House Votes to Trim Pentagon Cuts, Pensions

House Votes to Trim Pentagon Cuts, Pensions

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that would scale back automatic budget cuts to the Defense Department and retirement benefits to military veterans.

The bill – crafted by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., chairman of the House Budget Committee, and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., his counterpart in the Senate – easily passed the Republican-controlled House by a vote of 332–94.

“This bill is a firm step in the right direction,” Ryan said on the floor of the House before the vote. “It’s not perfect. It’s a start.”

Separately, the chamber also overwhelmingly approved a policy bill that sets troops’ pay raises at 1 percent next year, funds weapons programs such as the F-35 fighter jet and adopts provisions to better combat military sexual assault. The House voted 350–69 for the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act, which sets policy goals and spending targets for the year that began Oct. 1.

Both measures are expected to face votes in the Democratic-led Senate next week.

The Ryan-Murray bill, known as the Bipartisan Budget Act, would undo about $62 billion of the government’s across-the-board spending reductions, known as sequestration, over two years, according to a cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office. The funding would be split evenly among defense and domestic programs, meaning the Pentagon would receive about $31 billion in additional funding in 2014 and 2015.

Defense contractors had welcomed the agreement for providing a measure of financial predictability and urged lawmakers to vote for it.

“Not only will this provide some sequestration relief, allowing at least some essential programs to go forward, it will also allow the appropriations process to proceed and develop a real budget for the remainder of this fiscal year and next,” Marion Blakey, chief executive officer of the Aerospace Industries Association, a trade group representing defense and aerospace companies, said in a statement.

The Defense Department faces about $1 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade as part of 2011 deficit-reduction legislation known as the Budget Control Act. That includes almost $500 billion in reductions already planned and another $500 billion in automatic cuts that will take effect unless Congress and the White House agree on an alternative spending plan.

The budget compromise would undo some of those reductions.

Of the $62 billion in total sequestration relief in the pact, $44 billion would be applied in 2014 and another $18 billion in 2015, according to the CBO. That means the Pentagon would receive an additional $22 billion in 2014 and another $9 billion the following year, according to the office.

The spending would be offset by raising revenue and cutting costs elsewhere in the budget, from increasing security fees for commercial airline passengers to reducing contributions to civilian and military pensions.

Working-age military retirees — those between the ages of 40 and 62 — would receive an annual cost-of-living increase to their retirement benefits that’s 1 percent less than the rise in inflation. The reduction would be phased in over three years and take full effect in 2016.

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How can you justify reducing military retirement! Shame on the House!

To the Administrator

you are exceptionally picky about comments. That could be why you don’t receive that many. Are you going to delete comments about yourself also?

I think you may have misunderstood. They are trimming cuts — in other words they are reducing cuts that were already made.

No, there is an easing of budget cuts to DOD in general, but a specific cut to current and new retirees. It is viewed as a broken promise and a breach of trust.

Frank you are so right. Everyone I know in the Military feels the breach already happened when President and the left steeled their way into power through innuendo and deceit. From changing the Rules of Engagement to where soldiers became sitting ducks to where Eric Holder sued the Military to keep Military Members overseas from voting in the 2012 elections are examples of how the executive branch doesn’t seem to hold the military people in high regard. Additionally, this administration has done their best to weaken and hollow out the military. The cuts to the Pentagon are by far more drastic compared to all the minuscule cuts to various programs that the left “did not cut.” We are still having trillion dollar deficits under Obama’s domestic policies and his “green” policies through his executive orders and his unconstitutional use of regulations. All this is true and can be verified by research, but I am too tired to provide you the links. But, know this: the current administration is no friend to anyone serving or has served in the military, IMHO.

They probably had to bargain it away to make sure our defense become shakier then it already is. It’s not good, but it’s called bargaining. And yes I am a veteran.

Edie; your absolutely right about this administration being no friend to those who served or those serving. I worry most about the men and women serving now and in the future; how many with there be, and what will they have to fight with? We veterans will have to make sure we do what we can to be we elect those who understand a governments first duty is to defend its residents.

I wanted to make another comment on this subject. Thank God for Paul Ryan! I for one would be happy to see him run for, and win the Presidency. He’s one of the most knowledgable men in government on all things budgetary.We need a President that knows what a budget is. The guy in there now clearly has no idea what that is. A President Ryan would never have a year without a budget submission. Our current President can’t even get his own party to support his notion of a budget.

Knowledgable enough to save $6B by reducing MY hard-earned retiree benefits by $126,000!!!. Just to be clear, this impacts mostly retirees who fought in OIF and OEF (like me). I will personally fund $126,000 of this “savings” from my own account over the next 20 years (that’s more than $6,000 per year over 20 years, and nearly 15% of my total income over that period gone).

