Hagel to Eliminate 200 Jobs within OSD

Hagel to Eliminate 200 Jobs within OSD

The head of the U.S. Defense Department plans to begin eliminating positions within his own office as part of a larger effort to cut the military bureaucracy amid budget reductions.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said he will trim the number of military and civilian personnel within the Office of the Secretary of Defense from 2,400 to less than 2,200 from fiscal 2015 to fiscal 2019. That amounts to at least 200 positions, or 8 percent of the office workforce, over five years. Put another way, that’s about 40 people a year.

“These reductions are only a first step in DoD’s efforts to realign defense spending to meet new fiscal realities and strategic priorities,” he said, according to a press release.

While the headcount reductions only total 8 percent over five years, Hagel said the office’s operating budget will be reduced by 20 percent during that period. The estimated savings — at least $1 billion — will come from thinning the ranks of civilian and military personnel, but mostly contractors, through attrition, he said.

“We are still finalizing the details, which will be available when the budget is submitted next year,” Hagel said in a Dec. 4 memo distributed to staff. “But we will save at least $1 billion over the next five years.”

Hagel earlier this year vowed to cut five-year spending by 20 percent within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff and the Military Service Headquarters — whether or not lawmakers agree on a plan to avoid automatic budget cuts known as sequestration.

The plan, estimated to save at least $2 billion, was based in part on a strategic review led by former Air Force Secretary Michael Donley.

The move may eliminate more than 4,000 jobs, according to an unofficial headcount of those areas. That’s less than one-fifth of 1 percent of the Pentagon’s 2.1 million active-duty troops and civilian employees.

What’s more, the Pentagon bureaucracy has only increased since 2010, when former Defense Secretary Bob Gates made a similar pledge, raising questions about whether Hagel — or any defense secretary — can succeed in thinning the ranks of the military’s top-brass and senior civilians.

The number of positions in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff and the combatant commands increased 24 percent, to 21,952 in 2012 from 17,765 in 2010, according to a graphic accompanying an analysis earlier this year by Marcus Weisgerber, a reporter for Defense News.

More than half of the overall increase came from the Joint Staff, which simply absorbed positions from Joint Forces Command after Gates ordered the latter to be shuttered in 2010, according to the analysis.

In perhaps a harbinger of the difficulty in ordering actual layoffs, Hagel spared the position of Andrew Marshall, the 92-year-old who directs the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, an internal think tank, though Marshall will now report to Undersecretary of Defense for Policy James Miller.

Hagel also said the staffing reductions won’t initially affect certain combatant command efforts, such as the so-called Exercise and Engagement Training Transformation Program, to protect readiness and training.

But his office did warn that if the department bears the full effect of sequestration, “we could be forced into making more abrupt personnel cuts that would have severe impact on morale and the department’s overall effectiveness,” according to an accompanying fact sheet.

The Pentagon for fiscal 2014 requested $527 billion for its base budget and $79 billion for the war in Afghanistan. The spending plan doesn’t take into account the automatic, across-the-board cuts, which are set to slice about $52 billion from the budget after Jan. 1.

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Hagel’s big staff cut will save $1 billion over five years, but the Pentagon is spending $79 billion in one year in Afghanistan. I’m all about reducing unneeded staff, but it seems like we’re just nibbling around the edges to score political points here, and not addressing ‘the elephant in the room’.

I keep bringing this up everytime they talk about cutting the military/federal employees where as some are dual status technicians who wear the uniform everyday of the week and also go off to war for this country with a lot of other civilian federal employees. first is this the thanks the military and federal employees get for fighting 2 wars one for 8 years Iraq, and Afganistan for 10 years now? Pay and benefit cuts really boosts the morale!

second if you want to save trillions of dollars quit sending trillion of dollars in foreign aid and to some countries that don’t really like us

Bet Hagel and the Joint Chiefs Don’t cut anyone. Just hide ‘em somewhere else!

I am confused — how does a reduction of 200 personnel equal $1 billion in savings? Is each person costing the government $5 million?

If I’m reading the article correctly, there’s a 200 person reduction in Hagel’s office, and a 4,000 person reduction in the overall DoD staff.

It is refreshing to see Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel leading by example in cutting military bureaucracy. I am mindful of the phase undertaken by the Marine Corps where they were going to be lean and mean. Never saw any follow-up studies to indicate they ever reached the goal. The challenge is making sure the armed forces don’t come out of this looking lean and anorexic.

Government bureaucrat claims he’s entitled to taxpayer largess, make cuts elsewhere he says.

Yea sure

What is really alarming is this statement, “Hagel spared the position of Andrew Marshall, the 92-year-old who directs the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment…” How is this even possible to be working in the federal government and be 92 years old? I thought there were some kind of limitation on the amount of years you could work in the federal government. He has been in that position for over 40 years, appointed by President Richard Nixon in 1973, and it is no telling how long he has been in the government all together.

