Syrian Strike Would Be Led by Pilot and Silver Star Recipient

Syrian Strike Would Be Led by Pilot and Silver Star Recipient

Operational control of any strikes on Syria ordered by Obama will rest with a veteran carrier pilot and an Army general who was awarded a Silver Star for his actions in the invasion of Iraq.

Adm. Bruce W. Clingan, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa, was overseeing the five Navy destroyers with the U.S. Sixth Fleet off the coast of Syria carrying hundreds of Tomahawk cruise missiles that were expected to be the weapon of choice for a U.S. strike.

President Obama announced Saturday that he would put any plans for an attack on hold as he will wait for authorization from Congress before an attack. It’s unclear when Congress will return from its recess, which was originally scheduled to end Sept. 9, but lawmakers could return sooner.


The 58-year-old Clingan, of Lafayette, Ind., received his commission in 1977 through the Naval Reserve Officer Traning Corps. He has flown the F-14 Tomcat with numerous fighter squadrons and commanded naval assets in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Syria comes under the area of responsibility for the U.S Central Command, led by Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, who took over CentCom from Marine Gen. James Mattis last March. Austin, a West Point graduate, led the forward headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Division in the drive to Baghdad in 2003, and commanded the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan.

Most generals carry sidearms, but the 60-year-old Austin, of Thomasville, Ga., was known for showing up on the front lines with an M4 carbine and plenty of ammunition. He was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in Iraq in 2003 and later took over from Gen. Ray Odierno as overall commander in Iraq to oversee the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

One of the major concerns for Clingan and Austin in planning an attack was eased Saturday when United Nations inspectors, who had been gathering evidence on the use of chemical weapons, drove out of Syria to Beirut and then took a plane to the Netherlands.

From Clingan’s headquarters in Naples, Italy, he is choreographing the combat air patrols over the ships to protect against the possibility of a Syrian counter-strike. He is also coordinating with his counterparts in France, the only other nation that has committed to joining in action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for its alleged use of chemical weapons.

Two French warships left the port of Toulon on Friday but the French contribution was expected to be limited to standoff SCALP cruise missiles launched from Rafale or Mirage 2000 fighters.

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I hope Syria has operational s-300 rockets, not to shoot down American pilots, but to deter America from involving itself. It’s a hornet’s nest, full of bees that are fighting. Sticking your finger in will only be bad and hurt as hell. This is a powder keg in the middle east. What happened to ‘self determination’? Let their swords determine the outcome.

>I hope Syria has operational s-300 rockets

You can bet for a malfunction to occur. Or some expected antenna lost. “Пожалуйста, подождите пока С-300 ищет решение” (Please wait while S-300 is looking for a solution )

Sure it’s a serious source of concern but it remain to see what the export version can do. Considering that there are no subsequent invasion that reduce its deterrence.

I would think the export version would have teeth, otherwise nobody would buy it I think. Anyway, I wanted to say this in the other thread, but I’ll say it here. It’s very appaling the US wants to intervene in Syria, when many of it’s own cities look like Syrian cities (Detroit/rust belt). That alone should have many folks here thinking. What kind of nation doesn’t rebuild it’s own rubbled cities?

President Obama created a situation where in order to save face he must go through with an attack on Syria. The attack will have very little military effect on the Assad regime and even less on the populace in the Middle East. It will however, inflame the region and quite likely blow back in our face by increased terrorist activities targetting the USA. If Obama wants to prove himself a true statesman and actual leader he will refrain from attacking Syria, swallow his pride and then be able to represent to the world that he respects the opinions of both friends (Britain) and foes and will wait until truly horrendous levels of WMD’s employment are worthy of all nations condemnation as determined in the UN.
The chemical attack in Syria is truly horrendous but so is napalm, white phosphorous, anti-personnel mines as well as bullets and bombs; they all kill people!

Good post! I hope seeking Congressional approval is his ‘way out’ (like Cameron got whipped). I think the Senate (zionist grouping) will approve, but the House may be different. Let’s hope the Republicans (that dislike intervention) can stay the course, and house dems also. They have a very UNpopular vote to cast. Let’s hope they are as afraid to vote YES on this war, as they are afraid to vote in what makes their paymasters angry,

I rather doubt that Syria has any way of (meaningfully) defending it own air space. There were four Israeli air strikes this year alone. I know that Israel has one of the best air forces in the world but if they manage to strike four time into Syria the US will be able to do so also.
However, I totally with you in regards to an attack. This would be the most foolish thing Obama can do right now. The middle east is a time bomb just waiting to go off.

“zionist grouping”? why would Israel want a war? they are the ones that get the missile rain not the US, nor France or whoever participates. Remember the gulf war? Why would Israel or to use you preferred terminology a “zionist grouping” want that?

> The middle east is a time bomb just waiting to go off.

That’s why they need to very carefully plan their attack. It must not be too big yet significant enough to send a message. Inaction might be preferable in the very moment but it will also send the message that it’s ok to use chemical weapons as long as you do it where nobody want to go. Then suddenly some Africans start to use highly toxic chemical substance like cyanide instead of machete.

Chemical weapons must not be used at any cost, for any reason. Inaction is going to have terrific consequences in 10 years. And United States should not be alone on this, at least NATO. But it seems that they abused of it in Libya.

MacArthur had it right.. never go into a war without the will to win it. Obama has most likely made his decision based on the recommendation of the US Defense and Intel communities. Obama may be incompetent, but they definitely are not. If they say it needs to be done it probably does. If we’re going to do it however, it should be done right: strike fast and strike hard and occupy the country.. not pacify, OCCUPY. No partial ‘safe zone’ occupation with ridiculous rules of engagement. Full on domination paid for by the dominated.

MacArthur was also (apart from his great successes) a nonsensical fool. Wanted to invade China haha. Idiot thought the US was invincible. You can nuke China a 100 times (Which you could NOT in the early 50’s) and you’d still lose a war against them. Numbers. Me calling him an idiot stems from the fact that he should KNOW that, as a highly capable military commander.

China did not previously have a strong centralized government, which is precisely the reason they’ve been occupied multiple times by a country as small as Japan. We could have easily taken China at the time, and MacArthur wanted to prevent what he theorized (correctly) would happen with that country. Now they’re a world economic power with a centralized government who has increased their military spending by 300% each year… and they’re communists.

My good friend, in 1950, China had a STRONG centralized government, let alone in 52/53. Ever since 1945 they had it: Mao and the communists had WON, and the Generalissimo escaped to Taiwan. MacArthur, as good as he was in his heydey, was a caricature, a person fit for General Ripper’s role in Dr Strangelove. A foolish maroon, nothing else. The Chinese were sending millions of men into Korea to fight. That’s NOT really the sign of a DEcentralized NATION is it?

That maroon MacArthur advocated the OFFENSIVE use of nuclear weaponry, not even defensive. Doesn’t get much more looney tunes than that.

Then again some crazy Americans advocated: ‘going into Moscow after 45′ (idiot Patton). Guess what my dear Atlantic friends, the US could beat neither the Soviet Union in 45 nor the Chinese in 53. Neither could they come to your shore, but ground war wise, you could CERTAINLY NOT beat them. Let alone you being a democracy, could NEVER stomach the insane losses of life. 400k you lost in ww2, that’s childrens canry. Try losing 15 million,

Nations that don’t care about peasants in some other foreign land (Michigan).

“China did not previously have a strong centralized government”

Even Japanese rule under an emperor and a shogun with daimyo is more feudal than centralized, and Japan only centralized for a few years before attacking Korea and China. By contrast, Chinese dynasties were more centralized…maybe even too centralized and too bureaucratic (another problem shared by the Ottoman Empire).

“We could have easily taken China at the time”

With what army? Asia was always a sideshow compared to Western Europe. Full occupation of China would require dangerously weakening our commitments to NATO, and in a Euro-centric geopolitical strategy, probably not worth it, short of WW2-style mobilization of the economy. It would also run the risk of provoking Soviet intervention (this is before the Sino-Soviet rift really got started) to support the Chinese who intervened in support of North Korea.

Israel has forbad Syria for taking delivery of the S-300 systems so the matter is closed. Not sure why though since Israel has many SAM systems as advanced as the S-300 and even more so.

