U.S. Considers Demolishing Its Vehicles in Afghanistan

U.S. Considers Demolishing Its Vehicles in Afghanistan

U.S. troops could have to destroy thousands of their own “excess” vehicles in Afghanistan if buyers can’t be found and the services don’t reverse course on bringing them home, the top U.S. commandeer said Thursday.

The U.S. has been looking to sell about 4,000 vehicles that the services have said are “in excess” of their needs — MRAPs, Humvees, medium trucks and others – to friendly countries but so far there have been few takers, said Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander of the coalition and U.S. Forces-Afghanistan.

Dunford posed his own question: “What do I do” with that vehicle that has been ruled “in excess” of the needs of the U.S. military? Dunford’s solution: “Either it’s going to go to some other country or it’s going to be destroyed in Afghanistan.”

It’s already been decided by the Pentagon that Dunford can’t just leave the vehicles for the Afghan National Security Forces.

In the case of the MRAPs, the Defense Logistics Agency said late last year that it would cost too much to fix them up, and the Afghans wouldn’t be able to maintain them or handle the on-board computers, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Dunford said he currently has about 1,230 excess MRAP (Mine Resistant/Ambush Protected) vehicles, which originally cost about $1 million apiece.

“We are not destroying any of those vehicles now,” Dunford said, but it appeared he would have little choice later in the year as the deadline approaches for the withdrawal of all coalition combat forces by Dec. 31.

If any friendly countries want to buy them, it’s an “as is-where is” deal, Dunford said. By that he meant  the buyer would have to pick up the vehicles from Afghanistan, Dunford said.

If he can’t sell them, the estimates are that it will cost up to $10,000 apiece to destroy the vehicles in place, Dunford said. “If I bring a vehicle home that we don’t need,” Dunford said, the cost estimates are $50,000 or more apiece.

Dunford said he was still looking for other ways around his vehicle problem. “This is not a closed issue,” Dunford said at an off-camera briefing with Pentagon reporters.

At the briefing, Dunford re-iterated his confidence that Afghan presidential elections scheduled next month would produce new leadership that would approve the pending Bilateral Security Agreement allowing for the post-2014 presence of a coalition force of 8,000–12,000 trainers and advisors.

Dunford said the U.S. military was flexible enough to wait until sometime in September for an Afghan decision on a new BSA.

“If I knew we were going to (totally) withdraw in December of 2014, I wouldn’t be doing anything differently,” Dunford said.

Either way, U.S. forces were ready to get everyone and everything out by Dec. 31, or to make preparations for a residual force that would stay in Afghanistan in 2015 and beyond, Dunford said.

“I’m pretty comfortable that up until September we can handle multiple options,” Dunford said.

Clarification: An earlier version of this article didn’t make clear at the top of the story the parameters for how and if the decision to destroy the U.S. vehicles in Afghanistan will be made.

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Just imagine how fans of big pickups would react if these were on the private sale market! Facetious response but could not resist!

I don’t know exactly how they are going to be destroyed but I fear that its wreackage are going to be analyzed and its weakness to be featured in the next AQ manual.

10 grand. thats seems a bit steep for a match and gallon of gas.

Haliburton sells the pack of of 10 matches at 2000$… and the gallon just 999$ .… the deal of the month.
lol.…. just imagine the scandal for those that want to slice the budget when that airs on CNN etc .… DOD burning 1.000.000$ trucks .…. lol then go ask more money to buy new ones hehhehe … . shhhit will hit the fan!

Why not gives these vehicles to he Afghans? Don’t we have any faith the government can survive without US or NATO troops?

Get the Taliban to destroy them for us. Like when the Brits tried several times to bring down the Nelson column in Dublin without success. IRA did it in one night. Of course IRA also got most of the windows in the surrounding buildings.

You obviously did not read.. The afganis cannot work and service the onboard computers and repair them..

Wow — $200 per match?

Former VP Cheney would consider that a bargain! His stock in Halliburton and the pile of no-bid contracts going to them and KBR made him *very* wealthy.

$10,000 to destroy a single armored truck?

Can someone explain to me why it costs so much to destroy these things?

Put them all in an open area side-by-side, and give artillery, and aircraft some target practice!

SecDef Gates spent $50B for these MRAP monstrosities. Now we cannot use them. Supposedly we spend so much money on equipmment that we cannot afford the Army. Well, at least we have some soldiers to show for it, but nothing to show for the equipment expense.

they should not be destroyed either donate to un or let some third world country have do not waste resources as such.

Bring it all home — let the vets work to fix them and then employ them in the urban warfare that is soon to come!

To bad we cant have one last party with a-10’s to see how ineffective they are still, but the Air Force will moth ball them before the Army can decide. Maybe the Army can get the Air Force to Save 1 A-10 for destruction of Army Surplus equipment any place in the world on demand. Let the Last Wart Hog driver be responsible for more Army equipment destruction than insurgents world wide in one last night of blazing glory.

Nah bring it all home — let vets work on them, 4000 vehicles, should net 3500 drivable and give them to vets let them drive them as monster trucks to DC as protests for the way the VA treats them.

1 877 CARS FOR KIDS. This country flew this in there. When I was there I seen planes and jets going in and out 24/7. I know we can get them out of there. I do not mean fly them clear across the ocean. I know we can fly them to Kuwait. We have Navy Cargo Handling Battalions who can load them on to ship. We do have cargo ships? We can keep them in the desert in Arizona for the next few years. Similar to the aircraft we keep in the desert. Several years later then let a steel foundry take them to make the next parts and components for the drones. I know there is more logistics to this, but if I can put this together in a 15 minuit coffee break off the top of my head. I think a few politicians might contribute and idea or two.

$1 MILLION a pop(the MRAPs) and the other expensive couple thousand other vehicles it makes more sense to ship them back stateside and scrap them for parts and metal. Considering the threat of a major global conflict in the next few decades it seems unwise to throw away such a large number of reusable resources.

They’re not exactly built like a pickup truck or dumptruck. The armor on those things is pretty robust. Hence the protection from mines and IEDs. Having been in Kandahar and seeing the hundreds of MRAPs and Humvees they have there, I’d say $10000 a pop is a bargain. You can only get a couple of those into a cargo plane at a time so just getting them back to the U.S. would cost more than $10000 per vechicle.