For perspective, this $6B in savings would cost each American $8.57 per year if it were spread out across the population rather than targetd at specific military retirees.

So…the military retirees who spent the last 12 years fighting our nation’s wars and defending the nation’s interests pay $6,300 per year or we ALL pay $8 per year. Seen another way, we lucky few who have had it so easy that last decade will get a nice, targeted 15% federal tax increase as a thank you.

Yeah…this guy has president written all over him. Idiot!

Please. If anyone believes Ryan or any other Congressman is doing this for the good of the country—they are deferring real budget work until after the 16 elections—-it is about THEM. FTR, I’m a 20 year military retiree
Trust none of them ever

Ummm… The president steered his way into power by this thing called “the election”, and his winning margins were substantial. Changing the Rules Of Engagement also happened many times under the previous administration, because they were published many times on this and its sister websites. People complained then, as they complain now — so please don’t pretend this is somehow new — everyone who went overseas in past 12 years (or follows military affairs) knows this.

The cuts to the military via sequestration were required by the Tea Party, and you might recall John Boehner and Mitch McConnell telling their respective caucuses to vote for them because they “got everything they wanted”.

The deficits that were inherited from the previous administration have dropped by more than half since this POTUS took office, and the “green” policies made up such a tiny part of the overall budget (i.e. a fraction of a single percent) that it hardly warrants mention. The staggering diplomatic and national security damage done to this nation by the previous administration has been repeatedly verified not only by all 16 US intelligence agencies in multiple years of National Intelligence Estimates, by the same conclusions were published by the Israeli’s, NATO, the British Foreign Office, and every other nation on the planet regardless of friend or foe.

And, you can believe, given the complete lack of support this POTUS has gotten from the other side of the aisle from a party that remains resentful about losing the White House despite the worst presidential performance in a century (not to mention causing the worst economic disaster since 1929), that if this POTUS had done anything remotely unconstitutional, the GOP would impeach him so fast it would make his head spin. And if you’re wondering why defense spending has gone down — go and look at that statement about the economic crash (again).

The GOP’s unwillingness to rescind the mistakes they made during 2001–2006 makes it all but impossible to return this nation to fiscal solvency. The staggering giveaway of taxpayer money to fund welfare for the wealthy and profitable corporations is killing this nations financial balance (CBO report on the causes of the economic crash).

And, if you bother reading Paul Rickoff’s many editorials on the subject on military dot com, you’ll find that this POTUS did more for boots and vets in his first six months than his predecessor did in two full terms in office.

ALL the above is true, and can be verified FAR easier verify, because I told you WHERE to find the information.


I think this country takes VERY GOOD care of our Veterans. Stop complaning, be grateful for what you get now. I work at a defense installation and Vets get job preference over all NON-VETS. I’m greatful for anyone that has served OVER SEAS and fought for this country, but i’m sick and tired of people saying how bad this country treats Vets because it is just simply not true.

Ryan and the rest of the republicans are Communist, Rat freeloaders !!!! That have done NOTHING for this Country but line the pockets of the Rich and the Poor Banks on Wall Street…

You want to save Tax and funding.… Repeal JSF/F-35. $168 Million a Copy times 2600 platforms with numerous Hardware and Software issues with little or no capability e.g. “No internal Gun” for Air-Air on 2 of 3 variants. JSF/F-35 Block IV (If developed) will have less Capability than the F-15SE, F-16 Block 51, 52, 60, and F/A-18E/F and EA-18G. This platform is Worthless. JSF is schedule to IOC in 2021, 26 Years after start of development in 1995. It is now working obsolescence issues. Ashton Carter and General Welsh need to be fired immediately. This Platform is nothing more than a Giant Money Machine for Lockheed Martin and the Texas Senators.

You don’t see Congress reducing there pay

The COLA reduction would be phased in three years. The December 2014 COLA would be reduced by 0.25 percent, the December 2015 COLA would be reduced by 0.5 percent and the full reduction would take effect with the December 2016 COLA

One again the Military… the less than .01 percent of 347 Million individuals in the US that fight and die for this country are abused.… There is no trust left between the Military and Congress… Our Retirement is taxed at 30% yet we continue to be abused.

What is going on with this Country and Congress? We carry the Load and are kicked to the curb. The Poor and the Military are ran over yet again. Wall Street and the Rich should have to pay a “I am not going to War Tax for themselves and their Children”.… to help compensate the Country for a lack of any Military contribution other than starting Wars. They have done NOTHING for this Country but line the pockets of the Rich and the Poor Banks on Wall Street…

Senator McCain was correct. JSF is the Largest waste of Tax payers money that has ever been adopted. 26 Years, the platform will not IOC until 2021.