Talking about bleeding the system dry with benefits. This has to be making all sorts of money. One thing for sure is we won’t have to worry about paying him retirement pay, disability, or Social Security. It just bothers me that he is that old and still reporting to work. I am not knocking his immense wealth of knowledge, but come on move a long so others can move up and pursue a career in that field.

Lets See.… Cutting staff saves $1b; Weapon procurment is $433b over budget.
That means fixing 0.23% of the problem.

The voter base wants “smaller government”, but more guys with guns, either in multicam or with the words POLICE on their back.

Hagel is not doing the US taxpayer any favors by cutting the number of watch dogs while the system still favors waste, fraud, and abuse. All he is doing is the same thing Regan did by “deregulating” the savings and loans in the 1980s. The US taxpayer was still on the hook for the debts the S&L’s couldn’t cover, so while deregulation was great in concept, all it did for the US taxpayer is transfer a bunch of debt from irresponsible bankers to us. The same is true of our federal procurement system. The system encourages contractors to spend as much as possible for as long as possible. That’s how they maximize profits. Cutting the number of regulators in that case does what for us? That’s right, it encourages the contractors to spend more for longer. Hagel either needs to reform the system or he’s f’ing us, and right now he’s f’ing us.

The DoD wants to eliminate FW&A:: The largest single waste of funding in the entire DOD is JSF. Worthless from the Ground-up, ALIS, OMS, Weapons Release, limited Air-Ground, Air-Air Capability etc.…. TACTOM, TLAM and a few, UAV’s, MALD-J, B-52’s, F-15 & F/A-18’s and a few A-10C’s can take out any target anywhere anytime. We do not need F-22 or JSF. JSF is a 168,000,000.00 Millions times 2600 platforms, Software, Hardware and Logistics Nightmare. We can do better!!!!

General Bogdan, Ashton Carter and General Welsh are the individuals that need to be fired for allowing LMCO to replace the Combat Capability of this Nation for LMCO Stock Holders. This 20 year old platform is and will not be in IOC until 2021 Block IV with the same or less capability than a E/A-18E/F, F-15 and/or F-16 Block 60. What a Waste of Combat Capability.… LMCO will not OWN the Platform, CONOPS, Logistics and Capability at a cost of Trillions.….


The PRC certainly thinks his brain is worth picking.

Those numbers don’t jive. If I applied $300K per year (high rates big load, most of these people don’t make that much) for 200 people for 5 years, that is only $300 million in savings AND from this article these cuts get phased in over the 5 year period. So you aren’t even close to saving a billion bucks.

Not quite. What it sez is that the Secretariat gives up 200 and the Joint Staff and Service headquarters give up 3800 slots. Most of the affected offices will be outside the building and a lot will be outside the Beltway. And of course, the flogging will continue until morale improves…this might end up being a good thing if quality went up as the numbers went down, but I’m not holding my breath. Some people seem to believe that contractors and civilians have no value.

The other monumental issues and concerns revolve around the Officers and DoD Civilians. The Officers, such as General Bogdan and others come into a Program such as JSF and use verbiage such as “LMCO” is worthless. The General is Correct they are Worthless. Once the Military and/or DoD Civilian enters the fight and actual decision making they begin to manipulate the very system they despise by asking LMCO/JSF to “slow down the production-line” so the software and hardware end can catch-up. Thus compromising the integrity of the Program and making their leadership seem on “Target” and exponentially better than before. In reality the General and the DoD Civilian are at the end or nearing their two year tour at the JPO and need good reviews by Congress to be promoted or to solidify their slot at LMCO if coming up on Retirement. LMCO can wait out any Officer or Civilian to make War with the DoD and funding issues. Instead of integrity in the system, it becomes “How can be Promoted” or provide a Civilian position with LMCO prior to retirement. 95% of the General Officers and/or O-6’s at LMCO came from the DoD and know exactly how to manipulate the system to provide additional “Stock” value to LMCO rather than concentrating on the Combat and Warfighting Capability. These are facts… 25 Years and Trillions of Dollars later we are now stuck with a Platform that is totally owned, operated and logistically managed by a company in Texas (LMCO)… not the Commanders and Warfighters in the Field. This is obscene!!! Our Nation and our Warfighers deserve better from our “Leadership”.… Ladies and Gentleman the System is BROKE.….
Ashton Carter, General Bogden and the entire JSF/JPO should be fired. NO platform should begin in 1995 and NOT IOC or be fully operational in 2021. 26 Years and now obsolescence issue are creeping up the slippery slope. Mr. Carter and General Bogden need to cancel this program ASAP

Maybe next he’ll get a refund on an $100 hammer. Big f’ing deal!

