Netherlands Plans to Buy MQ-9 Reapers

Netherlands Plans to Buy MQ-9 Reapers

The Netherlands will buy a handful of MQ-9 Reaper drones made by San Diego-based General Atomics, according to news reports.

The head of the country’s ministry of defense, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, wrote to parliament on Nov. 21 of plans to purchase four of the medium-altitude unmanned aircraft and associated ground stations for military and civilian missions, according to an Aviation Week article.

The drones will begin surveillance flights in 2016 and be fully operational the following year, with no current plans to arm the aircraft, according to the report.

The deal will take place under the U.S. Defense Department’s Foreign Military Sales program. In such a sale, the U.S. buys weapons or equipment on behalf of a foreign government. Countries approved to participate in the program may obtain military hardware or services by using their own funding or money provided through U.S.-sponsored assistance programs.

Information about the cost of the transaction or where the aircraft will be based weren’t immediately available.

The U.S. Air Force and Special Operations Command plans to spend $506.7 million to buy a dozen Reapers and ground control stations in fiscal 2014, or about $42 million per aircraft and station, as part of a plan to fly 65 combat air patrols a day, according to budget documents. The number of aircraft fell by half from the previous year.

Like other defense contractors, General Atomics is pushing for more international sales amid the downturn in U.S. defense spending. The closely held company this week reported it may have to lay off a quarter of its production staff of about 1,400 employees if it doesn’t receive more orders from the U.S. government or foreign customers, according to a Reuters article.

The company earlier this year said it will sell an unarmed export version of its MQ-1 Predator drone, known as the Predator XP, to the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East.

The Predator XP is equipped with radar and sensors to offer wide-area surveillance but not weapon systems such as laser-guided bombs or air-to-ground missiles, giving it a different type of missile classification that allows it to be sold directly to foreign customers and outside of the federal government’s foreign military sale process.

“It opens up a whole range of new markets that had been previously closed,” Christopher Ames, director of international strategic development for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., said in an interview with Military​.com in June at the Paris Air Show. “Allies and coalition members were saying, ‘When do we get our Predator?’”

The Netherlands already operates the low-altitude drones RQ-11 Raven made by AeroVironment Inc., based in Monrovia, Calif., and the ScanEagle made by Chicago-based Boeing’s Insitu unit.

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For anybody wondering, this is my glorious nation:P I am Fing psyched about this. Finally a combat DRONE. Hope the leftist weenies will let this happen, they are against everything remotely military. Pathetic. And mind you, yes, even I am a lefty compared to some in America, but over here, left is LEFT. Your heads would explode. So here is to us taking a few of your magnificent war machines, and hopefully allowing us to continue in our common Western journey against terrorism and Asian expansion. 4 seems a bit low, would like 6 or 8, but hopefully there will be follow up orders.

Anyway for those calling me a euro socialist whatever, I’d like to give you some examples of what we’ve bough from you in the past and now: Overal 230 f-16’s (many assembled here from imported kits), around 30 apaches, around 20 chinooks, recently about 45 f-35’s (with top up orders likely in the future), c-130’s, dc10 tankers etc. So we’ve been a loyal customer:) (this much to the anger of European defense contractors btw)

As long as the military has good plans for them. And that the drones didn’t come at the price of an army downsize.

Well, if it’s about 250 million, there will be downsizing sadly. Shifting of allocations I’m afraid. Our military budget always has downward pressure. It’s about 1.5% of gdp.

Our tax euro will continue to rise…But peace has a price! qwe all live for..

Clearly the nation does not know this news : The United States spied on the Netherlands from 1946 to 1968, the Dutch NRC newspaper quoted Snowden documents Saturday

It should be 2% per the NATO charter! Finally we know where he lives!!!!! ahhhhhh Amsterdam…de beste hoeren & mooiste dope van alle soorten!!

Haha yes, a town of 25.000 bordering Amsterdam:p

And yes we have a beautiful city and you’re all very welcome here!

Yes, 2% as per charter, but there aren’t many NATO nations in Europe adhering to that standard since the Cold Ward ended. I believe only Greece (how long will that last with it’s deficits), France and Great Britain. The rest is between 1 and 2 %. Well, we have a bit too many social spending I think, but I respect and support social spending as well. Wouldn’t want to drive between potholes, look at overhead electric lines or have to mitigate my way through poor people. A guaranteed standard of living is good (although shouldn’t be too luxurious).

ps: good few words of dutch. Are you an expat? Or served with Dutch soldiers in A’stan? Or have you visited us?

I rood-blooded Amerikaan! Ik ingezet naar een land in de buurt van de stan en ontmoet een aantal van uw speciale operatie soldaten daar, goede mensen en werden proficent in hun werk. Ik bezocht Amsterdam een keer in het midden van de jaren 70, terwijl op een drie dagen pas toen gestationeerd in West-Duitsland … Ha! lijkt een 100 jaar geleden .….

Good stats CE, but 7 countries come a lot closer…1.9, 1.8 etc.….. IMHO there are 5 countries in NATO that do the “heavy lifting”.….. thats not counting the U.S. thats the bottom line!

Wow, lots of respect for you. You seem to have been around! Your Dutch is very good, keep it up! I’m sure you had a great time in Amsterdam! I know a few friends who’ve served in A’stan in the last few years and they always had lots of good to say about the Americans. As in, the American’s were the ONLY ones who would go out on patrol with just a few Humvee’s, instead of an entire army full with Apache backup etc etc. They had ba lls! Kom weer eens naar Nederland, je bent hier welkom! Respect.

True, but kinda sad to see that the EU, if you take it by GDP, is a bit bigger than the US, and yet you account for more than 75% of the NATO contribution. Best case scenario would be you guys cutting spending a little bit and we raising it a little. Unsustainable for both sides the current levels of spending; yours too high, ours too low.

alleen de gedachte aan het geeft me een hard aan .… Ha! vrede spreken alleen in het Engels van nu af aan, ik ben in een wereld van stront voor de nederlandse

and a long tradition of collaboration with occupiers. Just ask Ann Frank.

Remember the strict policy,urine control and no Snowdens works our own country made top on list on spyng on own people.

Camp Amsterdam,lots of fun ‚women,cafe’s .Enjoy youre stay..

Hmm, so because ONE person ratted out another, our country sucks? Guess what, if it wasn’t for Wall street FINANCING Hitler, maybe he wouldn’t have been ABLE to build a huge military. You know how Ford and GM were intimately involved with supplying him with TRUCKS? Without those trucks, his military was completely UNmechanized. Or airplane engines etc. See, when the entire US would invade the 50th state (let’s pick Washington State, Washington state can’t do much about it can it? It’s that big of an opponent we faced. So don’t be a little idi ot.

Spot on mate.…spot on…as we say here in the US damned if you do, damned if you don’t!!!

Yea 1 or 100,000 but who’s counting right ?

The main things to remember is that the Dutch are practical in their morals.

Every country has some sociopath out for themselves. The Netherlands also has >5,000 people listed as Righteous Among Nations.

Germany had less trucks than you think. Opel (GM) and Ford did business in Europe, and Ford was a blazing anti-Semite who loved Germany more than any American should, but Germany was never fully mechanized. Lots of horses were used, even late into the war.

good point blight, they were used extensively to haul around those damn 88’s!


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