Air Force Bets $41 Billion on Sequestration

Air Force Bets $41 Billion on Sequestration

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James has placed a $41 billion bet that Congress will ease off on the mandatory spending cuts in the sequester process and also go along with a White House proposal to raise taxes.

“We will be working hard to convince Congress that there’s too much risk” to the Air Force and the nation if the $41 billion in additional funding is rejected, James said last week at a defense issues forum.

In offering the Pentagon’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget plan last week, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel also put forward a five-year projection calling on Congress to boost military spending by $115 billion through sequester relief.

Hagel is counting on an additional $26 billion for defense from the total $56 billion Growth and Opportunity Fund that President Obama plans to outline Tuesday in the White House budget plan.

The $56 billion for the Fund would come from a combination of tax increases and offset spending, White House officials.

At a conference sponsored by Bloomberg Government, James and Gen. Larry Spencer, the Air Force’ vice chief of staff, set out two budget alternatives for the Air Force – one if they get the extra money, one if they don’t.

If Congress were to go along with $115 billion in sequester relief, the Air Force share of the money would amount to about $34 billion, James said. The Air Force would get an additional $7 billion from the $26 billion in the Growth and Opportunity Fund, James said.

With an extra $41 billion, the Air Force could fend off many of the cuts to pay and benefits, weapons systems and readiness that Hagel and others have outlined but “we have to be realistic” and prepare for the possibility that Congress will reject additional spending in an election year, James said.

The worst-case scenario would entail retiring the A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft, U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane, and the KC-10 tanker, scrimping on readiness, delaying development of a new long range bomber, and locking in limits on pay increases, James said.

The Air Force would also delay the purchase of 19 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, put on hold the $1 billion in funding to develop a new, more fuel-efficient jet engine, and cut the fleet of MQ-9 Reaper drones from 55 to 45, James said.

On all programs, James said that the crucial questions will be: “Can we afford it? Can we afford it now?”

The prospects for getting sequester relief and tax increases to boost defense spending will be “brutally tough” in both houses of Congress, said Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee.

The defense spending increases pushed by Hagel and Obama might not be realistic, but “politically they’re very smart,” said Lawrence Korb, a military analyst at the Center For American Progress.

“What Obama’s trying to do is deflect the criticism that they’re cutting defense and in effect saying to them (Congress) ‘Okay you guys put sequester in – you fix it,’” said Korb, a former assistant secretary of Defense for Personnel.


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No tax increases are needed considering all of the wasteful spending (including 900-some flag ranks). The Just So Failed is wasted money. So is the long range bomber. A large bomber can not be built which will survive a modern IADS. Best to work on hyper-sonic stand-off with the B-52. And oh, by the way, qualifying the B-52 for Tomahawk Block IV would be very useful.
So, no tax increases are needed if it will only go to more food-stamp abusers, welfare queens and.…welfare for poorly thought out defense programs.

Large doesn’t have to mean a large radar cross section. The B-2 proved that. It will be survivable enough where the range of those air defense systems is greatly diminished. Enabling to get close enough for a greater selection of ordinance. Supersonic or hypersonic stand-off weapons will still have a significantly shorter range than subsonic designs like the AGM-86 ALCM. So the launch platform will still have to get a lot closer. In addition to new hypersonic missiles, a successor to the AGM-86 would be useful for those situations where you need longer range. Ideally with some stealth features like the now-retired AGM-129 ACM.

Yes, yes the sky is falling on the JSF, been hearing that since 2006 if not earlier. Such a “compromised” design that the Chinese are doing their best to make their own version which has the same design features yet according to the critics will be better at everything. So are you going to suggest buying Eurocanards, Super Hornets, or something similarly less survivable than the JSF? Or putting all of our eggs in the UCAV basket?

Hey concerned European — go be concerned about Europe and leave us Americans the fuck alone

When the Korean and the Israeli experts have studied the F-35 and they are clamoring to come on board despite the multiple problems you have to wonder if the insiders know something that we don’t.
I.e. that the problems are solvable and will be taken care of one by one until we end up with a very good, albeit not great, fighter/attack aircraft that will be a workhorse for 20–30 years. And, yes, it will be over-priced but it will deliver the goods.
I just wish that the air force had chosen to build the A and C models as one aircraft and done the B model separately.