Give some of the A-10’s to the Afghanis and let them use the MRAPs for target practice. And since they won’t have any polits, we’ll give deploy our out-of-work A-10 pilots under Haliburton contract to do the target practice and testing for us!

But, why isn’t the obvious answer just to strip out the computers and leave the MRAPs in-country for the Afghan army? You don’t think they can operate a truck?

Though Ukraine wanted to by those MRAPS for its own use. why not make some money and sell them then waste billions to scrap them.

You know, I am probably replying to a troll with an agenda, but here goes anyway. Please re-read the article. These machines were bought for one million dollars each to fight a war — ordered by a US president. There was no choice. These machines have been USED in a war and are WORN OUT. They need refurbishment, not just a tire replacement. It will cost tens of thousands of dollars to put each one in a bay and completely replace all the worn out parts and overhaul each engine and transmission, etc. Imagine each one costing as much ast $100K to repair. Now, getting them back to the US is going to cost $50K more, BEFORE any work is done on them. And at the end of it all, the military does NOT need them once the war is over. They are SURPLUS. This is the problem — pay $10K to properly destroy them, or $50K to return them to the US. These vehicles are part of the COST OF WAR. You can’t fight a war and be all gung-ho about it and then expect that there will be no “wasted” money/equipment. This is not an easy decision, but instead of being a pointless critic, try to come up with a serious solution that is better than what is being proposed.

Wish they had thought about the possiblity of extracting these vehicles when they sent them. *shakes head* What a waste of money.

It costs an average of 135K to ship this to far flung theaters. That was in 2010–2011. Probably more now. An enterprising outfit could probably go over there, triage the garage queens and take the best, plus strip the rest for spares.

Considering those chassis are in one piece from a V-hull perspective (the better to redirect a blast) and not welded or bolted, good luck trying to do it with anything less than C-4 and plasma torches. Hot work in an godforsaken country.

I think they could go to our Allies and have them rebuild and stored for future use. They are already inplace overseas and only would be a small amount of money for let say Britian or France to work.

Okay. I just checked the Afghanistan and Pakistan highway maps. Pay locals to drive through Kandahar and across the mountains to Quetto, Pakistan and to Gwandar (the new Chinese paid and built port), where the Military Sealift Command can pick them up. That shouldn’t be too costly. Give them to any country who can use them and let those countries fix them up. It won’t cost $50,000 to $100,000 to fix them up — I guarantee it. Not everyone pays American prices. After all, ever notice how many Mercedes Benz are in poor countries.

“In the case of the MRAPs, the Defense Logistics Agency said late last year that it would cost too much to fix them up, and the Afghans wouldn’t be able to maintain them or handle the on-board computers, the Los Angeles Times reported.”

Reading comprehension, it’s a wonderful thing.

If you donate one (or more) to your local National Public Radio (NPR) station, you can deduct it from your income taxes, and they’ll even come and get it, running or not. Or so they claim. Problem solved.

why dont we just take out the computers and give the vehicles to the ANA hell its better than spending money blowing them up, DOD just wasting tax payer money like always

Thanks for your well-reasoned reply.

You wanted to know what waste look like, here it is. The Army want to destroy 1,230 vechicle that cost a million dollars a pop, I can’t even count that high I been out of school so long. This is a waste if there ever was one. I would rather we bring the vechicles home, salvage what we can, and sell the rest as scrape metel.

That is about as stupid as leaving them there and letting the taliban get their hands on them.

“We are not destroying any of those vehicles now,” Dunford said.

The above statement from the article is incorrect. When my old unit left Afghanistan a few months ago the majority of vehicles we turned in due to the drawdown were being sent to the DRMO/DRMS on base for final disposition (destruction). The $10,000 price tag to dispose of each vehicle is probably valid since we’re doing it the ‘environmentally-friendly’ way with contractors using plasma torches to cut the vehicles apart for scrap recycling and special-care is being taken to remove hazardous material and the Kevlar blanketing material that apparently is in the vehicle walls as well.

Revolution???? Hmmm!

The Russians left a lot of their vehicles behind when they fled, why not us????

We did that after WWII and the French, especially, decided the rent for the land to keep them in reserve was not enough so we loaded the tanks, jeeps, armored personel carriers, even some planes, etc, etc on cargo ships and DUMPED them in the Atlantic ocean so they would not detract from commerce back in the States or have to pay more and more to the Frogs for land rental. Many of the cargo ships and barges used belonged to Greek shipping companies such as Onasis, and he bought most of those from the US govt for highly reduced prices. Other ships of the line including warships were “given” to the ruskies and done so by sailing them to Russia with US sailors and then transporting our sailors home by plane after the gifts were delivered. One such ship was my Uncle’s ship, a destroyer escort, and his last duty was to sail it to Vladivostok.

Target Practice, you will destroy the vehicle and get some needed training out of it. The Artillery (155mm) and Air Force could make these trucks into scrap metal in a few minutes. . More bang for the buck so to say

Even the great WWII jeeps that were left stateside were cut in half laterally so they would not be available to the general public and harm the automotive industry. The few seen still are either remanufactured or were obatined before the “cutup” by high ranking officers and a few others. there was a remanfacturer in Dallas Tx in the 60’s and 70’s that would buy the scrapped jeeps and weld them back together when he could fiond drive shafts and trannies that would work but the state stopped that due to possible danger of the jeeps coming apart on the road.

When we needed jeep type vehicles in Nam there were none of the old jeeps available so they made those damned “Mighty Mites” that were so small and weak they could not be sandbagged enough to protect the occupants from even an anti-personel mine or carry enough to be effective for anything but MP or AP duties. Forget transporting wounded stretcher cases effectively or safely

Of course if we “blow them in place” we could start a new industry for some of the wealthiest Afghanis in scrap dealership and get them out of the poppy production for a short time. And then the radical Islamist would have more materials for their war effort. And we, Federal EPA, would eventually have to return to remove to dangerous materials, metal, oil, solvents, unexploded destructive materials, etc. from the Afghan neighborhoods. No way they could dump in the oceans today without a hue and cry from the Greenies. So we blow a trilliion dollars worth of equipment in the high deserts of Afghanistan for a half billion and then spend another 5 trillion later to remove the scrap, to where.