It gets old hearing you come into this American forum bashing America as if your loser continent is any better off than us. You make fun of Detroit and admittedly it has serious issues but you also fail to mention the many problem cities in Europe. The recent riots in Sweden and the ghettos of Paris come to mind as examples of troubled European cities. Then to hear you lecture us about Patton’s statements on Russia, hello genius it was YOU idiot Europeans that were responsible for both World Wars, I mean you morons literally slaughtered tens of millions of your own people. Then you try and make fun of us for not being dumb enough to commit national suicide like Germany by invading Russia. Telling us we were too weak to sustain 15 million dead. That isn’t weakness that is called STRATEGY. We decided to let you idiot Europeans destroy each other. That strategy is in part what led the US to the dominant position post WWII, and is one of the reasons why even Europe combined as a whole is still a pathetically weak power with hardly any ability to project power even in Europe (think the Balkans).
Concerned American

UNless Syrian aircraft want to attack Israel, why does it matter who has better SAMS? It matters because if Syria has s300 perhaps even s400, not even the f22 can go it, it will have to be a huge cruise missile bombardment, with many being shot down.

You should read comprehensively. I said Patton was the maroon who wanted to invade the Soviet Union (as a deranged General after seeing too many bloodshed), but cooler heads prevailed (US leadership laughed it off). Same with MacArthur (seen too much blood, went cookoo and wanted to invade China. Truman/Eisenhower said NEIN! Because they weren’t insane. Read my posts better. I didn’t make FUN of America. I said America couldn’t stomach 15 million KIA, well, perhaps only if USA was invaded. We all know you aren’t weak. But why suffer 15 million? Because Patton or MacArthur want another start on their cap? So you were sane, unlike them 2.

You are right…America cannot stomach 15million dead.…and neither can Europe.

Your Patton comments aside, you were being anti-American as usual. Your comments about Detroit, which is admittedly a dump, were anti-American. What I find fascinating about your Detroit comments is your unique ability to act as if Europe doesn’t have similar problems with cities. I mean lets be real here it wasn’t our cities being burned to the ground this summer. It was Sweden’s and those of Paris a few years back. The laughable part of this is that you guys are socialist and spend extremely heavy to subsidize the poor, etc. and yet your cities still burn. Then you come here and lecture us among other things about Detroit, yeah right that is good for a laugh.

I’m sure that slinging your wacked out opinion around gives you the illusion that you’re being an effective activist and making a difference, but it’s not reality. Can I ask why you aren’t at another website, like CNN or MSNBC posting trash like this? I’m sure it would be welcomed there. Why would you go to an American Defense News website and try and spread your propaganda to people seeking only facts? Don’t you realize that these readers have their feet planted firmly on the ground, and see you only as a clown?

Moderator, this man is an obvious troll. Would you be so kind as to ban his IP please?

The point being… Neither SHOULD any of us (US or Europe). And well, The sviet union (large part of it in Europe) and China DID stomach it. So I wouldn’t want to mess with either off them. You know what Mao once said about the US? ‘Let them nuke us, plenty more of us will be left’. With those kind of attitudes, it’s insane to even think of fighting against them.

Detroit comments are anti-IDIOT. I feel sorry for DEtroit and the like fated cities. When a nation won’t tax it’s zillionaires a few % more, this is what you’re left with. Homs in Michigan and Aleppo in Ohio. Good going boys.

Okay, I’ll stick to the facts at hand.

We have on one side ‘the rebels’. Highly balkanized group. Made up from anything between secular rebels who want freedom, to sunni’s who hate being ruled by shi-ites/allawites and extremely insane fanatic islamists.
Other side: Assad. Propped up partially by Iran./China and Russia. The only bad I see in Assad is that he helps Hezbollah, and harbors/finances terrorist groups like that. But groups like Hizbollah are a know evil: operating mainly in Lebanon and trying to go mainstream even (political).

The islamic rebels fighting in Syria are from everywhere (the caucasus/chechens/europeans and arabs). They are highly dangerous, and WILL not go back to being bakers and garbagemen. They WILL seek the next battleground. Like locusts, they keep on the move, mission to misson. I DONT want them to come back to Europe, or start nibbling on the next state. I DO want Assad to kill each and every one of them.

Good point on STRATEGY! The USSR suffered more KIA, WIA, MIA (just capturing Berlin), than the U.S. Forces suffered in the entire yourapeein’ theatre, then the USSR ceded 1/2 the city to the “Western Allies” HAH! like Stalin said WWII was fought with British Intelligence, American Braun & RUSSIAN BLOOD! yeah America has its problems but look around where u live, hah! Good luck buddy!

I second the motion!

Now that you have decided to leave your ant-American comments behind and stick with the facts as you called it I would say your last post actually has some useful points. I definitely would love for both sides to destroy each other. I’m no fan of the majority of Syrian rebels, who are in fact the same dirt bags we fought in Iraq. Of course Assad is also a loser that happens to be a client state of Russia and Iran so seeing him go wouldn’t make me shed any tears. Having said that if Assad does fall and that is a big if , there is going to be a mad scramble for his stock pile of wmd. The West may be forced to act if this scenario plays out.

Woops, I was wrong to pat you on the back for not being anti-American because here you are at it as usual. Going back again to your Detroit comments, of course you conveniently forgot to address your problems in European cities. As I said before it wasn’t our ghettos burning this summer it was yours. It is becoming a common theme for your ghettos to burn on a regular basis. Also, Detroit’s situation has nothing to do with not taxing our “zillionaires” a few more %. If you had any clue what you were talking about you would know that Detroit’s woes come from the decline of the US car industry. In fact it has been competition, much of it unfair I might add, that has decimated the big 3, which in turn Destroyed Detroit. You should really try knowing what your talking about before you come in here with your anti-American garbage.

Indeed, which is why we Atlantics should try to ‘keep Assad in power’. By that I mean leave him alone. Let him kill those terrorists. Go to militaryphotos​.net and look at all the videos of that scum. You’ll hear more allah akbar than you can count. Do we want that in power in that powder keg? Not me, and I’m sure not you. You and I can think smartly. Warmongers think: let’s blow it up, keeps the arms flowing and the wars flowing.

I know this my friend, and in order not to get banned, I won’t get too off topic. But indeed taxes do fund things like neighbourhood development etc: demolishing some of those Homs-style buildings, in order to reduce blight and crime. That needs taxes. My friend, you have ruins (like Roman ruins) for decades that haven’t been removed, We euro’s rebuild entire countries after being carpet bombed by both sides. But indeed, let’s go back to Syria.

Yeah you would figure all those extra taxes you guys take in in Europe would help keep your cities from burning to the ground by the disenchanted mobs of European socialism. Too bad that is not reality. Luckily for you Europe is pretty good at rebuilding since it seems every summer some new European cess pool of a city is burnt to the ground. Sweden has some of the highest tax rates in the world so they should be able to afford rebuilding all of their burnt up cities. Plus you guys need all those taxes to cover the bailout fund for the Euro. Yep, luckily for you your brilliant leaders have enough taxes to cover those unpleasant realities of your socialist paradise, lol.

You’re still missing the big picture. Jobs moving to china and mexico, corruption and organised crime, and even more globalization.

>We euro’s rebuild entire countries after being carpet bombed by both sides.
And what you think happen after an hurricane? These things came again, again and again.

You have idea what you’re talking about…

“We euro’s rebuild entire countries after being carpet bombed by both sides.”

Uh, no you didn’t, the Marshall plan (e.g. the UNITED STATES) rebuilt Europe. As well as the US providing the majority of your defense for half a century. THAT international welfare allowed you to rebuild a cradle to grave socialist utopia that can’t even defend itself and has to rely on the US to execute it’s logistics and arm its planes.

Michael, I fully understand your reasoning. However, what is still beyond me, is that long before the chemical attack took place the death toll of the Syrian civil war well exceeded the 200’K mark with approximately 3 million refugees to add to this. If you’re happy enough to watch this atrocities quietly, what do a mere 4000 more matter? Indeed I wouldn’t be surprised if, since the chemical attack, more than 4000 people died from conventional weapons in Syria.
I do understand your point, however, with the above in mind I rather doubt if Obama, or any leader for that matter, cares what’s happening in Syria. Obama maneuvered himself into a position where he is forced to take action in order to keep his face, but not because of the chemical victims.

I believe Patton would have done well. He would never attack until all ramifications have been checked out. He had stated, we have the manpower, the weapons needed for such an attack. He lost his command of the 3rd Army.

Can’t you see armagedon in the cards??? Not far off…

Once upon a time, Patton ‘insulted’ the USSR, by not mentioning them in a speech: he said the US and the UK will rule the post ww2 world. Hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS of Americans went into the streets protesting (he had this speech in England). Stalin WAS LOVED by MOST Americans, because you guys, at least back then (when you had more brains) were shown weekly NEWSREELS, showing the HEROIC effort the Soviets did, fighting Hitler ALL ALONE. Americans honored the USSR and the unwordly amounts of bloodshed. You try losing 27 million people, a good 15% of your population (us lost about 0.04%).

