MARSOC Makes ‘Lone Shooter’ Joke in Tweet About MLK Day

MARSOC Makes ‘Lone Shooter’ Joke in Tweet About MLK Day

Whoever runs the Marine Corps Special Operations Command’s official Twitter handle got in trouble this morning for a tweet sent out asking Marines to stay safe over the three-day Martin Luther King holiday.

The tweet made reference to a “lone shooter,” which caught many people’s attention considering Martin Luther King was assassinated by a lone gunman.

The full tweet posted by @MARSOCofficial was: “Don’t be lone shooter #MLK weekend! make sure you’ve got security — stay safe! #MARSOC #Marines #shortbarrelforVBSS.” The photo posted with the tweet showed a Marine aiming a short barrel rifle out a window.

MARSOC officials quickly deleted the tweet following a firestorm of criticism on Twitter. The tweet was deleted 30 minutes after it was posted.

At 1:30 p.m. @MARSOCofficial posted an apology from MARSOC officials that read:

“Marines leaders will frequently take the opportunity to remind their personnel to make wise decisions and look out for each other especially before a long holiday weekend. The intent of our recent post was to remind personnel to partner up when going out over the weekend and to look out for each other using military jargon.

When we were alerted to the potential that this military post could be viewed as insensitive or offensivve when combined with the historical facts concerning Martin Luther King Jr., we immeditately took it down and apologize for any untended disrespect or misperceptions.

Commanders and Marines everywhere are being encouraged this weekend to reflect on Dr. King’s work and the principles he upheld. Martin Luther King day empowers individuals, strengthens communities, bridges barriers and moves everyone closer to realizing Dr. King’s visions — we are proud to remember Dr. King’s life, sacrifices and accomplishments.”

Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday being observed this year on Jan. 20 in correspondence with his birthday on Jan. 15. One of the most prominent leaders of the Civil Rights movement, the clergyman will always be remembered for his “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial. King now has his own monument in Washington D.C.

King was assassinated on April 4, 1968 at the age of 39 in Memphis, Tenn., when he was shot by James Earl Ray standing on the second floor balcony of a hotel. Ray died in prison in 1998.

Marine Corps Times and Foreign Policy’s The Complex first broke the story. The screen grab shown in this story was captured by Foreign Policy’s Dan Lamothe who graciously allowed DoD Buzz to repost.

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What a stupid tweet. That’s the problem with direct forms of communications like Twitter, it doesn’t give the poster enough time to think about what they’re posting.

Meh, who cares… Mountains out of ant hills.

Like The One Drake1 Just Made ??

A Marine said something boneheaded by failing to pick up on subtle historical nuance?

Surely this has _never_ happened before. Stop the presses!

But, er, in the category of failing to pick up on subtle historical nuance, might the the article’s reference to “Martine [sp] Luther King” be equally regarded as an example?

The problem is we no longer have a filter or respect. No respect for the flag and no respect for self

“””” Man.…i can see that you get your ““Pep-talk from FOX NEWS…The good ole boys
TV station.……some folk’s just don’t it…

How is that MSNBC kool-aid? Must be strong stuff if you think some minor stupidity is a big deal.

For all I know, it could just as well be a reference to the movie Lone Survivor.

I dont get why this is a big deal. I got exactly what was suppost to be said. I am assuming that the people who got offended are prob not even in the military. Don’t worry about what we put on our sites.

People who get offended by an innocent comment like this need to grow up and get a life.

Those who suffer from the condition of not thinking about what they post or tweet should maybe go back writing it down on paper first. Have a friend read it, might cut down on “oops, my bad.”

By the same token don’t worry when the taxpayers decide to send a message to their Congressman or Senator saying under no circumstances are you to appropriate money for weapon systems, base housing or military pay. I’m a veteran and I approve this reply.

Given the recent gun violence taking place at schools across the country, “an innocent comment like this” doesn’t pass the smell test.

MLK was a communist, an agitator, an extortionist, a philanderer, and a racist. Read “And The Walls Came Tumbling Down”. Why do we have a national holiday honoring MLK? Should we not have a national holiday honoring Washington or Jefferson instead? Honoring MLK is another propaganda tool in the hands of the Marxists who run this country.

Technically there is. We have President’s Day which is also known as Washington’s Birthday and it’s for people to honor any/all of the President’s that they wish to.

I am so sick and tired of the reverse racist politically correct BS! They never say anything about the racist rants from rappers, sports icons and the like. This is just going to get worse. It will be a form of slavery and censorship. Wake up. The only difference now is that we don’t have to show our “papers” yet when we cross state line.

… umm.. im pretty sure his name didnt have an E at the end. and this is the only web site that shows an E .. googles home page doesnt have it… its prob a typo.

personally i did not see anything wrong with this , i don’t care who you are , being politically correct isn’t going to happen every time , we are human , and you will not please all people all the time .…and on another note if this is what people have to complain about , i guess the IMPORTANT stuff has been taken care of.… like bring our troops home, all our kids are housed and fed,all the illegals are gone and americans are working , all the criminals are in prison , .… i think not .… so people quit worrying about this tweeter , and worry about other stuff

If you have commented and had no idea of what MARSOC is, then you have no valued opinion

This is so stupid. It’s simply saying to be safe on your 72. You’ll only find offense if you’re looking for it.

And what you get yours from MSNBC? Martin Bashir said Sara Palin should be tied down and bodily functions done into her mouth and you lefties think that is fine. Just like when rifle scopes were put on photos of Bush…silence from the left. Get a grip and grow a pair.

What about Biden telling people to go buy a shotgun and if you hear something go out onto your porch and shoot it into the air? Real smart advice coming from someone who has SS protection for life.

You saved me some time, I was going to express the same thing. People need to fully educate themselves on the full story of MLK. He, like most are not how they are portrayed. MARSOC consists of the highest caliber of professionals on the planet. This was taken way out of content.

Keep your head on a swivel and clean your six.

Not a stupid tweet (although I think tweets, in general are typically stupid). Makes sense to those to whom it was directed. And to those whom it was not directed, and not having the capability to understand the mil-jargon being use and so therefore reading into it what their own limited understanding might be, I say FO.

This is stupid. All Marines are considered shooters, that’s how we’re trained. A “lone shooter” is often used in reference to a single Marine. Panty-waisted, snot-nosed liberals need to get out of the “big cities” and learn what real life is like.


“Lone shooter” has more than one connotation. I blame the police and the media for applying it to criminals that shoot people, in acts that range from assassination of public figures to simply shooting a kid for being in the wrong neighborhood.

If your friends think the same way as you…

This is why the armed services should have a non-uniform make all the jokes, and keep the fun stuff on SIPRnet.

What do all these morons do??? Lay in wait for some unsuspecting and unrelated incident??? Delta to the Alpha Mike November ! ! !

Who cares about MLB. Malcolm X did more for blacks anyways

Who cares how does anyone not know if they were talking about Gen Lee ?

Ever serve in MARSOC?
Ever serve your country?
Ever train with real and crew served weapons?
Able to correlate libbo buddy with lone shooter?
Even know what a libbo buddy is?
Didn’t think so.

This goes to show that the Marines are still a good ol boy club, like the Replubican party, and are just completely ignorant to such things, which doesn’t make it right… I mean didn’t some Marine sniper team within the last 2 years or so put the “SS” for the scout sniper logo; the OICs response was that he wasnt aware of its significance. Oh please!

Unfortunately, Marines have not been known for having a governor on their “mouth”. Again, unfortunately, MarSOC failed miserably to assign said responsibility to a QUALIFIED Public Affairs Officer.

You actually googled that?


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