did. It was a disaster waiting to collapse anyway, communism.

How is Serbia Europe? It’s like saying Mississippi is America. It isn’t. Maybe some states are ignorant redneck states, not all by a long shot. Serbia is our inbred. We smacked it around and now it’s quiet. How can you ommit Germany and the rest of Western Europe in this?

Ps: we are not a mouse. The EU has a huge trade surplus with the US. Some would say that’s the economic war we’re winning. No need for guns and tank. Just products. Those cars you like to drive. Those luxury products you like to wear and consume. All made here. That’s not a mouse.

Uh Nam was presided and escalated during a Democrat administration. You leftists damn the right if it’s right, wrong, not in power or not even present.

Europeans hate to see men killed and injured? How would you know? We’ve doing most if not all your fighting for you for the last half century.

You guys don’t hate to see men killed and injured as much as you detest not manipulating countries in your old world politics. That’s where 90% of Europe’s anger at the US emanates from as you wear blue jeans, play rap and eat at McDonald’s.

Hawk??? Really??? That missile system is ancient! (And easily jammed)

See, our OLD politics are your NEW politics. The problem is, we’ve learned from our mistakes. Yes, the world would have probably twice the population if all our wars hadn’t ravaged the world in past times. But most of those were done by dictators, or just in times when we didn’t look at the subject much. This is now. Why repeat our mistakes? In the end nobody wins. Who really won in Iraq? Iran?

what stops them from selling to enemy for retribution or profit …and do we really trust them… who are they … them Sinai or the other guys or what… yeah… sounds like Iran/ Afghanistan … give them the guns to fight us
later… have we learned anything from body bags besides economics

No, if we were practicing your old politics you’d be carrying the majority of the burden of our conflicts. E.G. England provided a minority of the forces to defeat Napoleon.

” the world would have probably twice the population if all our wars hadn’t ravaged the world in past times. But most of those were done by dictators..” Uh, you forgot to add EUROPEAN dictators to that line. It’s an important adjective.

We aren’t repeating your mistakes. We have no colonies paying tribute or taxes. As imperfect as we are idealism, values and principles often trump European realpolitik.

“How is Serbia Europe?” See an atlas. BTW, when we have issues in Mississippi we don’t ask the Europeans to park a division and squadrons of aircraft to fix our problem.

The EU is an economic powerhouse, somewhere behind the US. The powerhouse would slow to a crawl if it had to actually worry about defending itself.

Mice are important. They give something for cats to play with. :)

Capitalism at its best right?

Yay, a political flamewar.

How predictable.

Every serviceman an ambassador eh?

We’d have made the entire world want to nuke us if this was the common dialogue.

Seems like our pol’s haven’t learned a thing since we sold 78 F-14 Tomcats to the Shah of Iran only to have him deposed and now the ‘Cats are a capable threat. The Iranians ‚if i remember correctly have fixed the fire control systems to handle foreign Missiles. When we worked the software for the IIAF, Grumman disabled the ECM capabilities in the aircraft and maybe a few other things as well. Just in case we might have to go against them in the future. Now it is the future, and we are going to use them as targets. So, why do we give (excuse me SELL) advance weapon systems to use against us? Because our pol’s and the Military industrials prefer to make a buck instead of bombing the Islamist’s BACK TO THE STONE AGE where they belong.

A perfect system for the upcoming Terrorists of Iraq and their fellow Moslems fight against ALL non-believers which are the Christians of he world! Tell the Iraqis to start paying back some of the cost (financial) we spent in cleansing their lands until el Sadr takes control.…As for men let their own pay that price forever in their future.…Sell then all the sling shots they can handle!!!

Fricken-a-tweety sir!

Hey I fully advocate people being able to independently act: like FRance .Always a big mouth, but needs help from the US (tankers/transports etc). Even GB. So those too yes. Europe has a bigger GDP than the US. But indeed you’re still the powerhouse because of a common defence and foreign policy.

But kid yourself not Major, the US loves to be in Europe. It gets to retain some influence that way. Like bribery. It’s not like many European countries haven’t been crying to get those b61 the F out of here. The US won’t allow it. So it’s not just us begging you to stay. Your government wants to be here.

Our wars, our dictators. I thought that was clear. Values like ‘exporting democracy’? Please. That was idiotic version of realpolitik. Don’t think America ever intervenes when it’s not in it’s own interest. Anyway, colonialism has also changed. No longer do you send a ‘governor’ (bremer), or collect taxes .It’s about geostrategical positions and influence.

Majr, does it matter who factored in the costs? The fact is the extra costs are going to be there, no matter how you label it, or when those costs are going to take affect. Everyone, regardless of party affiliation, knows who went into Iraq, the lies that were told to excuse the action, and the end result being a nation that isn’t exactly in favor of the US. IMO, this country’s foreign policy went out the window a very long time ago, before the first Persian Gulf conflict. Our country has become the world police, depending upon the President. Instead of “investing” money to countries that harbor terrorists, countries that change governments like people change underwear or countries we have no business in dealing with, that money should be invested in our own country. In fact, the US should pull out of the United Nations, withdraw our military forces from ALL overseas bases and use the money saved from those actions to better our own country. Republicans want a smaller government, but a BIG military, there is no need for a bigger military. This country takes actions or makes decisions about supporting one faction of one country all in the name of protecting our own interests. What interests exactly do we have in Syria, Egypt, Yemen? Terrorism or the support of it in those countries, isn’t exactly an interest, it’s just another excuse to take military action in one form or another. And our country wonders why the majority of the rest of the world doesn’t like us.

