Marines’ Move to Guam in Question

Marines’ Move to Guam in Question

The long-planned move of thousands of Marines from Okinawa to new bases on Guam as part of a strategic pivot of U.S. forces to Asia could be threatened by budget cuts, lawmakers were told Tuesday.

“This will take resources and be challenged by budget conditions,” Rep. Madeleine Bordallo, D-Guam, the top-ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee’s Readiness Subcommittee, said during a panel briefing. “We’re fighting for every dime we can get” to realign the troops to Guam, she said.

The shift of the Marines off Okinawa has already been scaled back from a planned 8,000 troops to 5,000, and “half of those will be on a rotational basis,” said Bordallo, who is also the House delegate from the U.S. territory in the Marianas Islands.

The panel will hold a series of oversight hearings on President Obama’s plans to concentrate most troops overseas into the Asia-Pacific region during the next decade. Four of the five planned hearings will focus on China and U.S. efforts to deal with Beijing’s growing influence and military build-up.

Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, who heads the committee, said he was designating Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., chairman of the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee, and Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, D-Hawaii, to lead the oversight effort on the Pacific rebalance.

On the Pacific issue, Forbes pledged a level of bipartisanship that has eluded House members on other matters. “We’re going to have Republicans and Democrats working together,” he said.

“With the United States’ pivot to the Pacific as the theater of the future, Hawaii’s strategic importance will grow,” Hanabusa said. “We have long been America’s doorstep to the Asia-Pacific region, so this national change in focus cannot help but have profound effects on our state, community and economy,” she said.

At a Pentagon briefing Monday with visiting New Zealand Defense Minister Jonathan Coleman, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that the scheduled $52 billion in automatic defense cuts next year under a process known as sequestration “will affect all our plans” but “at the same time, we’ve said that this rebalance is a priority.”

However, the turmoil in the Middle East, the Pentagon’s continuing budget woes and the federal government shutdown earlier this month have raised doubts among allies about the U.S. commitment to the rebalance.

The 16-day shutdown forced Obama to cancel his participation in two Asian summits and related visits to Malaysia and the Philippines. Chinese President Xi Jinping took advantage of Obama’s absence by bringing a large entourage to the Asian summits and pitching Beijing’s credentials as a reliable and increasingly powerful neighbor.

The shift of Marines from Okinawa to Guam has been linked to the long-delayed closure of the Marine air base at Futenma on Okinawa and the relocation of Marine aircraft to a new base in a less-populated sector of the island. But the relocation has stalled over environmental and cost factors.

Japan has agreed to contribute up to $3.1 billion of the estimated $8.6 billion cost of moving the Marines and building new facilities on Guam.

Last week, a top Navy commander in the region stressed that the Pacific rebalance was well underway despite the military’s budget problems and political disputes among allies. Rear Adm. Mark Montgomery, commander of the carrier George Washington’s strike group based in Yokosuka, Japan, said that the expanded role for the U.S. would have a calming effect on tensions in the region.

“The strategic rebalancing has resulted in an extremely higher number of surface combatants, cruisers and destroyers that support the strike group,” Montgomery told Agence France Presse in an interview.

“We have sufficient funds for our operations” despite the sequester process, he added. “There is in fact a strategic rebalancing in place that has resulted in more ships and aircraft being out here.”

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“The shift of the Marines off Okinawa has already been scaled back from a planned 8,000 troops to 5,000…”

That small a number should be good enough to keep Guam from tipping over, thus keeping Hank Johnson happy.

Damn it some one got to it before me!

Someone should remind Hank that Marines have inflated egoes and thus should not affect the island’s center of gravity.

The article says that the move to Guam is part of the strategic pivot to the Pacific, but that’s different than my understanding, plus the statement doesn’t even make sense.

I thought the move was due to pressure from the Japanese who live on Okinawa, who have been clamoring for the U. S to move troops off the island for quite awhile. They’re so desperate to get some of the troops off the island, that’s why they’re offering up some funding to help with the move. So, it would seem to be all about politics, not based on some grand strategic plan. Even if it wasn’t politically influenced, I don’t see how it would classify as part of the Pacific pivot, since we’re talking about moving troops from one part of the Pacific to another, not bringing troops into the Pacific from some other theater like Europe.

Thanks to the behavior of the US Military, on Okinawa, and their treatment of the Okinawan people, all this BS about getting ALL US Military off of Okinawa has transpired.… If the US would have prosecuted these A-holes that were„ and are, trouble makers off post, we now see the outcome results.… Tis is also showing up throughout Our military world-wide.…… Tuff to depend, when the natives start their howling.….

Article is wrong on linking movement off Okinawa to Pacific Pivot. It’s been in the works for years and is not related. Mr. Sisk got it wrong.