Indeed, Stalin was a terrible murderer, but US sentiment at the time didn’t reflect that. You were THREE allies. After ww2, you turned against communism (correctly so, so did we), but DURING the war, he was your friend. Now tell me, how many Fox News’ propaganda outlets do you need to turn public opinion against the Soviets in a few weeks? In order to attack them as Patton wanted?

With the weapons we were using back then, we would have many problems. The M1 Garand even though a fine battle rifle was no good against human wave attacks. The M14 on the other hand would have been a much better choice. The Sabers carried M2s, but had to use a lot of ammo against the Migs. What would be needed is to replace the M2s with 20mm and a more powerful jet engine. The Shermans would need to be replaced. Something with more armor and a larger more powerful gun. Then we could invade China.

That’s a sectarian war. It’s not that I don’t care nor that I wish there would be a war, but at the end of the day I don’t believe that I could do anything about these death, about this war; that would be just a different form of dictatorship.

John Kerry say it all in his speech: chemical weapons have been used against defenseless civilians including 400 children death. THAT is insane. If it was a chemical strike to al-qaeda HQ I think it would have stayed entirely in politic with nations expressing their disapproval.

Regardless who use chemical weapons against who, every time we let that go mean that we are creating tolerance toward its use by our inaction. United States should not stand alone with France (and with the political support of many arabic country). Ideally it would be time for the UN to get in, and take those chemical weapons out. But the UN is deadlocked by veto coming from communist country; that’s unsustainable and insane, this need to change now! Or create a “western alliance” or “occidental alliance” or the like.

Indeed Jo the Nipper, the hypocricy is there. If I kill 200k people by putting them in a room and starving them, is that really different from gassing them or shelling them with HE rounds? No. And the chemicals attakcs killed 1400 just, not even 4000.

According to veteran Middle East reporter Dale Gavlak, rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta were given the chemical weapons by a Saudi agent without being told what they were or how to use them.

They blew up in a tunnel by accident while someone was messing with them.

The panicked Syrian phone calls were apparently someone in the government wanting to know “what the F***!”

What is this crazy lust for blood that continually invades our government? Have we not incurred enough dead and wounded in these no win wars from Viet Nahm to Iraq and Afganistan?

So what? He’s still taking orders from The One.

Is there another meaning for “maroon” other than a type of color?

Atlantics? Do you live in the ocean?

If in fact, the US does pull the trigger on this limited strike, they should not target any areas where the potential for civilian casualties is risked. Assad will use any civilian casualties as a way to showcase the US as a horrible nation. Assad will probably set off his own bombs and kill his own people and find a way to spin the blame on the US. The US must guard against and counter this kind of propaganda. The US should attack obvious military platforms, such as sinking a Syrian naval vessel or destroying a few fighters and runways, while opening communication channels with senior Syrian military leaders. The US should show its ability to strike targets at will, which will create pressure for the Syrian military to overthrow Assad. At the same time, the US should increase humanitarian aid and pursue diplomatic and international peacekeeping and humanitarian missions to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people.

An intelligent post.
Too many blathering Obama haters who have no clue what is happening.

Several allied groups, united in their hatred of “the Great Satan” (that’s US!), are killing each other !!! We are already winning in Syria, so let’s keep up the good work, and stay home. If we absolutely must DO SOMETHING to save face (??!!), send the very best cruise missiles to Hezbollah strongholds AND al Qaeda areas– that’s a balanced approach.

Send JOHN TRAITOR KERRY to the front. Let him run around like Genghis Khan, raping, cutting off ears, cutting off heads, taping wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turning up the power, cutting off limbs, blowing up bodies, randomly shooting at civilians, razing villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shooting cattle and dogs for fun, poisoning food stocks, and generally ravaging the countryside. You know, like he did in Nam.

All I can say, at this point, is that if the US military does indeed attack Syria in ANY manner whatsoever, then I pray that Navy Adm. Bruce W. Clingan and Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, the two a$$licking sycophats who are slated to command the attack, will be the VERY FIRST CASUALTIES of that criminal incursion. Let them serve their beloved, radical islam by sacrificing their pathetic lives for it.

They have already sacrificied their sacred honor; why should anyone give a damn about their worthless lives?

It will be ugly, folks. Russia, Syria, Iran and China will ensure that it is. Expect plenty of tears all around.

A general being awarded a silver star for gallantry? Sounds like one of my old battallion commanders in Iraq who is now a Congressman in NY. Wonder if he wrote and approaved his own award? I fought in one of the longest battles in Iraq. The battle of As Samawah. Our whole battallion was pinned down by a 13.7mm Mg positioned on the rooftop of a 3 story building 400m across the river. I had to run my ass out into the middle of the street with my 60mm mortar on trigger fire.whilst red softballs hurled past my face. Hit the building with the first round. Fired 2 more and that was that..At the end of the 8 hour fire fight that day our 1sg asked Psgs to give names for citations to be written. When my name got mentioned 1sg said I was just doing my job. That shit makes me sick. A general, silver star, galliantry. Thats why after 3and a half years of leading paratroops in combat i got out. I saw guys who didnt do shit get wrote up for all kinds of awards, and guys who effectivly helped decide the outcome of battles directly with their actions get stuck with xtra guard shifts…Dont get me started on Syria! RLTW

Kerry is the lowest life form by the way he lied about his war record and atrocities that never occurred in VN.

Most of these comments are just stupid. If the world would go by the law chemical weapons are banded. I think if the rest of the world had guts they would back us. But it sounds like they want to bitch until they get gased. Good luck when it happends to you just pull your heads out of the sand. To the vet who thinks he sould get a metal did you fight for a ribbon or your brothers, sounds like you fought for yourself.

A worst-case scenario could require tens of thousands of ground troops to go into Syria to secure chemical and biological weapons sites following the fall of President Bashar Assad’s government, according to U.S. and diplomatic officials.

IF all of Assad’s security forces degrade, this will leave chemical and biological weapons sites in Syria vulnerable to pillaging from the rebels.

Two diplomatic sources, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said as many as 50,000 or 60,000 ground forces may be needed if officials’ worst fears are realized, plus additional support forces.

Get over yourself, You whole comment is bogus


The Navy doesn’t have Generals, they have Admirals.

How many more mistakes are in this article?

“Adm. Bruce W. Clingan, commander of U.S. Naval Forces” I don’t think your anger is allowing you to read correctly. This was taken out of first paragraph. There are a million more important things than grammar spelling and an occasional typographical error. Get your head out of your stern.

Civilians die in great numbers (95%) when bombs are dropped. Most of those killed in wars of agression are children, babies and women. How can one in all conscience drop bombs, especially when these wars are waged for OIL interests and the bnkers. That “freedom and democracy” stuff is BS. Always has been.

Probably historically true, but not true enough all the time anymore to be an axiom. Desert Storm was pretty focused on killing the Iraqi Army, it’s the ten years of sanctions that racked up the body count. And in Afghanistan, we are indeed firing on homes that the enemy hides weapons or uses as fighting positions, but probably will kill more men running about than women, as the Pashtuns seem to think that women don’t have freedom to be outdoors (and are thus indoors, and comparatively safer from being killed by American forces).

Of course they have one of the best air forces in the world — we bought it for them (or rather the working middle classes did). We give 30B a year to Israel to bomb whomever it wants. They do our proxy wars. Israel runs the largest open air prison in the world. Just because they bomb Syria does not mean that we should be as cruel and arrogant as they are.
We WILL bomb Syria — count on it. The reason is that we want their oil. They (and Iran) are in the path of America’s greatest exploitation. We have military bases from Poland to Pakistan and Syria and Iran are in the way of our oil grab.
American use 25% of the world’s oil supply every day to support our way of life. That is what our boys and girls die for — the the American Way of life and everyone else be damned.

I’m skeptical the Saudis could transport chemical weapons in meaningful quantities…for starters, where could they get them?

He was a Swift Boat commander. Unless he could hit something from the Mekong river…

Why in the world are we talking about who has the biggest and the most. This is war where people die. Where thousands of people have their lives and families wiped out or drastically changed. The sorrow is immense. Why are we not talking about why we need to kill people? That is the issue. You guys talk about your “big things that blow up.” Well your big things kill and main. Let’s talk about that.

Thinking of Chris Gibson?

That said, not surprised. Even back in the ‘90s Hackworth was stirring up trouble re medals. Boorda didn’t take it so well.

Israel, who runs the largest open air prison in the world” need room to expand. That is why they daily run the Palestinians out of their homes and take possession, clear out their stuff (take what is valuable), bull doze it down and immediately start laying mortar for yet another Israeli settlement. Israel needs space to expand. They will continue moving the Palestinians off their land. They have bombed Lebanon and will eventually push into Lebanon and Jordan. If Syria is in the hands of the U.S. they can move into that as well. Israel does not know how to get along with their neighbors. They are constant warmongers.

