McCain Places Hold on Pentagon No. 2 Nomination

McCain Places Hold on Pentagon No. 2 Nomination

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., announced Tuesday he would place a hold on the President Obama’s nominations for the deputy defense secretary and the defense under secretary for policy.

McCain told The Hill that Robert Work, the deputy defense secretary nominee, on Tuesday after Work’s confirmation hearing that the former Navy under secretary was “derelict in his duties” for not reading a Government Accountability Office’s report on the Littoral Combat Ship.

Work said during the hearing that the Pentagon’s proposal to drop LCS production from 52 to 32 was “very normal with Navy ship building.” In response, McCain said he was “stunned” Work had not read the GAO report that cited cost overruns and confusion over the LCS mission.

The Arizona senator placed a symbolic hold on Work and Christine Wormuth, the defense under secretary for policy nominee, in what is more or less a symbolic move since the nominees no longer need to be confirmed by the Senate Armed Services Committee before the entire Senate votes on the nomination.

McCain told The Hill that his hold is also partially a symbolic protest to the Senate rule changes by Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., that are often referred to as the “nuclear option.”

“They can nominate any bozo they want, the way it is now. I mean, look at the ambassador nominees. People who have never been in the country are clueless who are now going to be made ambassadors,” McCain told Kristina Wong of The Hill.

Wormuth didn’t avoid McCain’s wrath during Tuesday’s confirmation hearing. He didn’t accept Wormuth’s answer that Al Qaeda is a persistent threat when he asked if the threat was receding or growing.

McCain referenced a map presented during the hearing that showed the expansion of Al Qaeda influence in Africa. Eventually, Wormuth said elements of Al Qaeda are growing.

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This bozo, I mean president nominates the worst people for such sensitive positions.

To be honest, I’m with McCain on this one. Have you watched Jon Stewart’s take on the ambassadors? He believes that the ambassadors were nominated more based on money that they generated for Obama’s campaign. He basically called them out for corruption.

Link: http://​redalertpolitics​.com/​2​0​1​4​/​0​2​/​1​3​/​w​a​t​c​h​-​jon–

it’s time for McCain to stand down and retire.

Perhaps our patriotic McCain believes people like Sarah Palin are more qualified?

I am inclined to agree…

OTOH — Bush put a number of notable losers into positions they were woefully unqualified for as well (for example: “you’re doing a heckuva job, Brownie…” comes to mind).

The above said — I expect better from Obama: daddy never called in any favors for him.

Carolyn Kennedy is now our Ambassador to Japan with no experience as a Diplomat nor is she knowledgeable in the Japanese Language or Culture.

We aren’t talking about a small third world country that most Americans have never heard of.….…

Personally, I am 50/50 on McCains views. Nonetheless, I think we should have term limits for both parties. Better to have New Blood on a regular basis.…..

Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska had a fair about of experience dealing with both Russia and Canada. Yet, Carolyn Kennedy has NONE, ZERO, NOTHING!

No wonder our foreign policy sucks…

I now think that the most patriotic duty any American citizen can do for his country right now is to work toward imposing term limits on congressmen and senators. They are the ones that can check this power and so far our career politicians have not even been willing to talk about this up front.

Is there never to be any subject you won’t turn to Bush?

McCain is going through multiple change. He keeps evolving. For most of the time he is liberal then turns around and no one kniows where he stands anymore.

Teabaggers don’t like it when you call them out PolicyWonk, to them, they can do no wrong, even when they know they are wrong.…thats a characture flaw they all have.

McCain is an idiot, but I’am not surprised by this, he and graham have been doing stuff like this every sense this President have been office, so I don’t expect him to change. If the President nominated McCain himself, he would block his own nomination because this President nominated him.

God forbid!!!

Put that one in the wrong place.….

The president has no clue how to fit someone to the job. Look at Hagle for one.

bush was kinda stupid as “President”, he do make it easy for ya.

Gee, McCain is complaining about dereliction of duty! The whole damn congress is guilty of dereliction of duty. They were voted into office to conduct the country’s business not to play hardnosed politics as they have been doing for the last six years. Time to pull up your big girl panties and put “The Party” aside and get to work on critical issues.

Actually, when I see someone who stubs his toe and then curses Bush as so many seem to do; I tend to think it’s a bit much. PW cannot discuss ANY issue without finding a way to hook it to Bush and the GOP.…apparently you see nothing wrong with that but when you run across someone who is just as big a jerk put aims it at Obama and the Dems.….you take instant issue and any who criticize Obama just HAVE to be “Teabaggers”. Maybe it’s a “characture” flaw?

I fully support term limits for congressmen and senators. We have people in Congress that have been there for many years who are totally out of contact with realism and don’t understand world crisis that effect our Nation. These people should be removed when they loose reality.

Is there ever an instance when you don’t come to IdiotBush’s rescue? He was a total idiot!! Accept it. The whole world does.

Yeah, it also “affects” our nation when the “lose” reality.

Yeah, but that’s only because she could see Russia from her back porch. To her credit though, she was always on the lookout for an invasion from Canada’s Mounted Police.

Amen! Well said!

Two wrong don’t make it right. Likewise, are you comparing Obama to Bush ? I think thay are one in the same as president.

The only thing palin had as Governor of Alaska was about 100 rating on a stupometer…and she still have it.

Interesting you would quote that. It was actually Tina Fey, impersonating Palin on Saturday night live who stated “you could see Russia from her back porch”. What Palin said was” They’re our next door neighbors, and you can actually see Russian from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska”.

And yet, people keep voting for them. Kinda make me wonder why.

gotta sign it before you know whats in it… works for everything.…

You have no idea what you’re talking about.…. perhaps I should try Chinese? “Yuck Fou”

Spoils system. Been in place since John Adams left office. If you don’t like it put a newcomer in congress and have them get to work on it. Has anyone else noticed it’s called CON-gress? Almost as if the founding fathers were warning us about what cons politicians are.

You sit, deserve a medal. Not a big medal, but a fictional internet data medal of some sort. For both parties you mean in the House and Senate right?

Is it because he nearly has alzheimer’s and his aids run everything he does on a day to day basis?

*You sir* I meant: you sir. Why do we not have ergonomically designed keyboards again?

Will someone fund this man’s campaign for the House of Reps?

The Media went after Palin so hard about lack of qualifications to try and hide that the Democrats had zero experience in executive matters — neither Obama or Biden had ever done anything more than be chairman of a committee. Neither had ever run a company, neither had ever had anything to do with the executive branch at all. It was a variant of the big lie method of attacking your foes, and it worked. Palin told people during the campaign that if Russia was allowed to continue to occupy parts of Georgia that he would go after Ukraine as well, now he is. Six months ago Obama was so sure that Russia no longer represented any threat at all that he told the Pentagon to make plans to close bases in Europe and move some troops to Asia, and let others go to shrink the Army to save money.
Makes a big difference in government who you elect — you can go with one team with executive experience who could see problems a decade ahead, or a team that can’t get it’s programs passed even when they control both parts of Congress and can’t see problems just a year ahead.

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