Ashton Carter, General Bogdan and General Welsh need to be fired immediately. Stealth is DEAD, TACOM, TLAM, UAV’s, and SATCOM can deliver high detonation ordnance to any point on the Globe for < 4 Million. Yet we continue to Fund JSF… while our disabled and retired Beg for housing and funds. Wall Street and Lockheed Martin fleece America yet again.

What is going on with this Country and Congress? We the Military carry the Load and are kicked to the curb and have to beg for funding for the Military Homeless and Disabled. The Poor and the Military are ran over yet again. Wall Street and the Rich should have to pay a “I am not going to War Tax for themselves and their Children”.… to help compensate the Country for a lack of any Military contribution other than starting Wars.

Joe, you have obviously never been to War… Good Luck with Wall Street.…

SO many people who post comments would be served well to go back and take a basics civics 101 class to learn how the government works. Ignorance is bliss and allows people to maintain their ill informed, uneducated perceptions.

The budget passage was a function of Congress, and the WH had very little to do with the negotiations or budget policy that lead to the compromise between the two parties to actually accomplish something. The framers of the Constitution based the government on ONE fundamental tenant, COMPROMISE. If you aren’t willing to compromise, you have no place on Capitol Hill because it stops the government from serving the needs of the country. After all getting 50% of something IS better than getting 100% of nothing. That’s what has worked since 1776 and makes this country strong and resilient. Factions that get out of balance like the Tea Party and any other extreme political groups who wrap themselves in the flag, and refuse to compromise, actually hurt the country they claim to love.

You my Friend have never served in Combat either.… Pick-up a Weapon and do something for the Country. Then you can say.… Cut pensions for the Military. Otherwise, pay a “My Children and I are not going to War Tax”. Prior to GW Bush and the Tax Cuts, we had a Balanced Budget.

Thank God, President Obama became President of the Untied States. He is a Blessed Man. The Republicans will never hold that Office again. You cannot Hurt the Poor, Veterans and the Women of this Country without paying the ultimate consequences. Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong, No Food Stamps and No Funding for the Unemployed is not what this Country is Founded on.

With that said, indeed there has not been ONE Banker that has went to Jail or has been drafted to Fight in any War since Wall Street through the Country under the BUS.

Ok G ALLEN, tell me how this country treats you badly?

Have you Been to War Joe? Remember the Bush Admiration not knowing who was buried where at Arlington National Cemetery? How many Republican Senator’s and Congressman have visited our wounded?

You cannot Hurt the Poor, Veterans and the Women of this Country without paying the ultimate consequences. Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong, No Food Stamps and No Funding for the Unemployed is not what this Country is Founded on.

With that said, indeed there has not been ONE Banker that has went to Jail or has been drafted to Fight in any War since Wall Street through the Country under the BUS.

G ALLEN, I am not a banker, so please do not group me into the “banker” category when someone challenges what you say. I work at a defense installation where 40–50% of the workforce are Vets. From what i can tell, i don’t see these Vets complaining too much about their retirements.

I feel sorry for you my Friend and to all the Tea Party and Republicans that feel that it is Okay to abuse the individuals of the Country that allow you the right to state that “Veterans” are not “Complaining”. No we do not complain, we pack up and move out. We play the ultimate Game of Death for people that think like you and live off the freedom we provide. I find it offensive for someone that has not seen Combat to speculate on Veterans and their retirement that is also taxed at 30%. While wall street pays 10–13% on Billions. No you continue to believe that veterans are “More than Compensated” the next time you see a Wounded Warrior commercial begging for money.

Make Congresscritters a GS grade. I imagine this means you can’t “lobby” a Congressman like you used to, as you could probably use USC to interpret the typical rewards and incentives system as bribery.

Perhaps once the incentives of power and money are purged from the system…

” that would scale back automatic budget cuts to the Defense Department and retirement benefits to military veterans.”

Yes all of those cuts were already in there. This scales back those cuts in both area’s.

Fuck it I give up reading comprehension is in the bucket.

Thank you PolicyWonk for setting the record straight. People need to turn off Fox News and put on their thinking caps.

They have to cut pensions and raise the rate of deficit spending because the defense contractors are not making enough money. That’s what is really important here.

They continue to put things on the back of our military. I do find it funny that they are not cutting thier pay by one red cent… I wish there was a better way to get things done.

Yeah leave vets in the cold streets for the holidays to save crap military pork projects like JSF and JLTV. Yeah idiots in the House say Happy holidays. I hope they filibuster this bill in the senate.

Boehner has invited the president to speak in the house on 28 January and look for common ground. Just like Ryan and Murry did. Again politicans are out of touch with the people. Their common ground is to work agianst the vets, support the big corporations, step on the middle class class and raise fees and reduce COLAs yet keep spending billions of taxpayer taxes, fees, preminuns for the pentagon sewer of fraud waste and sewer. Hopefully in the NDAA the Comptroller will follow it and start the process of down sizing the bloated headquarters Bureaucracy. ALso hope the Comptroller can work with the right ( non rice bowl) to streamline the acquisition process which is causing billions to be spent just to buy things. I am planning my retirement to live off hot dogs and cans of soup. The DOD heads are living the high life while the average citizens are being pushed into more poverty. .