ConcernedEuropean, this is not your country. I find it hard to believe that you would dare criticize us after we payed for your defense for over half a century. WE ARE THE ONES THAT REBUILT EUROPE AFTER YOU DESTROYED IT. You guys still can’t even protect your own interests abroad, as Libya proved. You need to start pulling your own weight in the world for once.

The A and B are similar, with the lift fan essentially replacing a fuel tank. The C is a completely unique structure.

tldr: failure there is no alternative

I really hope that the Navy doesnt have to sequester just because the Army and Air Force can’t afford their bills in FY15.

With Russia on the march time for a new slogan ‘One Trillion for National Defense’

Not really we can make due most important is to scrap the JSF that’s a total waste of time and money we need new ICBM upgrades and look possibly into a B-2 bomber replacement. Enough with Army crap we don’t need like millions wasted on GCV only to have it axed now. Put some smart buying into what we need. Brass wont do this there too corrupt and greedy.

Raise Taxes !!!!! As if the few don’t already pay enough in taxes. The only taxes that need to be raised are taxes on the over 49% who pay no federal taxes.

Well that is just like telling the President and Congress they don’t have a clue.

Yo, euro-dude, we’d rather watch Miley Cyrus twerk on TV, and check out that Kardashian booty, and do drugs, and use our Obama phones, and get our EBT food stamps, because we still think the “Federal Reserve” is part of the federal gov’t.…. We bloat ourselves on chips and soda, don’t exercise, and get all hissy-fit over EVERYTHING. But c’mon, Americans aren’t the total “dregs” of humanity, no, that would be the Roamin’ Calf-lickers, and the Republicrats. The Dems are SUB-human.….$41Billion, Trillion, who cares, it’s ALL FUNNY MONEY, anyways.…

I think euro dude just went crying to mommy

@ Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, some of that $41 billion Is mine and who authorized you to bet with it?

17+ Trillion in debt with a blank check to hit 20 Trillion and the best you can come up with is a bet that they will give you more money! You are there to make decisions on facts, not bets on wishes! Where do we get such clueless people? We deserve so much better, but seem hell bent to settle for stupid. Reading a statement like this makes me sick! To all the people who didn’t vote in 2012. I hope you enjoy each and every day that a story like this comes to light! The next time there is an election, get off your A$$ and VOTE for common sense. Just look your child, grandchild in the eye and tell them you are so sorry for leaving them such a mess. Sorry we couldn’t do better picking people who can do math and stop spending more then they take in. Grow a pair America! We can fix this problem by voting the right people into office regardless of what party. Can’t do the math, NEXT! This women is clearly in way over her head. NEXT!

I just hope the Pentagon doesn’t allow the bloodsucking ticks at Lockheed to fire all those experienced engineers after the f35’s 3 models have fully been developed. Lockheed is the US’s SINGLE capable entity of developing fighter jets from now on. A few million more in the pockets of the international monetary terrorists isn’t worth endangering future US military capabilities.

Because they make 2 dollars a year. Want to tax that? Idiot. Tax the rich who have profited from world financial calamity. There was a reason for ww2. The only difference is that countries have nukes now. Or else the world would have clamored to enter New York and hang those bankers. Tax them, not the poor rednecks in the south who don’t have teeth.

Or went to cash his welfare check

I agree we should rid this nation of welfare queens: highly profitable corporations and the top .02 percent of this nation already have all they need and aren’t deserving of the welfare they receive.

The LCS and F-35 programs should be cut for non-performance, due to the either programs inability to meet even the reduced mission profiles. Various foreign aid programs should also be targeted, starting with nations that give top-secret US technologies to Communist China, or commit acts of war against this nation by attempting to provoke a war not of our choosing via “false flag” operations, or otherwise sponsor the lowest forms of terrorism.

Neither House of Representatives should be exempted from the sequester, including US taxpayers paying for their flights home, staffing, and other perks (across the board — like everyone else). Their very long, abnormal vacations should be cut in half, and all representatives should be *required* to write the legislation they claim to have worked on (as opposed to being written by lobbyists). The general and flag-rank staff can be reduced by 75%, and still be bloated.

Corporations need to be given incentive to move their operations back to the continental USA, or forgo access to our markets. Trade agreements should be enforced vigorously to protect US manufacturers from predatory/subsidized pricing from nations outside the US.

