New Joint Security Cooperation Comm System Going Live

New Joint Security Cooperation Comm System Going Live

A joint communications system for managing security cooperation among service chiefs, combatant commanders and the Secretary of Defense is ready for prime time as the services are beginning to switch over from their branch– and command-specific systems to the Defense Department program.

The Joint Global Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System, or G-TSCMIS, has been years in the planning and development, and a Marine Corps administrative message released on Jan. 2 indicates it’s about to go live.

“Alongside all DoD combatant commands, services and agencies, the Marine Corps will transition to the Joint G-TSCMIS in late February,” the message states.

The new system will offer a comprehensive, up-to-date picture of U.S. security cooperation activities worldwide, providing officials the ability to view, manage, assess and report on security events and operations.

It’s also expected to enable improved planning and efficiencies in cooperative security activities through monitoring and allocating funding and helping to identifying redundancies, according to the Corps’ message.

In the meantime, to get the new global system “to reach full operational capability” in February, all data in the services’ and combatant commands’ individual system have to be exported and uploaded into the new one.

Those actions will start this month and continue until late February.

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First improvement: rename to something sensible, like the “DoD Executive Communication System” which can simply be called “DoD EXCOM”

Then, when the rest of the systems are unified (and the old systems canned), it can labeled the “DoD Operational Communication System,” which can simply be called “DoD OPSCOM”

How do you even pronounce “G-TSCMIS”?




This will show our enemy how weak we are!!

How about “get-scummies”?

ObGetSmart: “That’s the second-worst acronym I’ve ever seen!”

(The worst was JSLNBCRS, the “Joint Services Light Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance System”. I don’t know how DoD pronounces it; I say jizzle-nibbikers.)

OR they can use this amazing comms system called the TELEPHONE! Sheesh!


Don’t worry about Skynet. It requires a system-of-systems and we can’t ever get any of our acquisitions right. But our major problems include: (1) everything is battery operated, and (2) everything goes out over public airwaves.

We were worried about personal privacy and BIG BROTHER (Orwell) and our citizens opted for Facebook! Who saw that one coming?


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