US Cuts Military Aid to Egypt

US Cuts Military Aid to Egypt

The U.S. government plans to withhold $260 million incash assistance and delivery of F-16s, M1A1 tank kits along with other military systems to Egypt until the country makes “credible progress” toward an inclusive democratically elected government, State Department officials said Wednesday

The announcement comes as instability continues in the country — difficulties that emerged following a popular uprising and protests which resulted in the ousting of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi earlier this year. The Egyptian military has effectively been in charge of the country since that time.

“The United States wants to see Egypt succeed, and we believe the U.S.-Egypt partnership will be strongest when Egypt is represented by an inclusive, democratically elected civilian government based on the rule of law, fundamental freedoms and an open and competitive economy,” said State Department spokeswoman Jen Pskaki in a written statement.

The U.S.-Egyptian military-to-military partnership has been both long-standing and substantial. The U.S. is known to provide Egypt with large amounts of cash as well as major weapons systems for their military.

Some of the aid will continue, however much of the money will be cut and the U.S. will no-longer deliver certain military systems and technologies, a State Department said.

“We will continue to provide parts for U.S.-origin military equipment as well as military training and education. We will, however, continue to hold the delivery of certain large-scale military systems and cash assistance to the government pending credible progress toward an inclusive, democratically elected civilian government through free and fair elections,” said Pskaki.

The statement also states that the U.S. will continue assistance to help secure Egypt’s borders, counter terrorism and proliferation, and ensure security in the Sinai.

The State Department statement reflects a feeling of unease regarding the ongoing uncertainty and instability in the country.

“The United States continues to support a democratic transition and oppose violence as a means of resolving differences within Egypt.  We will continue to review the decisions regarding our assistance periodically and will continue to work with the interim government to help it move toward our shared goals in an atmosphere free of violence and intimidation,” the statement reads.

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Yeah because the MB was such great “rule of law”. Church burnings included. Also; this is what happens when you tie your sovereignty to U.S. weapons.

Military will probably go back to a junta.

Status quo ante bellum? Mubarak was swept in after Sadat was killed. He was an air marshal who became VP, then P.

About damn time!

They’ll just go back to buying from Russia anyway!

Russia is going to love their new Abrams to play around with and tear apart to see what exactly chobham armor really is. and new thermal tech and much more , china will get a few to play with too. Of course we have caught many Chinese nationals stealing all kinds of American R&D material , one of the top engineers (was a chinese national ) that worked on the B-2 and then went on to other Classified work on stealth programs was caught with terabytes of classified stealth data that he was transferring to the Chinese government and had been doing so for at least 10 years and we do nothing to China nothing . He was given a jail sentence( they should have tried him in military Cort and put him in front of a firring squad. )

P2 — Everyone knows how they (China and to a lesser extent Russia ) caught up so quick in regards to “their stealth” programs , it’s pretty easy when you are handed the blue prints , and not just to the jets. but the machines that make the special stealth materials and carbon fiber components . If we would have taken the billions of dollars that we wasted over in the sand boxes and used it to hire Americans to better protect our borders and upgrade our IT infrastructure and against industrial espionage we would be so much farther ahead and safer today than we are plus it would have put Americans to work after 9/11.

Damn straight. This administration claims to be fighting al Qaeda, when all they’re really doing is sacrificing our best and brightest to them.

Do you have any evidence to support that opinion? Because the National Intelligence Estimates dispute your opinion in a big way. This POTUS isn’t the one that started two war without any clear political objectives, strategy to complete, sufficient resources, or plans to bring our troops home, while simultaneously causing the worst string of national security and foreign policy disasters in history (let alone, causing the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression).

His predecessor not only started two wars, but so incompetently mismanaged them that both were almost LOST — while radically increasing the number of enemies this nation had (as if we needed more!), and had world opinion believing that the US was a larger threat to world peace than IRAN.

This POTUS, OTOH, has been *very* aggressive going after terrorists all over the planet, and made it a priority to nail Bin Laden, long after his predecessor let him go, and let the trail go cold.

So, if you have *any* evidence to the contrary, or supporting YOUR opinion of this POTUS (granted, he isn’t without problems — but *nothing* like the failure that proceeded him), then put it here. I’d like to see it.


Indeed, the ChiComs got a huge boost in new technologies and manufacturing techniques when the GOP (under G W Bush) permitted the transfer of so many dual-use technologies (and manufacturing jobs) overseas.