The entire acquisition system should be extirpated and replaced with one similar to that used by the British, who get a vastly better deal for the money spent. This will save this nation many billions (if not trillions), and allow us to purchase the weapons systems we need and investing in the research required to keep the US at the forefront of technology, and help retain the force structure we need to fulfill our international agreements.

“…saying to them (Congress) ‘Okay you guys put sequester in – you fix it,’”
But Mr. President this was YOUR idea and YOU rejected the recommendations by YOUR people so that sequestration went into effect. How about since YOU put it in YOU start fixing it by reducing more of the wasteful Washington spending you KNOW is going on? Oh wait, that would actually require you to do some work instead of just talk — never mind.

Perhaps we should be using real negotiators and executives instead of diplomats and second hand lawyers that seem to use the same fantasy formula that seems to infect Washington.

“Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James has placed a $41 billion bet that Congress will ease off on the mandatory spending cuts in the sequester process and also go along with a White House proposal to raise taxes.“__________________________________________________________________Well, she has more faith in teabaggers in Congress than I do, because I have none in them.…none.

I don’t think that you understand the aerospace industry in the US at all.

“Allow” Lockheed to make personnel decisions? really? I’ll let you in on a decret here, if there is no contract to pay them then Lockheed is able to do what they want. If the Pentagon wants to “protect” certain people or types of people then the Pentagon needs to pay for them. Theus far, I don’t know of any cases where the Pentagon has done something like that.

You want us to move to the British acquisition System… Really? Lets see now, the people who brought you the Bowman communicaitons architecture/system? The Nimrod MRA4? The Aircraft Carriers?

Bloated Beaurocracy and high costs

Spoken like a true northern elitist with his head up his bum.

Don’t call on us southern Americans when Vladimir knocks on your door Mr euro socialist

I work, no welfare. And when this forum ‘starts humming’, it’s bedtime over here already.

Anyway those comments have been deleted I see?

Crimea is hardly ‘our backdoor’. And what did you do when Khrushev knocked on Miami’s backdoor? Don’t think of the world as a ‘war game’. Russia has strategic interests in the Crimea, otherwise their fleet would be cut off. Do you honestly think America would allow a revolution in a country where one of their most important fleets was parked? Not comparable in reality, as America has 2 huge coasts, and is itself in everybody else’s backdoor. But still, Russia ‘invading’ Crimea is no ‘invasion of Europe’. Put down Tom Clancy and go to bed:)

Why do you need ICBM’s? Really explain. Aren’t boomers with SSBN’s enough? ALONG with b-52 and b-2 based bombs? I don’t get this ‘triad’ nonsense, Stalin died already. And you could save tens of billions. A MAD assuring deterrent is achieved through about 400 nukes. You have that on subs, enough with wasteful spending. You could spend the SAVINGS into an ENTIRE new army ground force, vehicles, tanks, helicopters, new assault rifles etc.

“I just wish that the air force had chosen to build the A and C models as one aircraft”

Then it wouldn’t meet AF performance characteristics and would suffer in terms of range. The only plus would be stronger airframe and land CATOBAR capability if so desired.

The Koreans will buy the F-35A and replace F-4’s and F-5’s. I guess Boeing learned from the Tigershark that it isn’t worth taking the risk of taking the X-32A and turning it into an independent aircraft…no sir, wait for subsidies.

High costs all around.

You sound like a genius

Don’t worry about our children and grandchildren, Dr. H. They are going to smile at us and simply DEFAULT on the U.S.national debt. That will wipe out all the military and federal pensions, free military health care, and Social Security programs. Then we can start again, spending only what we bring in in taxes.

For example, the new FY15 budget plans to spend $3.9 trillion and take in $3.3 trillion ($1.5 trillion in income taxes, $400 billion in corporate taxes and $1 trillion in Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes), adding another $600 billion deficit. That income projects $300 billion more in revenue than FY14 and $600 billion more than FY13. We are going to borrow more money from China so we can prepare to fight China? Really? Doesn’t make sense. The Pentagon, with their unrealistic “enemies list,” is helping bankrupt this country. We taxpayers need to slow this gravy train down.