And continue to have the Federal tax dollar to build more MRAP types for use by local police forces, SWAT teams of the IRS, DHS, DEA, BATFE, and Obama’s new protective force. Instead of using what we already have spent. Typical Govt waste of money, materials, rescources, and Men. Excuse the broken up replies but the site would not allow this in one reply

“The U.S. has been looking to sell about 4,000 vehicles that the services have said are “in excess” of their needs — MRAPs, Humvees, medium trucks and others – to friendly countries but so far there have been few takers, said Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander of the coalition and U.S. Forces-Afghanistan.”

Really? Well go find the people that authorized their procurement and put them in jail.

Reminds me of one of the other articles I read a few month ago. Don’t remember where exactly.

US Forces finished building a new high tech command center in Afghanistan. Commander said he didn’t’ need / want it. Contractors said “too bad, contract is already signed”. DoD said “Contract is already signed, would be a violation and cost the govt more in red tape to cancel it”.

When asked about turning it over, it over, the reply is that they couldn’t because the Afghans wouldn’t understand American Technology, the equipment ran on American 110v instead of whatever the local electric was, and the monthly cooling / electric was exorbitantly more that what the Afghans would be able to pay. (I probably have some of this wrong, but you get the idea).

Govt. at work.….

OH REALLY, well, how about the 2000 MRAPS that DHS wanted? Original cost is one thing, but to say destroy them is stupid.… $50K to bring them home PLUS Repair Costs = LESS THAN A MILLION FOR A NEW ONE!!!!!!!! Remember to deduct 10K from that cost, as you were going to spend it anyway to blow the damn things up.….. I notice that no where in this article, does it mention cannibalization of these vehicles.

The entire full cost of this racket should be taken out of the hide of every congress person and everyone in the Pentagon.

Just because we have no need for them today, does not mean that five or ten years down the road we will have no need for these vehicles. Bring them back and refurbish them. That alone would provide a lot of jobs for under– unemployed American. The government is so stupid and short sighted.

Do you have any faith the govt. there can survive without us? If so, why?

“Planning” seems to have been on the back burner of the military for the longest time it seems.

See UCP.

Gee, That’s only 1 Billion 230 Million Dollars in Targets…Please Add cost of Explosives and then having to haul away the junk after you blow it up.…Do we have a Plan or What????

Afghan government can’t pay its infantry without international aid. They couldn’t possibly afford the fuel for these things let alone the regular maintenance.

We spent $1 million each armoring them so they couldn’t be destroyed so easily. $10,000 is either a) explosives, b) missile or some other ordnance, or c) paying someone to slice them up with a plasma torch.

Operate, maybe. Fuel and maintain them? Not a chance.

Check with Arnold, I bet he will buy a couple.…

It was the same story with the Jeep after WWII. Many went to allies, many were scrapped, and a few were resold on the civilian market. Quite a number were not allowed to return to the US due to wear, cost of transport, and glutting the emerging civilian jeep market. With the current drawdown and budget cuts we can’t afford to mothball and store the entire MRAP fleet, though we are keeping some of them in the inventory.

Why not just read? John Forget. The Afghans haven’t the money nor the skillset to ‘maintain’ those vehicles. It isn’t like the US, who can live on the bubble and print it’s own money. It uses your printed money. And that disappears into the pockets of corrupt Afghan officials. NEver forget guys, that costs like these, are always included in war. When you wave that little flag and say: invade! invade! It taked decades and hundreds of billions lost for NOTHING to show for it. Ah poor you, you got attacked? So what? Get over it. Those moneys could have been spent fixing your 3rd world infrastructure, providing affordable health care and education. And yet no, it’s been spent on fighting medieval tribes.

Send everything to Israel. They will put it all to good use and it won’t be that costly as other alternatives.

Let’s give them to Ukraine. I’m thinking they are going to be in serious need of bolstering their military.

It seems such a waste. Yes, I think they should be brought back too.

This is nonsense, we’re shouldn’t be leaving vehicle parks of rusting hulls around like the Soviets did. That’s a lot of good quality steel that could be reused too.

Considering how much we’ve spent trying to rebuild that country I think most Americans would be okay with paying the cost to take all of our nice things back to the civilized world.

If they have to destroy it they might as well use a nuke and do it all at once. Afghanistan is such a wasteland that a tactical nuke wouldn’t matter.

The U.S. has already shipped multiple MRAPs, etc. back and is continuing to do so. Many of these are being made available for free to local police departments by Homeland Security. There is considerable controversy as to whether this equipment should be used to respond to protests, disorderly drunks, etc.

The MRAPs and other vehicles that are not being returned are worn-out older models with limited parts availability, etc. The DOD is not completely insensitive to charges of waste, and has prioritized what is usable to them or anyone else. The fact that there are no takers for the junk that is left confirms their choices.

Of course, what we really need is a new war with Iran. Then we can simply drive these in over the Afghan border, let Congressional chickenhawks drive them, and use them as cannon fodder.

Talk about Military Waste .Thie is it.Seems to me if we can send them there we should be able to bring them back here.Even if you blow them up any body who can think can put them back to gether again.Just because they are Afghan’s and not Americans doesn’t mean they dio’t have the brain power to figure out how to put these things back together again.

I wonder how much of this is us giving the finger to Karzai.

Why not donate the vehicles to technical schools so students can use them to hone their mechanical skills?

Give them to Ukraine… to their new National Guard they are building

Let’s do it the in the Russian smart ass way (Putin’s way); use Poland (Nato Country) as front way to buy them and ship them to Poland (obviously without reselling retractions), then after they landed in Poland …. Poland “gives” them to ukraine to their national guard think DoD and CIA can handle this easy way; let’s put Putin fuming…

Leave the Afghans NOTHING usable. If the US or its allies brought or built anything of military use then either remove it or totally destroy it. Hanfars, runways, barracks, bases, vehicles and equipment. Leave nothing usable. It will just end up in the hands of the Taliban. Remember all the things left usable in South Vietnam? The Communist North loved getting it all for nothing.

Don’t give them or let them retain any military hardware. Especially armored vehicles or aircraft. That mistake was made in Iraq and it will Co e back to haunt us.

