154,000 Army Civilians Furloughed in Shutdown

154,000 Army Civilians Furloughed in Shutdown

Due to the government shutdown, the Army is struggling to deal with thousands of civilian furloughs, reduced training and travel and scaled-back community outreach, service officials said.

Overall, 154,000 Department of the Army civilians have been furloughed, said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Jerome Pionk.

“This degrades the operations they were a part of. This has affected the Army across the board. We are looking at impacts upon every unit. Units are undergoing guidance with contingency planning to mitigate the effects as much as possible,” Pionk told Military​.com

Meanwhile, the ongoing government shutdown may even stop the Army Black Knights football team from playing this Saturday’s scheduled game against Boston College, service officials said.

Plans for the game are currently under review in light of the shutdown, Army officials said. A source told ESPN that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will decide if the game is played after the service academies have shown they can cover expenses connected to the game without government funds.

Community relations activities have also been postponed until appropriations are available, Pionk added.

This means that Army band activities, fairs and other community-outreach related functions are now on hold.

Also, after being open to unload perishables for a day on Oct. 1, commissaries on installations across the country are now in the process of closing as well.

At the same time, the Army will continue to support activities with direct national security interests such as ongoing operations in Afghanistan, Korea and other parts of the world, Pionk added.

Officials with U.S. Central Command say about 190 civilians have been furloughed from their headquarters in Tampa, Fla.

Army acquisition will be impacted by the shutdown as well, particularly if it extends beyond merely a few days, service officials said.

“Contracts not already funded with FY13 (fiscal year) or other appropriations will not be funded until another CR (continuing resolution) or FY 14 budget is passed,” Pionk explained.

Although “excepted” activities related to safety and ongoing operations are protected from the shutdown, several military officials have told Military​.com that an extended shutdown could wind up affecting a broader range of areas.

“We’re a little over 24 hours into this, if there were impacts we would not see them yet. There will be an impact eventually, but it is too early to predict exactly what that impact would be,” a military official familiar with current operations told Military​.com.

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Delaying the ACA an entire year vs having army bands. Hmm, brave sacrifice by Congress.

Reading the amendments, the senate counterproposal to the year pushback was allegedly to eliminate some subsidies related to health insurance; but what I did find of interest in the amendments was changing some of the language relating to Congresscritters to include congressional employees, elected officials, VP and P. And some stuff about not using certain monies in a preceding section to fund ACA expenses. And changes to the tax code.

The ACA is the law. Has been for three years now. It was survived SCOTUS review and 40+ attempts to change it. Moreover, it has nothing to do with the current budget. The law can be changed over time like any law. But we need a budget first to allow that to happen.

All that was needed was just a clean CR. But, because they lunatics tea party controlled republican hated Affordable Care Act, they tied the same to the Spending Bill. In other words, their negotiation in good faith means putting a gun on the head of the other party, while having negotiation. That is not fair. When John Boehner said that they wanted fairness, it is either that he wanted only to sound good, or that he was just lying and playing words — i.e. lying. Why tie the CR with other issues if they really do care america. Why burn the entire country just to make a concession??? The tactics used by the lunatics is — terrorism — pure and simple. If they so thought that Affordable Care Act is not a law, then, such law, could be discussed and negotiated in some other time without necessarily throwing the entire country into economic mess. Tea party are lunatics. So do, sorry to say — Ted Cruz. He is for me a new Muhammad Atta without an airplane

yes jane i agree with you. ACA could be amended during other time without necessarily tying the same to the SPENDING BILL. Sad to note, the entire country is held hostage by tea party lunatics. Besides, American system as i understand it had given them opportunity to amend and improve it. In fact, they had already tried it, but to no avail. Since they had already been given an opportunity to improve it or amend it, but failed, i guess, they should respect the process because that is how your country works. Americans should unite in kicking the ass of the tea party terrorist. But, fox news even commended them. The issue is just very simple. This shut down could be resolved by just a CLEAN CR. That’s it. No ifs, no buts. Assuming for the sake of argument that ACA is not a perfect law, then, why held hostage the entire country to make an ideological point –which for me is — pure and simple terrorism. Tea party are terrorists. Period

I’am surprised on how many Democrats wrote here blaming all the GOP. When its Obama who wanted this shutdown in the first place. Doing the blame game will do nothing.

Word Up

I agree that the Tea Party is being ridiculous on this budget impasse. Unfortunately, they feel that it is their only choice. In the crafting of the ACA, the president and Dems did not negotiate with the GOP, they said my way or the highway, and Obama has maintained that stance. Since the GOP cannot trust that the Dems will negotiate with them on their concerns, they have to tie their concerns to things that cause pain..i.e. the budget and the dept ceiling. Unfortunately, this is causing even more bad feeling on both sides so that neither side is worried at all about doing what is “right” but rather in winning the argument. I personally wish there was a way to recall the entire Congress and replace them with new people.

Remember with Obama it either his way or the High Way so I guess we are all on the Highway to hell

The Tea Party is doing what the REAL Americans and what I mean by that is people who WORK, are Informed on the issues, pay Taxes and tired of supporing Obama Welfare people. Obama said the American People spoke well maybe all the Uniformed, welfare peole spoke cause they want their freebees paid for the other Americans that work. The other Americans sat home and let Obama get re-elected. The SCOTUS also left an opening when they called it a tax and when the first person who has to pay that “TAX” you will see another round of law suits cause the Federal Government cannot force you to Buy anything but this is what the UN-Affordable Care Act is doing.

There are some very good and a few excellent civilian workers on the USG payrole, however they are the minority.
When I started working in aerospace the civilian USG jobs paid about 2/3 that of industry. Generally this meant that the USG civilian workers tended to not be the sharpest tools in the shed. Interestingly as pay in the private sector stagnated in the 2000s, USG pay kept increasing. The result is that the dull tools now command greater saleries than the private sector.
What is the point ? 1. The USG needs to realign the salaries at least with industry and perhaps with the real skills of the individuals. 2. Time to figure out who actually does work in the USG payload and who basically just gathers a paycheck, and then cull the herd.

Should also fight the constitutionality of SS and Medicare. Think we can fight this one all the way up to SCOTUS?

Haven’t seen this kind of government indecision since the Articles of Confederation. Yowza!

Remember your history dear friend. When the Affordable Health care was railroaded through without being read and the Republicans asked for this not to happen but The Dems with Obama and Pelosi pushing it ran the railroad anyway? That was the one thing you should never do and it has caused problems for Obama ever since. Obama has not be able to do anything since to amount to a mole hill. I am really for sorry for the man but I knew when a small group then of far left took over the congress just long enough to do what happen then that the Republicans would make them pay from then on. We will see this for the rest of Obama’s term. Lesson to the next President no matter what Party they are from is to work nice with the other side. Its not a dictatorship being President its a marriage.

Railroading. That’s how we got the PATRIOT Act.

Perhaps Congress needs to think about laws that govern how /it/ acts, and how laws are made, and the effects of lobbying groups, and legislative inertia.


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