MOONDOG: Your handle is very discriptive and appears to reflect your left wing bent. I think those
funny cigaretts are gettin g to you.

The whole reason for a sequester was to force EVERYONE to cut back, not find ways around it

If they’re paying all the taxes then why on earth do we have to BORROW so darn much every year!?!? This old political rhetoric is tiring whereas if the revolutionaries who threw that tea in the harbor had a crystal ball and could foresee the American government out taxing King George, especially militarily, they would have said “SCREW THIS”!

We get these clueless people from the clueless administration in the White House. Cut some of the foreign aid to countries that hate America and you don’t have to raise taxes. Repeal the Affordable Care Act and you don’t have to raise taxes. I can go on and on , but Congress doesn’t listen to the people anymore. You’re right Dr. H, Get Out and Vote, stop the liberal agenda Now!

Oh, c’mon, “CE”, you haven’t lived until you’ve spent time under our glorious nuclear umbrella.…it’s kept us safe from those nasty little brown ones for decades now.….
And even Obamacare won’t pay for my new dentures because I’m a poor northern redneck. We have ‘em here in Neuvo Englandia, too, ya’ know.…

No tax raises. Just taxes EVERYONE 10% and cut tax rebates. Then the government would have plenty. Everyone I know gets almost all their taxes back because of tax rebates.

It is not the brass doing the decision making on what to buy. There are too many politicians wanting to make sure parts of every major purchase is made in their district! I was in charge of testing a new replacement for the old dash sixty ground power unit GPU, which was a fuel guzzler made by Teledyne. Ingersol Rand offered one that was a diesel powered unit, used less than half the fuel of the teledyne turbine new offering. The Teledyne cooling unit even blew up during testing, and also used twice the fuel of the Ingersol Rand. I recommended the Ingersol Rand unit. Teledyne kept calling me asking what they could do to change my mind. I said nothing, as the technicians liked a diesel unit as it was easier to repair and maintain.….. Someone way over my head, chose the stinking Teledyne unit, I still don’t know who. Why even test this junk, if politics is going to over ride our test results????? Makes me sick!!

Time for at least a one percent Federal sales tax, if for no other reason than to make some of the drug dealers and other under the table slugs pay some taxes! That way we can be sure that any new taxes will hit ‘everyone’ and not just the working class!!

I am on the side of Putin on this one, for only one reason. He will be keeping his foot on the necks of the ‘moolims’ in that area! I bet there are a bunch of ‘mooslims’ behind some of the uprisings. Anytime ovomit gets upset about an area of the world, you can bet Christians are stopping the advance of some ‘mooslim’ organization. His recommended billion dollar aid package to the Ukraine, will mostly all go to some of the ‘mooslims’ in the area„, just follow the money…

Only problem with that is only working people will be paying that ten percent. Make it a 5 percent income tax and then, a 5 percent national sales tax so all those that pay nothing will start paying something! That is where the problem comes from. If those professional potato couch voters had to start paying some taxes, they would not be so quick to call for increased taxes and spending.

You can’t be serious. Do you actually think you can give these junkies in D.C. another revenue source and expect them not to abuse it? Oh I’m sure they’ll say something along the lines that it’s just temporary until the debts are paid off as they did with the national income tax. Get serious. You don’t give crack junkies more crack in order to get them off of crack.

If one service or the other can’t afford “it” the budget should be looked at as a whole, split down the middle so to speak. Ex: Army pays $1.50 for 20ct box of bandages, Air Force pays $3.50 for the same bandage, same ct etc, so on and so forth with the other services. Why can’t that particular item be purchased at a flat rate price? I know the example I used was very low scale, but you get the picture. I’ve seen this type of thing happen way too many times in my 20 year tenure.

Spot on!! Totally agree with EVERY word!!

See, there is that losing American mentality again. Which is why you’ll be a footnote, an anomaly of history, soon again. So you are OKAY with spending TRILLIONS in R&D for DECADES by taxpayer money, yet allow some beancounters in the very end to just fire and let go of all that KNOWLEDGE? Just for laughs? What then? Are you going to start making Fokker triplanes in 40 years to replace the f35? Don’t you know that for technology to keep innovating, you need those engineers? How can a country allow a single few shareholders to dictate the state of technology in which it invested trillions?