The cost to bring back to the United States would be thousands more per vehicle than what they would get selling them at auction. I buy and restore these vehicles and the most I ever paid at auction was $2300 for an M925A1 5 ton that had just been overhauled. Put them on a barge and sink them in the Indian Ocean. Plus an engineer or EOD tech knows how to destroy through explosives any and all military assets. Oh they might weld one or two back together using the parts of a hundred vehicles but it would look and work like crap. If any of you were ground forces or armor like myself we knew exactly how to destroy or tanks and trucks to the point of being totally unsalvagable.

I don’t know exactly how they are going to be destroyed but I fear that its wreackage are going to be analyzed and its weakness to be featured in the next AQ manual.

Why can’t we bring them back and use them at the National Training Center? This is ridiculous. We spend the money on them and we ship them over, yet we don’t want to bring them back? What a waste of time and money. The moron that came up with this probably got an award and a bonus. I cannot believe that we have no use for them as they served us well over there why can’t they serve us here? The desert out in Fort Irwin at the National Training Center is perfect for these types of vehicles. We can’t just scrap vehicles that cost so much and have worked for us. Maybe we can donate them to some military museums here in the States? We move Navy ships to mothball them and donate them and I am sure it isn’t cheap to do so. Let’s bring them home and not blow them up. We can fix them and we will probably need them again. I am sure that my tax dollars are going to be spent on a lot of stupid things, but bringing home our Soldiers and their vehicles is a lot better than Congress spending money on why goldfish make left turns or something equally stupid. Politicians wasting our money again and then again when they destroy these vehicles. They should go to jail for what they do and waste.

There are those of you who speak about wasted or wasting money. Many of you naysayers never served or if you did it was with dishonor. Until you’ve saved in a combat unit or served in COMBAT then shut up or enlist to fight. Look at how many times United States military equipment has been used against us because some hanky stomping politician thought they knew better than those of us who served. Many of us wounded or killed by those weapons or equipment.

Take the equipment out to the Indian Ocean and sink it.

*Sell* them to the UN

“Pay locals to drive through Kandahar ”

That translates to “hand them over directly to the Taliban”.

take the computer system out , and donate the Vehicles to ANA ( Afghan National Army) end of the Story!

I would like one, never know when the “Walking Dead” will get out of Washington.…

There is already a set of MRAPs at NTC as well as several other bases. We’re just not bringing all of them home.

I don’t know who is crazier, Afghans or Americans. Iraq and Afghanistan has proven we need vehicles like MRAPs.

About a decade ago, the feds obtained a whore house in Nevada, as the result of a drug bust. They tried to run/manage the place. It went broke with in a couple of months. The federal gov. can’t even run a whore house and make a profit.

What a bunch of government waste. You are talking about over a billion dollars worth of MRAPS!!!!

And we wonder about government waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????#########

Why not just sell it to countries who needed defenses.

Spot on analysis!!!!

If they can not maintain a MRAP, How the hell could they handle jets? Most can barely read
& write.…..

It is a land locked nation. Their is no rail lines & the closest port means driving thru Pakistan. Then the cost of ships to bring back. Plus storage ? Rater than the Jeep, you should have used the example of the PT boats. Few exist today because most were torched in Samar in 1945 rather than ship them home.

nobody wants them.…

They have no money or storage facilities.

Bill, for what? We have as many we need. We do not need 4000 of them. The cost of shipping is more than blowing them up. Scrap value? We have a aircraft carrier we sold for dollar just give it to the scrappers in TX.

You try driving 4000 trucks through Pakistan…

Nobody “needs” 4000 of them. Ukraine? they are not even a functioning nation.

Apparently they want leave the mraps behind so that mullah omar can build a 1/2 mile high victory monument out of them.

Must be tense in baghram these days, waiting for MH370 loaded with fuel landing on the middle of the camp

Because they are going to outsource the contract.

Let’s destroy US vehicles and make big purchases from the Russians on behalf of the Afghan Government.

Looks like material for one of those LOUD road shows where BIG
wheel vehicles frolic to the delight of fans.….….

As if the Afghans have the construction skills to build anything that high. None of the foreigners who know how are going to help when chances are they’ll be kidnapped by some jihadists. Needless to say that isn’t a very good economic model. They’ve elected to remain a 3rd world war-ravaged wasteland. At this rate Somalia will be better off than them in a decade or so.

I suppose if MH370 shows up over Afghanistan it gives the Patriot batteries or pilots something to do.

How about bring them back. Strip all useable parts off then melt the armor down.

Can we say Fraud, Waste, and Abuse? Give them the USMC. They never seem to have enough of what they need.

Afghans only have experience driving camels.

Move them to Australia. Mothball the equipment. They’ll come in handy. The world’s crazy.

I’m sure the A 10 drivers would love the practice

The Marines already have as many as they wanted to keep. A number of these trucks to be scrapped probably belong to the Corps as well.

Sometimes the orders Our government issues are sad, dumb and pathetic. How many lives did those vehicle save? Most are too complicated to sale or give away to most countries. They have claimed for years now that is will cost to much to ship them back to the US.
Every member of Congress, their staffs and every senior member in these past(Bush and Obama) two administrations should be personally held responsible to bring every vehicle back to the US or cover the cost of those vehicle.
All of them should be made to bring at least one back personally, Even if they have to drive the damn thing across one of the freaking ocean. They are worth every penny because of the life’s they saved, But not keeping them or selling and wasting them is a sin below murder. It is stealing from the American Taxpayer in the highest degree and should be considered treason to waste any single one.
For every vehicle lost in the transfer someone in these administrations or congress should lose a hand, foot or testicle. Cost a million dollar each and they have at least a thousand. That is one hundred million dollars pissed into the wind. There is not comparison in the history of this planet.

ask arnold schwarzenegger if he needs any more tanks

Bill, you were ding good until you mentioned the word politicians. They’re not able to fix the mess we are in now and you really expect them to fix the mess with the vehicles?
If they are not able to be brought back, a couple blocks of c-4 or dynamite would suffice. not the 10 thousand they said it would cost to destroy them…

I see MRAPs and upgraded Humvees transported on the interstate everyday. I’m sure we have all we need stateside. Chances are unless we invade Mexico we will not need them again although they could lead a charge across the minefields of the Korean DMZ.

