NORAD Scrambles Fighters Against Russian Bombers

NORAD Scrambles Fighters Against Russian Bombers

Northern Command scrambled two F-22 Raptor and two F-15 Eagle fighters on Monday against a fleet of Russian bombers off the Alaska and northern California coasts, Pentagon officials said Thursday.

The Russian planes included four long-range Tu-95 Bear bombers and a refueling aircraft that briefly entered the U.S. Air Defense Identification Zone off Alaska at about 4:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Two of the bombers turned back when the F-22s made visual contact but the other two turned south and again briefly entered the ADIZ at about 9:30 p.m. Pacific time off northern California, where they were met by two F-15s, said Maj. Beth Smith, a spokeswoman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

The ADIZ extends about 200 miles off the coast while “sovereign airspace” extends 12 nautical miles from land. A NORAD statement said the Russian planes never came near U.S. sovereign airspace.

The Russian fly-bys were not unusual, said Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman. There have been about 50 such incidents over the last five years, Warren said.

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Now that Russia is no longer collapsed, they are free to resume these flybys. Even though the more ominous position is to simply hang outside of the ADIZ with long range ALCMs and wait for the order to launch.

We need to shoot one of these planes down. Just one! Make it clear; we’re not screwing around. We’ve been shown to be weak sisters for six years. The only thing this kinds of leaders understand is strength. A phoenix would solve that.

Yeah, this is clearly worth starting WWIII and annihilating every living thing on planet earth in the process. We should do that.

I guess Russia will always be Russia.

Phoenix was retired w/the F-14 Tomcat???

Meh, im sure the F-22 pilots were grateful for the activity and the chance to do ‘the real thing’. Beats sittin on your ass or spending time in a sim. This is good for both sides. Besides, it helps someone justify all that military expenditure xD

If congress stop’s playing stupid like he rest of the administration they better stop this talk about cuts in spending for the military. If they cant read the writing on the wall its about to get nasty in the world again.
Protest the USA and then worry about the middle east. What are their neighbors doing about this stuff going on
in Iraq, let them handle the problem we American’s have had enough

How about a supercruise fly-by? That should rattle their cages.

Yes both were gutted by Dick Cheny for his pet Super Hornet crap the Navy is now alot more vulnerable to air attack.

Aso for Broncos comments that would start WW3 if we did that with Our weak military and CIC we would not a be in any condition to fight any real convetional shooting war now.

they were not in US airspace, only our Air Defense Identification Zone.
we routinely fly that close (or closer to Russia, China, etc…).

intercept and observe. take action if required but be a professional.

we thought it was cool when a Bear flew by the Kitty Hawk with 2 F-i4’s cruising along side it,it was just the name of the game in the ’70’s.

Anyone have doubts about the start of “Cold War II” ?

Please, the Russians have been doing this for decades. They weren’t even in US airspace. It should come as absolutely no surprise.

The US often does this as well. Hell, the US even flow through Russian airspace blatantly for decades with “non-military” military planes (U-2, SR-71).

The US has also buzzed through the Chinese ADIZ in a well publicized “show of force” a few months ago. A P-3 orion doing basically the same thing also collided with a Chinese jet in 2001.

They should do a low pass with an AWACs and sterilize the Ruskies nuts. hah

The bear may be skinny and limping, but it’s going to show it’s claws a little to be sure the eagle doesn’t get any ideas. Let’s just hope they don’t notice our wings have been partially clipped by an administration that’s sorely in need of a cranium/gluteus extraction procedure. Then again, and I hate to say it, but maybe a threat to their ‘eco-friendly’ environment by a few million rads will help their heads pull out with a little pop and a nervous fart… Would it really be surprising if at that point they revealed ‘conclusive data’ that coal is more dangerous than plutonium?

My personal opinion is we should just ignore them. What are they going to do? If they were to actually launch something it would be the last thing ever done, so what’s the big deal. It would be a real surprise if they were to be flying around out there off the coast and no one bothered them. They’d be like, WTF? It’s just stupid school yard tactics.

Fleet? Four airplanes is a fleet? Oh, please…

Just hang out in international waters with SSBN’s and maritime aircraft. No muss,no fuss. Just as dangerous, but perhaps not as provocational.