Don’t you see the ‘teething pains’ of your newest military products are the DIRECT RESULT of the pentagon’s lacking oversight before? The ones who developed WITHOUT problem the entire F-series fighter jets can’t develop anything anymore? Why did the f14-15–16-18 go so smoothly, but the 35 so painfully? Look for the answers.

Indeed, with American defense contractors charging top dollar for bottom barrel incompetence, the US would need a trillion dollar budget to counter Russia’s 70bn yearly defense budget. The US used to laugh at the Soviets for throwing ‘human waves’ and overwhelming nazi bullets with Russian bodies. The US is now so incompetent that it overwhelm their technological inferiority with (printed) money.

Let’s see how long that will last:D

It is indeed sickening, same reason why the m1 has a freaking jet engine (of 6 billion people, only a few ignorants would chose that). But this happens in any military to some degree. Difference being that because the US has a dumb governing system (every state 2 senators etc used to be acceptable in 1776, not now) those pesky contractors game the system. That’s why the f35 is made in every state (regardless of the ignorance of some state’s populations, or lack of defense infrastructure etc), and it is also why BRACS is impossible, it is also why some states with NO military strategic importance WHAT SO EVER also have large military installations. It’s a WELFARE program. Funny how Americans ‘hate’ welfare, yet it is bestowed upon them left and right, and the only welfare they really HATE is the actual welfare that makes people FARE BETTER, instead of making billionaires fare better.

Anyway, the US need to purge some of these disgustinc ‘elected’ officials, and whatever the pentagon says in concurrence with the CIC needs to be done. No 3000 abrams? Scrap them. No second f35 engine? Scrap it. No Teledyne GPU? Scrap it. Congress should have ANY say in this, just okay the budget or not. But don’t micromanage MILITARY specific things. The US congress needs to look after US interests, not those of irrelevant little states.

I said don’t raise taxes on poor southerners, raise it on rich notherners (and southerners). It was to make a point. The south isn’t as ignorant and low as it used to be. It’s being industrialized and smartening up. It’s no punch line anymore, except probably mississsippi. That’s just a ghastly piece of land.

Dental isn’t covered? Well, it’s America, where a dentist is ‘supposed’ to make millions, and the population isn’t worth much to the government. But hey, leave it up to the reich wing, who hate Obamacare for doing too much, before hating it for doing too little. Rednecks were dying at an alarming rate because of NO health insurance and rampant obesity, now they HAVE insurance, but their redneck teeth aren’t covered. Boo hoo. Go do something about your disfunctional congress who helps the corporations instead of people like you. Then you’ll have a great government.

Kentucky, probably the least first world of the actual first world, has over 280 thousand poor rednecks NOW covered under obamacare. How bad of that bad black man. And hundreds thousands more will be covered. All paid for by the international monetary thugs in new york city. History, if allowed, will show the South will appreciate that man that they’ve irrationally hated for 7 years now.

Voting? Haha good one. Your vote doesnt matter anymore. The majority spoke in 2012, and said they wanted more govt handouts! Unfortunately, the only way ahead is to grab your muskets and march.

This will only get worse when the jackass in the White House doesn’t have a clue on how to run a country. Hell, he has never run anything in his life. He’s playing political games with this country and demonstrating how the Socialist Party (aka Democrat Party) will be now and in the future. America needs to send this jerk and congress a message in November by electing as many extreme conservatives as humanly possible. This traitor in the White House has no respect for the Constitution, why should we let him lead one more minute. Now he has both the Secretary of Defense and The Air Force playing his political game. He must go. With Russia raising its defense budget it’s no time to lower ours but, we can get the money from the other ways already mentioned by getting rid of the abuse of the government systems.

So how are the companies supposed to pay the engineers? Is the government going to pass a law that requires companies to employ people or face penalties?
Let me guess, are you French?

Again, I have no problem with the government wanting to keep those key people employed and actually would like to see it but the government also has to PAY FOR IT.

Well, the problem of our system now is that people live for twenty years without health insurance until they’re 67 and become Medicare’s problem. Undoing twenty years of poor health on “Uncle Sam” is very expensive, and also very stupid. Note that these people might also be on Medicaid as well.

Medicare’s reimbursement is even worse than private insurance (because people wanted it to be low cost), to the point that many physicians dread taking on large Medicare patient loads. Medicare reimbursements would probably only be profitable if you used Physician-Assistants, LVN’s and nursing students to handle them.