Unfortunately both parties and their respective presidents have played a substantial part in developing this economy crushing, $17+ trillion deficit. To solve this problem, the Democrats want to raise taxes (yet again) — the Republicans want to cut SS which plays NO part in the deficit at all (it’s still in surplus and will be until 2030+).

Don’t defend either party. Every politician in Washington is there primarily for his/her personal benefit. And we have no right to complain about that, self interest is in the heart of every man and woman. The Bible calls it sin.


To the Administrator

Thank you for maintaining and managing a vibrant, interesting and profanity-free comment section. I sometimes come to the comments just to read the insight and experience of those who post on this board. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job.


Absolutely right on buke. They are deferring the issue, but I don’t believe that it will ever be solved. Can you imagine the street protests and riots that would occur if our representatives were to attempt to balance our budget?

I’m sorry to say this, but the USA is a declining economic force. I saw exactly the same story play out in Britain in the 60’s and early 70’s. We are following along an identical path.


Maybe they could stop paying defense contractors more to screw us and instead pay them more to come in with a weapon that’s on budget and on schedule. Just a thought.

Tax Loopholes , Special Interest Groups , money aiding overseas countries couild not be cut but the Veterans Retirement pay was cut, the ones that gave their lives for us in the US to enjoy our Sports , increase bonuses for Coaches, Wall Street Executives and many other luxuries that are enjoyed here. The few that sacrificed and that would do it again are asked to sacrifice benefits that were promised them when enlisting they did not go back on their promise but the Lawmakers could not stand by their promise. When will they sacrifice anything? They voted on an automatic pay raise years ago for themselves what are they sacrificing, the lives of others to gain benefits for themselves.

How do you get 6000 a year? It looks like 1 percent of any cola for retirees less than 62. They didn’t change health care. Unless your retirement pay is 600000 a year I do not see that much of a reduction.

Be grateful for what I get now? How many birthdays, anniversaries, etc… have you missed over the course of 25 years because of deployments in order to protect your sorry ass so you have the freedom to say what your saying on this post. Well your sick and tired of people saying how bad this country treats vets. Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of people like you. Have a nice day.

I’m guessing you never served, your punk-ass kid(s) never served and you have no idea of the sacrifices in Viet Nam, Iraq, or any war zone of family loss due to military service. You and all America cannot ever pay enough to re[place PTSD, Limbs, or life given in the name of so-called F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!

Govie jobs are wrapped, vet preference means nothing.

Spot on!, although Ash as the boys call him resigned before he could be fired in 2016.

Let me fix that statement:

“that would scale back automatic budget cuts to the Defense Department, BY CUTTING MILITARY RETIREMENT BENEFITS”.

There was no “automatic budget cut” to military retirement benefits before this funding bill.

I turned down $30K in hard cash so my COLA would not be cut by 1 percentage point.

Now they will cut the inflation adjustment by 1 point anyway so I lose $124K AND no $30K? Wow.

Oh, and in late Sep, POTUS said no changes to current mil members retirement. That was a quick change in 90 days. First Lady, protect mil families by talking to your husband about the importance of promises kept.

Good luck finding future volunteers to serve a career when they expect nothing but lies after their bodies are beaten down by the job.

Isn’t just like our self serving congress? About 1% of them ever serve in the military or have much more than an outside clue about the sacrifices made during their working career by those folks, missing half their Christmases and birthdays on deployments etc.

They have their hands out to the defense contractors for campaign contributions and receive them but since a retired military pensioner doesn’t have the kind of grease to toss around that a NG, a Boeing or a LM does, they get the gold mine and we get the shaft.

I could almost stomach them gouging us if I thought that the pain would be shared but congress has no intention of reducing their own pay raises, let alone cutting their current pay or any future pensions of theirs. These people are truly beyond despicable. I truly hope they reap what they are sowing and see military recruitment go into the toilet. Our family contributed military service for the last 4 generations with 2 30 year careers, a 25 year career (mine) and a 20 year career (my nephew). None of us would recommend any future family members join in this era of scatterbrained world wide policing and political correctness let alone this gutting of our EARNED benefits. Another broken promise on a long trail of them. No wonder no one trusts a thing these politicians say.

I remember when serving was a privilege now its just cradle to grave entitlement.

Thanks, you saved me from having to use non-PC vocabulary to address this very sorry POS!

Way to pull religion into it, Dave.

What do you suggest? We all join hands and pray for Jesus to come bounding in on His golden chariot and fix it all?