Operational control of any strikes on Syria ordered by Obama will rest with a veteran carrier pilot and an Army general who was awarded a Silver Star for his actions in the invasion of Iraq.

Adm. Bruce W. Clingan, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa[…]
Syria comes under the area of responsibility for the U.S Central Command, led by Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III[…]

…and that is exactly why Britain is not supporting us. They remember the Iraq Horror of Lies and won’t be fooled again. The American people remember too. 80% do not want to go to war with Syria. Why they ask? What has Syria done to us? They didn’t use the gas — the rebels did. Kerry today in the Senate Hearings said, ” We don’t want war with Syria.” He said, “No boots on the ground.” But we all know better. It will be another quadmire and many will die and we will be responsible for every death. We need to stay out of this. It is a civil war and none of our business. How arrogant of us to intervene in other countries, kill, main and tell them how they are going to live what life they have left. How arrogant of anyone who says we should go to war. How utterly arrogant.

Yes, Kerry is a snake. He sold out to stay in politics and get appointments. The only people who think war is glorious have never gone into battle. How stupid and arrogant that we are beating the war drums, Is there something in our water? We should leave Syria alone. We don’t have a dog in this fight (unless the dog is oil).
Israel wants us to go to war with Syria. They need space to expand. That is why they daily run Palestians off their land and bulldoze their home down — all with America money and military equipment. It is sickening._


Thus the LORD will make Himself known to Egypt, and the Egyptians will know the LORD in that day. They will even worship with sacrifice and offering, and will make a vow to the LORD and perform it.

Isa 19:22

The LORD will strike Egypt, striking but healing; so they will return to the LORD, and He will respond to them and will heal them.

Isa 19:23

In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrians will come into Egypt and the Egyptians into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians.

Isa 19:24

In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth,

Isa 19:25

whom the LORD of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.”

That’s some serious bullshit. I know you can’t hang it on your wall, but thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Maybe you should move to some other country, Our country has always stood up for humanity and human rights. The use of chemical weapon’s are a crime of humanity ‚although some administration in the past failed to hold Iraq’s feet to the fire after using them on IRAN and his own people the Kurds. We should hold Syria’s feet to the fire for their use. If not we have ourselves to blame for the 100 of thousands children and innocent civilian lives the next time he or others use them. We can not do nothing so maybe you should move to a head in the sand country where you wouldn’t be so upset. PLEASE

Not that I have any great love for Israel , they have more than their share of evilness. But in this case you are off into the deep end. And there is no plane for us to occupy Syria never the less open the door for Israel to move in. Get a hold of yourself

ok Let talk about it, do you actually believe that people are not dying now? Do you not believe the 400 children died just by breathing in the air? Do you actually think there is a chance in hell that if we do nothing they will not use chemical weapons in greater amounts. And cant you see the chance that controls of use of chemical weopon could someday become the easy way to control people under some third world power. You need to wake up and take a look at the real world.

He’s not complaining about not getting awards, he’s composing that people who sit on their ass and do nothing but breath are geting recognized for boot licking. Anyone who’s served and is honest sees it all the time. 3rd year in the Corps I saw an asswipe wm Sgt get an award for doing something that was accomplished before she even arrived on post. Then I witness another as swipe get 2 dui’s 2 weekends in a row and gets meritoriously promoted 2 times in the next year while others who were just drinking in the barracks get a njp

He’s obviously a medal hunter and fought for nothing but glory.

Desert Storm killed and is killing the soldiers who fired the weapons with DU. After firing they sniffed it and it went right to their brains. Just like Agent Orange eventually killed our own soldiers as well. Yes, ten years of sactions killed 500,000 babies and young children. Totally unnecessary and cruel. I saw Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill and found out about one of the many incidents of busting down doors and killing “enemies.” The book is long, tedious and full of what the war is really about. What war is about is killing civilians to demoralize the enemy, i.e. Hiroshima and Nagasaki — no soldiers there — all civilians. Collateral damage is a euphenism for murder.

Kerry at the Senate hearings today condemned the use of chemical weapons but he forgot to say it was the U.S. who gave chemical weapons to Saddam to use on Iran. He forgot his own experience in Vietnam with white phosphorus, agent orange and napalm. He condemned them then but not today.
We have used chemical weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. And of course there is the H-Bomb we dropped. Why is it OK for the United States military to use chemical weapons but not others? Also, it’s like it’s OK to machine gun someone to death but oh no — not chemical weapons. I find that odd.

Well, we should know. They want to poison our waters with Floride, our air with car exhaust, our soils with chemical fertilizers and our food with GMO.
Firstly, you do not know that Assad used the “gas.” It has not been proven and it never even came up in the hearing today. Word has it that the rebels (The Muslim Brotherhood) released it. And those are the ones our military wants to go to war to aid.
We are the biggest users of chemical weapons from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. We have used white phosphorus and napalm on children (remember that famous photo?). We have used deadly agent orange on Viet Nam villages and people for 10 years. If you are going to point fingers you need to point them at the U.S.A. We are the biggest chemical war mongers of all. We have no reason to point fingers at 3rd world countries because they may one day “catch up with us.”

We will occupy Syria. It’s been “the plan” for a long time — next Iran. It’s all about oil — that’s why we fight other countries. Are you still deluded that we are doing this for any altruistic reasons. Israel needs room to expand. That’s why they daily knock over Palestinians homes to build more settlements. Daily. Israel will eventually go into Lebanon and Jordan. With Syria taken away from Syrians, they will feel at peace to eventually expand there too. Their numbers are growing never shrinking. This is a long range plan.

What history books have you been reading? The United States is the biggest user of chemical weapons bar none. We used them extensively in Vietnam — white phosporus, napalm, agent orange. We used chemical weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. WE gave Saddam the chemical weapons to use on Iran but they turned around and used them on the Kurds instead. How hypocritical of us to say what Assad supposedly done is a crime against humanity. What a load!
The Americans committed genocide to grab this land. All our wars were banker wars and now they are banker’s and corporation wars. All our wars now are for the oil giants. We have endless wars (or have you not been paying attention?)now. We have Resource Wars. Plain and simple. We want it — we start a war and take it.

.……and they are still behind us. We spend more of our collected taxes (53%) on war and war related categories than any other country. In fact, we spend more on war than the next 26 countries combined and 25 of those countries are our allies. That’s why we are 22nd in science, 49th in life expectance and 178th in infant mortality. That’s why our infrastructure is crumbling and people are hungry, homeless and out of work. We are losing the biggest war of all.

No. See above.

Please keep your personal religious views out of this. We are dealing in the here and now and we are dealing with reality. Religion is a cop out. Keep it to yourself please.

It’s called greed. Corporate greed. Wealthy greed. Banksters greed. Political greed. Greed never knows enough.

Well, so what? The rebels are probably the ones who released it in the first place. There is no proof of Assad’s usage. And according to Kerry here is a direct quote from the Senate Hearings today:

Kerry: “We are not asking to go to war. The U.S. is trying to degrade Syria’s capacity.”

I am holding Kerry to his word, which means nothing really. He is a traitor and a “snake.” He sold out long ago. Very disappointing.

So, I gather from your opinion that a limited use of WMD will be allowed in anyplace? WE must wait until at least 100,000 or more die from WMD? This reminds me of what Chamberlain said to the British upon returning from seeing Hitler, and giving away the Sudetenland, “I have Herr Hitler’s promise that there will be no more war.”.

As far as Detroit goes, you both are wrong. Detroit’s problems started when the auto industry was rising to it’s peak. The people all had cars, but you had to drive into the alley behind your house to park it in your garage. They got tired of living in houses on 35 foot lots with no front yards. The houses had bedrooms that were 9X8. So they moved to the suburbs, into brand new homes with driveways in front of your house that led to your garage. The rooms were larger, and they had more bathrooms, not just the one. And now that the homes are vacant, they are leveling them and starting over with new homes and more parks at easy access. But they are starting from the downtown outward.

Steve, Israel couldn’t occupy 2 square miles of Lebanon back in 2006. Hezbollah destroyed them (hilly terrain rolling in with tanks with insufficient air support. Yes, ATGM heaven). So I hardly think any one Israeli soldier will walk into Syria (pray that Obama doesn’t send in young dough boys). Besides, ONE Israeli on Syrian soil would be ‘the great uniter’. You’d see Assad’s men together with the terrorists and the normal rebels fighting Israel.

Very good Lee my friend. Compare Hitler, who had the number 1 or 2 army in the world, who conquered my sacred Europe in a few months, to Assad, who may or may not have used 2 or 3 chemical shells. Yes I love these apples to pancakes comparisons.

They went out and sought and destroyed.