The future is probably twice as many PA’s (for half the cost?) and less physicians.

Congressional meddling in military affairs is a tradition.

America’s first six frigates were built in multiple states as a jobs creation program and to appease politicians.

But profits are good for freedom!

“Pentagon Enemies List”? Really?
I suppose that the Pentagon decides who the US likes and doesn’t like and then decides when and if to invade/bomb/whatever.
No connection with reality there although it might make a good movie of the week.

But then the sequester was far more heavily imposed on the military/DoD. If you want to force everyone to cut back, impose the sequester EVENLY across the federal budget.

The Founding Fathers feared the citizenry would eventually bankrupt their own country by asking for too many handouts. That’s happened. But in all fairness, its been BOTH the tax-and-spend Democrats AND the borrow-and-spend Republicans. Defense spending and tax deductions for corporations are no less entitlements and welfare programs than Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare. Plus, you don’t fix things by borrowing and spending MORE! You fix things by cutting back and changing priorities. We have the BIGGEST defense budget, most well-trained and equipped fighting force the world has ever seen and still lost the last two wars. Time defense was budgetarily “reset” to match its ability to produce an acceptable outcome.

This is what Mark Levine has been talking about–a constitutional convention by the states to get back to the laws of the Constitution.
Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.
For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Their latest stunt is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that they passed … in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite ruling class that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators, Representatives of Congress; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States …”

well that and the fact that the majority of americans own guns. God Bless America

The only thing raising taxes accomplishes is giving politicians more money to waste.

I think you’ve got that backwards worrier: The Tea Partiers were preparred to let the government shut down. She has ‘faith’ in the so-called ‘Responsible Republicans’ to sell out, again, and give the Democrats what they need for the mid-terms.

Another Field Marshall?? .

once again politics being played with the defense budget and the Pentagon from the White House that is historically paranoid of the military.

The Scorpion may be a solution! Check it out: http://​www​.defensenews​.com/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​2​0​1​3​0​9​1​6​/​D​E​FRE

Spot on target!!

and what do you do after you tax all the rich, the next class below that which is the coveted middle class, and it is consumed by the non producers, moochers, and looters then what? it always amazes me how easily the progressives can say tax the rich with such little regard to the extortion of someone else’s work effort. it’s as though you believe that the bureaucratic angels from Washington will descend and sprinkle us with wealth and prosperity once the producers have been consumed by your progressive tax efforts. words from a man who works, pages taxes, and wishes to be left alone.

The article stated: “The Air Force would also delay the purchase of 19 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, put on hold the $1 billion in funding to develop a new, more fuel-efficient jet engine.” The answer for some of the USAF missions (and FMS) is the Textron’s and AirLand’s Scorpion. http://​www​.defensenews​.com/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​2​0​1​3​0​9​1​6​/​D​E​FRE… and http://​www​.scorpionjet​.com/

This Secretary and the Secretary of Defense are both in way over their heads–as well as that joker we have in the White House! All they know is raise taxes–how about cutting some of that “give away” money they have for the 49% that do not pay any taxes–as mentioned above.

As long as his “wife” gets to continue her magnificent trips and vacations, at our expense, all is good. Or, at least, so they believe.

The 2014 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested in this election. Get out and VOTE !!!!
The one million military retirees in Florida alone could mean an overwhelming victory in that state if they all show up at the polls. It might not keep another one hundred U.S. troops from dying between now and November, but a turn out to vote by the military against this heart breaking lack of leadership can make a powerful statement that hastens a change to the indifference of this shallow little man who just lets our soldiers die.

Sequestration must end. The political games being played on the backs of our military is a abomination.

allow me to correct your spelling mistake — it’s obamanation…

“Match it’s ability to produce an acceptable outcome”. The days of “don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes” are gone. The rules of engagement are not written by the Admiral’s and Generals anymore. Being “politically correct” has been in effect since my early enlisted days began in June1965 and were still in effect when I retired in July1989. When you fight an opponent “not in a particular uniform” that hides behind it’s women and children, collateral damage is going to happen. The big wheels in the White house and congress hear from the leaders of the Nation we are fighting for/in and complain about the civilians being killed or hurt. They notify the Senior military Officer in charge and OUR rules “those actually in combat fighting trying to stay alive” change but NOT the enemies. Until the Government that sends combat forces in to STOP a certain group, faction or Army gives OUR Admirals and Generals the latitude to “finish the job” Your dream will never happen.