Even more failed promises there than nobamacare. People have been dying and crying for Christ’s return for over 2000 years now, and nothing.
But understandably, why would He? This world belongs to the moneychangers, and anyone who still believes the whole “but but BUT, God has a plan” BS is just that: full of BS.
These problems we have today are not by God’s Hands, but by mankind’s deeds. What mankind has created, mankind can change. But why would we if there’s insufficient near-term profit margin to be had?

Jesus or America. Not both. His Word even says you can’t serve two masters.

“and his winning margins were substantial”…GMAFB…electorally…yes gen vote …not even close! Per the FEC aprox 65% of eligilble voters did vote, to be elected u have to capture 51% of that.…33%…yup 1 out of three!. Take into account that aprox 1.8 million people are reg. 2 vote in 2 states, aprrox. 650K in 3 & aprrox. 200K in 4, PLUS the rougly 20K DEAD people who voted by abstentee ballot & the supression of the deployed military vote.….& bye jiminy u’ve got a POTUS! (at least the democratic way!) I wouldn’t talk about the use of the IRS to supress voter organizations & the failure of DHS to release illegal alien errrr “undocumented”, (sorry) data bases to be bounched off of registrar of voter rolls, thats illegal!!!! This has been the dirteset, most corrupt election I’ve ever seen in my 58 years!

“The staggering giveaway of taxpayer money to fund welfare for the wealthy and profitable corporations is killing this nations financial balance (CBO report on the causes of the economic crash).”.….man ur smokin’ some heavy duty bud, u live in CO? POTUS Obama & the ‘National Debt”, he tripled it..ooopppsss that’s right, it was to “correct” POTUS GWB “mistakes” by giving out free cell phones, reducing TANF & SSI requirements, Flooding the economy w/Food stamps & on & on it goes 20 trillion (USD) is were it will go! Ask any “beat cop” who “tossess” a collar what 2 things do u ALWAYS find…a bama phone or 2 or 3 & either food stamps or an ebt card(s) (not in the perps name).…. its become an underground currency!!!

rat freeloaders…ouch! thats harsh.….. even by my standards!

Bet they are computing this on an officers retire pay not an enlisted retire pay

Lets face it, the military has always gotten the short end of the stick, while those on welfare, food stamps and such got it better. Before we go cutting retirement lets have a 10% reduction on Congress, the President to include his staff and then reduce those currently and will be on retirement by 1%. Reducing those under the age of 62 by 1% will be back especially bad when the cost of TRICARE will be going up, commissary prices, if we still have them, always go up. We will still be screwed.

Being on Welfare is more important than those of us who are serving and have served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big need to separate fact from fiction and personal gains from shared sacrifice. First, the two-year budget deal is smoke and mirrors. The Republicans forced sequestration to be extended two years (FY 2022 and FY2023) so the current deal is a net zero change. That’s the same worn politic tactic to spend now and cut later. Second, all this budget deal worrying is over not cutting $66 billion out of the budget while the projected annual deficit for each year is still going to be over $600 billion! Third, OMB’s 75-year project shows that the Federal government NEVER, EVER intends to pay off the $17 trillion in debt. In fact, it projects the debt to grow to $237 trillion!

Fourth, the Pentagon budget is bloated. Not just weapons systems, but payroll, at all levels — military, civilians and contractors. It’s bigger now than when we were fighting a real “enemy,” the Soviet Empire. How do you justify $600 billion a year to fight maybe 10,000 insurgents? GMAB! Fifth, fairness requires a freeze/cut to officer pay and entitlements and increases at the junior enlisted level. Inflation widens that gap and disparity. Sixth, all the complaining about that 1% cut, it’s based on inflation projections. With 2 billion more people in the world looking for jobs, deflation is abut to take hold, and yearly increases will go away altogether. Be satisfied for now.

Seventh, serving one’s country is an honor (I served). Why do so many commentors believe they are entitled to lifetime compensation and health care for serving? The Founding Fathers, political and fiscal conservatives who believed in the citizen-soldier (the militia, now the National Guard) and not a professional army, would be appalled with that entitlement attitude!

hey taxpayer this is to you. Number 1 when I joined the Navy in 1980 and signed a CONTRACT with the U.S. Government it spelled out the duties and benefits for each party, by the way none of these terms were negotiable. It was a take it or leave it offer. I took it. After holding up my end of the deal for 26 years of straight active duty I retired in 2006 and now the Government wants to change the deal. How convenient for them. Your point about the founding Fathers is just idiotic I wonder how your “Citizen Militia” armed with pitch forks would have fared in WW2. or any modern war for that matter.

Hi d.kellogg.

You’ve responded to a set of beliefs that I don’t have. To start from the beginning, I didn’t intentionally “pull religion into it”. Those are my honest beliefs and they are based on my observations of life and my personal experience — not some doctrine that I’ve been taught by a seminary, church or pastor.