If we attack it will give the PLAAF international justification to extend the same courtesy to American aircraft in its ADIZ. Same with the Russians. We presumably have more assets sitting in their ADIZ than they in ours.

At this point I would wonder if we are funneling money to Russia and our Middle Eastern allies to keep the Russian military and Salafi militants active to justify a continued Forever War (a la 1984). A billion dollars each means a 500B defense budget, plus supplementals.

When I retire I am running for Congress to stop the Defense spending madness and waste and corruption. I have been in this industry for 35 years and it is getting worse, fraud, corruption and waste and it needs to be exposed. Russia is not our enemy.

They are taunting us timing our response. We should have had a sub lauch a .….…that would have been a damm good way to keep them far away from our coast..And the Raptors should have engaged a shot of their kind…

What I find alarming is that they also flew an air refueler along with the bombers near the coast line. The refuelers normally hang way back and refuel the aircraft (bombers or fighters) on return to Russia. This to me indicates that Russia is testing how far they can refuelers fly in support of the bombers. In addition, refuelers are also about the same size as troop carriers for airborne launches to put troops and equipment on the ground in a hurry while conducting bombing missions in order to seize airfields and key terrain to support follow-on forces. I would like to know if there was a Russian naval presence in the area at the same time or a Chinese naval presence or even an Iranian naval presence… to include their “commercial vessels” as this might be an indicator of a Joint Service or Coalition Training Exercise. If that’s the case then this may be a signal of something more than just a “fly-by”.

We have a Sissy In Chief and they know it.

Jesus, Bill. Really? Your paranoia is unbelievable. It was just a routine flyby.

With this spineless potus we have…I’m surprised they don’t feel safe flying over Washington, DC

Case in point Im a Marine and I voted for Obama, both times. Its a free country and i voted for the better of the options. Anyway having grown up in the height of the cold war these are just games. Whos got the bigger dick. Anyway we are lucky about the situation we are all in. Doesnt matter who shoots first, NK, Russia, US, Iran. If it happens we are all screwed, one bird goes up and we can kiss the world goodbye. Good luck preppers.…..

The message above is just frightening. Armed with 6 years of hind-sight, you sthill think this was the best option? Dear God! And a Marine voted for a guy who coined the now famous phrase ‘lead from behind’? Wow. Just, wow…

Please — the TU-95 is older than my father — the B-52 is light years ahead of it

We have a lot of Sissy in Chiefs then, as this has been fairly common during every presidency in the last 40+ years.

We can do the same thing we did before. Increase our military spending and bankrupt Russia.

(1) The US send two bombers to Europe to show the Ruskies we are serious about the Ukraine. And their reply is a standard, Cold War flyby. Not a problem. But most of you need just something to chatter and blow off some steam. Okay.

(2) Don’t worry about driving Russia into debt. Our Tax-and-Spend Democrats and Borrow-and-Spend Republicans already drove us into debt decades ago. The US has technically been bankrupt since 1960. $17 trillion in the hole. CBO projects it will go to $237 trillion in 75 years! Want to leave THAT for your children and grandchildren just because you want to show off who has the bigger gun? Time to CUT the defense budget, and cut it big time! After all, we have the “most powerful military on the planet” and just lost TWO wars anyway!

Somebody watched a ‘Red Dawn” marathon last weekend on cable… And since I watched an ‘Iron Eagle’ marathon… Im left wondering why release any Taliban leadership to get Bergdahl back… why not just a young teen and a single F-16?

Where are the Navy F-14s. We can use them now.

Plus what’s that “space plane” up to weather forecasting??????

Bill: they got “cut up’, long time ago: why…a bunch of a holes were tryin to send a partial aircraft in a TEU and spare parts in another to Iran, so they can have 2 or 3 air worthy aircraft, what a shear machine it was. I think every 3 inches & chop.…very sad considering all the sweat & toil of those guys in Grumman on L.I., My dad worked there his whole life, plus on a part of the LEM.….when the :Line” shut down 10K dedicated, hardworking technically competent guys hit the street, very sad day indeed, should have kept 50 or 60 in the bone yard.….