I want a HUMVEE!

I was told that it’s too expensive to bring them home, per my Military son

That Humvees are not that complicated and can be fixed. When I was there in 2010 there was about a football field parking lot size of vehicles just parked and not used. The Humvees I saw still had the new Humvee smell with the plastic still on the seats. Even the Humvees have good armor. They have turrets and I guarantee they will get into the bad guys hands. They have to get cut up. Its the right thing to do. Your don’t want to sell this stuff to any potential broker that will sell to anyone and anybody. my 2 cents.

ahh„,they wasnt a waste of money„,they saved our boys and girls lives.. seems a small price to pay to me.

I think I’ll quit worry about salvaging my aluminum soda cans.

battle hardened steel? or whatever the prior comment said-i doubt it makes much difference@the nearest scrapyard! remove computers– that’s $135.00 per ton they are paying locally-i don’t get it?

Give them to soilders who fought over there, or use them for training, but don’t leave them for our enemy’s! Army wife if OIF!

Very few can even fly the jets .…Watch the show on HBO called Vice and it will make your blood bowel .….…

$1,230,000,000 in excess MRAPS??? Are you kidding?!?!

Bobby, you are wasting your time. Trying to explain that these were used for a good purpose and now cannot be used doesn’t work. They just hear that their money is gone and they don’t care why. So they would rather spend more money to pretend their money hasn’t been spent.

The federal government doesn’t pay income taxes. Problem unsolved.

Yeah Bill, I’m sure the politicians could come up with an idea or two…the problem is that when politicians come up with ideas, the cost doubles or triples.

Thanks go to ex DefSec Gates. Completely useless stuff purchased at the end of Afghan/Iraq campaigns. Those money could extend F-22 production line, buy better rifle to replace M-4, news F-16s for ANG, SAR heliopters, whatever. No, he had to have his way and made the worst choice possibe. But why am I ever surprised?

Why not sell them to the Afghan Government as scrap and then they can cut them up and use the armor to build bunkers and pill boxes in key locations to protect assests from the Taliban? Honestly, if I could get one for cheap scrap price, thats what I’d do. It costs too much to maintain and fuel but man that armor would make one hell of a zombie defense barrier I am I right?! lol

More government waste. Excess vehicles–why were they taken there??

I guess that my experience on the A-10 weapons system wasn’t appreciated by the administrator, and my reasons for retaining them.

Think of all the lives that were needless lost because of the “you go to war with what you got” mentality. We need to pull all the MRAPs and other valuable up armored vehicles out of that hole and pre-position them afloat for the next peacekeeping/low intensity conflict that we will surely find ourselves in because of the feckless foreign policy that this incompetent adminstration ispursuing.

So let’s see…4000 vehicles at a million a piece.…hmmmm, half a billion dollars worth of “stuff” that we are going to destroy. Any wonder this country is 17 Trillion in debt?

someone is being, as usual, stupid. give the vehicle to a-stan, sell them parts when needed NOT GIVE and obtain some of the money spent back to the USA. a-stan would prefer Russian vehicles, and they are very nice, but again let us learn from the helo’s sell them ours and sell them support. the amount of parts in the supply systems of the USA would stagger one’s mind, if they would tell us the amount. sell off some of this inventory. you really don’t need all the equipment and money to make the vehicles not useable a simple 155 or 105 round detonated inside the vehicle, without firing it from a weapon(det cord will set it off), will more than ruin it and we cannot bring back the rounds anyway.

he already has a white one.

I wonder if they were flown to a friendly country, off loaded, put on a container ship, if this would reduce the price.

other countries do not want them as they cost to much. take a look at the inventory the Russians sell for 1/3 the price and considerable amount of miles per gallon costs saved with the Russian mraps.

1.230 vehicles, at 1 million a piece. $1,230,000,000.00 in rolling stock. 10K to destroy in place. $123,000,000 to fund that. Let’s see now. Gas them up, take them to any seaport. Load them on USS, not USNS, not civilian, vessels. Total cost? Fill their tanks, drive them there. That’s it. Our ships and Sailors are already on payroll. I didn’t spend all that time in the Navy, on a LPD, hauling USMC troops and their equipment, for nothing. But, then again, you can’t do that — it’s financially sound. I’d say more, but I’m not that disrespectful.

Why not give them over to the national guard. They barely have any mraps and also some of their humvees would make most services cry.

Load ‘em on a barge and build a reef out of them! No one can use them — the fish will love them, and they’ll be destroyed.

The issue with the MRAP family of vehicles is far more complex than the internal computers, etc. there is no way we (USA) want those vehicles falling into the hands of the Taliban.…or China.…since the technology used to develop the armor is far beyond what other countries have. Leave them there.…and we will have to fight against our own vehicles at some point.

As far as transportation to the USA: approx. $200,000 to clean them up and get them to the USA. Drive them to a port? No likely as the road bed required to operate them does not go through the mountins, and most of them are too large to effectively be carried on anything except C17, C5, 747, or AN124 aircraft.

It’s not as simple as “pouring on gas and burning them” they need to be cut apart, and the armor shipped home (again to keep it from our enemies). The glass (transparent armor) itself on each vehicle weighs as much as a car, and can’t be left behind, either.

And the final thought: anyone who says they were too expensive and a waste has not had a comrade, brother, sister, mom, dad , husband,wife or friend that has returned home after being hit by an IED while in one of these MRAPs. You tell me how much the lives of a truck load of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines or Airmen are worth.

Certainly more than a $1M truck. The death benefit paid for 10 lives alone is $4M.

From the G2mil blog:

Oct 23, 2013 — The Objective of LIC

As the U.S. military withdraws from Afghanistan, it is destroying billions of dollars of usable equipment because it is too costly to ship home. This reminds me of a passage from the late

” …we must understand that it has become the objective of ‘low intensity conflict’ to continue the wasting of money, the pointless killing of defenseless people, and the consumption or attrition of costly war materiel to make way for the procurement of more. ‘Low-intensity conflict’ is a way in which the hundreds of billions of dollars of armaments produced each year can be used, destroyed, and wasted this year in order that more may be procured and used next year.”