I don’t know if you’ve had the misfortune to have been involved in the political process at any point in your life. My experience has been at a low level, such as; working to help a national campaign, organizing and directing a drive to defeat a local issue, and talking at length to local political office holders.

What have I learnt from that involvement? Most politicians run for election primarily for their own personal benefit, not for their constituents. There are a minority who are sincerely concerned to change things for the better, but the political process is so defined as to drive those candidates towards compromise at every stage, from the lowest office to the highest. Consequently by the time they reach an office of significance they find that they are no longer running for their original beliefs but for a set of comprised proposals.

But to address the main point of your response — yes, I do believe that Jesus’ return is imminent. And others prior expectations that didn’t come true are irrelevant. What makes my belief in His return more realistic than theirs? Fulfillment of Bible prophecy stares in my face. Of course for me to attempt to support that would lead to a lengthy Bible study, but one primary fact is the relatively new (1948) State of Israel (see Ezek 36 & 37). The others would take more space and time than I have now.

Jesus told the following parable;

“The kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.”

d.kellogg. The treasure that Jesus referred to is you, your soul, your innermost being. He saw such beauty, value and worth in you that He was willing to sacrifice every that He had — His heavenly kingdom, the immeasurable wonders of sitting next to God himself — just to earn and redeem your innermost being.

Jesus sees you as a thing of wonder, regardless of your flaws, your mistakes. He gave up everything for you, and you alone. If you had been the only being on earth, He would have paid the same price and He would do it again now if it were necessary.


The President won the popular vote by less than a 4% margin or about 5 million votes. In a nation of 300 million when 130 million vote, I do not consider 5 million votes some sort of mandate. For comparison, Reagan won by more than a 10% margin in an election where a 3rd party candidate won 6% of the vote. Second, the Tea Party did not come up with the sequestor. it is well documented by many, many publications such as the NYTimes, WAPO, etc that the idea for the sequestor with 50% of the cuts coming from the DoD was the brain child of the Administration. While you and many like you who are fact challenged think the GOP in the Congress is “obstructionist” they are in fact representing the will of 47% of the population. For the rest of us who do not wish to live in a country where tyranny of the majority rules the day, we are thankful that the GOP has done their best to thwart the Presidents agenda.

Vote these Fu#$@rs out in 2014 all of them!!

A lump of coal for career military veterans for Christmas. Thank you Mr. Ryan. Hopefully, someday, your family members will have to serve in the military and not sit on the sidelines. A law degree and a political appointment makes you a person that will hurt our career military veterans. Shame on you!

Sorry PolicyWonk,
Sequestration was created by Obama.…his plan, remember the committee he created to find cuts and if those cuts weren’t found by the committee would create a sequestration: http://​www​.factcheck​.org/​2​0​1​3​/​0​3​/​t​h​e​-​s​e​q​u​e​s​t​e​r​-bl

Deficits by the previous administration?? or were you referring to the deficits caused by horrible legislation via the “Modernization Act of 1999″ which deregulated the mortgage and banking industry putting us in a recession in 2007? If you’ve ever bothered to look at our budget deficit we were going into a recession as Bush entered office in 2001.….from 1999–2001 we went from a 250 Billion surplus down to 158 Billion deficit by June of 2001.….6 months into Bush’s term and around 9 months into Clintons last fiscal spending policy. here is the CBO chart showing the change in deficit and notice that Bush almost had recovered the deficit had the banking and mortgage industry not screw our economy : http://​thegooddemocrat​.files​.wordpress​.com/​2​0​0​8/0

I am confused when you said “the unwillingness to rescind the mistakes made from 2001-06 makes it impossible to return to fiscal solvency” yet in your first paragraph you claim that our economy must be doing good since we’ve cut half the deficit? If the deficit has been cut in half the past policies must be doing the job then.….. Also, could you share what policies from that time period created a collapse IF it wasn’t the modernization act of 1999?

And I have a serious concern of Paul Rieckhoff (military​.com) because he also writes for the lefts version of fox noise which is the huffingtonpost.

OK, you plan to screw the military. That’s nothing new. They also plan to give out notices on Dec 23rd that your service is no longer required and your will be involuntary discharged. This is from a base commanders call on Dec 19th. If you’re going to reduce military retirees COLAs, why not reduce the COLAs for federal retirees and postal retirees. That seems fair. Reduce their COLAs until they are 62. That will never happen because they have a union. I cannot tell a young adult to even think about joining the military. Let them bring the draft back and see what type of troops they get. Better yet, those on welfare, make them enlist, that’s a job creator for lazy.

Yours is the best comment here.Notice how defense contractors are all for cuts to retired and disabled veteran benefits?

Joe– You obviously have never served in some of the most remote disgusting places on the planet. I earned my pension do you earn yours?