Pat Buchanan warned in many editorials during 2002–2008 what was going to happen, and begged the GOP (and then-POTUS G W Bush) to cease and desist — yet as was typical — they didn’t listen. Then we lost 8.2M jobs (and the tax base) just as the economy started to tank — while the Chinese became loaded with cash and have since started rebuilding their military.

The irony, is that the same 8.2M people that were added to food stamp, welfare, and unemployment roles during the Obama administration were the same ones the GOP disenfranchised by sending their jobs to China (and have then tried to blame on Obama — the worthless cowards!).

I look at this two way’s.…ElSisi (USAWC) trained is our guy & this 260mil. is a fraction of th 1.3 billion mil. aid, nothing said of eco. aid & this is just a front to replace Mubarak OR ElSisi REALLY is slowly breaking away from the U.S. & drifting towards “The Kingdom” & other AP states. Check out HIS view of democracy in the Arab world: ” “Democracy cannot be understood in the Middle East without an understanding of the concept of El Kalafa,”–001

PW: I agree with your comments on the theft of new technologies and manufacturing techniques 100%. China on the other hand is a facade, look at its vacant “model” cities…condo’s that cost 200K Yuan, when your average chinese “factory” worker makes $3/hr (18 Yuan), China must create 50–60 million jobs a year in order to keep up w/the flow of population from rural to urban areas sustainable. Examine China’s ‘National Debt” most of it at “Provincal” level… with economic growth slowing at that level as well. The Chinese have had 23 companies thrown off the NYSE because THEY DIDN“T EXIST! They were just “Fronts” for PLA officals to rip-off investors!!!! While they are no doubt frantically expanding their military, its because military expenditures make up 40% of their “Offical” GDP & finally yep by Their #‘s, their the 2nd largest economy.…but a “super-power” w/a fixed rate currency??? tied to the USD?? Why do u think QE was continued, just before the visit of China’s new economic minister what 2 buy a yes vote on the UNSECCOUN. for the “Syrian Problem”?

PW: how many times (2) did POTUS Clinton have a “Lock” on OBL.…. but he was.…errrrrr.… predisposed

So the loss of the largest & most strategically placed M.E. nation is no big deal???.….I’m assumin’ from your screen name, your what airborne ground pounders call “a fast mover” front seater or back?.….. I trained & trained with Egyptian Army units, no slouches, they have what 900 M-1’s, which as we speak are conducting a large scale offensive in the Sinai againts salafists & MB remnants. Didn’t we move a CBG in the Red Sea 2 weeks ago?? Golly what a coincidence.…. Lets hope ElSisi can bring stability to our most imporant ally in N. Africa.… loose control of Suez, 80 million Egyptians in a civil war, further destabilization of the region spreading east.…. thats the USAWC “Nightmare Scearnio” final exam!!! Ha!

Spot on Blight!!!! & who was suspected in killing Sadat for signing the Camp David Accords????.…..

You left out Wen Ho Lee… he worked @ UC Berkley/LLNL & was arrested w/a high cap laptop with what goes on top of the D5.…the W-88

When the Russian Navy moves from Tartus to an Egyptian naval base, with easy access to the Suez Canal…hmm.

I’m sure Israel is a little squeamish about its neighbor being armed with American hardware, and kept placid only by the promise of more American weapons; but cutting Egypt off is something we’ll have to do later rather than sooner. Throwing them into the arms of the Russians is probably not the best way to do it.


New deliveries halted, but support contracts ongoing. Nothing to see here, folks.

Clinton faced the same “get out of town” that Obama faces today, especially after Operation Restore Hope (which mind you, started under Bush Sr and continued under Clinton, under very different ROE). We stayed out of Rwanda and somewhat out of Bosnia before doing Kosovo and nation-building that Bush Jr campaigned against.

In the late ‘90s, we thought little Kosovo was tiresome. Look at where we are now!

Absolutely right on PolicyWonk. imo we should have invoked some kind of protectionist walls or tariffs to protect US manufacturing just as the Japanese did so successfully. Layer upon layer of forms and flings and mini-restrictions that would have effectively halted a part of the imports that have killed our base. Plus banned this outsourcing nonsense too. Nothing good has come of it overall.


B-2 espionage
Thomas Cavanaugh->sold to Soviet Union
Noshir Gowadia->sold to the unknown

Assuming Noshir sold it to the PRC…Gowadia is /not/ a Chinese name.