Why destroy them?? If the Afghans can’t sustain them (computers, money, etc), then throw some sand in the fuel system and walk away. Just more rusting military hardware left in Afghanistan — just adding US hardware to all the Russian hardware I saw.

Here in Milwaukee, the city is being charged $15.7K to demolish an abandoned home. $10k a piece is not bad just to destroy a vehicle in place. Probably less than to bring them back. I’m assuming that all toxic and flammable materials would have to be removed and disposed of just like when using an old vehicle for target practice here in the states or when dumping at sea to make a reef. Even though it is in a foreign country, NAVSEA rules for disposal might still apply, which may be one reason we don’t send ships abroad to be scrapped anymore. Not sure how long these vehicles would last without spare parts, like the F-14’s in Iran. Let’s just scrap them and be done with it.

Why not sell them (trade for money) to governments that we give aid. If we are giving $1B to country A then reduce that “gift” by the value of the MRAP’s we give them. Transfer that money to the Dept. of the Army to enhance the Army operating budget. Makes more sense than turning them into cannon fodder. Understand? The money goes from the State Departments budget directly into the Army budget.

3rd world infrastructure? Really? I seriously doubt that you understand what 3rd world infrastructure is or you wouldn’t make such ridiculous assertions. Example: What percentage of India is served by running water and sewage systems as compared with the US?

You can give 1000 monkeys a typewriter, but the odds are well against them ever writing a novel. The Afghans live in the 7th century. What the hell would they do with hi-tech vehicles?

Right, blow the things up. It’s only money — Chinese borrowed money for which we pay exorbitant interest. If we left them there, the Taliban would be using them within a week, and Iran would be dissecting them to reverse-engineer their own.

Sure we could deliver them to the port in the Crimea

There you go. Bring them back and replace all Congressional and Federal Agency Executive Limos with Mraps. See if MRAPS can keep up with the presidential Beast (the car not the man).

Do you remember why you served pappy? Was it to protect our freedoms of speech and the other rights? Everybody has an opinion and a right to be heard. That’s why we ALL served.

Would China take them in trade for some of the debt they own?

They only need one to reverse-engineer, though they may need a few to suppress the Uighurs. And for the next Tienamen, where they will use MRAPs instead of tanks because they look oh so much friendlier. Water cannons instead of 125mm main gun, but same idea.

“The Beast” should have been an MRAP instead of an overcustomized stretch SUV-made-to-look-like-a-limo.

Let’s just drive them up into the Panjshir valley, and pay the Tajiks to protect them for us. There’s a good chance the Taliban will rise again, and we can have pre-positioned equipment there to go to battle with. Or when the Taliban rise again, we’ll have equipment to get the New Northern Alliance up and running again.

We should’ve just carved Tajikghanistan out of Afghanistan. There’s enough emeralds and rare earth metals in the Hindu Kush for any fraction of Afghanistan to be stupidly profitable.Let the Pakistanis or the Chinese try to monetize Pashtunistan, and I’ve no idea if there’s anything of profit in Herat for the Iranians.

Because its the US military, that’s why. Anything they touch costs 20x more than in the civilian world.

Thermite grenades in the interior and shoot the tires. Then just leave them there.

Why not bring them home and store them in Arizona, like hundreds of unused aircraft. That’s a lot of money to waste!

Bring ‘em home. Or better still, fly ‘em out to Diego Garcia and park them for the next time. Don’t whine about the cost — just get it done. No MRAP left behind. Not one.

So you are going to fire $30k-$50k worth of ammo on each tank to destroy it?

They were designed or modified for a specific mission. The next mission needs will be different so these won’t work. It costs money to store and maintain them. You can’t just park them in a back lot for 5–10 years then expect them to be still in a serviceable condition. I used to pull motor pool duty, and there are not enough people to maintain the vehicles we still use, let alone ones that might not ever be used again.

It will cost more to fly them back then you will get for scrap. That makes no sense. It would take over 350 flights to bring them back. You are also spending money to fly there empty to bring back about four per plane load on a C-5. A huge waste of money to pretend you are doing something good.

Take them out to sea drop them in the Ocean, the fish would love to live in them

I’m sure our US Border Patrol could find something good to use them for.

Define “stupid”.

Better to crush or exlode them then leaving them in the hands of wacko Arab terrorist. Maybe hide 10–20 lbs of C4 in them with electronics wired for drone detination somewhere in the future.

Send in an Aircraft Carrier to the nearest port and load them on and bring them home!!!

Load them on a ship and dump them in the sea.

All that heavy metal would bring a big paycheck for some scraper. Just take all the useable item of value and send them home. Small stuff can cost plenty and doesn’t anyone at the DOD heard of recycleling??? We do it once a week where I live.

If that thing will survive an I.E.D. I doubt your “match and gallon of gas” is going to do much. Maybe bubble the paint a little.

$10K to destroy, $50K to ship back to the states. How much to buy a new replacement? The military industrial complex is going to be making another round of profits.

Actually, just walking away and leaving millions of dollars worth of military equipment behind, then asking for more money to buy new stuff is just ‘business as usual’ for the Pentagon.. In Vietnam, during the drawdown of 1970, we literally buried tons of construction material, vehicles, munitions, and support items.

The $10k that is spoken of is mainly the cost of Oxygen and Acetylene, plus labor costs (these are small since they outsource labor) that will be needed to cut down the armor. I’ve seen the areas where destroyed armored vehicles have dismantled. The major components are stripped until just the shell or frame (depends upon the MRAP) is left. These are then cut into pieces to make them unusable. The cutting process heats the metal to the point that any attempt to weld them back together just creates a fragile piece of metal that provides little protection. That’s why after every blast they have to be tested before they can be returned to service.

As far as giving them to the Afghan National Army, that would ill advised for several reasons. One their culture is that of use till break, then buy a new one. Secondly like many have said they do not have the capability to work on even the most basic model. Third, some of the parts required to fix them are a controlled item and cannot easily be purchased. Lastly there is still the concern of corruption within aspects of their governmental service. Some of the MRAPs just might make their way into the hands of those we do not want to have. We had a hard enough time fighting them when they used just trucks and motorcycles. Imagine if they had fully armored trucks.