So why is it only $400 billion in corporate taxes??? duh! silly me, because they all moved to china!! why don’t we just tax china then???

Let’s not forget corporate welfare programs where billionaires avoid paying taxes with huge loopholes. I would bet if you look at that issue along you would find a hell of a lot more money then going after so called food stamp abusers for pete sakes!

They have to wait in line:–07-25/ge-healt

Before they start cutting things from the budget in any area, how about Congress taking a 20% pay cut and cut there medical benefits.
I would like them to live on Social Security and a retirement from a penison from an employer or retired military servce.

Another way to cut costs is in the development of new aircraft when common/prior use components are perfectly suitable, rather than reinventing the wheel. Perfect example: the F-22 has had problem with the oxygen system. Why? We’ve been putting these systems in jets for decades. Was their reallya need of a whole new O2 system? Why not use the one from the F-15? Reason: Boeing (read MDC) considers that system to be proprietary, and wouldn’t/won’t allow use of the system in a non-Boeing product. This is ridiculous! The tax-payer PAID for development of that O2 system. Why didn’t/doesn’t that system, and ALL such systems, convey to the government upon acceptance of the aircraft by the government. Think of all of the systems to which this could apply, from landing gears to lights, and how much R&R/spare parts/maintenance $$$$ this would save. Put the requirement in the RFQ and STICK TO IT!

Go figure, all the cash spent on the upgrades to the A-10, then talk about retiring it, just as they did prior to Gulf war 1. I think they should hold off on any new airframe & keep the recently upgraded ones. Don’t think we need more drones if it’s going to mean getting rid of good airframes.

hey concerned European. Maybe you should spend more time worrying about European affairs? Last thingAmerica needs is input from Europeans who couldn’t manage their own affairs.

Big difference up n down, Christians don’t go around blowing up buildings with innocent people in them, or beheading people for not believing the same as they do.further Christians are not delusional. God is real, and I hope and pray you will find him before you take your last breath.

CE you are so lost. where do you get your statistics from, White House press corp? Yet more liberal trolls on the internet.

Because you sorry a$$ liberal progressives spend more than you take in.

And euro dude should go crying to mommy. there’s real gratitude for you. Without America, and our military these Brits would be speaking German, and he has the balls to talk shit about America.

You are right. The veterans and military can make a difference. Look at your Rep and Senator and if they are not 1000% pro Vet/Mil…vote them out. Vote for the new folks and this will send a message we the people are coming for you. Doesn’t matter if you are a Dem/Rep/Ind.….get out and vote these clowns out. They have all become the royals of the US…the President’s dog handler makes $100,000. Come on what non-sense.

FYI: In ’05 Obama Pushed Bill to Destroy 15k Tons of Ammo, 400k Small Arms and 1k Missiles in UKRAINE
By Clash Daily / 5 March 2014 / 7 Comments
As a U.S. senator, Barack Obama won $48 million in federal funding to help Ukraine destroy thousands of tons of guns and ammunition – weapons which are now unavailable to the Ukrainian army as it faces down Russian President Vladimir Putin during his invasion of Crimea.
In August 2005, just seven months after his swearing-in, Obama traveled to Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, touring a conventional weapons site.
He met in Kiev with President Victor Yushchenko, making the case that an existing Cooperative Threat Reduction Program covering the destruction of nuclear weapons should be expanded to include artillery, small arms, anti-aircraft weapons, and conventional ammunition of all kinds.
After a stopover in London, the senator returned to Washington and declared that the U.S. should devote funds to speed up the destruction of more than 400,000 small arms, 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles, and more than 15,000 tons of ammunition.
Read more: dailymail​.co​.uk

Why not stop giving money away in countries that want nothing to do with us anyway and that changes nothing. Examples are Vietnam, lost too many American lives spent too much money and in the end changed nothing. Afganistan is another example, too many lives wasted too much money spent and now we are leaving and nothing has happened and if it did it would change back when we leave. Ukraine, want to give them 1 billion dollars for what. They have already voted to go back and join Russia. We need to stay at home spend money in USA. Also they want to save money by screwing the US military while other countries are building up and modernizing theirs. We will be the country asking for help from other countries soon,it’s a shame and a crime that our government gets away with this. ENOUGH Said!!!!!!!!