…and we could resume Chrome Dome in response, and we are better able to sustain it, and they know it.

There are 9 at D-M as of yesterday :-)

Very true. Though we all know the real power is in our SSBN’s and their TEL’s.

yeah, good call, lets shoot down a plane in INTERNATIONAL air space.

Not our air space. No treaty prevents them from running right up to 12.1 nm and hanging out.

It is totally legal.

You know what international law and treaty creates this “200nm Air Defense Identification Zone”? Yep, None. We just make that up on our own. Nobody is required to comply with it.

You know what you call countries that shoot down aircraft outside of sovereign airspace? Rogue nations.

You remember what we said about Russia when they shot down KAL007 80nm from their coast.

Yeah, lets be that guy.

We do the same thing, where we challenge the claimed defense buffers of other countries, claiming the right of flight in international airspace. US Navy EP-3 collided with Chinese fighter jets 70nm off of Hainen island.

Remember what we called China?

Yeah, lets be that guy. Lets be the hypocrite that claims the right to fly anywhere in the world (outside of 12 nm from foreign shores), and jumps all over other countries when they do the same.

Taxpayer — defense spending is not the problem, Get rid of all Defense spending and you still are running way into the red. Go google the breakdown. Its the Social Programs. I dare say about the only programs in the gov that actually ends up paying for its self is NASA and Defense. Look at all the tech advance that has directly benefited the US economy,businesses and employees through the years. The internet comes to mind. Its also the most morally supportable spending in my opinion. If we are ever going to ask Men and women to go to war then as a people we owe it to them to supply the best weapons,vehicles,ships,subs and so on. We owe it to them to give them a chance to win and survive. Its our moral responsibility!!!!

It’s interesting how people who fancy themselves ‘free thinkers’ swallow propaganda so easily. Some of you really need to learn to think for yourselves instead of choosing a discourse group.. only to regurgitate talking points you adopt from the side you identify with. Listen to yourselves; we need to downsize the military since there’s no threat? We lost two wars (oh that’s rich! the body count is like 1000:1).. we’ve had this debt we’re currently in since 1960?!.. there’s a conspiracy to keep us at war?!
What I would like to see is a study to find if: a) people are really that stupid.. b) Hollywood tainted their heads accidentally as they never thought anyone would take it as more than fiction.. c) there’s a true propaganda campaign and the people who are running it actually believe they’re doing something good for America…

I have to say though.. what makes me sleep soundly is that our military is full of (mostly) very competent people, who look at all of this crap with a shrug and think.. ‘dumb ass civilians’.. and go on doing their jobs very well..
If you want to feel like you’re ‘making a difference’ and you’re part of an ‘interest group’.. you can get a warm fuzzy by swearing an oath and picking up a rifle to protect your country. Otherwise, take your fairytale comments to digg or CNN and stay off the DOD sites where people really just giggle at your silly ass..

They have been doing this for years “testing to see what we have”! We also do the same to test what they have! It is this very thing that we found they had the stealth too when THE Russians came up behind our F-15 with out being on Radar! That was back in 1982?

Return the favor with a flyover of the Kremlin.….…..

The only problem is there are no F-14’s on duty to fire a phoenix at them, they were retired a few years ago.

Yeah, right! Let’s get even for the cold war expiring under us!

Personally, I’m not entirely sure Cold War I ended. It’s not like we stopped competing with them. Things just thawed out a bit and the arms races slowed down. The Soviet Union came apart, yes, but the principal adversary remained. We didn’t say WWII ended when Italy broke from the Axis Powers, did we?

Where’s Maverick & Goose, when you need them?

Like most things you comment on, Dfense, I agree with what you say. I just have a problem with paying too much for defense when our “allies” whose territory and economic interests we support are not paying their way. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Israel, and all our new Eastern European friends (who we want to rolled into NATO so we can “contain” Russia (think George Keenan)) need to pay whatever the price is to defend themselves, rather going to the mall. They should build or buy more weapons to defend themselves rather than building cars for export to the US where they unemploy our workers and destroy our middle class.

