General Says U-2 Superior to Global Hawk in Korea

General Says U-2 Superior to Global Hawk in Korea

The U-2 spy plane currently gives better early warning of a potential attack from North Korea than its proposed Global Hawk drone replacement, the commander of U.S. Forces-Korea said Tuesday.

“In my particular case, the U-2 provides a unique capability that the Global Hawk presently does not provide,” said Army Gen. Curtis M. “Mike” Scaparrotti.

The U-2 Dragon Lady was still the best platform to give “the warning I need on a short timeline” to defend against a potential North Korean attack into South Korea, Scaparrotti said at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

Without giving specifics, Scaparrotti said the surveillance capabilities of the RQ-4 Global Hawk Block 30 unmanned aerial vehicle needed improvement before it could match the performance of the U-2 over the Korean peninsula.

Scaparrotti’s testimony in response to questions from Sen. Angus King, I-Me., went against the budget proposals of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James to retire the U-2s in favor of the Global Hawks.

While praising the U-2s, both Hagel and James have said the Air Force can no longer afford to fly the Global Hawk and the U-2, and have chosen to retire the U-2.

The testimony of a field commander such as Scaparrotti in support of the U-2s could bolster the arguments of those in Congress favoring “legacy” platforms over their proposed replacements. Hagel’s plan to retire the fleet of A-10 attack aircraft has also run into fierce opposition from Capitol Hill proponents of the “Warthog.”

The Pentagon’s argument for the Northrop Grumman built Global Hawk fleet comes down to costs. In previous years, the Global Hawk could not match the average cost per flying hour of the U-2 of about $32,000. The Global Hawks now cost about $24,000 per flying hour, according to the Air Force.

“Last year, we were going to keep the U-2s and retire or shrink-wrap the Global Hawks,” Pentagon Comptroller Bob Hale told Congress last month.

“The operating costs on the Global Hawk Block 30 have come down,” Hale said. “It was always a close call. Now it comes down in favor of the Global Hawk. We’ll keep them and gradually retire the U-2s.”

At a defense forum earlier this month, James and Gen. Larry Spencer, the Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, said that the U-2 was still “far superior” to the Global Hawk in the intelligence mission.

James and Spencer said that the Global Hawk was years away from being as effective as the U-2 and only then with sensors cannibalized from the U-2.

The solution was to “unbolt the sensor on the U-2 and bolt it onto the Block 30,” Spencer said.

On the Global Hawks, James said that “the sensors at the moment are not quite as good so we’ll be working on that.”

“That will take a few years,” Spencer said.

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The USAF has a history of making a decision to save money, then conducting the analysis to justify it. Recon satellites were supposed to fill in for the retiring SR-71. Commanders argues the enemy can hide from the satellites fixed orbits while the SR-71 can appear when-needed/where-needed. The budget gurus won that battle and the SR-71 was retired without a true replacement.

The SR-71 was retired in 1990, but reactivated in 1994. It retired a second time in 1999. All is not lost for the U-2R.

All I keep reading is a weakening of the US military because of a government that won’t squeeze more pennies from filthy rich corporations and individuals. These people are not loyal to any flag but paper bills. But that’s what lobbyists are there for–expecting naval support for their global products while pauperizing average Americans. Treason can be had in many forms.

Cut Welfare and food-stamps to fund the military. Defense of the Nation is in the Constitution, nowhere in the Constitution does it mandate ” Welfare, Food-stamps, just to name a few.

No need to cut welfare and foot-stamps. You are barking at the wrong tree.

You go down to basics. Where did all of your hard-earned money gone to? You buy goods. Now do these multi-billion dollar companies pay their fair share of taxes? No they don’t. Read the link below:–03-12/cash-abr

This is one main reason why governments around the world are running out of cash. This is because companies do not pay taxes.

Transfer the A10s and the U2’s to the Army. The Army has a much better respect for air assets than the Air Force ever had — especially in support of ground forces. I’ve seen the Air Force cancel air support for Seal teams in exercises simply because they wanted to deliver mail somewhere. In the same vein, the ICBM force should be transferred to the Navy so the Air Force can keep their pretty toys such as the B2 and F35. The Air Force proved their incompetence to support the other services during Viet Nam when the Air Force forced the Army to give up its ground support aircraft so the Air Force could do that job. Which they didn’t do all that well. The Navy does a better job of ground support than the Air Force too, probably because the Marines are a part of the Navy and they are an asset the Navy is unwilling to squander because they are part of the Navy, not some other service in contention with the Air Force for funding.