As to the Pivot itself, two things. First, if Navy takes anotehr sequester hit, take the cuts against the Atlantic Fleet. That way the ratio would change from 50/50 to 60/40 and the realignment is unnecessary (costin gno addition funds).

Second, since the US can’t afford the military we have, just GIVE the Western Pacific battlegroup to Japan. Let them defend themselves, and pay the full rate. Otherwise, the US is subsidizing THEIR national defense while they are creating unemployment here in the US with their car sales, exporting the profits back to the homeland.

You don’t know what the hell you are talking about! ALL trouble with japanese people is, and always has been, caused by communist “community organizers”. I spent 2 years in both japan and okinawa, and the only time there was trouble was when the commies showed up. When us troops bbroke laws, they were turned over to Japanese authorities for punishment. I know of a marine who is still in japanese prison for killing a hooker. The only reason he wasn’t executed for his crime was because the hooker was a korean! Thats what the japanese judge said!

The move to Guam was a dumb decision to begin with! Just considering the costs and the infrastructure requirements alone is reason enough to stop the move. Either leave the Marines in Okinawa, move them to Hawaii or bring them back to the US mainland.

Ditto. you guys are too quick

It’s hard to be humble when you are the finest! Semper Fi

Mike I concur. I hate when people who were not there shoot their pie holes off. I was there for 13 months (minus float time) starting in early 1975. It’s always been a love hate relationship. We invaded “the Rock” and stayed which didn’t sit well. But the locals loved the money. And the fire was stirred when the commies stirred things up. If the US were to move everything from Oki, that place would dry up as there is no industry.

The philippines overplayed their hand by trying to extort more money from us and are paying a huge price since we pulled out of Subic and Clark. If we wanted to pi$$ of the Chhi-Coms, see if Taiwan would give us room for a base. Or better yet Australia or New Zealand. The military has always been a red headed step child. The civies want our money but not us.

Martin Stewart is talking like a Martha Stewart ;-P

With Obama as the Commander in Thief I am sure the transition will go without a hitch. Just like Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Closing down War Memorial sites, and Obamacare. Your in good hands everyone.

Everything is already lined up by our #@&%! to happen the way he sees fit to do it. No one can stop #@&%! from implementing “HIS” plans for America except for the “I” word. And I don’t ever see that happening anytime soon enough. The only thing we can do is watch it happen. “Murphy’s Law”.

How did this become the US tapyers responsibiliyu? Let Japan fund it

nippon economy is in very good shape and getting rid of a outside military force especially a marine unit would beneficial to the nippons. keeping military bases and personnel in japan is extremely expensive. it would pay the USA large dividends to move completely out of japan. bottom line is that the USA needs to move all military from non-USA soil and pump the money back into where it belong “AMERICA”. that includes the USN. with most of the fleet dependant on nuclear powered vessels we really do not need ships or personnel located in japan, as they won’t service them anyway(i’m not sure if japan will alow nuc’s to dock there)

You must have been hiding under a rock the last few years not to understand this.…..China the new threat in economics, military, politics.….….War college strategic thinking has changed direction as well as most of our military. The east is the future and we will soon be the past.

That’s not what he’s talking about Scott. Moving troops to the Pacific is part of the “Pacific pivot.” Moving Marines from Oki to Guam is a political move independent of the Pivot.

Scott, Talosian isn’t hiding under a rock to recognize that moving troops from Okinawa to Guam neither adds nor subtracts troops in the Pacific, but merely moves from one place to another. That is why he said the statement in the article doesn’t make sense. Moving troops from Europe or the US mainland to Guam is a completely different issue. In addition, there is a school of thought that China has long been an economic, military and political threat. Just because the War College and the media is now paying more attention to it doesn’t mean it is new.

Okinawa base facilities and infrastructure have been mostly funded by the Japan government, so no real infrastructure cost savings for the USA to move out of Okinawa bases.

And yet Hank Johnson keeps getting re-elected

Ron, What do you expect Only in Atlanta can a democrat get elected in Georgia, We all know Frank is a nutball and so were thos before him. Promise constituents more free money (Welfare, food stamps and healthcare) and they will vote for anything. We are being overrun by promise non-keepers. Also, If the Mayrines do move out of Okinawa, it woon’t shut the economy totally down. We still have the Grand Air Force. I was there from 1989–1991 in Kadena.

China-Japan Conflict Intensifies
China vows war if Japan follows orders to shoot drones http://​www​.theepochtimes​.com/​n​3​/​3​3​4​0​6​6​-​c​h​i​n​a​-​j​apa

Russia Conducts Surprise Nuclear Readiness Drill

As good as the influx of monies to the island would be dose not out weigh the trouble the Marines would bring to the island. Look at what they are doing to Okinawa; rape, robbery etc.… Being someone with roots on Guam; I for one think that the move is a horrible idea regardless of its strategic location!!!!!!!!!!!