Now if we had unlimited funds, it would be kind of interesting to see a true “interceptor” variant of the F-15. Take a page out of the Mig-25’s book and see if we could get its maximum sustainable speed up to Mach 2.8, or if possible, even closer to Mach 3. Obviously spotting the intruders a few minutes earlier works a lot better, and cheaper, than building a single purpose interceptor aircraft, but it would be intriguing to see how the air force would use an aircraft of that type.

The collision between the Chinese jet and the P3 was an imntentional collision but the Chinese intercepter. They have a unit that trains for this task.

Is that any better of a phrase then mission accomplished. This partisan political talk is poisoning the site…

Well put my friend! Well put! Now I have to get back to work!

Mre likely than not, the U.S. does the exact same thing near the Russian borders.
It’s just a way of “testing” radar and computer capabilities…

Next time just do a weapons locked on to the aircrafts. World news tonight will be talking about how the russians want a reason as to why this was done to their aircrafts…lol

Jarrod, most B-52s are about 55+ years old…They keep modernizing them. Sort of like classic cars. Old, dependable, rehabilitated with fancy new stuff, and ready for action.

The first thing that we should cut is all of the regulation required spending that is not constitutional because it was created by an agency not the congress. Article 1, Section 1, states: “All lgislative power herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.“
There is no authority to delegate this power.

So now, the Ruskies fly 4 nuke bombers off Alaska’s coast, then 2 off of Californias coast, and some of you think it;s nothing. What happened a few years back when a COMMMERCAL JET carrying civilians was shot down by the Russians. They said they had the right, because,” it was near their territory” , even after they admitted it was a civilian aircraft. WAKE UP !!!!!! you morons, next they will say that Alaska is “NEAR” their territory, and shoot down our planes. An I can hear some of you same people say, ” they might have a point, and say we are in the wrong”, WAKE UP!!!!!!

The SR-71 was indeed a US MILITARY reconnaissance aircraft with US MILITARY crew members flying them.

In addition, the SR-71s, U-2s, and P-3s weren’t the only US military reconnaissance aircraft to fly off the coast and borders (and maybe inside) of the USSR and Russia (not to mention a few other countries) for over a half century. There were also the RB-50s, RB-36s, RB-68s & 69s, RC-97s, RC-121s, RC-130s, RB-45s, RB-47s, RB-52s, RB-57s, RB-58s, RB-66s and a few other types.

Perhaps the workhorse is the RC-135 group of aircraft from the A model to the B, D, E, M, U, S, V, W, and X model. I know because I flew on all excerpt the A and B models and knew people who flew on some of the above mentioned birds.

By the way, once ADC dropped the ball in Alaska when a Soviet recon Bear bomber DID overfly the Alaskan landmass briefly as AADC had no interceptors on alert to intercept it. However, an RC-135 was in the area and had detected it. So AADC asked the RC to intercept it. After doing so and telling the Soviets where they were and where their home base was, they were very apologetic and courteous, the crews renamed the RC to an FC-135 and painted a red star on it for the intercept.

The collision was unintentional but the maneuver wasn’t. The Chinese pilot tried to pop up in front of the P-3 and light his afterburners to cause a shock wave to hit the P-3. The Soviets did it a number of times.

However, the Chinese aircraft suffered a likely compressor stall and lost airspeed rapidly, causing the P-3 to run over it. The rest was history.

I don’t advocate that stance. I served 4 tours in Germany from 1971 to1991. Border duty was boring, cold, miserable, and down right aggravating, but absolutely necessary. We are not just protecting our National interests. All those small third world counties, our allies, and even if they won’t admit it, Central and South America. Look at the BIG picture! The Russians are not currently our greatest threat, Muslim extremist are. We don’t need to do anything about it except to let them know that we WILL side with our ally, Israel. Withdraw all Foreign aid for Mid East countries who call us “The Great Satan” and tell them we are arming little Israel to the hilt. They have been trying to eliminate any who does not practice the Muslim faith. They are dedicated to Muslim World Domination. They even have passages in the Koran that say you can not lie to the heathens, therefore tell them whatever they want to hear and then do as you need to do to advance The Muslim faith. Anything goes so long as it furthers their cause. Their allah condones anything ‚even murder and carnage to rid the world of the “ENEMY”. Keep an eye on Russia and focus on the Mid East.

