Army Vows JLTV Commitment Despite Cuts

Army Vows JLTV Commitment Despite Cuts

The U.S. Army and Marine Corps still plan to buy a total of almost 55,000 light-duty trucks known as the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle despite the prospect of continued budget cuts, officials said.

The Army aims to purchase about 49,000 of the vehicles, designed to replace about a third of the Cold War-era Humvee fleet, while the Marine Corps plans to acquire about 5,500 of them, officials from both services said at the second day of the Association of the United States Army conference.

“JLTV is a priority,” Kevin Fahey, the Army’s program executive officer for combat support and combat service support, said during a briefing with reporters. He appeared alongside Col. John Cavedo, the Army’s project manager for joint light tactical vehicles, and Lt. Col. Michael Burks, the Marine Corps’ deputy to the Joint Program Office for Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

“We still have a train on the tracks,” Cavedo said.

“We are in,” Burks said.

The comments added context to statements yesterday from top Army officials that major acquisition programs, including the Ground Combat Vehicle, were in jeopardy because of the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration. That may mean the Army will seek to replace Humvees before Bradleys.

Lockheed Martin Corp., based in Bethesda, Md.; Oshkosh Corp., based in Oshkosh, Wis.; and AM General LLC, based in South Bend, Ind., are developing JLTV prototypes.

The Army is still trying determine how many trucks it needs as it downsizes, Fahey said. It plans to submit a report on the subject to Congress sometime next year, he said.

The service already plans to shrink from about 520,000 active-duty soldiers today to about 490,000 around 2017. That figure, however, may drop to 380,000 if sequestration remains in effect, Pentagon officials have said.

The Pentagon faces about $500 billion in automatic cuts through 2021. That’s in addition to almost $500 billion in reductions already included in 2011 deficit-reduction legislation. The first installment totaled about $37 billion and began March 1 after lawmakers were unable to reach an alternative agreement on taxes and spending. The second installment totals about $52 billion and is set to take effect Jan. 1.

If and when the cuts slice into the Army’s light tactical wheeled vehicle fleet, officials will try to steer them toward the existing inventory of Humvees rather than the Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, or JLTVs, Cavedo said.

The JLTV quantity for the Army and Marine Corps “remains the target that we’re shooting for and reductions to match force structure may come at reduced numbers of 30-year-old Humvees,” he said.

The recent government shutdown and short-term funding measure known as a continuing resolution have disrupted prototype testing, Cavedo said. Sometime after Jan. 1, the program office will decide whether to slow spending on the program, he said. The congressional deal that reopened the government will fund agencies through Jan. 15 and raise the federal debt limit through Feb. 6.

The services requested a total of about $135 million for the program in fiscal 2014, which began Oct. 1, including $84 million for the Army and $50 million for the Marine Corps, according to budget documents. But that funding — which is about $50 million more than last year — is at risk under the continuing resolution, which only provides funding at levels similar to last year, Fahey said.

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Iam very happy the author here properly stated this is to add to the vehicle fleet supplementing the HUMVEE NOT a full replacement. I do find though these vehicles are still too darn BIG for a scout. wish they make a real jeep size vehicle for scouting mission.

The only reason JLTV is not a complete replacement for the HMWWV is funding. They can’t afford a complete replacement in their current budget profile (which hasn’t been decreased yet to incorporate sequestration cuts). It costs too much, so they go with a one0third replacement program.

The more basic question is when was the HMWWV scheduled to be replaced prior to the wars (how much of a gap between the last HMWWV procurement and its first replacement)? How has high OPTEMPO use accelerated that replacement? And how much more “technically advanced” does a ground transport vehicle really need to be? I’d suggest potential bidders/manufacturers pay for all the exotic stuff they want added, not the taxpayer.

I see this one as going away. Talk about low hanging fruit. Jesus, you guys have any idea half your ‘budget’ is borrowed? A teenage rich kid with daddy’s credit card. I praise the day you have to live within your means (after the petrodollar is gone). In ever tightening budgets, the Army wants to spend it’s precious resources on JEEPS? Insane asylum in charge? Need brand new toys to drive around US army bases? What war will you use those jeeps in? Incredible. Use those millions of surplus MRAPS you don’t even have the room to park them even, use them to drive around. Silly people in charge. I hope the sequester keeps going, it’s going to be an obese man becoming slim and muscular again.

Plus some technical corrections. Continuing Resolutions barely stop a program. Contracts are independent of the funding. A contract can be awarded for a year and funded a month at a time, if necessary.

Not having inspectors may be a problem, but it’s also an opportunity to take some initiative and keep the production lines running. It would validate whether government inspection during the process is really required or just a hassle. Let’s call it “acquisition streamlining.”

Round 1 of the Budget Control Act cut $500 billion over 10 years from the planned GROWTH of the Pentagon budget. It wasn’t REAL money. Round 2, called sequestration, will cut the $500 billion budget from its CURRENT level and is a cut.