This is typical of our leaders, spend a fortune buying the equipment, shipping the equipment, using the equipment then just toss it out or destroy it cause they are to cheap to ship them home. They did the same thing in Nam, if they couldn’t sell it to contractors they destroyed it in place. Even made me destroy some in place. Let’s just waste some more money and increase the National debt even more.

I must have misread something here. If we sent these over there via air cargo/sea cargo on our aircraft/transport ships, where is the cost in this?? It US property, US air lift Command, or Naval Sea Transport so just where is the dollar involved here? I quite agree, 1 match/2 gallons of gas and its’ “oh well” there goes a 1M. So just where does this 10K come in?? Why can’t they be shipped back to the states and let the Nat. Guard have them, they get all the hand me downs in the first place! So they dump all these and turn around and spend how much more in replacements of a new vehicle/ship/plane and then dump them after a few years too?
No wonder the DOD is run by a butch of fools!!

They Come Up With These Numbers Of How Much It Would cost To Bring Them Home, But i would like to Know How Much Each Vehicle Cost To Ship It Over There In The First Place! I Was In The South Pacific During WWII When The War Was Over They Took Brand New Trucks & Jeeps & Other New Equipment Out To Sea & Dumped Them Into The Ocean. We Tried To Get One For Our Ship, But They would Not Let Us Have It, The Excuse Was Exactly The Same as They are Using Now, It Would Cost To Much To Bring Back To The States!

Am I missing somehting here?…People finding humor in destroying these equipments, they find humor in the cost to purchase one unit and then turn around and destroy it. We all paid for this equipment. My wife is as a high school teacher where the school classes has no AC, it’s over 90degree’s in her classduring the summer, the school can’t even go on field trips for the kids because they can’t afford the bus contract, Homeless folks crowding our public parks and a good number of them are veterans. I find no amusement when I look at my LES where the federal Govt has taken my hard earned money from my pay knowing they just torched millions in operational equipment because they couldn’t find a buyer. We store billions worth of surplus aircraft in the desert, how is it that we don’t store / mothball our rolling stock…It’s absolutely criminal to rid ourselves of perfectly good equipment…Are we ever going to learn….

Give me five pounds of sugar, wire cutters, and a box of matches. I’ll take care of the problem! !!

Ship them all back ( get a decent bid for shipping back) too many shipping companies out there going broke,
get a bid, ship all MRAP’s back and then scrap out, keep a few on hand, at least the taxpayer would get some
return on the 1 million dollar price tag…do not give them away or scrap in the rag tag countries…they’ll end
up scraping for the $$.…use your head for a change.

why in the heck will we destroy such when congress is making us cut the budget, it doe snot make any sens at all, if it cost so much to send them back to the USA then send them to Europe it is a lot closer and then they can be recycled at a profit surely or ? and I know how the military is all the time flying aircraft all over the world half or even less then half full, so put one or 2 on every plane that leaves with room on nit , then it will not cost so much to get them home again, also there are ships leaving the area that can also take some of them instead of going home with empty room on them or ? can our Generals not think any more or ?

Why the unquestioned assumption that these vehicles won’t be needed in the future?.…say if Israel attacks Iran which counterattacks Israel/Saudi Arabia/ Qatar/UAE prompting the need on the part of the US to invade and occupy Iran. 4000 MRAPS and more will be needed in the course of such an occupation. It’ll be a lot cheaper to pay the freight and store them than it will be to build a whole new force again. I put better than even odds that we end up back into one or more of the dysfunctional states in that part of the world in the not too distant future.

Just bring it back to the States auction in Moffit recoup the money

Many years ago I was working in Supply for the Air Force in Alaska…We had to show a substantual savings by the end of June. What we couldn’t give to the AK National Guard we sent to the docks, put the items on old ships and they were taken out to sea and sunk. Cost’s to much to send them back to the mainland USA for distribution.

We had brand new rolls of underground cables, brand new dumpters, rail tracks as well as clothes, furniture..we obtained our goal. I really hated to see this waste because when the fiscal year started we purchased many of the same items again.

HA! Good one! I wonder if Odessa has been taken by the Russians yet? — I’m sure any of the other Balkan countries would love to take them( and keep then), we wouldn’t have to use Crimean ports — but I doubt they’d reach Ukraine either — not to mention Pakistan will be the only route out to the sea now that the Russians will be non-committal to any needs of the US forces there.

Give ‘em to al qaeda and the taliban who will both go broke fuelin’ and maintainin’ ‘em. Win/win.

Put a sign on each one of them: For sale — $1,000 dollars each.

Then put them in a lot with the a fence and a 5 dollar lock.

The Locals will steal them and our problems to dispose of them is solved. Total cost no more than 1000 dollars for the signs.

Note: Do not put a sign that says, FREE, no body will steal them.

So they can be used against US Citizens?
Maybe close the border would be good idea used by LEGAL US CITIZENS and not the phony government of emperor obama!

If we were not beholden to the mil industrial complex and the need to keep making more stuff we would bring them home and pickle them in a boneyard for future contingencies. But because we now arm ourselves based upon the need to keep production lines running we cannot politically afford to keep bought and paid for vehicles. We have a military sealift. We can recover the vehicles. We choose not to so that jobs can be made to make more stuff when we inevitably need it. Witness the insane F-35 program that I suspect will eventually have supporters claiming that I can replace the C-17. We keep building this boondoggle because the planes it will “replace” are already built bought and paid for and do not represent much in the way of jobs. So we declare them obsolete and use a buggy 20 year old design that will get blown out of the sky on its first serious CAS gun run by a tactic developed by the NVA half a century ago. But heck it’s okay because people have jobs making it.

The MRAP family has saved countless lives. They are cheaper than a tank to operate and they protect troops in urban and road combat. The notion that we, the nation that once went to the moon, cannot recover these assets is testimony to our decline.


I agree: We have a number of pre-positioned facilities in Kuwait, imagine if we repositioned these vehicles there, maintained them to combat readiness…viola!

you really believe our politicians are capable of bringing to the table a plan .….a good plan.….….….….that would transfer these vehicles safely and economically back to US soil?!
I wish I could believe that Bill as this is such a waste, to destroy all these.
I wish I could believe a lot of good things about our politicians.…but.….……

The federal 303 program allows for excess defense article to be sold to civilian law enforcement agencies. To maintain them they have to buy the parts from DLA. As to Wills original comment, we have offerd them up to dang near anyone who is even remotely friendly and there has not been a very good response.….

