Pentagon Builds Aegis Ashore MD Sites in Romania

Pentagon Builds Aegis Ashore MD Sites in Romania

The Missile Defense Agency is working with Lockheed Martin to build a land-based Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense site in Romania as part of a broader strategy to widen the ballistic-missile defense protective envelope over Europe and other areas by drawing upon historically ship-based Aegis radar technology, Pentagon officials said.

An Aegis Ashore deck house, complete with Standard Missile-3, or SM-3, intercept capability,  is slated to be operational in Romania by 2015, Rick Lehner, MDA spokesman told Military​.com in an interview.  The effort is part of the Pentagon’s European Phased Adaptive Approach missile defense plan which calls for land-based BMD intercept capability to be operational at locations in Romania by 2015 and Poland by 2018, he added.

“This plan utilizes a proven Aegis weapons system and is a lot less expensive than having ships on station doing the same mission. What you have is a permanent capability. This really is a phased adaptive approach in three separate phases. The primary benefit is you can assemble a proven missile defense system that can defend Europe,” Lehner said.

The Romanian Aegis Ashore site will be configured to fire the test-proven SM-3 IB interceptor missile, Lehner said. However, the Polish site for 2018 will be able to fire the larger, more powerful SM-3 IIA missile, which has a longer range, he added.

Preparations for the Romanian site are already underway, said Nick Bucci, director of BMD development programs at Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems and Training business.

“When you look at Aegis Ashore, it has been a faster development production and deployment program than any I have ever experienced. The ability to do it at a faster pace happened because everything was geared toward getting to the deployment date of 2015 for Romania,” Bucci explained.

Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense, or BMD, has historically been a ship-based integrated missile defense system which uses radar to identify approaching targets in tandem with SM-3 interceptor missiles engineered to knock them out of the sky.

The system uses the AN/SPY-1 radar, multiple variants of SM-3 missiles and various software configurations to ensure targets are located, tracked and destroyed. The Aegis BMD system is able to eliminate intercontinental ballistic missiles, or ICBMs, during the mid-course phase of flight — the period when an approaching missile is in space above the earth’s atmosphere.

In existence since 2004, Aegis BMD is now operating on 28 Navy ships and with a number of allied nations. U.S. allies with Aegis capability include the Japan Self Defense Forces, Spanish Navy, the South Korean Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, Italy, Denmark and others, MDA officials said.

At the same time, Aegis BMD technology exists in increments; software and hardware configurations designed to gradually improve technical performance. While most existing Aegis ships use what’s called Aegis BMD Weapons System 3.6 or 4.0, there are several next-generation BMD Weapons Systems currently in development called 5.0 or 5.1, MDA and Lockheed officials explained.

The Aegis ashore deckhouse slated for Romania is being engineered with Aegis BMD Weapons System 5.0 — an integrated suite of technologies which provides multi-mission signal processing capability, Lockheed officials said.

For instance, the multi-mode signal processor provides the ability to simultaneously track air and cruise missile threats as well as ballistic missile threats, officials added.

“The 5.0 system can allocate radar resources as the situation demands. You can dynamically allocate radar resources to focus on BMD missions if one should pop up,” said Jim Sheridan, director of  Navy Aegis programs, Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems and Training business.

The MDA and Lockheed are also working on building an Aegis Ashore deck house at the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii, Lehner explained.

“We need to have a test site to conduct intercepts because we cannot conduct tests from Romania and Poland,” said Lehner.

A live fire test using the Aegis Ashore test facility in Hawaii is slated for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2014.

Meanwhile, the Missile Defense Agency, U.S. Pacific Command, and U.S. Navy sailors aboard the USS Lake Erie recently conducted a flight test of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system, resulting in the intercept of a complex separating short-range ballistic missile target over the Pacific, an MDA statement said.

The target flew northwest towards a broad ocean area of the Pacific Ocean. Following target launch, the USS Lake Erie detected and tracked the missile with its onboard AN/SPY-1 radar, the statement said.  The test was the fourth consecutive successful intercept test of the SM-3 Block IB guided missile with the Aegis BMD 4.0 Weapon System.

“The ship, equipped with the second-generation Aegis BMD weapon system, developed a fire control solution and launched two SM-3 Block IB guided missiles to engage the target. The first SM-3 that was launched successfully intercepted the target warhead. This was the first salvo mission of two SM-3 Block IB guided missiles launched against a single separating target,” an MDA written statement reads.

Across all Ballistic Missile Defense System programs, this is the 63rd successful hit-to-kill intercept in 79 flight test attempts since 2001, according to the statement.

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Wow. this is such a wonderful …

waste of our tax dollars given all the other priorities. Great for Lockheed Martin though. Happy about the highly scripted results too. Maybe Europe will like us more now.

This won’t end well. The SM hasn’t been tested against saturation attacks of BM’s at terminal velocity.

Not sure how it’ll do against the Shahabs, let alone the newer ones. If only the Turks would allow construction at Incirlik…

oh great, another LM make work project that will be billions over budget and 20 years in the making.…

second point, why are we spending money we don’t have on Europe, if they want protection they should pay for it.

This is good news, on the operationability of the SM-3 family. There seems to be some vulnerability at the radar ground site, an assault or hit rendering it inoperable. It is an immobile target for enemies unknown.

I thought the same thing. A moving ship is much safer not from just air or missile attack but from commando raids also.