But what we’re seeing is a lot of whining about cuts to the entire status quo force structure. If the military would get on board and help taxpayers out of this $17 trillion debt problem, they’d just vertically cut force structure by 10% and maintain readiness at 100% levels for that 90% of the remaining forces RATHER than horizontally cut 10% across-the-board and whine that the forces are not ready to deploy. They’re playing a game called “To H**L with the taxpayer; I want my toys.” If the military becomes “hollowed out,” it’s their own fault.

I don’t think I ever saw a briefing or announcement that the JLTV would ever replace the whole fleet. A fair amount of the fleet simply doesn’t need the whiz bang treatment of this program such as administrative vehicles and communications shelters.

Lance… SOCOM recently placed an order for a few of GD’s Flyer ITVs, non-developmental V-22 Internally Transportable Vehicles. Looks like a good scout vehicle.

The Army is already cutting 10% of force structure. The drop to 490K is more like 12% and if sequester stays it could drop to 30%. If they terminated all future weapons purchases they could probably keep the remaining force at full readiness, but you know damn well Congress would never allow that. They would rather see an Army of 10 guys spending 100 billion a year on new toys.

Why completely replace the HMWWV? After all you don’t need a JLTV for the company clerk to drive around post running errands, Or for the Bn Xo to drive around in, and there are still rear area missions very appropriate for a HMWWV. I recall a bunch of unarmored open jeeps running around Viet Nam and no one worried that they could not withstand a 50 cal or RPG.

OK, this is a dumb question. For all those rear area jobs we used to use Jeeps for, why not just buy Jeeps? What’s a Jeep Wrangler go for? $25,000? Versus over 200,000 for a Hummvee?

I’m with the Soccer fan. Why buy up-armored Hummers when we have all of these MRAPS around? Look at the picture! I don’t see a V hull. Is it that no one we are ever going against not learn that a few dollars for an IED will not take this flat bottom out.

Sounds like the supposed reps of the people from the good states of Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and please don’t forget about Lockheed’s Maryland rep. Pennsylvania would be involved if that crooked fuck Murtha was still alive.
Go to Johnstown PA if you think I’m full of it. Everything is named Murtha and they had a USMC ‘Skid’ squadron that could fly half of the year due to the weather.

I’m all for progress. And new toys. But unless this vehicle has 16 inches of armor plating, it’s going to fair as well as a Hummer.

It’s flat bottomed. NK or ChiCom not learned about $5 IEDs?

Will it protect against EFPs? Probably not.


Lockheed Martin Corp., based in Bethesda, Md.; Oshkosh Corp., based in Oshkosh, Wis.; and AM General LLC, based in South Bend, Ind., are developing JLTV prototypes.

How are much is the taxpayer paying for these prototypes? Is this going to be another LCS fiasco?

I suppose the national guard units throughout the country will get the “hand-me” down Humvees. I saw in this article where officials will try to steer the Army toward the existing inventory of Humvees rather than JLTV’s. Don’t kid yourself, somebody’s Congressional district will benefit from the production of these vehicles. The past is prologue as they say. “Pork” has generally won out over being “practical.”

Pentagon should have to live within a budget, like the rest of us. A “big government can fix anything” attitude is destroying America & nothing is more wasteful than the Department of Defense.

Didn’t we just leave $6B worth of vehicles (MRAPS?) in Afganistan? I suppose we have to maintain the MIC.

Concerned European, If I may be so bold.…what country do u live in?

I’m curious about the source for your claim that half the USA’s budget is borrowed. Moreover, the cost of borrowing varies depending on financial conditions — today, we pay a “whopping” 1.4% of GDP on interest on our debt (the lowest level since 1973 — http://​finance​.yahoo​.com/​b​l​o​g​s​/​t​h​e​-​e​x​c​h​a​n​g​e​/​n​a​tio.… Moreover, with increasing vehicle fuel efficiency, alternative energy sources and domestic energy production, we rely less on the “petrodollar” than ever before. There is no other country with the kind of economic vibrance, innovation and Fortune 500 countries that the US has — there is little sign of this changing. Europe is jaundiced, China and India have massive domestic security/poverty issues, Russia has one of the lowest birth rates in the world as well as a corrupt, Mafia-controlled system. The economy goes through cycles, as it always has, and the world has recently been in a downturn without doubt. However, I wouldn’t dance on America’s grave just yet.