So you’re your one of those with secret bank accounts in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands, eh? No wonder we can’t get needed military support for the future of ALL Americans.

Reasonable suggestions such as yours aren’t appreciated in the procurement system we’re stuck in now. When the upper ranks can’t wait to retire to some cushy job in bed with defense contractors, while the rank-and-file live off food stamps and broken promises, it smells throughout our whole defense structure.

Great post. I’m sick of reading about the state of future US military SNAFUs. Anyone read this article on Russian/Soviet build-up:

That actually doesn’t make sense.

No company really pays taxes. It’s customers pay the corporate taxes.

If your company is selling a product it must increase the price its customers pay in order to cover the cost of the product. So the corporate tax is really a pass-through to the consumer and should be viewed as a tax on the consumer/consumption.

I know all the counter-arguments, but in a free market economy they don’t hold up. They only hold up if the government is actually controlling that marketplace — in which case you haven’t a free market economy.

Recce is call unarmed and very afraid. If the global hawk does not meet the sensor need of the services then upgrade the system. I would much prefer to fly an unmanned recon aircraft over a hostile place than one with a man in the cockpit.

And the Blackbirds were better then the U-2’s.…and so it goes. We’re going backwards.

Why not just transfer the U-2R to CIA! Then DOD will save money. They can even transfer the people.

Everyone wants the latest new toy. They don’t care if it works well or not. The Navy pick the P-8 and it does not do the job of a P-3. They had it out there looking for the downed plane and it’s surface radar doesn’t work correctly. They wanted to replace the F-4 with the F-14, what a cluster boom.

Losing the SR-71 killed our real time reconnaissance capabilities. Satellites are total inadequate and all you have to do is look at the Malaysian Airlines crash search. Most satellites search a fixed area of coverage. Even military satellites that can alter their orbit are inadequate and can only give near time and not real time information.

Cost savings be damxed! We must not put all our eggs in the “UAV basket”, because UAVs have one giant flaw, which our shortsighted senior military leaders have chosen to ignore… electronic uplinks/downlinks are vulnerable to electronic meakoning and jamming countermeasures. I am convinced that the Russians and Chinese have these capabilities either close to, or perhaps already, developed. Of course, potential adversaries are not going to divulge this catastrophic show-stop capability until a time of their choosing. Then, what will we do? Carve cockpits and insert human pilots into our suddenly-useless aviation platforms???

Add to this, what would happen if the “temporary” tax cuts enacted in 2002 were rescinded: the nation would be largely returned to economic solvency. According to the CBO report regarding the causes of the Great Recession, the Bush Tax Cuts and huge increase in corporate welfare (none of which were funded) were highly detrimental to the economic balance of the United States.

Where do you think the U-2 Program actually started?? XDuece Gui

If by “fixed area” you mean “the surface of Earth”, then yes you are correct. Imagery satellites are usually in sun-synchronous polar orbits. This means that each orbit passes over the planet from pole to pole, north to south on the sunny side then south to north on the dark side. At about 90 min per orbit you get around 16 orbits, or passes, in a day. Each pass is over a different strip of the planet. You won’t get total planet coverage in one day, but you are not just looking at one patch of ground either.

Watch out for that Executive Order. There’s another way to extend a presidents career. Economic balance? Let’s print more and spend it. How much has the value of the dollar changed in the last four years.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Huh, turns out promoting Welfare IS in the Constitution… Twice actually. Once in the Preamble and once in Section 8.

It is then surperiur as said when made..

Same as usual the brass kills US capabilities to protect pet projects they have there fiancés and pride attached to. Face it if they kill JSF they can save enough money for both planes and the Warthog to stay we can also look into a new design that works for a F-16 replacement. BUT the JSF sucked most money away and its a inferior plane. Heck the Chinese copied it is that enough proof to everyone. How about we save money too by firing Pentagon brass who came up with this Hagle/Obama budget.