Yeah, but it will make a great DECOY…Then, when we fight them “over there”, we will know where “there” IS…
You guys just gotta learn to think more optimistically…with HOPE…

not made for saturation made for rogue states

We need to make all these freeloaders pay up. According to the DoD at http://​comptroller​.defense​.gov/​d​e​f​b​u​d​g​e​t​/​f​y​2​0​1​4/f… we paid for $21 billion in FY2013 on overseas support. That includes $7 billion to Germany, $4.7 billion to Japan, $3.1 billion to South Korea, $1.7 billion to Italy and $1.4 billion to U.K. — all rich countries. We should just cancel to their U.S. Treasuries and cut our Pentagon budget by these amounts. That will cover about 40% of the coming $50 billion in the next round of sequestration cuts for FY2014. Tell Lockheed Martin to go get their money from Romania.

So you think Iran is going to fire one missile at a time? Or lacks RV capability?

On paper, the Shahabs have a higher max alt than the SM, and the SM’s don’t have the legs to hit them in early boost…their only clear shot is likely to be in the terminal phase. All Pacific testing is with proxy missiles that don’t necessarily share flight profile to the Shahab. Unless Iran sneaks a Scud onto a freighter in the Black Sea and shoots it over Romania, the Aegis Ashore isn’t going to do much, unless engineers can deliver some serious upgrades, or secretly replace Mk 41 VLS tubes with something bigger.

You are punished for uttering negativist treason. You will have to wear yellow ribbons on your jacket for the next twenty years.

Maybe they are lying about the capability and tests so the enemy thinks they have the upper hand. Maybe it works greatly and it will work perfectly? lol or maybe not

If Iran is sane, you will never need to test them. And once the systems fail and Iranian missiles hit Europe, retaliation will be called for.

This is why Israel has their own defense systems…don’t have to trust someone else with your country’s safety.

Exactly, a waste of US taxpayer money. Missle defense shield for what???? The cold war is over.

Strategic partnership-building, to establish / maintain a foothold in a Globally vital airspace…
Also, it’s good advertising…for the FUTURE…

This is a bold scam. These missiles haven’t even half the range to hit IRBM or ICBMs. These are just local anti-aircraft sites.

Your are correct sir. I found the details. http://​www​.g2mil​.com/​d​e​v​e​s​e​l​u​.​htm

Actually, it increases the probability of a conflict. It’s an in-your-face strategy to “contain” Russia (ala George Kennan). Iran and our potential adversaries won’t shoot into Romania. They’ll shoot into Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Dubai, where all the American imperialist bases are located. It will cause Russia to target Eastern Europe. Europe creating a missile shield while its importing Russian oil and natural gas to power its economy, is sort of self defeating. We can’t sell them American cars so we’re sellng them weapons. Great way to make long term peace and prosperity.

Better check the facts of the article. Says SM ceiling is 70 miles. If that was the case, we never would have been able to take out that satellite years ago.

But, suicide boats swarms! Rogue freighters carrying Silkworms! Jihadi dolphins! (I kid, I kid.)

Which is it– Shahabs, with their ~1200 mile range, or ICBMs? Have the Iranians (or anyone else on the expected threat list) demonstrated an RV capability?

I read most of these comments, and they look like being written by either ignorants, or anti-American enemies. United States, in spite of many blunders, was the number ONE factor in maintaining the world peace for almost 70 years. There was no major conflagrations since 1945! Yes, there were various regional wars, but if you look prior to 1945, wars were part of the life all the time. I know Europe is pathetic, when it’s about protecting themselves, but if it was not US to defend them, by now the whole Western Europe would have been Communist under Moskow control. What puzzled me is this: On the base of its huge population, US did invest in China, which proved dangerous, instead of relying and investing in Eastern Europe, former Communist countries, ALLWAYS very pro-American! If it was done this way, the US would have had strong and trustful allies. But our leadership is very often blind, and don’t learn anything from the history!

And Comrade Putin is all thumbs up for this…right?

The Shahab is an IRBM, which like the ICBM has a ballistic trajectory.

The comprehensive benchmark of Aegis Ashore is to put them on Johnson Atoll and shoot test missiles following TBM profile (Scud), SRBM, IRBM and ICBM in the boost, midcourse and terminal phases. Most testing is against target rockets of the TBM/SRBM class.

Good point. The stated altitude of target was ~133 nm, and the public max-height of the SM-3 is >100 mi, with “operational range” of >270 nm (which I assume means 270 surface miles, and not 270 miles point-to-point).

…“Much of”…or “ALL OF”…???… Hey Congress and DoD really only care about Wall St., *not* Main St…

Steve…how ’bout Iranian missles???

“American imperialist bases”.……wtf???? your on the wrong blog go to http://​www​.huffingtonpost​.com/

$1.4 billion to UK?…what is your source for this? First I’ve heard for any military aid to UK

…oh, I don’t know, “KrazyCOL”, maybe he’d be happier with Glenn Beck, or Alex Jones…Beck is a Mormon, you know…HuffPo might be a little limp-wristed for him…Global Geopolitics is NOT the strong suit of the American taxpayer…Maybe the Russkies will take out our 100-acre embassy complex in Baghdad, instead
of the imperial bases in Dubai, Bahrain, etc…???…Heaven forbid they should target that 1,000,000 sq.ft. warehouse the Swiss built for us in Afghanistan…I heard Kandahar is running low on *Stingers*…

COUNTRY; Military Personnel; Operation and Maintenance; Family Housing, Operations; Family Housing,
Construction; Military Construction; Country Total
United Kingdom 704.3 580.6 44.7 0.0 103.6 1,433.2

704M to payroll of Americans. 580M to ops and maintenance. Ops being daily operations, not incrementals.

Unless Taxpayer is suggesting that American forces operating anywhere on the planet should be paid for by the locals?

DA ! Ve ‘ave souprise for you rednek hippie fascist imperialist dogs ! Next live test of SS-18 Satan…I mean Grunt for make peace is soon.

oh the enemies are well known


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