Nor is Cavanaugh. These people sell their country for money. Even Benedict Arnold had a price.

I’ve never been sure if it was Wen Ho Lee. He was a mechanical engineer, true; but LANL doesn’t work directly on warhead design, they do simulations of nuclear warhead detonations. To construct the simulations, you would probably need to know classified details about the internals, but only enough to construct the simulation in silico. The geometry of the explosives used to trigger the fission primary, the size and geometry of the fission primary, the geometry of the primary relative to the secondary…

Depending on how coarse-grain the simulation is, it may be as simple as this:

Construct abstract regions of space, Simulate the primary implosion. Simulate the emission of neutrons from a 3-dimensional volume of space diffusing through the fissionable material to trigger the chain-reaction; followed by simulating how the primary triggers the secondary.

Many of these fundamental details are likely already known to the public in an abstract form such as above. But specific details may or may not have been known to LANL when they set up to create simulations. At the end of the day, you don’t need to know the exact details of how to get X number of neutrons per square inch…you can always abstract out /how/ it’s done by changing the parameters of the simulation to accomodate for black box stuff.

It’s pretty standard fare in computational chemistry. Molecular dynamics forcefields are optimized for very specific situations, and for each application, one can take a forcefield off-the-shelf, tune it to standard by modifying harmonic constants and non-covalent effects and “approximate” real world conditions without really knowing /why/ the model fits.

To even have confidence in nuclear simulations, you need reference data. We stopped doing real detonations pretty late in the game, so it suggests that we cut our teeth on simulating nuclear detonations that we had done before and knew quite a bit about. Hiroshima & Nagasaki, plus fourty years of test detonations and data will give you plenty of education in how to simulate a nuclear detonation that can be “fitted” to what happened in the real world. And if you can do this retrospectively, you apply it to future weapons and hope the simulations work.

In conclusion, the nature of his crime doesn’t seem to jive with his line of work.
One of his allegations is: “The government then retroactively redesignated the data Lee had copied, changing it from its former designation of “PARD” (Protect As Restricted Data) which was just above the “Unclassified” designation and contained 99 percent unclassified data, to a new designation of “Secret” (which was treated on a higher security level than PARD), giving them the crime they needed for a formal charge.”

And Wen Ho Lee’s book: http://​www​.amazon​.com/​C​o​m​p​u​t​e​r​-​S​i​m​u​l​a​t​i​o​n​-​S​h​a​ped–

It suggests that Lee’s expertise is around this particular specialty, and perhaps not necessarily about the fine elements of metallurgy and engineering that go into nuclear weapons design (which makes sense, since he did not work for Pantex for assembly, or any of the companies that designed nuclear warheads).

To end, nobody disputes the theory that the PRC made a quantum-leap in weapons miniaturization. That fact doesn’t seem to be in dispute, but I’ve found little information on this warhead that is allegedly based on the W-88. Moving on, the evidence linking a computational physicist/mechanical engineer to the theft of weapons designs and perhaps metallurgy/manufacturing secrets to produce miniaturized warheads is more likely to belong to someone in the manufacturing process; that was never caught, and either retired happily, or is still in the nuclear weapons establishment.

Scared yet?


A somewhat more objective and more informed read than my ravings.

I don’t want Egypt as an ally. They voted the Muslim Brotherhood into office. Why should we make them our ally? If they start a war with Israel then they would still lose. I say we send more weapons to the Israelis to keep the Egyptians in check, but otherwise keep negotiations with them friendly without trying to form another military alliance with them.

wow.… you should try sellin’ that geo-political thesis at the USAWC.… do u think a Majority of Egyptians voted for the MB? They have the largest, best equipped & trained “Arab” army. They would roll over the Israeli’s…except they have the nuclear “option”. Read a good “battle analysis” of the ’73 war, which evolved into a USA/USSR face off… the Israeli’s never could sustain combat opns at the otempo that the Egyptians could throw at them w/o US help or some BIG flash bang options.…btw…they ARE our ally…(Camp David Accords) at least for a few more weeks at this rate! They did a lot of “dirty-work” 4 us & give our warships & CBG’s preference at passin’ through the canal.