Here we go again. After my service in Vietnam, the military went to great lengths to put together a publication called “Lessons Learned.” And then the “cannon fodder” was told to go home by the “politically correct” individuals promoted to higher ranks who either never botherd to read the damn thing or never bothered to heed the lessons.

Just look at all the stories of individuals being relieved for all kinds of dereliction of duties, cheating etc. and one has the answer as to why stupid decisions for expensive “gadgets” don’t work in the long run.

“We have met the enemy, and he is us” — Pogo

We know the U-2s flying today were built in the late 1980s not the 1950s. Newer than a lot of fighters F18, F15, F16. How do we save money when the Global Hawk cannot do the job and we have a plane that does? How is it that Northrop, in a year, can suddenly fly cheaper? Cooking the books maybe? It might get more flying hours out of the money, but what does it deliver to the commanders that are waiting for information? We can fly a Cessna cheaper, but it would be nice to actually get the data needed at the time. Maybe too much money has been spent on the Global Hawk and congress just can’t eat crow with the decisions they made in the past. What happens when we need the data the U-2 provides regularly and can’t get it, who or what country pays the price then?

The Army is terrible at managing its own assets and is too broke to run their own aviation programs. So somehow they are more adept to running more air assets? How does that make sense? I’ve worked with the Army, and they do not nail it by any means. Please go read some Army doctrine and understand the joint nature of CAS.

Add to that the cost of two unfunded wars and you grind our economy down to where we are today.

The U2’s fly higher (almost 2 miles) and carries more gear than Global Hawks, and the pilots can change their mission if/when opportunities present themselves. The disadvantage is that they don’t have the range.

If the U2’s fly out of S. Korea, the range problem vanishes, and that makes it a much better platform for that part of the world.

Dilger for public office.

The SR-71 was not just a spy plane but also a diplomatic tool. When two world leaders where meeting and had evil on there minds. We just flew the SR-71 in low fast and let the sonic Boom do the talking for us.

Remember the C-7 Caribou the Army used to resupply SF camps. The USAF demanded it be turned over to them. Soon as it was the C-7 was removed from country and delivered to the Air Guard, never to return to the Nam.

And they wonder how Iran got a shiny new UAV without a scratch on it? They took over the controls and landed it. Is that so hard to believe?

Guy You need to check out the reports from the government. The top 20 percent in America pay nearly 93 percent of all income taxes.
People 45 to 55 pay three time the amount of the taxes than 26 to 35. Nearly five times as much as people under 26. These reports and more are from the IRS and Congressional Budget Office. These reports can be found on the internet.
People that claim the earned income tax credit. People with a child, That worked but earned less than $51,567 during 2013 get back twice to three times as much as they pay. It is sad how the liberal, socialist, logic has taken over this country.

I’ve seen better analyses of personal wealth and the income gap in the US, but maybe this wiki article could start as a primer for the uninformed:

Besides the corruption and waste in our military/congress relationship, there are multinational corporations cheating the American public through bribery and “contributions” to political candidates. All in all its business as usual for the DC crooks.

I agree bribery and contributions in Washington DC is business usual. Congress and their office budgets should be one of the very first that should be cut.
Their personal, housing, retirement, medical, travel, food, staff and other office expenses should be cut to the point that only those that want to serve in Congress at their personal expense.
Lobbyist should also should be stopped, And if not they should be taxes to the point that no one would not want the job.
Term limits should be put in place and this age of the professional, life long politician should end. These people in Congress have lost touch with reality and real life in America. Harry Reid tried to use the excuse that most Americans do not know how to use the internet for the low sign up for Obamacare or the ACA.
When in fact more people have signed up online for the college basketball tournament brackets and March madness round tables than they have Obamacare and in a shorter tme.
Pork barrel spend should stop, watch over and censored to the point that jail time and repayment should be the punishment for those kind actions.