I wouldn’t dance on the US’ grave, even if it was in it’s grave, which it isn’t. The problem with borrowing is your currency becomes worth LESS, see Euro v. Dollar, even with those pesky ‘half Europeans’ like the Greek gipsy’s etc. Your reliance on the petrodollar, which I would read up on if I were you guys doesn’t mean you have to purchase Saudi oil or anything. You guys, after bretton woods, pretty much established a world wide Dollar mandatory purchasing and selling oil policy. Meaning that even if let’s say SWEDEN buys oil from SAUDI or Nigeria, it HAS to pay in Dollars (mostly the third world SELLING nations are forced into selling in USD). Which then means your DOLLAR becomes a necessity, from which it’s VERY difficult to wean yourself off (you use your large military to enforce that ‘agreement’) As such, you are free to print dollars. Now my dear friends, what happens when that anomaly ends? Your defense budget won’t be cut to 400/450 BN, but to 150 billion! Don’t for a second think that even the passive American population (who has been dealt a VERY crappy hand for the last 3 decades), will stand a SECOND for their entire medicare/SS being done away with. It will be the military that gets cut about 80%, JUST like the Soviet Union. So my advice, start preparing/winding down already. Start with the cutting the fat, bone and muscle is coming later.

Who else finds it extremely disgusting, that stalwart AIRCRAFT manufacturers like Boeing and Lockheed are such beggars for governmet money that they are making AUTOMOBILES. Like Airbus ever would? It’s so Fing pathetic. f-35 at 1 trillion not enough revenue/profit? Mother Fers. In what sick situation doesn’t an aircraft maker make jets/transports and automakers don’t make auto’s? Or should GM start designing fighter jets as well? These defense contractors are out only to make every single cent the poor taxpayer has paid, and there isn’t an end in sight. They buy congress, and force them to by Lockheed. This saddening show of decay on every level must end.

Next time a rogue president wants to sweettalk you into invading TWO nations, you better pay attention. This is what awaits you again. Trillions WASTED. Even a tea partier should see the waste and hypocrisy.

You misread. Lockheed is partnering with BAE et al (who will provide the actual design). Lockheed isn’t using any of its aircraft plants for this work.

Not to be to obvious, but you realize that IEDs are only effective after you lost control of your country, right? It is not like you can scatter them around your country before you are occupied/liberated! And for that matter, an IED is just a landmine and how many vehicles were lost to land mines in the maneuver phase of either Gulf war?. All vehicles are a compromise between speed, range, protection, armament, etc, but, just to put your mind at ease, none of the contenders have flat bottoms and all of them have extremely high protection against IEDs. Why do you think they cost so much?

You might want to look at the company profile for CASSIDIAN (a branch of EADS that also owns AIRBUS) before spouting such spouting nonsense. It seems to do pretty much what Lockheed is doing, but don’t let reality get in the way of a good rant.

True, but it isn’t EU STRONG !!11!!, US WEAK!!1!11!!, I meant I see US contractors even going into health care, damn it. WT F is that about? And census data? Come on. Cassidian is being cut up, it’s a weak branch, and it’s being coupled with Astrium, as to become a Space and Defence branch. Anyway, it IS however, mostly defense INTEGRATION into aircraft, AND mostly UAV’s etc. No cassidian jeeps etc. Anyway, this nonsensical JLTV is pure garbage and needs a shot in the neck. When that bionic man cut GOOD programs like the rah-66, and Crusader artillery, THAT was something to be angry about. Not about what servicepeople will drive around in their US bases in the US in. Give them go karts, or let them walk. Guys, promised, you WONT be going into a large scale war for at LEAST 2 decades, the wound won’t heal until then. So 4x4s are your LAST worry with declining defense budgets. Spend wisely, this program is about as bottom a priority as can be. Fix the f35 and your future chopper needs and navy etc.

In the old days, the CUCV was derived from a retail vehicle…

Won’t be long before Air Force generals ferry themselves in F-35’s for kicks and to justify increased procurement (“they are VIP aircraft now!”)

Fancy. Beats that M151-wannabe the Marines are getting for their Ospreys? (M1161 Growler)

Dare I ask why they needed their “own” vehicle?

Flyer and growler are both ITVs, internally (V-22,H35) tranportable vehicles. Flyer is larger, heavier, faster, more capable than Growler, had fewer design constraints. There are two variants of the Growler, the M1161 for scout/recon and the M1163 Prime Mover for EFSS, Marine’s expeditionary fire support system. M1163 size and weight is constrained by having to share space and payload on an MV22 with what the M1163 is towing, either the 1,798 pound M327 Dragon Fire rifled mortar (French RT 120) or the associated ammunition trailer. M1161 design is constrained as being a variant of M1163 sharing much in common. Flyer can be larger because it doesn’t have to share space and payload with a towed mortar system.

Instead of the Growler M1163 being used for EFSS Prime Mover, I’d like to see them use a lighter weight shorter wheelbase version of Flyer (remove row of seats behind driver and shorten the platform accordingly). Flyer is based on a much more capable platform. And unlike the Growler, Flyer shares many parts in common with HWMVV such as differentials, steering rod ends, tie down rings, light system, alternator, batteries, suspension ball joints, air compressor and tires.



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