To All Concerned:

Von Sands… Article addresses a Navy Admiral AND an Army General, not a General in the Navy.

Jenika…Religion is okay, our country was founded on it. Remember, we have freedom of speech in the US. Those were not religious views, they were Bible excerpts.

Concerned European…We have to be careful about standing down and allowing “self determination”. The world tried that in the late 1930’s, the Germans “self determined” that 6 million German Jews would die.Or in 1990 the Rwandan Genocide, we considerd that “self determination” and 1 million Tutsis were killed.

We don’t always have to have a National Interest to get involved, how about a human interest, doesn’t that matter. And yes Jenika, we sometimes are and should be “our brothers keeper”.

Amen to that brother! I was in the Army officer too in the 80’s and saw the same crap. It’s those butt kissing officers (or NCO’s) that usually get recognized and all the nice awards. The rest of us that actually gain the respect of our troops in the field or in garrison and don’t suck cheese are the ones that get dumped upon all the time and never recognized. What a system we have, makes me sick to the stomach as well. If we go into Syria God forbid and protect our great nation because it will eventually involve Iran, Russia and possibly China going against us into a nuclear era WW3 situation. Just a matter of time.

Before you post and insult the Vet learn how to spell the word “medal” my friend! Sounds like you never served your country either if you can’t spell such a commonly used word in the military. The Vet is 100% right and on target.…the crap that goes on in or military (politics in forces) is disgusting and kills the morale of those dedicated soldiers out there risking their lives.

Agreed, on first read it sounds like someone with a dual-branch career track. I wish they’d moved up the parts I’d cited to the top to mitigate the confusion.

I believe what we have here is a lack of communications.

You cannot allow any dictator or thug to ever use chemical weapons without paying a severe price. There must be a response. Otherwise, this will become the norm for all dictators and thugs around the world and a lot of innocent women, children and non-combatants will die.

i agree 100 %

Good one! So true. It’s like it’s easier to bomb someone than to talk with them. Duh!

Why are you still a US citizen (if you are)? Your comments sound like you have NO love for this country or its people. Must be a sad life to live with the comment you’ve made here eating at your sole.

I agree

I have great love for my country. That is why I work to make it The American Dream.
I want her to live up to her potential, her promises, her dreams of equality and fairness.
I want the media to report the truth but it doesn’t because it is run by 6 or so families who have a different agenda — their interests. I want our country to stop invading and occupying other countries for resource interests. I want our government to seriously fund alternative energy programs so we can move away from using so much oil and save our environment.

Showdowns against Russian weapon systems is exactly what drives US arms sales. It’s seen by the target audience as a great comparison ad.

You sound like a conspiracy theorist. As much as I do not like Obama and do not support attacking Syria I cannot find valid proof that he is lying about the Chemical attacks in Syria.

Show me which part is bogus, steve. Google it.
..I am not here as John Kerry. I am here as one member of the group of 1,000 which is a small representation of a very much larger group of veterans in this country, and were it possible for all of them to sit at this table they would be here and have the same kind of testimony.…

I would like to talk, representing all those veterans, and say that several months ago in Detroit, we had an investigation at which over 150 honorably discharged and many very highly decorated veterans testified to war crimes committed in Southeast Asia, not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.…

They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.

We call this investigation the “Winter Soldier Investigation.” The term “Winter Soldier” is a play on words of Thomas Paine in 1776 when he spoke of the Sunshine Patriot and summertime soldiers who deserted at Valley Forge because the going was rough.“
–All proven lies by drunken losers who had never been to Nam. Kerry has never apologized.

I TOO AM A USN Navy veteran of 14 years, though I was never in country, I had many friend who were. I I doubt that the group is so large you speak of.… The testimony Kerry gave was as a selected speaker of many veteran’s who had came back from the war. He did not stand alone on his own when he spoke of the crimes that occurred in country. He was speaking from facts from other members. This speech needed to be, Although years of hearing the right wing war monger twist the history a bit including the disgraceful actions of the swift boat crowd , it does not surprise me that the evilness still lurks amongst us. Today I for one was and am proud of his actions and feel the real disgrace is all the smearing comments from supposable brothers in arms.

First off I had Read several report of the swift boat republican propaganda groups claims, which were all PROVEN false after the election, but served the republicans well, That was working there smear campaigns bugs out. Each claim is listed and described in detail of the charge, what witness said and proof that ALL charges was nothing more than a couple of republican fools who though they were some how vaccinated from being caught not speaking the truth. Other low life comments that service members have said on this post are just as disgraceful .
In war people are pushed to extreme’s both physically and mentally. Crimes do happen, I find it real hard to criticize anyone put in that situation. Those who sit outside of the actions can say what they want about morality and the like, but if you are not living in an immoral situation like Nam or Iraq you only have what you read to place judgment, which is easy to do if you haven’t ever been there!

You know nothing of Kerry , just the same ol republican propaganda resurfacing again, ALL those lies were discounted shortly after the election, Educate yourself you’ll look less foolish

Steve, with all due respect, I don’t think there are many Nam vets who wouldn’t like to spit in your face. Kerry was a Navy guy who filmed himself walking around in combat fatigues. The ‘winter soldiers’ were a group of drug addled hippy types, most of whom had never been to Nam. The stories they told were nothing more than ‘war stories’ they’d heard about previous wars. Cutting off ears and limbs is what the v.c. did to our guys. NOTHING of what Kerry said was ever substantiated.
The reputation of every Nam vet was destroyed and forever besmirched by Kerry that day.
He deserves a firing squad. But you are “proud of him”.

Been there, steve, and Kerry is a lying, self-serving traitor. Show me where I can google “…ALL charges was nothing more than a couple of republican fools”. The Swift Boat guys all knew Kerry and also knew he was a lying coward. There’s plenty you can google about that.


It’s worse when there is no tissue or blood testing on gas attack victims to confirm anything. If you /tell/ people you heard them on Syrian radio announcing an attack, but produce no proof, then how is it different from years of “Saddam’s anthrax trucks” and “vials of anthrax”? We are waiting for an Halabja, where the proof of chemical weapon attack (though even with dead bodies, how do you know who fired them?)

Most of our money goes to SS, Medicare and debt service. The DoD is just behind SS and Medicare (and ahead of debt service).

Well now that we have published a partial list of the pilots doing the mission when or if it’s ordered, will we also see the date, time, route, altitude, number of planes and transponder codes published as well to really help the bad guys?

We have no business in that civil war. let them sort it out themselves. In the mean time stop the media from publishing information critical to the enemy. Freaking idiots.

Yes America is proud of him because he and the 1000 vets in the winter group stood up for our values. That is was a real vet does. Far to many are like you — morally stunted children, protecting their in-group at all costs. You are Americas shame.

Social Security is already funded by it’s recipients. In fact, the government has borrowed from SS to pay some of it’s bills. SS is a big fat piggy bank full of money workers have put into it for decades. It is solvent till around 2040 at current day estimates. We have a huge deficit because “W” did not fund his many wars. Obama came on board and put those costs into the Deficit where they belonged.

I am more sure than ever that we are being led by a bunch of certified IDIOTS! There is not a single soul in Washington that will dare not obey “the Party”. What will a limited strike for a limited time accomplish other than raising the ire of the entire area?

When are you people going to wake up and smell the roses. What Syria pulled off is not forgivable! They violated the rule of war by killing their own people with gas. They cannot and should not be allowed to get away with that. It is just like you and you kids. One of you kids gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they get punished. Plain and simple. If they get away with it, two things come about 1) they continue the bad behavior and 2) most important is the other kids see they got away with it. Same thing here — Syira violated the rules of war by using gas. If they get away with it, they will do it again and other countries will fall in line and do the same thing. Break the rules or law — suffer the punishment. Just like your kids — they must pay the price.


Don’t confuse people with the facts!

Israel is the only country in that part of the world that has values nearest ours. If we where to pull our support from them, the vultures about them would murder every Israeli and Israel would cease to exist. Is that what you want to happen? Israel is attacked constantly and so they retaliate. Look at the money we give Egypt. Look at the UN. Oil, we can do several things. Curtail the mass manufacture of private vehicles and create a government motor pool where you submit a request to rent a government vehicle for a specific purpose and duration of use. Everyone will be required to ride a bike, walk, or have a motorbike or Vespa for transportation. This would curtail long commutes and vacations. Another solution would be placing the cost of fuel so high ($200 a gallon) that no one could buy it. People would be compelled to live in a very tight community isolated from other ‘villages’.