The U2 and A10 were designed to fulfill specific missions! If these missions are no longer valid then retire them! If the missions are still valid then continue to support them until a true replacement is created! Money is not always the sole determinate for everything! The rules for development of these platforms directed that every aspect of the platform meet criteria to counter a specific threat! Molding another platform to meet the same criteria is valid if the other platform actually meets the criteria!! Mandating a change based on money alone violates the original design and procurement criteria!! I know for sure no other platform can do what the A10 can do and survive the punishment subjected at low altitudes! I was the guns engineer for this and other platforms!! It was designed as a tank killer!! Is this mission no longer valid? I think not!! If these platforms still have valid missions not adequately supported by other platforms, then killing them weakens our resolve!! Common sense, not just money and politics should prevail!! In agree with statements above that we have gone backwards in some our decisions in the past! Wisdom and balance has not been our portion!! Politics and greed has replaced true patriotism, thereby weakening our resolve and leaving the warfighter vaunerable in the future!! Find the money in pork barrel programs, like sending billions our seas to foreign countries and keep our missions strong were needs be! Money is not the only yardstick, this is where the rules change and defending our nation becomes a dangerous one way street!!

YES! Plus the budget will get hidden and nobody will know how much is being spent on “obsolete” platforms. Pork barrel acquisitions are still alive and well.

At least that swap kept the AF out of the attack helicopter business. I thought it was an excellent trade at the time and still do. AF did an excellent job delivering supplies in III Corps. Delivering bombs, not so much.

Wow the ignorance on this thread is astounding. The U-2 and Global Hawk are classified programs and none of you know the capabilities. And as for PolicyWonk and his “Global Hawk cannot fly 2 miles high” Wow, just wow. Even on the internets you can find numbers to prove that wrong.

By coincidence, the only model planes I have left are the A-10 and SR-71 (plus a Mig-21). These were superior planes that fulfilled their niches. The march of technology and new global threats need to be met by our updated responses. As a reader or these sites for years I have watched one SNAFU after another and a confusion of direction. Yes, we are being cheated out of military superiority by gouging contractors and scheming politicians. It must be remembered that in its drive to standardization in a budget-poor environment, that onus should be on those that are standing in the way of our defense for too much personal ire at technical progress. And they’re sequestering is a stranglehold for our progress.

I have worked both the U2 and the A10, they are both outstanding platforms. One is a low level close air support machine that outperforms any other. The other fly’s at 70000 feet and can clearly identify the equipment, and monitor communications. Both have the best command and control system, the human brain. The location of that brain means that it can not be jammed, and the missions can be changed based on current events.

Two miles higher!

Right on!

I could and most likely be wrong, but I hear the Air Force is still flying a couple of SR71’s for top secret jobs, based on the fact that satellite’s and the Globel Hawks can’t get the whole picture all the time.
The Air Force wants everything new they see and the old tried and true planes be dammed. I just don’t know about the F-35 one shoe fits all fighter but it looks like they are going to have to spend any amount now to make it work.


Gen Scaparrotti will soon be Gen Scapgoat as there disagreeing with the Comrade Obama party line is not tolerated

The ones that need to be moth balled are the multi Million $$ gadgets as the F-35 nightmare. As a warfighter give the Army the War Hogs (A-10’s) as an additionial cost saving the Army will also utilize professional Aviators as in Warrant Officers instead of them primadana ( Air Force Pilots) Maj, LTC’s, Col’s and Gen’s behind them seats. It is time to see the light especially in these tight financial situations for all branches of the Military.

Right on Brother

and if the Global Hawks in Guam fly the U-2 Korea mission, the overall cost is twice as much as U-2 since it has to fly 2000 miles to get there and another 2000 to get back… assuming no thunderstorms are in the way. Notice there is no USAF plan to move Global Hawk to Korea.

You really consider the F-4 to be a better than the F-14? A F4 was faster than an F-14 (if clean, but the drag from the external gun pod droped that to the same sppeds as the F-14). F4 radars tracked 2 targets, while the F-14 had capabilities that the F-4 did not have, such as the Phoenix weapons control system, which allowed it to engage six targets simultaneously at ranges out to 150nm. I personally know a well flown Tomcat could out turn the Phantom. I did like the F4 because you could see its twin smoke trials long before you could see the plane.

37 F-4’s were reported downed by Mig-21’s during the Vietnam War. Still a great fighter.

Never worked on the U2. However,I spent 40ver 4 years in the SR71 program and was closely associated with the Skunk Works. Both were magnificent aircraft and should be flying today.

Only way to know is based on Lockheed’s public production figures. Subtract out losses and visually confirm the SR’s that became gate guards and museum pieces, and whatever’s left could be…somewhere?