blight…why are we talkin’ politics?.… I made a simple “tactical statement” about the ability to take out OBL.….., & yes, Kosovo…a la Camp Bondsteel, yup… know ‘lil ’bout that place… & the Kosovar’s.…

blight…are u drinkin’ black coffee & takin’ provigil together? whoa…one h@llofapost! , one of my 2 enlisted MOS’s was 12E.…& I spent a bunch of years workin for EB Div of GD betix those “shielded bulkheads, could say a whole lot more.… but.……nawh… u still have to explain the laptop they nabbed him with! a point of clarification good buddy… I referenced LLNL & UC Berkeley NOT LANL…& I am well aware of Pantex.…how they fit in to development I don’t know.… will not touch the W-88 or anything related to it!!!!! The wiki W-88 reference, well its.…nawh…ain’t goin’ say!!!!! don’t want any guys with NNSA in J.C. $.01 suits in a crown vic knockin on my door!

Does anyone remember that during the Clinton Administration a US company sold Red China the machinery to make smoother ICBM housings, increasing accuracy? Lenin said that the capitalists will sell the rope to hang themselves with. But Egypt needs our support until the Islamists are purged or driven underground again, not another pseudo-democracy DC seems to believe is applicable to an Islamic rule of law (as they see it).

When did happen? I’m aware of Loral losing a satellite with sensitive tech in China, then a sale of a communication satellite to the People’s Republic (though why they would even think of passing military traffic through a foreign device is foreign to me).

Exactly. People more involved on the engineering side than theoreticians are far more dangerous in terms of espionage.

What’s more useful than raw data would be source code for whatever nuclear weapons simulation software is being tested, to enable more accurate simulations for nuclear weapons designs. But that alone won’t deliver a W88 without some serious engineering work by the people’s republic.

Good catch. But Wen Ho Lee worked for Los Alamos and not LLNL. Were you thinking of some other employee who worked at Lawrence Livermore?

Anyways, I’m not interested in provoking a discussion of nuclear weapons design, only to hypothesize that his line of work doesn’t produce enough useful fruit for nuclear weapons design. Knowing some of the internal shapes of the primary and secondary for simulation purposes would be useful for the PRC, but would require legwork to develop with their technology.

You’re right. That said, it was an operational security mistake to discuss that we had Bin Laden in our sights and let him go…but when political interests mix with how the military is employed, the nation suffers. It’s history, I suppose I’ll have to let it go. We have bigger fish to fry.

OMG Dfens, For what could be the first time, I agree with you. Bravo UhRah!!

blight: was tinkin’ of someone connected to the Kindred Spirit Opn who was a friend of WHL.

again…a xcellent reference post! I remember the “Q review”…basically those as u say on the Eng. side had their clearances reviewed.….& again ur SPOT ON in sayin’ they are much more of a threat…I know nutting! Now lets talk about the weather..ehhhh?

doesn’t wiki use pretty colors when depiciting a “warhead”

I’m not “scared” of the PRC being able to reverse engineer what wiki lists as a two-stage thermo warhead any time soon. However, their client state, the NORK’s are pretty much what worries me, b cuz I think their just like the national test site for the PRC, just my opine. The AFJ or DN published a piece on how a ship was tracked from a Cambodian port (another client) to Shanghai to the W. Coast of N.Korea carrying the missle that was later assembled & tested… violating or coming close to Japanese air space.… very votatile stuff.…

That’s an interesting angle; that the DPRK can’t assemble its own missiles beyond its limited Scud-cousins and relies on the PRC for procurement?

not dependant on the PRC, the PRC uses them for client state activiities in these matters..U/G nuclear warhead testing, testing of IRBM designs, possibly 4 x-port?… any # of combinations.… more along those lines. The NORKs have developed missles well beyond Scud 3.0 type designs, + warhead development as re: http://​www​.nationaljournal​.com/​g​l​o​b​a​l​-​s​e​c​u​r​i​t​y​-ne

BA: Then there was that gaff regarding the 16+ axis milling machines that where allowed to “Slip” through xport controls giving away possibly billions in hydrodynamic propulsion technology research.… allowing them quieter “screws” & a breech on our design specifications. The last 3 administrations ALL had their gaff’s, so lets try & drop the political spin.… its really serves no purpose in our dialogue.….

My notes show that it was Toshiba that sold the milling machines, which were used on the Akula’s propellors.

that’s my point ALL POTUS administrations have their respective gaff’s.… this was a multi-national one, which ultimately gave the then USSR the ability to produce quieter props.….


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