So you screw us so you can feel better. I say say hang them all statring at the top and hold specail elections and no lawyers need apply. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Because they made it part of the enlistment butthead! Don’t piss down my back and tell me it is raining, because I will take my pound of flesh.

There has been a presidential budget submission every year of this presidency. It has been up to a couple of months late, but submitted nonetheless.

You hit the nail on the head. These cuts are all about protecting the interests of major defense contractors. Unfortunately, when many military members and veterans hear politicians talk about protecting defense spending they mistakenly believe the politicians are talking about personnel.

Don’t forget the idiots at the Pentagon trying to ensure they have high paying contractor jobs when they retire.

Nothing better than poor people attacking poor people. If you think those on welfare have it better than those in the military, you are a complete moron.

The first duty of the Obama administration is to put everyone on welfare, food stamps and unemployement, then turn this country into Russia of the 50. 60 and 70s

Will not argue with a Liberal, do those on welfare have it better in some respects YES

The real problem is since Obama or congress still to this day is the less people working the less taxes being paid. So until they really get the economy growing and creating NON Government jobs we will have this problem. Once we get the economy growing and people working paying taxes getting off welfare and food stamps we will see cuts like this happening. Some of you young people do not realize but this whole mess can be traced back to Jimmy Carter, then Clinton and finally to Obama. Totally amazing that a failure in the mortgage industry could cause so many people to lose their jobs, but then there is the domino effect and that also caused a lot of people to lose their jobs and houses

G. Allen, first of all, thank you for your service! I’m a Veteran as well, and have work in and around the military on a daily basis since 1981. My father was a 100% disabled Veteran, and my grandfather was killed serving this nation in uniform, as was my cousin in 1965. I don’t agree with you, do you want to challenge my allegiance to this nation too?

The “cut” to the cost of living adjustment (COLA) portion of your retirement benefit only applies to vets 40–62 who are not classified as disabled. The “cut” would limit the annual COLA to 1% less than the rate of inflation, and would be phased in over three years. I’ve spoken to numerous vets and active duty personnel since this was first announced, and to a man they cannot show me any written contract that guarantees any COLA as part of their retirement package. Your obvious distain for the author of this bill seems to omit the democrat that sat on the other side of the bargaining table from Paul Ryan, it also omits the POTUS, whose own draconian Sequestration plan slashed pentagon funds by 10% in 2013, causing immeasurable damage to military readiness, research and development, and acquisition. There is lots of blame to go around for the current state of our Military and this nation in general, to blame the one man in congress that has actually tried to fix the financial future of this nation is wrong.

Did you know that civil servants (the folks that support the military, and many of whom are also vets) have not seen a pay raise or any COLA in the last four years? I don’t recall that same standard being applied to your pay and benefits, or am I wrong?

Actually, it was George Bush Jr’s “home ownership” program which ultimately lead banks to make subprime loans to people not able to make their payments–not the Democrats. He also run two wars on credit. Even Lyndon Johnson instituted a war surtax to pay for Vietnam. America’s first MBA president turned out to be our stupidest.

Ryan is a bog Irish! How about cutting aid to illegal aliens brats, Welfare, and the politicians pay?

Entitlement attitude my horse’s backside. I would also like to know where you got the “deflation” side note. Bernanke is getting out and just quoted projected figures for inflation. Sure am curious where you served, and for how long.

Military retirements are much too generous. Unless injured in battle or unable to work, they should be delayed until at least age 60 and then on the order of 1.1% per year served, like government employees.

Thank you Renavy. I signed when I was 17 in 78, USAF. I feel the same way and think there are more other folks like us out there. This current administration and Congress will go out of their way for just about anyone else, but for the folks that actually did something for this country they’ll stand upon our shoulders in order to make a so called bipartisan deal.

Friend, thank you for sharing. Bit long winded and I almost thought that this was a segment of MSNBC. You didn’t get a warm thrill running down your leg as you wrote this did you by chance. I’ll give you an opposing view point that is much less verbose — POTUS sucks and this Congress does as well. Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis

Spoken like a true government employee

Last projection I read was for anyone (enlisted) who retired at 41 would lose 72k over the projected years. Officers in the same category would lose 6 figures. Kinda sounds like good money to me.

God Bless you G for saying this. They’ll never listen but God Bless you all the same.

The only real way we’ll save what’s left of our disability payments and retirement is to have all politicians to stop sending billions and millions of dollars over to the communists countries as they have recently done (HAGEL) sending millions to Vietnam and Phillipines to help them. We have enough troubles paying oour own American people with jobs, money and help which is greatly needed for many millions of low and now including middle income people. Keep our hard earned money in the United States and stop sending it to other countries. We don’t need their oils or any chinese objects. If we keep buying from them, they will slowly turn against us as Russia said a long time ago-We will bury you” and our President is helping them do this to us already. We are losing a lot of our rights and everything else…

Rep. Paul Ryan…good luck getting the Veteran vote…

Military personal make up only 1% of the American population. We will always be “fair game” for Congress and the President. We can not compete with big business and the rich. We can not even compete with the group that gets welfare and food stamps and refuse to work. There is so much fraud ‚waist ‚and abuse in those systems alone to fund the 1% COLA. Use common sense and fix what is wrong in this society ! Stop acting like children and be adults . Our founding fathers did not want this. They had a lot to say about our freedom and how this republic should run.