The disgusting nature of a majority of these Foreign Military Sales contracts is that too large a portion of the tab isn’t even paid for by the nation it’s going to, but rather, you guessed it, the burden is shouldered by the American taxpayer.

The funneling, redirection, misallocation, mis-appropriation, and general unaccountability of where American revenue is spent is truly the greatest travesty of our ~democratic~ system.

Democracy at its greatest?
Since when does the American taxpayer have any measurable say where all of our tax revenue goes?

In a time of fiscal auterity and the condemnation that America has become a welfare nation, maybe the first cuts should to foreign aid.

Paging my Congressman…what, they’re in recess, AGAIN??? NOW?

It SHOULD be neither left nor right.
I’d prefer it stayed more of an authority on reporting technical matters,
but yes, sadly, too many of these discussions degenerate into political blame games,
going so far off topic of the original headline.

I would be very careful about selling Iraq any Military hardware at this time.

That’s the whole idea. A strategic plan going back 20 odd years to establish and open up a new market, a new customer for American industries supply arms to employ Americans, to feed Americans. That ‘s the ultimate aim and the bottom line, and Americans must not lose sight of that. The end justified the means.

If Iraq is buying, that means they will be doing the paying…Explain how their buying will be paid for by US taxpayers.

How so? Thought they weren’t receiving military aid from the US?

Oh please. First it was oil to feed the machine, now it’s guns to feed the machine.…

“Since when does the American taxpayer have any measurable say where all of our tax revenue goes?”

Since never actually. We’re a representative democracy. We vote for other people to make those decisions and have to live with their incompetence for a few years at a time. We keep reelecting them because they figured out long ago how to bribe us with our own tax money and enough of us actually like it.

this might be the stupid thing the US could do. Why would be provide the arms that would be effect in taking down our own aircraft? one of the problems we faced was stinger missiles now we are going to give almost 700 more to Iraq which is just a matter time before it is over run with Taliban and they have control of these weapons. Lets be real here why does Iraq need an air defense? what country has aircraft they are going to attack iraq with? in 5–10 years they will be right back where they were, corrupt and selling US made weapons to al-qaeda which will be used on US helicopters. STUPID.

Yep, it matters when you measure something totally different from long term convention in an effort to make a political point. “Lost and SAVED jobs” ring a bell? You can’t have an honest debate and find a solution if you arguing with someone that wants to stack the deck but then again you guys aren’t interested in solutions, it’s all about blame.

I don’t buy your premise about lies got us into Iraq unless you want to pin some of those lies on the Clinton administration that produced them. (Reread my comment about solutions vs. blame.)

As to your foreign policy pick up a history book and read about isolationism. There’s much we can change and improve about how we do things in the area of foreign policy. Unilateral withdrawal isn’t one of them.

Interests in Syria, Egypt, Yemen? Syrian chemical weapons in AQ hands isn’t a good thing. The most populous Arab country adopting hard line fundamentalism isn’t a good thing. Heard of Iran? Yemen? Do you know where the last terror plot to simultaneously knock multiple planes out of the sky came from?


In a foreign military sale, the U.S. BUYS weapons or equipment on behalf of a foreign government.

Countries approved to participate in the program may obtain military hardware or services by using their own funding OR money provided through U.S.-sponsored assistance programs. Most of the time it is the latter, not the former.

Remains to be seen, whether Iraq is purchasing with their own petro $ or the US is actually footing the bill.

Concur. Would have been an informative article if it stayed focused on a weapons sale vs. adding the Iraq war propaganda.

Actually, the Iranian F-14s are critically short on spares.
There was an American group years ago that tried to funnel “excess” ex-USN F-14 parts (as they were being retired and replaced by Super Hornets in USN service) to Iran via shadow companies and te old smoke-and-mirrors ploys, but they were caught before any of the more modernized F-14D SuperCat components got into Iranian hands.

Either or, after relations fell apart with Iran back in the day, the Russians eagerly ponied up to them and got their hands on studying in great depoth the hardware of the F-14As, including the early Phoenix missiles and the ‘Cat’s AWG-9 weapons system.
It’s where Russian got a large technical treasure trove with which to later develop the big R-33(AA-9) carried by the MiG-31.
Fortunately for the US, those were early Phoenix, not the later AIM-54C types developed partially in light because of the technology loss.

And considering he issues the USN had with the TF30 engines that weren’t fully eliminated until adoption of the F110s used in the –14D, it’s doubtful the Iranian experience with the TF30 fared any better.

sorry for the typos

You seem to touch good points, but you don’t. You’re a black and white guy. Not invading Iraq (based on lies and propaganda) is akin to isolationism? Well, there is a book called 40 shades of grey. There may be some shades between neoconism and isolationism. Realpolitik. Bombing Lybia for 5 billion and a regime change. Invading Iraq with over 150k troops and 9 years, idiotic. See the difference?