The mercedes you see are usually 8–12 years old, they build good cars.

Thank you “doc” !

If they want these vehicles let THEM figure how to get them over there, not us. The moving expense alone would probabaly be more than what they are worth.

I hope somebody thinks really careful about this, especially in the wake of cutting retiree benefits, pay raises for active duty, tri care revamp to save money, reducing subsidies for our commissaries. A cool million a pop. I really do hope those vehicles did indeed save many a life of our troops who were deployed to that region.

Give them to the Afghans and Iraqis so their young people
can tear into them and learn a trade, make them into something–
Anything but spend $10,000 each to destroy them
in a fit of bean-counter asinine-ity.
Sweet Lord in Heaven, it makes my head want to explode
when I read of such narrow-minded, bureaucrat stupidity.

What a war and waste of our taxpayers’ money !!!
When our enemies can not destroy it our them, we will destroy them at the cost of $50,000 each.

The next time when Dick Cheney calls for war — remind him of the statement that his boss — President Bush famously made: “We also harm our nation as much as our enemy does”…

I’d rather you go to the parents of those soldiers that survived IED attacks and tell them that all that money we spent to protect their son’s and daughters was wasted. How much is a soldier’s life worth? $100,000 or is it a million? How do you put a price on that. This was money that was spent for a purpose and the purpose was served.

I’m sure that the soldiers who survived IED attacks would absolutely concur with having the MRAPs in theater as a “waste of time and money”. The MRAPs were deployed for a purpose and they served their purpose.
What to do with them now is simply a matter of economics. DOD doesn’t have the money to bring them home. Thank your congress for that. Congress has the power of the purse string.

Everyone wants to put dollar value on everything, sit back and think, all you have to do is melt the equipment down, and send it to the pooriest country in the world: Brazil. The kids could use the computers onboard, and the metal could be used to restore the housing structure in Brazil. The Government is always ready to destroy equipment instead of putting it to good usage somewhere else. The tires could be used to provide drainage to supply water, there is so much usages in that equipment that can be provided to others..

Something about swords and plowshares. No sir, not America.

And no, Brazil is not the poorest country in the world. Also not sure why there is some unicorn-rainbow mandate to share surplus military equipment with foreign nations. Is Brazil picking up the tab for shipping?

Depends on the state of the MRAPs we leave behind. If they are older and obsolete and/or in a state of disrepair, leave them to join the graveyards of Soviet tanks.

Or Turkey or any other friendly NATO country. Just offer them free if they’ll transport them…

They can’t donate to the Afgans because anybody with half a brain knows as soon as we are gone it will be Talban all over again.

The Afghans could gut them, build their houses around it, and use them as a safe room during attacks. A one million dollar safe room. Bam, we still support them in the long run.

line them up in a row…remove the computers.…and have a couple strafing runs by A-10’s…shouldn’t take much to rip them to shreds

Sell them to Israel for $10000 per unit — they can operate the computers, and they will need them sooner or later.

How about flying them to South Korea? In other articles on military​.com we are stepping up forces in the South Pacific. Its way closer than bringing them back to the US, and more beneficial when War Hawk Sen. John McCain gets enough votes to go to N. Korea, or China, or Russia.

The military is already cutting these up in the Defense Logistics Agency-Distribution Services (DLA-DS) yards in Afghanistan. They pay Third Country Nationals to use plasma cutters to cut them up into scrap and then they pay the afghani’s to come haul the scrap out. It takes a group of guys a couple of days to cut one up. Most of these vehicles are 1st Generation. The cost of shipping is way too much and Afghani’s cannot afford to own/maintain these vehicles. I imagine the military will keep the newer versions at Army Pre-positioned Storage (APS) facilities in the middle east for future use.

It make since, the middle east is the only place you can use them in the immediate future. You don’t throw more money at it when you have a budget. Remember many are broken…

Got to strip them for parts and maybe blow them up.

If they haven’t learned to shoot in 10 years, then it isn’t going to help!

Remember it is also an expensive waste of money to move them.

A missile can run $150K to $1M

This is small change compared to other cost.

Man! Seeing all that loot go down the tubes is a hard hit, why not strip them and resell the components? Karzai is just going to get his tit in a wringer and get himself whacked.…

An Anti-Tank rocket/missile can go from $5k to $30k depending on who makes it.

These vehicles get cut up. I am in Bagram Afghanistan and I know for a fact that these vehicles are already getting destroyed.

If we are going to demolish our leftover ordnance that can’t be cost-effectively or safely brought back to the US…we can just have EOD put UXO into the MRAPs and blow them up, and leave the shards for the Afghans to sell as scrap metal. Two birds with one stone?

I’m reminded of how the B-52’s were chopped up for arms control. Not sure I have any crocodile tears left for Hamid Karzai.

Give them to the Ukraine, I am sure their 6000 trained/Ready soldiers would prefer they ride in those than Nothing or fill them with explosives and run into the russian armoured column and blow the hell out of Putin.

What are our leaders and policy makers thinking!? My soldiers are training with rehab’d 1980’s
HMMWV’s to be prepared for State and Federal missions, and they want to destroy perfectly good
equipment? And out the other side of their face, they say soldiers support pay cuts! This
is outrageous! Stop thinking career management, promotion and that evaluation report and
start thinking of the Soldier that busts his ass everyday that put you where you are! I am not a great
leader for the things I do, but for the accomplishments of my Soldiers! Give my the HMWWV’s
or MRAP’s, I have warriors that will use them. Don’t say I favor a pay cut over readiness when
you take 10 years evaluting systems that get cancelled at the cost of millions in R&D. You
are there to lead, to make decisions to accomplish your mission and look out for the welfare
of your Soldiers. There is no military creed that says ‘Look out for number 1′.

You cant get a military hummer on Ebay for less than 30K. If you cant ship them back here for less than that there is something wrong. Just load em up on a container ship.

Demolish before some paramilitary wing decides to seize them and parade them on Twitter.

So I’m a retired army canadian soldier i did 23 years I work in a army museam how can we get some donated to us we would love to have a few I live in chilliwack bc canada

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