How can you cut pensions and then give auto housing increases to the armed forces because of the COLA and give us less to live on when we are facing the same problems.Get your acts together or retire!!

Veterans deserve EVERYTHING that we can give them. If you disagree with that, than you obviously have never been to war or served. These fine men and women volunteer to put their lives on the line and to halt their lives in order to serve our country. the least we could do is make sure they are taken care of.

Taxpayer, it was not Bush Jr’s “home ownership” program that caused the problem. Jimmy Carter back in his days is the one who started the home ownership program with little or no down payments on a house, it really did not kick in until Bill Clinton came into office and they threaten the Banks and other financial institution that if they did not make these loan available to everyone even if they could not afford the house, that the full weight of Clintons government will come down upon them and make their lives miserable. Why do you think they came up with all these different loan programs so the government would not come down hard on them

So STOP BLAMING BUSH about this it was the DemocRATS that caused this problem, I know I was living back then and watched it happen.

Please post the vote record for the House and the Senate. I just can’t believe that so many Congressmen and women pretend to support the military and then do this. We deserve to know how our Representatives and Senators voted.

Why not leave the veterans’ pensions and benefits alone.…THEY’VE EARNED IT!!! Take away Congress’s instead.…Not like they deserve ANY OF IT!


The answer may surprise you.

Ryan has never served as most in Congress have never ‘served’, they are only there to TAKE. They say they want a smaller less intrusive government and they do exactly the opposite. As a retired VA nurse, I have seen what war does physically and mentally to our people, Our Veterans. Congress has little to no idea.

How about deferring all retiree payments for ALL federal government employees , to include Congress, of course, until age 62 !!! This are hard times that demand tough choices!! That would be awesome!!!! Imagine the savings!!!!!!

When has Welfare recipient been asked to serve their country? Lets see, sit at home and collect a check or serve 12 months at a time in Iraq — you my friend are the moron. Don’t worry though, I will continue to serve my country and protect the freedoms that allow idiots like you to talk out the side of their neck!

I agree and I think we should be thankful for what we have,I am a female Vet and I feel I am treated very well also a lot of people don’t use the facilities the way they are suppose to,yet they sit back and complain the expression is: you can take a hourse to the trough,but you can’t make him drink thank God for the way I am treated

TERM LIMITS! I am waiting for a politican to run on this platform, and the people to vote for him. I am a veteran of 32 years service in the military. No wars going on, those people don’t need benefits, and God forbid we do get into another war the moral fiber of the people will run to our countries aid. If not we, will just institute the DRAFT again. When you watch the news its like a football game, there are winners, losers, (which seem to be more important than the good of the people) the coach sends in a play to run and the quarterback changes it to try and beat the defense that has been set up, Our politicans go to their kids graduation, there with them for holidays and all special occasions, GI Joe missed 2 high school graduations, 1 college graduation, 13 birthdays, he was not there for various broken bones, football games, I could go on and on, think about it Mr. politician. Everyone person running for office should have served his country as a qualification for running for office. I hear politians say they are serving their country, NO THEY AINT, they are serving themselvs. TERM LIMITS.

They take cuts every year and simply let it go now they are finally saying something what they do/did is unbelievable for this country so fucks like you can sit here and bitch they were the ones on lines risking they’re lives you say you’re thankful? Bullshit! If you knew what they do you’d see that what they get is no where near enough

Thank you trace for your service

Kelly Ayotte R tried to restore the pension cuts by cutting tax credits for illegals, but Barbra Boxer and the Democrats blocked the vote. Joe Manchin was the only Democrat that voted for restoring the money for Milatary pensions and stopping tax credits for illegals! Barbara boxer went as far as to say Kelly Ayotte was being heartless to deprive the illegals of $300 a week!

Barber Boxer and the Democrat are losers they would rather give illegals tax money that they are not entitled to than give Retired Military Pensions that they were promised and are entitled to!

Vote Republican let’s end this madness!

you may have served, but you obviously didn’t retire from the military.

Civil servants are paid a great deal more than military members, if you recall.

or remember this during the next conflict when no one volunteers to go defend America, because of the lies, and deceit shown in congress towards vets.

last year found that more than $100 million worth of food stamps had been redeemed at military commissaries. where veterans often shop. The Defense Department did not immediately provide updated data.


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