I seem to remember our current POTUS making the same statement about Iraq. So tell me, how’s that working out for you, Greg?????????

BIG time “like”

Not too many people know this but we had two sr71s fly by Moscow during a parade to let them know we could,Reagan had it done. Saw one of the pilots on tv saw it was a very high speed low pass. Dought they could or would try that in Washington

Well said, I had a good giggle and now back to work and remembering the oath I took.

Except the phoenix missle was a navy missle used on the –14 which has been retired. Shooting down a Russian aircraft not in our airspace would be an act of war.

Silly, silly Bronco46, that is but gamesmanship to see if both sides are awake. Been done hundreds if not thousands of times before, and will continue.

You are a menace to the world, it is people like you who started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Go hide in a hole if you are afraid.

For six years? Really? Does your research only extend back in time to six years? Pathetic.

Get ahold of your brains. We have been flying reconnaissance legs around Russia since the 50’s. All we need is to torment some general who loses it, and creates a real war situation. Then we are on the road to a nuke war and we all turn to crispy critters. We are not playing at who is the biggest bully in the school yard. Who here would vote to put all our nation in harms way for the right to say Neener Neener. Clear up your heads. WE have better brains than the Shiites, the Sunnies, the Germans or the Japanese. WE have proven that. So don’t get war like over a few blustery Russians just showing they can do what we do.

Cutting the defense budget to zero won’t balance the budget without entitlement cuts. The defense budget needs to be smartly cut — not sequestration (hatchet) cuts. We have morons in the government tied to lobbyist for campaign support.

As one who also took that oath, I whole heartedly agree. Stop sitting on your a _ _ and man up and do something to protect your country or shut up and thank those of us who have done so, so you didn’t have to. I’ll stand beside my brothers and sisters in arms all day any day but you weak sorry a_ _ es I’d stand back and point you out to the enemy rather than help you. I’m so sick of you winners who think your so great and have all the answers and still live at home with MOM and DAD winner. LIke I said MAN UP and grow a pair.….…

I know that the Russians have been doing this since at least 1956 as I was in the USAF and was stationed at Radar sites around the Country. The Russians would fly into the edge of our Radar nets in the far north and we would scramble fighters to meet them and of course they would always turn back to their homeland. That shows that we have always been on the look out for them as well as they have been on the look out for us.
It is the same game that we have always played.

Fly by them with a squadron of Tomcats at full Mach.

Put a tanker in front of them and dump fuel.

Four Bear bombers with multiple nukes will make you think it’s a fleet.

Russia exhibits behavior that indicates they are our enemy. Same with China. Same with several other countries and radical Islam. Go ahead, run for Congress. Good for you. Once you get the same briefings Obama got, your platform will change as well.

We could mimic SAMs coming at them from all directions. After the expel into their pants, they will head home.

do not mess with the Russians because they will blow us away. we have never won a war since the defeat of Japan. We were whipped by Korea,Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan, lost badly in Iraq. We did win the war against Granada. This country does not get it leave well alone and mind our own business. This country has a lot of problems on its own doorstep like poverty, violence and prejudice against Africian Americans, Native Americans and Hispanic.. Why do we interfere in other sovereign nations business < I wished when all the violence was going on in the 60s against Africans Americans that other country had intervened and took care of the red necks

I flew many intercepts in the 1960s, during the height of the Cold War. They snooped around, but we followed international law which says they have a right to be there. We flew a lot of B-47, B-52 and reconnaissance airplanes near their borders. Follow international law — don’t shoot just for the joy of killing.

To be exact, Putin will always be Putin; A hard-core KGB man with dreams of reserecting the ol’ USSR in “HIS” image.

But except for the Russian mob, which has reeked havoc in some of our large cities since “glasnost” (essentially replacing the “more gentile” italians as the scariest dudes walking our streets), and the widespread internet fraud headquartered out of some of the former soviet block countries, I hold no ill will toward the Russian people. I only wish they had the will and the sense to oust this dangerous power-hungry politician, before he pushes a little too hard (leaving us no choice but to act!).

