Pentagon Announces $2 Billion in Arms Sales

Pentagon Announces $2 Billion in Arms Sales

The U.S. Defense Department in the past week notified Congress of several international arms sales potentially worth almost $2 billion.

The Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which oversees so-called foreign military sales, issued six notifications with a combined value of $1.71 billion for an assortment of equipment, from F/A-18 fighter jet upgrades for Switzerland to UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters for Austria to anti-tank missiles for Saudi Arabia.

In a foreign military sale, known in military parlance as FMS, the U.S. buys weapons or equipment on behalf of a foreign government. Countries approved to participate in the program may obtain military hardware or services by using their own funding or money provided through U.S.-sponsored assistance programs, according to the agency’s website.

Possible deals with Saudi Arabia accounted more more than half the total amount for the week. The oil-rich Kingdom has two pending agreements — one for $900 million and another for $170 million — to buy tens of thousands of anti-tank missiles made by Raytheon Co., the world’s largest missile maker, according to the notifications.

The country wants to purchase a total of 15,700 so-called tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided (TOW) missiles, including 10,748 BGM-71 TOW 2As and 4,952 BGM-71 TOW 2Bs, as well as containers and associated equipment, according to the Dec. 5 announcements.

The projectiles were developed in the 1960s by the former Hughes Aircraft Co. The latest versions made by Raytheon are designed to not only cripple tanks, but also fortified bunkers, according to the company. They’re used by 40 countries around the world and can be found on numerous platforms, from Humvee utility trucks to AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters, according to Raytheon.

In other possible deals, Switzerland plans to spend $200 million on F/A-18 Hornet engine upgrades, parts and services; South Korea expects to buy 14 CH-47D Chinook helicopters and associated equipment in a deal valued at $151 million; Kuwait plans to spend $150 million on F/A-18 Hornet engineering services and equipment; and Austria expects to buy three UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters and related equipment for $137 million.

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who says Xmas only comes once a year for American defence contractors.…LOL!!!!!!!

Except that most of these contracts will never be carried out. Its all just ambit claims for money that doesn’t exist.

I ‘spect ur comment oblatt2, but the article states “Possible deals with Saudi Arabia accounted for more than half the total amount”. That’s a billion USD, & I learned one thing about “The Kingdom”, their good for it!

DSCA is America’s official arms merchant. Usually, the DSCA fronts the money and the customer buys out the product when ready. If they don’t the U.S. military can buy out the product.

Those US made anti tank missiles bound for Saudi Arabia, will end up in the hands of Radical Islamics fighting in Syria. Yes, I include the Radical Islamics alined with al-Qeada. I would Bet the House on it.

It’ll balance out the TOW and Hawk missiles that were given to the Iranians and the Stingers that went to the Muj in the ‘80s.

and the muslims say they will never use this “stuff” against us!

Good point Blight!…but TOWS…They do one thing really well! Blow the snot out of anykind of a vehicle!

True. Hezbollah probably sicced Iranian TOW-knockoffs against the Israelis when they came over the border in 2006 (in addition to Russian Kornets from Syria).

We should sell MRAPs so that dictators can oppress their people more effectively. They’re also useless if pitted against American tanks and IFV’s.

$2 Billion! ooohhhh, shocking! NOT! Merely a tiny drop in the ocean of the budget (or lack thereof). What about the billion dollar secret contract that purchased “Russian” military helicoptors and gave them to Afghanistan? What about the nearly a trillion dollars that went to Brown & Root to build useless roads, bldg’s, and infrastructure that those Afghani goat hearding poppy farmers will never use, instead they’ll do what they’ve done for 4,000+ years, wait until the conquerors move on and then tear down their abandoned structures to build hovels of their very own.

and how much of the “stuff” we sell to the muslims be used to kill our own troops? fubo fubar


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