I think NASA had a few SRs but I don’t know if they fly.

Seriously.. why do talking heads so often repeat the drivel they get from MSNBC? You think because a man makes more he should contribute more? Go back to France! Do you think our level of prosperity came from charity? It came from market competition. How competitive will our market be if you tell people that their success will come at a price? Why should one man pay a higher tax ratio than another? How would you feel if you went to buy a car and they told you it was twice the price the guy next to you was going to have to pay.. because he isn’t as successful as you.. It constantly amazes me how the more information that flows in our world, the more disinformation people accept. You’d think people would be BETTER informed!

I think you must be a troll.. you couldn’t be this stupid.

Actually, I came out of the ARMY disabled and get my “kicks” analyzing news through the lenses of history and science. It is amazing how many self-important elites in history justify their wealth by either God or greater destiny. As an American and patriot with no real miserly disposition, I am APPALLED at the profiteering that is weakening the ability of my beloved country in its future defense. Rich people which you apparently place yourself in hoarding your pennies while forcing our government to hold expensive wars, weakening the economy by investing in China, etc. I believe the whole rationale of sequestration is wrong, forced on the American people by rich misers who weaken this nation and whine ad nauseam how the government is out to rob them. A progressive income tax worked for many decades to strengthen this country during the long Cold War, when rich people paid a fair share to defend our beliefs. It is a given in history that when a nation goes to war it raises taxes to fund it. You object?

“No company really pays taxes”? You’ve quite obviously NEVER been a business owner. Every activity of a business is taxed, from licenses/real estate taxes/fuel costs/utility costs etc. I admit some large corporations get out of income taxes, but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to all the taxes companies pay. Use a hazardous material? Tax. Buy supplies? Sales tax. Use water/gas/electricity/phone? Tax. The list goes on and on an on. For my 35 employee business I paid six different government agencies money before I opened my doors. The return? ZERO. Government reps frequently come by, all with their hand out. And yes Mr. F’in Obama, I DID build that. Now count up the MILLIONS who have never worked a day in their lives, never contributed a dime to the common good, yet have been on the government breast virtually since the day of their birth, and tell me why we need millions of illegals to fill jobs.

“Bush Tax Cuts” you mean the ones voted on favorably by the vast majority of democrats, and extended for four years by the Democrat Congress and signed by Obama? Are those the ones you are talking about? “Policy Wonk” my behind. Democrat apologist is what your screen name should be.

“General Welfare” in the Constitution has NOTHING to do with welfare today. You are ignorant, repeating a BS Democrat talking point. Explain to me how millions of able bodied Americans have been “unable” to find jobs their entire useless lives, and why I should work to feed/house/obamaphone them.

You are so right — my business pays millions of dollars of taxes and the Govt takes that money and pisses it away. It just a liberal lie they keep telling and there are so many lazy A holes that keep repeating it

Hooray! Well said, especially the last sentence. Not only the Pentagon brass needs to be fired, but the entire Obama administration should be handcuffed and jailed for ruining our capabilities. Remember, the Nazi officers were just as guilty as Hitler.

2016 can’t arrive fast enough. Cash for Clunkers was a wake up call.….….

I would not be surprised to see the SR-71s that were transferred to NASA for “research purposes” are still flying covert missions for CIA or the USAF. Satellites are good but even the NSA/CIA will admit that satellites in either geosynchronous or geostationary orbits, are as flexible or mission change capable as the U-2 or SR-71 are. Intelligence gathering missions a a everchanging/ inexact science. Never commit to one platfom when others are stil available.

We did an experiment. The US had a tax rate of 70%, and the top 1% in income paid 18% of the taxes. We lowered the tax rate to 35% and the top 1% in income paid 30% of the taxes. Raising tax rates, reduces tax income to the government. Why would anyone be loyal to thieves? Why would a slave be expected to be loyal to his master? Why would a victim be loyal to those who torture him? The left always begins with lies to gain power, and only after they gain power do they move on to theft, enslavement, torture and murder. The problem the US has is the government does too much that it doesn’t need to do (Departments of Energy, Education, EPA, Agriculture should be cut to start). Until they cut that bad stuff, don’t increase taxes, thank you very much.

Better yet, do away with the AF as a separate service. The Marines have their own air component, the Army should too.