That may be true but, we still should be careful of what we sell, and who we sell it to.…contrary to popular right wind beliefs, we are not broke, and we don’t need the money that bad.

Who is “we”? Government doesn’t get all of its funds needed to operate solely from tax revenue, royalties, fines, etc, which produces an operating deficit.

The middle class and working poor are slipping, the rich are getting richer (the latter being especially true in the US and overseas).

We may not need the money, but when the vaunted free market cannot afford to keep a Stinger missile factory open, it closes. Then the subcontractors who supply parts feel the pressure, and stop making those parts, or close entirely. Then when you need it…where are your Stinger missile manufacturing lines?

The first argument is something economics majors throw at each other.

“Q: What is the opportunity cost of not kicking off Operation Iraqi Freedom?”

“A: Tabulate costs ‘saved’ by not invading and occupying Iraq. Include costs like JIEDDO, additional healthcare for vets, integrated over projected lifetime costs…but don’t forget these costs are then amortized over the lifetime of the remaining OIF vets, and are just models. And on the other side, we’d still be tooling around in legacy Humvees, no MRAPs, presumably no push for IBV, SAPI/ESAPI, less UAVs, less refined medevac, no IED jammers…and maybe Crusader, Comanche and other programs killed by Rummy would have lived.”

Many moons ago a F-14 pilot under the name of “Dirt” chimed in to discuss the differences between the export variants, from first-hand experience flying and delivering them to the Iranian Air Force. Something about using different data tapes for the AWG-9 that severely limited the radar modes available; and presumably the same applied to the Phoenix missiles.

And for years there has also been speculation, accusation, and rumor that that the US software encodes a lot of equipment so that, should it ever actually be used against US forces, it would somehow switch off or otherwise fail in the attempts to lock on or whatever.

Plausible deniability at its finest: suggested such via internet rumor and heard-it-from-someone-who-heard-it-from-someone certainly creates a giant window of opportunity for it to actually be true in many systems, yet allowing the government to hide behind the whole internet rumor and “neither confirm nor deny it”, leaving a lot of potential adversaries wary of using US weapons systems against the US.
Something like a Stinger or certainly a missile the size of Hawk has a lot of internal volume for something to be in there: hardware, software, backdoor datalink, or a combination of these,
that could play havoc on a once-friendly nation who turned against us.

The Lybian rebels provided the ground forces for that conflict. Guarantee the price tag would have been significantly higher if a western army was there instead (and would still have to be there).

I’ve never known if that stuff about IFF’s was true. If it were, presumably the Argies would’ve been even less able to do damage to the Royal Navy, and perhaps Iranians would’ve been unable to do any damage as part of Praying Mantis or Prime Chance.

Hawk missiles? Are u kidding me! I guess that is all Israel will allow the US to give to Iraq in case they need to attack them again.
Iraq should purchase second hand S-300 systems from Russia. Although Israel and the US would not allow that.

Not any different that the US taxpayers footing the bill for all of Israel’s weapons.

Makes sense the Iranians already have hawks. Iranian trainers can come over and lend a hand.

I read this as America is buying Iraq new air defense system.

We give them foreign aid from confiscated tax money so they can then afford to “buy ” from our defense industries. Tax payers lose. Raytheon stock holders gain. Somewhere along the way kickbacks go to the DNC in small unmarked bills, furthering the causes of socialism.

Russians have much better point defense systems than offered by the Avenger package.

We want to take their weapons away not give them more.

“This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country,” the agency said in a statement dated Aug. 5.” Iraq has never been a friendly Country, unless we now support Countries that stone little girls to death and behead people as a regular part of life there, that can be said of any muslim country for that matter. Osama Bin Laden is laughing out loud somewhere out there, his plan s working, drain the US of its money, and make us look stupid at every opportunity, now that the balls rolling, we are able to make ourselves look stupid without assistance. Follow the money, who have we elected thats going to make a s(&^ load of money on this deal, and yes, eventually, our own soldiers will face off with what ever we sell/give them.

who exactly would want to invade Iraq again?

“Iraq May Buy $2.4 Billion Air Defense System” (with American Tax Dollars)
America goes in to save their sorry azz’s, gives them billions of dollars in equipment, food, housing, etc. and these sorry b astards want to charge a tax for us to leave and now they want to buy an air defense system from America with American money.…..obama, your a bigger azz than they are, or, is it that your helping your muslim brothers? obama, even though you might send y9our TSA goons for me, I have to say, YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO AMERICA!
p.s. I cvan prove where I was born, went to school and what branch of the military I served in, can you?

Either Russia or China, I’d bet China would be the first to arrive via either a Pakastan or India route.
Then those sorry b astards would have a rude awakining, neither Russia or China gives a chit about human rights and unlike soft hearted America would have no problem with fireing squads.

BUY? The U. S. will put the cost on the books as accounts receivable and in ten years they will write off the accounts and guess what? The BUY is no longer!


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