Common sense could prevail and use the resources we have estimated to be several centuries worth. I do not advocate the destruction of our wet lands or reserves or forests. The fines for doing so would break even the biggest company. Alternatively, we can stick our heads in the sand and ignore the solution. We have a president that would not recognize what that large popping sound when his head is extracted out of his cavity. When 1.1 BILLION dollars is spent to elect obama, he owes many favors to big business and special interest groups. Romney spent as much. Once, we where a productive nation until politicians and special interest groups in our system changed the system to fit their agenda. It is time to purge.

Doesn t it make you wonder why POTUS did lie and cover up American deaths in Libya
But now since the red line has been crossed(at least three times) he is now ready to go after the Syrians. Overthrow the dictator and in the resulting action we get the Muslim Brotherhood. Too bad he doesn’t t go over there and lead his brothers in arms. Where is the danger to the US??Heck why didn’t t he just direct more drone attacks?

He is entertaining action only because it appears Assad might win. That does not bode well for the potential rise of a Muslim takeover.

And the world will become tribal societies. If we go your route, well welcome to the stone age.
The rich will be able to afford it and the stratification of rich v poor will grow wider. How will we feed ourselves with no fuel for tractors and transport? Your path will probably about 80%-90% of the worlds population. Shall we call you Death?

Insert “kill” between will and probably, in fourth sentence.

Greed is key. A lack of moral fortitude is another. Viet Nam was won. Iraq was won. Afghanistan was won. We lost because of greedy politicians and big business. There is no money in peace or a society gaining its feet in a murderous feeding ground. There is money in conflict. None of these conflicts severed a good purpose except to fill the coffers of big business. The ‘Rules of Engagemenet’ have always hindered the effectiveness of combat. Politicians are the culprits that lose ‘wars’. The Monday armchair General. obama and kerry (the river boat hero). What a joke. Just heard on tv, obama has 60 days for airstrikes and can be extended another 30 days with no ground troops. We are now an allie of the muslum brotherhood providing aircover. Another 100 billion out the window.

Do these guys have a death wish for themselves and their families? Why would one highlight their role for terrorists to exploit a few days or years from now? Mr Sisk must not take retaliation too seriously. Of course, he will not be the target.

As a member of the citizenry it seems we’re at the mercy of our civilian nut jobs who want to take our country into war again, and with no clear reason and with no valid military objective. There’s no ‘will’ to fight on our part (public).

It all very curious, indeed.

And one more thing, I’m nervous about the title of the article. Why mention the Silver Star? What’s that got to do with leading an attack? Does that imply that those without a SS can’t lead? Or, is it a prideful thing to make mention, which is a problem too. This whole thing stinks from the president on down.

Haha totally there ever going to be a break in the involvement of other countries business oris Afghanistan goin back on the backburner like benghazi? As usual if it wont benefit a corp. It is not important almost all Generals in service are in positions of CEO authority. This will turn into a bloody battle.…eventually.

Thats why we have games like fallout 3 and borderlands 2 to train for thefuture .…lol

Kerry was and is a fraud! In four months he served he awarded himself three purple hearts, a Bronz Star, and a Silver Star. That is unheard of; five medals. He was never in that kind of conflict. His combat record has been refuted by his commander and the people who ‘served/ with him. Because he had three purple hearts, he elected to go home. Once he found out that war heroes where not in demand, he threww his ill-gotten awards away, Any real veteran who actually earned medals would never trash them. I am a veteren and what I earned I still have tucked away. Any body know of hanoi jane. They are traitors. Ask McCain.

I was there, oblatt. I know many other Nam vets. We were not irresponsible idiots. Not one of the “war stories” he told was substantiated. Most of his winter soldiers, which totaled about 40, had never been to Nam. Sounds like you’re the one who’s “protecting the in-group”.

Absolutely, James. Know how Kerry got that Silver Star? He beached his boat running down a wounded man and chopped him up with a .50 caliber machine gun.

I remember Democrats were gung-ho to go to war in iraq, too. Also with Vietnam. It’s always after the schit hits the fan do they turn around and blame Republicans. And the lame stream goes along with it.

If Israel falls ‚so does the US.
Israel is the only Judea/Christian nation in the Middle East surrounded by hostile Muslim nations .One for sure with nuclear weapons.…

As long as its them and not us, do you really care, Bill?
Why not mind your own business?

How naive a statement to make… You see how well Egypt worked out ?
This is the Middle East we’re talking about here .

Obviously you weren’t there in ‘Nam . I was …and where were you .? ..In diapers or short pants or unborn ?

Sorry, “Jenika”, but the most important reason that Hiroshima & Nagasaki happened, was to compel an early Japanese surrender to the Americans, and thus avoid an invasion of Japan from the East, by STALIN’S RUSSIA…
American B-29’s, dropping mixed high-explosive, and incendiary bombs, were destroying Japanese cities, and killing civilians by the 10’s of thousands for over 2 years before Hiroshima & Nagasaki…If you’re gonna be such a bleeding-heart libtard anti-war type, at least educate yourself militarily, and don’t be so ignorant of history…

Also, the article clearly states that any ordnance used against Syria will be “hundreds of Tomahawk cruise missiles”…they will target only military & command-and-control structures, or else Gov’t HQ’s…very few, if any, “civilian” casualties…Or do you prefer that Assad use sarin gas against how many more of his OWN PEOPLE…???…

My comment to you was deleted. It was nothing “exciting” or new — mostly just observations. Maybe my responses have been too “on the money.”

But we have also used chemical warfare in every war we’ve been in plus giving it to Saddam to use. My question is what is all the fuss all of a sudden? And why hasn’t anyone put our “feet to the fire.” Are we too big and scary? We have done so much more than Assad. Our poison chemicals are still causing deformities in Vietnam.

I have certainly heard that before. But how to purge and what to replace it with is the big question. Our politicians are indeed bought and are expected to pay back their donors. We have the best government money can buy. It is entrenched but we should never give up trying to make it better. I think FDR was our last good president and that was a long time ago.

Well, I wouldn’t want to live in the Orwellian society you described. I think there is a better way. Simply have a strong Department of Peace. Work toward the good of all mankind by abolishing war and implementing a fairer share of the earth’s bounty. No one should go to bed hungry.
By saying Israels values are closest to our, I guess you are right. They run the largest open air prison in the world and we have the largest lock-up system in the world and we put them in tiny cells for decades with no windows to boot.Your world would let the wealthiest live a good life and get around in private autos. Not fair. I think though that a huge, extensive mass transit system, one to rival Paris’ or Germany’s would be in order. A fairer system of sharing life’s pleasures would be in order.

Israel is also a nation that has not learned to get along with it’s neighbors. They have long forgotten their struggle for land to call their own. They grab it from others on a daily basis.
they imprison those who don’t agree with their policies, for decades, even young teenagers.
I wouldn’t hold Israel up as a Christian nation because it is not.

Their word is not proof enough for me. They refuse to give it over to the UN Inspectors for validation. Something fishy here.

Beg to differ but our country was not founded on religion. Au contraire, Our country was founded on freedom from religious tyranny.

Syria is not our child. We are not Syria’s parents. Big difference.

It is an inroad to do bigger and noisier things. We will go into Syria and we will stay. We must control Syria because she is in our way of our chart flow of oil.

So why isn’t the UN going after Assad? It is there job not ours.

Damn I wasn’t even born yet, but recall seeing vets on TV speaking out against the war. IF you go to war, you do what you must to win it. This was limited warfare without end, and no we should not have gone there. Does not take away from the men and women who fought there, 1 hand tied behind their backs. There were atrocities on both sides, and I cannot fault Kerry. Not until we bombed Hanoi years later did the NVA come to the table. We are NOT automatons, we are human beings…

Perhaps the proposed pipeline from Kirkuk, Iraq through Syria to the Med? Haven’t heard much about it, on the MSM, but the story is out there, twisting in the wind. Is it about oil and putting a West leaning gov in? Maybe. Assad goes down the Salafists will win, its a NO WIN anyway you look at it.

I saw TV film when I was older, I wasn’t born yet. The people who benefit most are big $$ people. Vietnam was war for profit, the S Vietnamese were not good allies from wat I read, and we should have left that place way before we did. We should not even have gone. Syria, the ppl cheered OBL during 9/11, and we need to save these ppl?? They hate us, they love us now coz they need an air force, I say GTFO no way :(

WHEN we we bring those responsible to justice? OR bring justice to THEM?? WHEN? No, its about Syria now, a no win, no good options. When you have no good options, do nothing. Let it play out, not our fight.

God left that place long ago.

“Blessed is Egypt My people”, says the mullah, “we are awesome in god’s eyes!”

The firebombing of Kobe and other Japanese cities did far more damage than nuclear weapons. People cry about Dresden, but to shed tears for the Asiatics require that they be incinerated in nuclear fire and die painfully from gamma ray poisoning instead of being flash-incinerated or suffocated by conventional weapons.

