Stavridis: Obama Should Seek NATO Support

Stavridis: Obama Should Seek NATO Support

Retired Navy Adm. James Stavridis, former NATO supreme allied commander from 2009 to 2013, urged President Obama to seek NATO’s assistance in a potential strike on Syria as the president also seeks Congressional authorization.

Stavridis wrote an editorial in the New York Times Monday in which he outlined the importance of having NATO support for the campaigns in Libya and Bosnia — more than just “moral support.”

President Obama surprised many when he announced Saturday that he would seek authorization from Congress for a potential strike on Syria.

The debates in Congress started Monday when Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., visited the White House and then Tuesday the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing where Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey all testified. The defense and state leaders continued the drill Wednesday with a closed Senate Armed Services Committee hearing and an open hearing at the House Foreign Affairs Committee scheduled for noon.

Stavridis said Dempsey and other U.S. military leaders should have the same debates with their counterparts in NATO. France has stepped forward in pledging their support for a strike. However, the British set back potential NATO support by voting against any military intervention.

Others argue that NATO should not support a Syrian strike without authorization from the United Nations Security Council. Stavridis cited the conflict in Kosovo as an example where NATO could still act even with out authorization from the Security Council.

He said comparing Syria to Libya is too easy. And instead the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo serve as comparisons. Stavridis acknowledged that NATO’s support of military action in Kosovo was controversial.

“But the outcome has been generally good, with NATO more secure, the region more or less at peace and an independent Kosovo now recognized by almost 100 nations,” the retired admiral said.

Stavridis said the U.S. has more support in Brussels than it might think and there’s still the potential for NATO resolution. However, the U.S. must push for it and take advantage of the benefit of more wide ranging international support.

“President Obama should make a hard push for NATO involvement, much as he is doing with Congress. The arguments are the same, and American influence remains strong in Brussels, where NATO is based,” Stavridis wrote.

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Apart from France and Islamist Turkey I doubt we see much of anyone else NATO support.

Lance: I think Turkey while being 90% sunni is more Euro-centric than m.e. centric. They host aprox. 50% of the syrian refugee’s, a perfect pool of potential rebel fighters. I also believe their in this whole deal up to their waist, but covertly…funneling “gulf-state” purchased weapons & supplies to the anti-Assad forces.…& who knows what the “other players” in the region are doing covertly also, like Jordan, where the U.S. already has 1200 troops “offically” deployed at the bequest of King Abdullah II, plus AF assets to “beef up” his air defences.

Nato is a DEFENCE organization, not offence. Good luck getting more than 1 or 2 partners to join. When will we see a return to the US that did good and stayed away from such nonsense. Come on, your FOUNDERS said so even. Respect those who gave you your country. F the what if’s. Just let it go and focus on yourself. Sadness is a part of life, as the Syrians are now witnessing. Nothing us Atlantics should do about it. Not our problem.

Ah yes the navy where spreading the blame is the solution to every stupid idea.

The actions by the Syrian government is a crime against humanity. It appears to me that the Syrian ‘head’ should pay for this crime. We should obtain support from other NATO nations in doing whatever is necessary to upend the present head of state in Syria. There are now over two million Syrians that have fled their own country. They have left because they are not safe. I do not condone boots on the ground in Syria. The Navy seems well prepared to send a message that the world wll not just stand by while he elecutes his own people.

Here’s an idea. Let’s keep out of Syria’s business.
We are not Israel’s puppet.

One step at a time Admiral. First he get approval from what’s left of Congress, then he get assistance from NATO.

Why is this human tragedy so special . How many times have we turned our heads from 10’s of thousands being unjustly killed all over the world. Why a line in the sand over this one? Im sure it has nothing to do with Iranian oil that is not traded in dollars. Im sure some kind of leverage and instigation is not at work to grease the doors for actions against Iran through confrontation with Syria. LOL

Since the Admiral has recently retired and was the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, I respect the perspective and first and knowledge he brings to this very unique situation. I hope the President takes his advise in the genuine nature Admiral Stavridis gave it.…

Well Mary, just who would replace Assad? You have to say one thing for Assad; he is staying in his own back yard. Just think how al Qaeda could easily take over Syria and the WMDs that Iraq stashed there. Think of Saran gas being released as the result of our “punishing” attack. It is not a simple situation and Obama should have kept his mouth shut because now he has to do something.

Another flag officer that has grown b*lls SINCE RETIREMENT!

Absolutely right on! There is no irrefutable evidence that it was Assad’s troops who used the chemical weapons. As a matter of fact, it seems more likely that defecting troops from Assads army who joined the
“revolution” were the culprits with the intent of leading those easily fooled (i.e. Kerry, obama, etc) into taking action against Assad, thereby assisting them in their radical islamic takeover of that country!

Would it be better to use diplomacy…like have Assad shock the world and let Obama and Kerry go in with trucks and load up the chemical weapons that defense contractors have sold him? Working to gether to bring this to a peaceful resolution is the right way. Assad should announce to the world that he will open all of his warehouse up and give the chemeical weapons back to McCain and Grahm. But it looks like they will to kill people with more weapons.

Interesting angle on the defecting troop, where’s your proof?

You also make a point about the revolution being one that wants a radical Islamic takeover. If this is true then we should sanction Assad to kill ALL of the rebels just to be sure with as much chemical weapons as he could muster…Perhaps Russia and America could help in this valiant effort.

Oh don’t hank I am kidding, I am 100% serious!

Obviously the jury is still out that the rebels are all about pushing a theocracy like Iran, but if they were, then wipe them all out. The world does not need more religious nut bags, especially in the Middle East

The USA should not “go it alone” (exclusive of France). The Arab League has notably also stopped short of condoning (or taking part in, for that matter) any military action w/r/t the use of chemical weapons. The UN Security Council giving the thumbs up would be better political cover — and then the chances of NATO involvement would be better.

Somehow, the USA is always the one expending more than anyone else, either in people, material/logistical support, or both.

The American people are justifiably wary of using our military when our national security is not at risk, and the lessons of the invasion of Iraq were won the hardest way there is.

I advise all to contact their elected representatives, and let them know where you stand.

98 nations support the strike
If that i so, they can put their money where their mouths are.….….……NOW

Nope the new Party is Islamist and cranked down on opposition to the parties new power. They have a anti-freedom Islamist agenda and want to crush all none Sunni states bordering it. Face it its a Islamist light Turkey. I know many of you war lovers hear hate hearing that but the truth bites.

Contacting your elected representatives is a fine recommendation, but likely pointless, since most really don’t care. Most Senators and Representatives believe they are smarter than their constituents, and don’t feel the need to vote according to their constituent desires, except for giving them more Federal goodies to keep the votes coming in.

Did we all forget the artillary shells that landed on Turkish Soil?

How about the middle east country who buy million of dollars of U.S military equipment stepping up. After all it there brothers who are involed in this mess. They say ther e religion doesn’t approve of these action well it time that they publish the one involved. We can give them knowelged of were to target if they need that information but that all.

Most NATO countries allready openlly said they will back up the usa the Dutch are ready ‚just waiting for the green light how long do we have to see this HITLER in syria see watch gas people like in 1945 come on people open youre eyesand see whats hapenning today in 2013!!

The rebels are no better than Assad. What about the Christians being elimanated by the rebels. Take your blinders off! The United States should keep out of the conflict.

or the shot down f4 phantom?


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