Let’s just go back to the 1600’s, eh? When the upper 1% were royalty and everyone else were serfs and monks. When there was no Bill of Rights and your average American future of progressing wasn’t even dreamed of. When SLAVERY is becoming the American reality for an increasing percentage of the population. You don’t defend our West by rubbing peoples faces in the mud. Did you catch the bullpucky today about our servicemen not wanting pay raises, housing allowance increases, etc., as told by well-paid upper brass? There’s a problem in the military over funding the men and women who die or are disabled fighting for a bunch of greedy oligarchs and their henchmen.

As much as we would all like it there is not a single SR71 intact, flying, or that could even be made to fly — in the hands of the AF, NASA or the CIA or anywhere else or even bit that could be put together. Sorry but the SR71 has been gone for many years now

As much as I would like to differ, there was at least 1 SR-71 transfer to NASA or DARPA for reasearch on the Scramjet project, in the late 1990’s.Whether or not it is still flying is unknown at this time. See Aviation Week and Space Technology for more info on this project.

I didn’t say they weren’t transferred — what I said was that no are still flying or could in any way be made to fly.

How about doing away with the Marines. They duplicate every other service as it is. They want planes, they want ships, they want ground forces. Jack of all trades master of none.

As we have many who contend that we will never have another war with North Korea (uh huh); it would be very logical to sell 1/2 of our supposedly no longer needed A-10s to South Korea for use against those tanks that the North Koreans apparently don’t have. Just like we should sell the rest of the A-10s to Ukraine, Poland, Hungry, the 3 Baltic States, and a few other East European countries to have available for those tanks that “we all know Putin is never going to use against anyone”. Yeah-RIGHT.

Which is worse, Disneyland on the Potomac River or the criminals on the hill.

Yes all are accounted for, and many were cut with lasers for transport to their museum sites. The parts necessary to put any of them back together do not exist, Lockheed destroyed the parts supply and the tooling to make more LONG ago. There will NEVER be a variant of the Blackbird flying again. It would take a year or more to assemble the personnel even if they could be made to fly again. The last one flew in 1998. It was NASA’s last one. The only high flight platform still functional is the WB-57 which NASA has THREE, in Texas.

UPI | Feb 18, 2014

The Russian military is beefing up its presence in the arctic as nations begin to eye potentially plentiful natural resources in the region, officials said.

Russian military officials told RIA Novosti the move comes after an order from Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase logistical and transportation infrastructure in the region. The military will reopen several air strips and ports on islands mothballed in the years after the fall of the Soviet Union. The military also plans construction of an early warning missile radar in the Arctic.

“The new command will comprise the Northern Fleet, arctic warfare brigades, air force and air defense units as well as additional administrative structures,” the unidentified source in Russia’s General Staff told RIA Novosti Monday.

There have been an increased number of territorial disputes between the United States, Canada, Russia and other northern countries over drilling rights recently and Russia said it plans to defend its rightful territory at the United Nations.

Over the next decade, Putin writes, $772 billion to be spent on 400 new intercontinental ballistic missiles, 2,300 late-generation tanks, 600 modern combat aircraft – including at least 100 military-purpose space planes – eight nuclear ballistic missile submarines, 50 surface warships as well as a whole new inventory of artillery, air defense systems, and about 17,000 new military vehicles.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, Barack Obama declared unilateral disarmament of the Nuclear deterrent, and withdrawal of US military from Alaskan bases to Anchorage in a military reset. He has ordered a 50% reduction of force for the military’s near future under Sequestration.…

To Medvedev, To be relayed to Putin: “Tell him that this is my last election, and afterwards I will have more flexibility.“

In addition Putin has already built 12 Nuclear Powered Ice Breakers. The US Has ZERO Ice Breakers.

Putin represents a “Clear and Present danger tot he United States and the world”. He has already declared his goal is to own the entire Arctic. He has the men and equipment to do it, and has control of the US entry to the Arctic sea, from Vladivostok, and virtually all of his Naval Bases are in the Arctic Sea. Crimea is his ONLY access to a deep water non-arctic port. Taking Ukraine is and was a VERY predictable move on his part.

Only the Idiot in Chief couldn’t see it coming. OR perhaps is conspiring with Putin to see that he gets what he wants.

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