Would Hiroshima/Nagasaki be more or less palatable with chemical weapon bombardment?

Make sure we target the Russian and the Chinese embassies just as we did in Yugoslavia. Embarking upon a belligerent act on false pretenses again and getting away with it just because as a big bully we can on behalf of our paymasters the Saudis. A bunch of gangsters that’s what we have become.

Correction, Jenika…Morsi, of Egypt, and his “Muslim Brotherhood” are the BAD GUYS, whom the Egyptian military just spanked down hard… It’s the “Arab League” which is on our side, and THEY WANT the U.S. to spank Assad in Syria… Please check your facts…

His own people are terrorists– all Muslims are. If they aren’t, then they are hypocrites. So says their own holy books, the Quran and the Hadith. I will not shed a tear for any of them, no matter how many die, regardless of age, for their children of today are their terrorists of tomorrow. I am glad Syria is in rebellion and that Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida are on the receiving end of chemical attacks. It allows them to experience what they put us through. The “Rebels” are beheading “innocents” in the streets as they enforce Islam’s Law as they try to usurp Assad. Let them. The fewer of them there are, the better for all other religions of the world.

First, please provide your sources and details of US use of chemical weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Second, Hydrogen bombs have never, EVER been used in wartime operations. The only nuclear weapons deployed in a military operation, not in testing, have been 2 standard bombs (Nagasaki and Hiroshima).
Before you speak, check your facts, you just look ignorant otherwise.

Bombing Seria will not exclude the innocent civilians. Why not use the elite forces to abduct the Serian President, once the King is out, it’s a checkmate.


God.., how much do you hate? What are your credentials?

Sadly people seem to interchange “H-bomb” and “A-bomb” and assume both terms refer to any nuclear weapon. Regardless of the mixup, we’re still the only people to use nuclear weapons as a part of warfare.

Re chemical weapons, there’s a semantic question as to whether or not white phosphorus, defoliants and napalm count as chemical weapons. I’m inclined to count them as incendiary weapons rather than blister/nerve agents (classic “chemical weapons”); though defoliants do have teratogenic and carcinogenic effects if impurities/side reactants are not removed, or if used at sufficient quantity. I suppose to the plant they would be a “chemical weapon”; but since Vietnam our defoliant usage has been confined to the drug war, and targeting coca and opium poppies. We are undisputably responsible for spraying defoliants indiscriminately from aircraft.

On the other hand people like to use depleted uranium as the boogeyman. Uranium’s problem is not that it is very weakly radioactive, but that it is a heavy metal. And as we all know, heavy metals are quite poisonous when aerosolized. Tungsten penetrators when aerosolized will likely produce similar effects. I’m curious if UF6 and yellowcake also produce similar toxicity effects.

And while I have the soapbox, straight out of PubMed: (http://​www​.ncbi​.nlm​.nih​.gov/​p​m​c​/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​s​/​P​M​C​2​8​1​9​7​90/)

“While depleted uranium is less radioactive than natural uranium, it still retains all the chemical toxicity associated with the original element. In large doses the kidney is the target organ for the acute chemical toxicity of this metal, producing potentially lethal tubular necrosis. In contrast, chronic low dose exposure to depleted uranium may not produce a clear and defined set of symptoms. Chronic low-dose, or subacute, exposure to depleted uranium alters the appearance of milestones in developing organisms. Adult animals that were exposed to depleted uranium during development display persistent alterations in behavior, even after cessation of depleted uranium exposure. Adult animals exposed to depleted uranium demonstrate altered behaviors and a variety of alterations to brain chemistry. Despite its reduced level of radioactivity evidence continues to accumulate that depleted uranium, if ingested, may pose a radiologic hazard. The current state of knowledge concerning DU is discussed.”

Bear in mind that /some/ animal experiments are done to determine lethal doses, and will dose at ranges beyond what humans would encounter. Also, animal experiments don’t always represent humans. Only the most evil of scientists would deliberately expose humans to DU aerosols to see what happens, thus we’ll never really know in controlled laboratory settings how DU affects human beings.

Bear in mind that this would likely happen with tungsten penetrators (and iridium/osmium if we ever go there).

Jesus Christ.., quoting from a 2000 year old text, like they knew then about what is happening now. How irrelevant. prophecies, mockerecies, take responsiblity.
Your just another wannabe, knocking upon a dead man’s door, the doors of the gods of Abraham. There is no body home in that church, mosque or synagog dude.

The evidence is indirect and hearsay…that’s the Fog of War for you. As human pawns in a global game of chess it’s hard to know anything except what government feeds, leaks or lets slip through.

If you were a Nam vet, wouldn’t you be pist about about what he said? If you have any respect at all for military veterans you should be pist.
Of course, if you’re a democrat, it might not bother you.l.

There is no proof that Assad used chemical weapons. Just saying it doesn’t make it so. the U.S.
has not shared this info with anyone to validate. Sounds fishy to me.
And, by the way, the Syrians love Assad. Do your homework.

I am a Veteran.

Kerry did not besmirch any veterans., especially Vietnam Veterans. Swift boat was a well oiled crock of BS. They later were fined (too late) for their lies. Kerry was an honorable man until recently when he moved to the other side .
Winter Soldiers were Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. They were sincere boys who have great difficulty living with what they were ordered to do.

No that is not true. The Swift Boat group was a pile of BS and they were fined later on. Too late tho, the Republicans (probably Groover Norquist or Rove) set them up to lie. Kerry should have jumped on that but he didn’t. Googling and snopes doesn’t make it true. Kerry was wronged.

o.k., jenika

No they were not. The Swift Boat’s allegations were a pile of dog doo. Kerry’s mistake was not challenging them hard and fast. If you speak the truth you do not look “foolish.”

Kerry did not trash his medals and for that lie I hold him accountable. He still has them. I know.

It would be a disaster for many if the U.S. got involved with Syria. Assad did not set off chemical attacks.
It is another “false flag.” Like the the PT boat being attacked and like Suddam’s WMDs.

I think we are getting off the topic or does anything go?
Why this harangue on Kerry. So what? He is where he is today and is trying to lead us into a useless and disastrous war. He is a slick talker.

I am thinking that the worst case senario would be for us to bomb the chemical sites and the wind blows it all over the lands.
Assad did not disperse any chemical weapons. The jury is still out as to who and how. The Syrian people like Assad. Jews and Christians live side by side.

But who are the good guys and who is the enemy? What we have hear is a lack of intelligence and honesty.

Of course, Repubtards aren’t happy unless the have some Demoncracker to be upset about…
BI-partisan NOTHING, NON-partisan EVERYTHING…
Vote independent, kill BOTH “parties”…
Thank-you for you service, Sir!, and WELCOME HOME all ‘Nam vets…

Bush, jr., went AWOL from the TX Air Guard, and NEVER even learned to fly, or got his pilot’s license…
And, he FOOLED the American People into thinking he was the *pilot* who trapped on the Abraham Lincoln, under the *SHIP’S* (repub-made) “Mission Accomplished” banner…
At least Kerry & Al Gore actually WENT to Viet Nam…
That little piece of cracker trailer-trash Bush, jr., can’t say that…

And what the FedGov feeds, leaks, and lets slip through, only NOURISHES the hungry minds of WE the SHEEPLE, which only strengthens us…If the FedGov does NOT feed, leak, and let slip through, then we starve, and are of no further use to them…
The Fog of War hides us well, and protects us from the FedGov predators, my brother…

Yes, Jenika, America *IS* “too big and scary*…I’m glad you accept that reality…

When I was in the Navy during the 50s, the common view was to build a fence around the whole
area with one gate. Whom ever came through the gate after all the fighting, we make friends with. Sounds
like a good idea yet.

SYRIA is an international — UN crisis and NOT for the US to address unilaterally!
US intervened in Libya and Benghazi was the result. Unilateral US strike on Syria will have much more dire consequences for the US.
US has no coherent strategy for addressing the evolving crises in the Middle East, so this current knee-jerk response to the latest incident in Syria is a result of an inadvertent statement by the President.

Kerry was a veteran who worked for peace and tried to expo the real life in ‘Nam In later years he sold out though and became a “snake.” He didn’t throw away his medals. Still has them.

All right, first, Why them? They didn’t volunteer to plan the attack if it does happen, it’s their job. Secondly, they may hate the idea of attacking Syria, but it’s their job. Third, as part of their job, they are making sure no US service members are harmed and that they neutralize the threat with few casualties. Lastly, This is a very complex scenario where all the choices end badly. All of them. So please understand that it’s not their fault that this situation is happening. It’s a tough decision, but it has to be made.

If you think Nam vets were sick, murderous mobs who raped, pillaged and burned the countryside like Kerry said we did, you’re simply a naive fool.