Not the point. Don’t trasnfer the Marines back to CONUS or anywhere else. With downsizing, we just send the Marines home. They can be transferred to the Reserves or involuntarily separated. THAT would save a bundle.

LOL Joe, I had exactly the same thought when I read the headline.

To some Cold Warriors, it is new.

2000–2006 There were still quite abit of US Armed Forces troublemakers (not just USMC) in Japan.

I did not see one community organizer until after a rape/robbery/beating by a US servicemember.

Being enlisted, you tend to keep tabs on these things because the worst cases made E6-7s go on restriction.

The USS George Washington is a nuclear powered carrier that is homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. Only the CVN’s and SSN’s are nuclear; the rest of the surface fleet is conventionally powered. The reason the ships and the USMC are in that area is for rapid response deployments.

Semper-Fi, no place like America loves Marine Corps because its America best Defense Forces; in the air, land or Sea…Which all the above are we; Marines trained very hard for to (Killed, Killed) as our MOTTO during training exercises cannot be forgotten, nor, left behind…Once a Marine; always and forever. I was station in Okinawa back in 1971 through 1972, the Japs doesn’t like Marines that much, because we are too tough without pivot on anything stands in the way. Get out the way, or you get run over by the Meanest in the Valley. I proved it while I was in Vietnam in my two tours then. 1966–1967 and 1969–1970. Semper-Fi and Proudly Served for America;s Defense always.

Got that right,

Big Dean, I don’t know if your remark was good or bad, but Stewart don’t have a clue about what he is talking about. I was in Okinama when the Island was turned back to Japan and all this stuff about how GI’s was so bad for the Okinawa people is a lot of BS. They were angry at the US because we returned it back to the Japanese instead of them. They hate us and the Japanese. I now live in Guam and the way Stewart think and sound as if this is another country. Guam is USA! We have the Andersen Air Force Base and the US Navy base here. We have been here since the end of WWll. the Island is idea for moving the Marines from Okinawa and the people here are mostly US citizens and love the USA. We don’t hate The Military here because a large part of the Island people are Military.

With all the downsizing the Marines are not moving to Guam. There is a new plan, mostly leaked in an article in G2mil last year that’s online, search for “The Okinawa Solution”

I thought we already committed a platoon of Marines to Australia to show the Red ChiComs that we mean business.

HAHAHAH We have been paying for two Defense departments since 1945!

Futema MCAF was built by the SeaBees, I was there and moved into the new base in 1961

That should do it, mabey a Company if the Commies bring their new boats and carier!

Good ole hand-job Hanna, killed in the fall of 1977, Iwa kuni Japan. Did a number on her if the story is accurate. Was there just days after it happened. He was a sick puppy almost made it off the island and back to the land of the big PX. Just sent his family back and was getting ready to take the freedom bird home himself and goes and does something incredibly stupid like killing Hanna. Yes she was Korean and the JPD almost didn’t prosecute because of it. No love loss at the time between the two countries.

Why not put the Marines on TINIAN,the Navy and DOD have Tinian under lease and havent done shit with itRight now Guam is so over loaded it might sink, there all our eggs are in one basket and thats not a good idea.
also Tinian would be a good protection area for The Navys Guam,and its only 90 miles nort of Guam.
wake up Navy and DOD you cant be that DUMB
semper fi
Don old 4th Marine division WWII

All those Marines are going to be doing is protecting that iron ore Australia is selling to China. Australia cuts long-term multi-billion deal with China (for which China is paying to develop a railroad and expanded port in Australia) and then wants Americans to help defend them? Let them defend themselves. Marines in Japan and Okinawa should be thanked and then discharged as part of Pentagon downsizing.

Locals always love us, because we bring big money on liberty. When I was passing through Oki, on my way back to the Big PX, some of us Marines had the local girls talked down in price, when in walked a Squid just off his ship and so despairate to pay a higher, that he just jumped in throwing his money around, and the girl went with him. We figured that if he was that needy, we were going to let it go, since we would be with round eye in a day or two. And in case you haven’t heard, the Marines have landed at Darwin, and the Aussies are very happy as our numbers keep growing. And the Philippinos want us back at Subic, and are willing to pay part of the cost. It seems that the Chinese are getting a little too close in the South China Sea to please them.

Everyone gripes about our overseas post being bad for the locals. But if we put a base anywhere, they have a town arise to live off of the money from that base. We got squeezed for more money to stay at Subic and Clark, and so we left behind all of these bases that we had built, and “came home”. But now they have changed their minds, and want us back because the Chinese are getting too close in the South China Sea. If you read between the lines, and lookout down the road, we should keep our overseas bases as status quo, or increase them, and everything will be all right.

Subic’s a port now, and Clark is an airport.

We’ll probably not return there.

It’s “you’re in good hands,” not “your in good hands,” patriot03062 !!!
Get it correct…


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