Obama set to Slate Ex-Navy Official as Pentagon No. 2

Obama set to Slate Ex-Navy Official as Pentagon No. 2

The U.S. Navy received a boost when word spread Tuesday that White House planned to nominate Robert Work, a former top Navy official, as the deputy defense secretary.

Work is currently leading a top Washington D.C. think tank, the Center for a New American Security. He stepped down from his post as the under secretary of the Navy last year after serving four years in that capacity.

Work served as the Navy’s top man on Capitol Hill where he has many close relationships with senior committee staffers. In that role, he was able to defend controversial Navy acquisition programs such as the Littoral Combat Ship.

He developed a reputation as an official who didn’t get lost in talking points. Instead, he outlined the Navy’s position with straight talk that was appreciated by Hill staffers and the media alike, who try to sift through the Pentagon’s sea of abbreviations and “capability/requirements” speak.

A retire Marine officer, Work served 27 years in the Corps before he joined the the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments as a senior fellow. The year before he took over as the Navy’s under secretary in 2009, he served on President Obama’s Department of Defense Transition Team when Obama took office.

Since former Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter stepped down as the Pentagon No. 2 in December, Christine Fox has been serving in that capacity. News of the impending nomination was broken by Bloomberg News on Tuesday. The nomination is expected to occur this week.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will depend on Work to continue to cultivate the strong relationships he developed in Congress as the defense budget remains under attack. Work comes aboard soon after the Pentagon and White House supported a plan to cut the LCS fleet by 20 ships.

Plenty of questions remain on a host of big ticket defense weapons programs — namely the Joint Strike Fighter. If confirmed, he will also have to work with Hagel and the military brass as the Defense Department transitions off a war footing that it’s sustained since 2001.

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OMG!!!! With a Navy “friend” like that, we certainly don’t need enemies.

I was left with one thought after reading this — “he is just another Obama stooge willing to do Obama’s bidding, regardless of if it’s good for America or not”.

Work’s one of the most qualified people to fill this slot, it is an excellent choice if he is nominated.

We’ll have to wait until the new FY15 budget comes out in March to see if the Navy really took the 20 LCS’s out of their procurement profile. Plus, OSD told the Navy to cut them. I don’t believe the Navy volunteered the cut.

Do you get paid by the word or the letter?

Sorry but your missing the point @Beomoose. It’s not a debate about if he is technically qualified or not … it’s all about will be be another Obama stooge (just like every other “qualified” person that goes to work for Obama … following the Obama spin … regardless of if it kills our military or America).

He maybe qualified but under his supervision would he fight for the right thing to do?


Good question.
If we cross-bred seahorses with unicorns, could we have airmobile amphibious cavalry.…????.…

Shocker!!! Another brown nose whop will fight for worthless weapons like JSF and LCS being nominated by a President who is clueless about National Security. Shocker!!!!!!

Having served with Colonel Work on active duty I can tell you the slams on his integrity and character are undeserved. He has the best interests of the country and the Services in mind and extensive knowledge of DOD. You can disagree with his positions but his character is not in question.

Hey MGy, being an active duty Marine officer is one thing, but being in a very high leadership position that determines the nature of the Navy and Marine Corp is a completely different thing all together.

Of course, Work may have been an excellent Marine officer leading his men and completing the mission, that is NOT what we are questioning here. A lot of people excel at certain levels, such as being a senior Marine Corp officer, etc. but when they reach the level of their abilities, it clearly shows. Not everyone is cut out for the most senior leadership positions. You should be very aware of that reality yourself since you are a senior enlisted leader, you can clearly see who is fit for higher command and who isn’t.

But we are questioning his JUDGEMENT on matters of national security, policy, and direction. His deeds and words are his judge and jury. and history will show his has made some very poor leadership decisions that will hurt the Navy/Marine team in the long run such as supporting the LCS and F-35.

Ohh .… Beomoose just had a big hissy fit !!!!

Must have needed a job.

If he Work makes it in. You can almost guarantee the LCS won’t be going away. My prediction is you’ll see a change in what the follow-on contract looks like. Maybe a more capable ship, strictly a third shipyard, or perhaps even a single variant.

And who would you nominate exactly?

Regardless whatever else LCS may be used for, Navy needs mine countermeasures (MCM) capabilities, and the Avenger class of MCM ships will soon be replaced with LCS (with the MCM mission package installed) as Navy’s primary MCM platform.

Navy also needs the mark 105 mine sweeping sled, and they have determined that the H-60 helos are too grossly underpowered to safely tow that. They use the big ~ 70000 pound H-53 helos to tow the 8,000 pound mark 105, as the big H-53 can sustain 25,000 tow tension, and can withstand surges in tension exceeding 40,000 pounds in high sea states.

Navy requirements for LCS included hangar and flight deck for the H-60, but not for the H-53. The larger trimaran variant USS Independence (LCS-2) does have a flight deck that is large enough for the H-53 and the mark 105 sled, though it would need several temporary columns added in the mission bay under the flight deck to support the heavier load imposed by the big H-53. The smaller monohull variant USS Freedom (LCS-1) has a very much smaller flight deck that cannot be modified to safely operate the big H-53 helo.

I would like to see them do what is needed to get Austal’s trimaran variant certified for the H-53, and would like to see the mark 105 sled added as a module in the LCS’s MCM mission package.

As the PACE of technological change progresses, it’s direction is smaller, and lighter, not bigger and heavier. That general trend bodes well for us. Now, it seems we’re keeping the George Washington CVN, after all.… It’s as simple as the fact that I think the LCS is a cool looking ship, and I want to see it be successful. And the LCS 14 Manchester is named after the biggest cesspool of a city in the State of New Hampshire, so I’ve got some Native Pride going on, too.… “Drones” are also game-changers here.… Thanks, “JRT”.… Do you have any thoughts on Mr. Work.…????.…

As for Mr. Robert Orton Work’s possible nomination, I just hope that rumor proves true.

Congrats Bob. You know full well what you are getting into.

There is a lot of rough water to the beach, and no picnics there. Don’t stumble over any of the coconuts.

In case anybody doesn’t get the reference… Coconut, shaped like a head but you won’t find any brains inside. There seems to be a lot of them piling up and getting in the way. Don’t trip on the coconuts.

smaller and lighter means easier to take out, easier to sink, easier to mission kill, easier for the crew to die…

the only thing smaller and lighter should be applied to is consumer electronics

that’s not a good retort to Lance’s statement Tomcat, the question should be, is he the right person for the now, not whether or not Lance can give you a substitute name

“Regardless whatever else LCS may be used for, Navy needs mine countermeasures (MCM) capabilities, and the Avenger class of MCM ships will soon be replaced with LCS (with the MCM mission package installed) as Navy’s primary MCM platform.”

So you are saying an LCS is more vulnerable than an MCM-1? That it will be easier to sink?


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