World Headline News: Due to the inaction of the United Nations during Al– Assad’s rule in 2013, there have been, over the past couple months, an additional 20 Million people face the brutality of chemical weapons being used by heads of state in the mid east, asia, and Europe. The world health organization estimates the total now has reached somewhere between 58 and 90 million deaths worldwide. The United Nations has issued a resolution banning the International Human Rights Organization, and through the World Criminal Court, has issued arrest warrants for all International Humans Rights Organization leaders and members.

Anyone who thinks the above is something that will never happen needs to pay a visit to a shrink. Then, get on your knees and say a prayer.

Jenika, that is the biggest BS yet. If Israel indeed needs more space why pray did it ever leave the Sinai peninsula or Gaza?
And on the topic of not knowing how to get along with neighbors please be so kind as to open any history book and look up what happened a few hours after the state of Israel was founded…
Oh and if Israel really really wanted more space it would just force its Arab population (20% of its population) out. that would be much cheaper with much less logistics and casualties than occupying thousands of square miles of hostile territory.

Glad you pointed out that 20% of the Israeli population are Arab. They serve in the Israeli parliament, sit on their supreme court, enjoy the same rights and benefits of all Israelis. Polls show they enjoy more rights and privileges than their peers in the west bank and Gaza. The world bank gives the Palestinians millions and little gets to the people. In the mean time, Muslims are slaughtering Muslims. Arabs tried to destroy Israel in 1946, 1956, 1967, 1973 and many wars of attrition since. A million Jews were expelled from Arab countries following Israeli Independence. But, let’s blame Israel. Someone needs to read their history books.

Perhaps on that note in might be good to mention that the judge of the Israeli high curt that sent the former head of state, Moshe Katzav, into prison is an Arab.

Jenika, do me the favor and look up who holds most of the drilling rights in Iraq. A little hint: It starts with Chi and ends with na…

When a attack starts on Syria wich looks like will happen soon,we who wanted a democracy, not complain of higher taxes etcpotus has done good getting us out of two wars,tried to stable the US wich is starting,but since this Syria keeps attacking its own people somebody has to stop that.Or are we gonna stand in our rooms at home watch these innocent ‚men,women,children,get killed like ww2?

Who crossed the “red line” who put it must make use! of itthis isnt Korea..

Interesting, 6th Fleet Commander is not leading this. Second point is the NATO flag in the photo’s background?

just what this poor guy needs the most! to be named as the man who droped the first bomb of what could be ww3. barack insane obomber has lost it for sure! fubo fubar! mr.clingan think about your family do not do this! it is not safe for you! dont be a “hero” be a man!


Its already Armegedon of the 1000 year war with its major global attack on the free world occurring with 911. Hopefully the code in article is true that GODALMIGHTY THE FATHER is going to be command of US Central Command in Syria and not flutter of brilliant buzz boys making decisions that are only GODALMIGHTY’S to make.

Israel used our cluster bombs to bomb Lebanon. Those are illegal and banned by the international community. Where was the outcry? Little kids are still picking them up and being blown apart. And Israeli soldiers won’t need to “walk into Syria.” The Americans will do it for them.

They won’t let me answer you. This site is controlled.

You need to do a bit of basic homework. Israel-Palestine-1946/7–1967. Israel has been pushing the Palestinians off their land since 1967 (or ’47 depending on how far you want to count back).
They ARE in Gaza — razing Palestianian homes as we speak. Isolating neightbor from neighbor, family from family. Please find a current map of Israel and see how tiny the Palestinian land has been wittled back from what it originally was. I would like them to release the 15,000 Palestinians they have in their prisons, esp. the children they hold. The West Bank is the largest open-air prison in the world. Get some facts so you can blog intelligently.

What blind trust you have in the “U.S. Defense and Intel communities.” If it “needs to be done” it is about grabbing even more land/countries for our use. All wars are resource wars now. We want control of their oil and land. Time will tell if you can’t figure it out now. Do it right?? By bombing the country? Where do you get off saying that the lives of American children are worth more than Syrian children? If Obama is incompetent, I would aure hate to see you in charge.

Very possible. One thing is sure — Assad did NOT release the chemical weapons. He is not dumb. His people want him to stay in power. The rebels are tossing people out of their homes and taking over — around Damascus. Why isn’t this info in the news? Germany said in a report that they have evidence that someone is Assad’s “military” released the chemicals. There needs to be more investigation as to who released the chemicals. The United States is the biggest sinner in releasing chemicals — white phosporous and DU and more in Iraq. Napalm, white phosporous and agent orange for 10 years in ‘Nam. This is surely the pot calling the kettle black. We should stay out of Syria — we do not have a dog in this fight. It’s a civil war — it is for them to decide.

We LOST Vietnam, we “won” the oil in Iraq and Afghanistan is our waterloo (or maybe Syria). Yes, there is no money in peace and that is why the U.S. military, along with the greedy corporations and with government greasing the wheels, will stay in continuing conflict. We now have war after war after war, unless the American people stand up and yell, “No More Wars.” George Orwell was right I fear.
Yes, another B100 out the window. Money that could help rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, provide decent housing and feed the hungry.

>The United States is the biggest sinner in releasing chemicals — white phosporous and DU and more in Iraq. Napalm, white phosporous and agent orange for 10 years in ‘Nam.

As it have been already pointed out, all of these are not chemical weapons, with one exception: agent orange. All the rest are chemical substance just like anything on earth is a substance that has more of a mechanical effect. And the damages from agent orange are a very good reason for being worried of chemical weapons; it still affect the ecosystem and still affect the population more than 50 years later! A Vx attack won’t do like in the movie ‘the rock’, it won’t be a 30 second ultra-lethal cloud before everything goes to normal. I don’t know how long it would last, likely to be for a very long period of time.

And viet-nam was more than 50 years ago, time have changed since. Did they sprayed a chemical substance to kill those opium plantations in Afghanistan? No.

It might not be Assad himself. According to newspaper only his brother and a top general could authorize a chemical attack. That doesn’t mean that they are all on the same mod, nor that they are all psychically sane either.

Logical or not, this has happened. And beware of the SEA, they have hacked newspaper already and nothing prove that they did not impersonated some official. It’s been two time already where an article quote a UN official saying something like ‘No there are absolutely no trace of a chemical attack’.

Do I really need to elaborate on this?

I mean only Assad, his brother Maher and an unnamed top general.

Jenika, you’re clearly deluded. the last israeli soldier in Gaza was Gilat Shalit and he certainly did not “raze” any Palestinian homes…
as for the wars you’re so kindly bringing up: 1948 Israel was attacked. if you start a war and loos you usually loos land. please ask any German. The same goes for 1967.
To your story of the open air prison so no Palestinian can go over the border into Jordan??

I do not know what End Game they have in mind but it is suicide for the U.S. to go against International Law and attack Syria. Why would be on the side of Al Qaeda and the Opposition. Looks like Russia is the smart one here. However, if we disarm Syria wouldn’t we have to disarm ourselves and Israel from chemical weapons?

War is so stupid. It is a game for the corporations and leaders of countries. They just use us to fight and die and pay for their wars to boot. When will we catch on and say, “Hell no, we won’t go.” There has been a tremendous uprising against this latest American War in the States. If we only had the Draft there would be millions in the streets. These kids are not about to stop their lives and leave their families to go kill people who have not harmed them. Mostly it is the civilians who die, euphenistically called “collateral damage.”

Right. We have used chemical weapons in every war we’ve been in and we haven’t won a war since WW2. And if we went by International Law there would have been no Vietnam, no Korean War, no Afghanistan or Iraq wars. No Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Syria.….….….If we went by the Geneva Conventions there would have been no torture, waterboarding, fingernails, rape, dogs etc.
America thumbs her nose at the world and says “I’m special so I can get away with this.” Well, I don’t think so. It’s time for the people to speak out loud and clear before it is too late.

Do you honestly think we were our “Brother’s Keeper” in Vietnam? In Korea? In Iraq? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Yemen? We are the Banker’s Keeper.

And yes those were “religious views.” Apocalypse stuff
Also, there wasn’t any oil in Rwanda.

So you want to support Al Quaeda? Assad targets the Opposition but the Opposition Thugs target civilians and the military. It is not proved who released the gas but one thing is for certain we have released more chemicals on people than Hitler and the Rest put together. We have violated thousands of times the Geneva Conventions or is it just OK if WE do it because we are so damn “exceptional?”

Drones kill more civilians than “enemy combattants” so I am against them for anything except looking for missing children. We have no business in Syria. We have no business in the Middle East. One day someone is going to kick our arses and then we will feel what others have felt for centuries. Big awakening. Maybe peace will come then but at what price?

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