Fear Not! As soon as we perfect that technology, the russians &\or chinese will certainly hack into our poorly protected corporate \ military systems and steal it. And of course without having to pay “union wagees” they’ll be able to mass-produce it in no time! Isn’t it nice to have something to look forward to!

The B-52 is in it’s 50’s, that ain’t no spring chicken! But that being said — along with the other 2 prongs of the triad … well I sleep better knowing all three still exist!

Hate to tell you folks this, but the defense budget is not the problem (it’s been steadily shrinking in real dollars since the end of WWII), domestic entitlement spending is whats eating \ causing the bulk of our spending (more every year).

And until we pull our collective heads out our arse’s and start to reverse the policies and practices which proports that “Government can do everything, for everyone (who doesn’t work, who has multiple children with no spouse or adequate means of support, for anyone who can sneak into our country illegally from another, and for any group that claims America screwed-over their ancestors — so they’re owed in perpituity), then we are doomed to go the way of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians!

At some point (hopefully), we’ll be able to put all that aside, and get back to some american “ideas” we’ve “claimed” to cherish through our relatively short history as a nation:

1. That we are all Americans (not any type of “hyphin-american”, just Americans, and as such, no one can beat us!

2. That the american dream can be achieved by any citizen, IF: they’re willing to work hard for it, AND spend it wisely.

3. That as a people, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR SOVERIGN BORDERS, from invaders who would come here illegally — PERIOD!

4. That as Americans are some of the most generous and caring peoples’ on the planet, we are willing to help any of our neighbors, and neighbor nations WHO ARE FOUND DESERVING OF OUR HELP AND PROVE NOT TO BE WORKING AGAINST OUR BEST INTERESTS. However, such help, can be at best ONLY TEMPORARY and LIMITED — American needs MUST come first for America!

(continued next post)

(American “ideas” continued)

5. Capitalism, which drives our economy is great, but shouldn’t be confused with unbridled GREED, which is not. Any american citizen should be able to find work, and make an HONEST PROFIT from their labors, but the wholesale GREED of the 2% in america today is shameful, and beneath the contempt of most honest hard-working americans.

6. We should value Statesmanship over Politics. Unfortunately, currently Washington is full of politicans, but you’ld be hard pressed to find a statesman amoung them!

I said they were “ideas” not “ideals”, since we’ve never really achieved these goals. Besides, the currently legally recognized minorities, there’s the Chinese, Italians, Irish, Jews, Polish, Germans, etc…, and of course the *American Indians. All were singleed-out for wholesale discrimination (*and slaughter), at some time during our history, and Madonna sang she was a Material Girl, while Gordon Gheko proclaimed “greed is good”. But, we shouldn’t stop trying to achieve these noble goals, just because we stumble sometimes!

So, while each side blames the other for our spending, groups within each side are getting what they said they wanted, by voting repeatedly for the crooks and idiots who currently run our ever expanding government. And that is OUR FAULT!

As for our “loosing two wars anyway”. That’s a matter of public interest, and political will. Generally, WE THE PEOPLE have to be willing to tell our leaders what’s improtant enough for us to get involved in militarily, and then have the backbone to insist that the efforts of our brave military personnel are not squandered, by insisting that ONCE SENT — they be allowed to WIN without political interference for political gain! Untimately, that too is OUR FAULT. Look at what we’ve chosen as our POTUS, and allowed as our SecDef and Secretary of State x 2 !!!

I could go on, but I think you can get the point!

Good to see somebody thinks…sometimes blogs like this sound populated by adolescents. Champ is also right, of course. The real race is not about weapon systems but kickbacks. PACs and the Robert decision about them has opened a Pandora box.

Claudio 1941

1 F-14D Tomcat…5 Phoenix missles from 100 miles away…Problem gone…PRICELESS!

I love that comment, thirty-years and twenty-nine days, Stay Strong and keep up the good work!