So what are you proposing G. Allen? Scrap the JSF and start from scratch? There’s zero cost savings there, all the while the Chinese and Russians crank out Gen-5 fighters.

You say we can do better. What’s your plan?

The Programs we currently have here at the Pentagon in the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps have more than enough “Kill Chain” Capability to take care of any threat. Stealth is DEAD, JSF is a 20 plus year waste of funds. JSF does not have the capability to “Kill Tanks” much less a High Threat IADS. There are two types of targets… Moving and Stationary. Both are tractable by UAV and SATCOM in real time. The Warfighting scenario’s that have JSF and F-22 penetrating a HVT or IADS without this type of information is crazy. As for OCA and DCA, we have the capability to take out any Enemy Gen V advisory in real-time. The threat you are alluding to is non-existent. We, the Pentagon are doing nothing more than subsiding LMCO Stock holders and wasting the funds for our warfighter. Everyone here in the Pentagon knows Stealth is Dead and JSF is worthless. ALIS, OMS, and JSF Capability is outdated. Factoring in the LMCO Logistics and Operational Support the Untied States Air Force and General Walsh have done nothing more that create another F-111, “One Size Fits All”. The same Outcome. Worthless. Do your homework, JSF has no Air-Air capability with the current and future AIM-120 with < a .15% PK Rate on a Good Clear Day and no internal Gun on the Navy or Marine Corps JSF. JSF is nothing more than a 5 Trillion dollar money maker for LMCO.

The whole point to “cutting the budget” is to give the money to the defense contractors. Isn’t that obvious by now?

“Stealth is dead,” and with those word you can identify an idiot. Stealth will be dead when we start painting our vehicles and clothing our soldiers in day-glow orange. Stealth is never dead. the JSF is crap compared to what could be built by a better procurement system, but we don’t have that system. Better to build some actual airplanes than to keep cancelling program after program just as it goes into the production cycle. Only Chicom spies and Lockheed think otherwise.

The only way morale will get better is to replace Obama and Hagel or find generals who are not afraid of them and will do what is right for America, stop the attack on their pay all of it, stop threatening to close the commissary which is Food Stamps for the enlisted both active duty and retired enlisted

Instead of the military taking 50% of those sequestration and it 15 to 20% or none at all

FW&A is written into the reg by congress and at that time it was the DemocRATS who were writing the FARs for how to buy stuff. Until they change those refulations it will continue. Remember COMPANIES have to report to stockholders the government doesnot report to any one but themselves

Remember the motto of all contractors — every program is a failure — “failure is inevitable”

I guess they can start shedding aides and assistants…or contract them out to Manpower Inc!


Talk like this is nothing short of a joke. The government cutting back? Only the infirm and very young would believe that. Anytime the government is saying they are cutting back they just move the monopoly pieces around the board and rename them. I once worked for a government office that had 12 employees. They eliminated the whole department and the next week we all reported for work at a new office. Some of us even got raises. I am not totally pure here because I am still cashing those checks.

Gee.…. Allen, I never knew we had such a “SELF APPOINTED” expert in Weaponry and Procurement, where the hell have you been hiding all these years…Better yet what crack did you finally crawl through?

It looks like the spending party will continue over at the Pentagon. The Ryan Deal allows the defense department to spend $520 billion in FY14 as to compared to $497 in FY13. WHERE ARE the end of the WAR cuts guys?????? The DoD is rejoicing in the new budget deal because they get to spend and spend and hire and hire…meanwhile our republic is going bankrupt. SecDef Hagel needs to keep to his promise and downsize the big bureacy. We spend more on paper and non miliatary stuff in the pentagon then the next biggest defense spending countries in the world. We want tax relief before this nation goes bust.

Who are you to decide when a man retires? It’s his right to continue to work as long as he is contributing. There is no limitation to how many years a civil servant can work, unlike the miltiary.

Congress doesn’t really want to cut. It’s no secret. It’s all talk. They won’t cut entitlements because that’s one party’s base and they won’t cut the military-industrial complex because that’s the other party’s base.

It’s one big farce that won’t end until we have a viable third party that doesn’t vote just to sustain their own power.

Once the death knell sounds for JSF, Lockheed will unveil the “Silent Falcon”, the “stealthy” F-16 with minimal redesign, questionable ROI for government and at maximum allowable markup. And since there’s no money for new hardware and twenty million more lines of code…

Once the loss of life knell appears to be for JSF, Lockheed will reveal the “Silent Falcon”, the “stealthy” F-16 with little upgrade, doubtful ROI for govt and at highest possible permitted markup. And since there’s no cash for new components and 20 thousand more collections of rule…


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