“2 dollars a year”? I’m sorry, I thought we were talking about the U.S., not some third-world country in Africa. And it’s funny that when discussions come up about the benefits of prosperity, everyone should be as equal as possible (“rich” and “poor”), but when it comes to paying for benefits and services, it’s solely the responsibility of the rich.

But I’m sure you don’t understand this logic as you are so ignorant as to apply outdated, cliche stereotypes to southern Americans. For your information, I’m from the South, make a decent living and live comfortably, two higher education degrees, and have all my teeth.

Great idea– let’s keep the airplane designed in the 50’s as our main line of offense– by the way have you counted how many can still fly or considered the lead time on a new aircraft? Did you even notice how technology was employed in the Gulf war to same American lives as opposed to the massive losses we took in WWII? There comes a time when all good things must end– and, the B-52’s date for the scrap yard is long overdue-AF Major Retired.

I agree 100% with you. let the 49% who are leeches on the economy start helping out the country.
Dont hold you breath

“I am on the side of Putin”

Guess you aint running for office anytime soon.

The Ukranians couldn’t store it properly. If it spent ten years in the sun after the Soviets left, it would be worthless for warfighting.

The Russians similarly had stores of weapons they brought home after withdrawing from the former USSR. All of their hardware if improperly stored is similarly damaged.

If the Ukranian army is too small to effectively use 15 ktons of ammo, then it just sits in an ammo dump until the Russians blow up in the first wave. Let’s look at Saddam’s munition hoarding as an example of how munitions do not fight, it is motivated people that fight.

Also, in terms of exports they are likely to export their best products to get the best value, and keep the meh stuff at home against the /probability/ of needing to use it. And here we are…

“Much of the Ukrainian small-arms supply was ultimately exported, not scrapped, by a Yushchenko regime that chose revenue from arms dealing over the cost of melting down metal.

But while today’s 130,000-strong standing Ukrainian military isn’t short on AK-47s, Russian troops have met little to no large-scale resistance from armored divisions or heavy artillery as they steamrolled their way into Crimea.
Some of that was Ukraine’s own doing – it sold 320 tanks to Pakistan in the 1990s, for instance – but Obama and Lugar accelerated the pace of the country’s arms liquidation.

Read more: http://​www​.dailymail​.co​.uk/​n​e​w​s​/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​-​2​5​7​3​5​5​7/F
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Suffice to say, parking tanks on each bridge would have been sufficient to keep the Russians from rolling over the line of departure. But the Ukranians haven’t. They are *paralyzed* in fear. The new regime is probably bickering over show trials while the Russians move in to replace the old guy.

Where is she getting that $41 billion dollars to beet with?

If she wins,okay.
But if she loses, has she got $14 billion dollars to pay on her bet?
So, if she is putting up her own money, and if she has that kind of money to gamble with, she must be rich. So if she has that kind of money to gamble with, she should quit that job, enjoy life, and let her job be taken by an unemployed person .

So other then the F-35 which everyone loves to hate but still could end up a world beating aircraft please name these terrible weapon US defense contractors produce?

The F-15 that is 103–0 in A2A combat? F-18 best naval aircraft ever? B-52, B-1, B-2? Seawolf, Virginia, Trident SSBN? GPS sats? M1A1, Bradley’s? Apache, Black Hawk, Cobra helicopters?

Boomers are SSBN’s did you mean SLBM’s. Reading your post you lack even a modicum of knowledge about geostrategic issues or deterrent theory. Please stop posting and read a book or 10.

How naive. Let’s cancel some F-35s and spend the money on things we need.

Like the new fighters we still need?

You did when you voted

Footnote this.……

The Navy is taking the smallest personnel cuts of all the services!

We wouldn’t have nearly the issues we do if European’s could defend themselves. We not only have to defend ourselves but the entire European Continent. OBTW, most are buying F-35s, except France of course because they’re capable of taking on Zimbabwe, maybe!

Why are you so concerned about the American military & the American government? What about your country silly European?

Excellent point.


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