Are you serious, or just mentally impaired? Listen, I spent 28 years serving my country and you would not believe the crap that the Russians do just to ‘test the waters’. Before you start making accusations about the military and how money is spent, maybe you should look into how Congress has gutted our military. The Army is being cut to less than 400 thousand, the Air Force to less than 200 thousand, the Navy 400 thousand and the Marines to about 12 thousand. That might sound like large numbers, but when you truly look into the interests of the US, that isn’t many to cover all the ‘hot spots’ of the world. Did you forget the little creep in North Korea, Kim Jon Ung? How about a resurgent Russia, ask the Ukrainians how they feel with Russia moving forces up to their borders and they supporting insurgents. Then there is China, with plans to create the largest Aircraft Carrier in history. Why? Because they want to take over the Western Pacific and it’s a direct challenge to the countries there, like Japan, the Philippines, or even Vietnam. And who will oppose them? Those smaller countries? Nope, we’re the only ones who can do this, so think next time before you open your mouth and follow that Liberal ideology.

Bill, I don’t read your reasoning as paranoia , it reads to me like standard analysis, like we used to do
at SAC and NORAD in the Cold WAR. Now the part about Chinese or Iran presence is probably a stretch
as any Chinese or other foreign NAVAL vessels off our coast at the same time would get reported and picked up on the news , I would hope. But maybe not, on a busy news day When folks were busy with things like the Washington Redskins or the LA Clipper news.

For your readers who pounced on you about far fetched , I am in the business today, of Security of
Critical Infrastructure , ACTS of war by Russia, China, Iran, or the allies of our enemies , would likely be
be preceded by attacks and sabotage here in the USA. We stay awake at night worrying about how to protect, the Dams , power plants, and Grid Inter-ties, from that, or other vandals who are crazy or have a grudge. So lets recognize the dangers of the world we live in. We should not jump on each other with comments about how it can’t happen. An informed population is a must for the survival of a free society .

Free speech is a part of that. I respect everyone’s right to express their view, I once took an oath to defend that right to the death. No one in our Military today or who ever served forgets that. Our Enemies will behead you if you disagree with them, lets stay on our toes in a world where a hugh number of folks want to kill us.

D Linn — Colonel — USAFR 2004 (ret) (Active duty 1968 to 1989 )

Its time to lauch warning shots the russians have entered europe territory a few times to many also to get chased out,are they testing our scramble alert?its starting to irritate people..

Is not congress cutting back on military spending is this inbecile administration, Obama said he wants to lead from behind like a nice jack ass! On to another subject, if one of our aircraft entered into Russian air space they wouldn’t hesitate to shoot it down and we need to the same when they do it to us. That would send a clear message to all not to f@#* with our military might!

StrongHarm has it strait. It’s about the core strength of reality. It’s about study and work. It’s about education and reality. Experience. On the best of days know one really knows anything. Predispositions dominate our society where everyone thinks “they know” whats going on because they have their nose stuck in the news or other hosted media, so biased toward one way or the other. To confuse you, direct you to their direction. But north is north. A few flybys is perfectly normal. We do it too. The Brits as well and the Aussies too. It’s all a part of the checks. The balance of which has never been the start of any war. Plain and simple. Thanks StrongHarm for your individual thoughts. Now lets go get a fat chilly dog for lunch, with jalapenos! Of course…

It depends on the type of bomber and where it is going in shake and awe the US used b-2 the most advanced bomber in the world it had to refuel at least 6 times because the base where they are stored is in Missouri

hope you have a good place to hide you dope!


The range for the B-2 is 6,900 miles (let’s round it to 7,000). Flight distance from Knob Noster, MO (where the B-2’s are based) to Bagram, AF is 7,235.

6 times — no. Try twice.

The Bear was introduced in 1956. The BUFF was introduced in 1955. They’re both quite capable bombers.

I worked at NORAD during the Cold War and agree that the Russians are testing the waters, and looking to see what reaction they get from the DOD. They are also looking at how long that reaction takes and types of war planes the US will use. The US DOD needs to take a good long look at this type of war games the Russians are using and lay down the international law in a way that Mr. Putin can understand the gravity of his actions. If a Russian war plane knowingly inters US air space what then? Will that response by the DOD be enough to control this kind of concerning breach of international law. if the Russian Government orders the bombers into US air space is the DOD ready to shoot the planes down before they can deliver their pay load?

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