New Pentagon Plan For Countering WMD

New Pentagon Plan For Countering WMD

The Defense Department on Monday released an updated policy for countering weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that focused on prevention, partnering with allies and demanding accurate intelligence before military action.

The new “Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction” differs “from some of the prior documents to allow us an increased emphasis on prevention and reducing and mitigating threats earlier,” a senior Defense official said at a Pentagon background briefing.

Military action was “a right we always preserve,” the official said, but “rather than focusing more exclusively on military options, military scenarios, it (the new policy) might be associated with crises in later phases” of risk mitigation, the official said.

One of the “prior documents” referred to was the 2006 counter-WMD document endorsed by then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld three years after the U.S. invaded Iraq, partly to eliminate WMD that was thought to be controlled by dictator Saddam Hussein.  The WMD was never found.

The 2006 document also stressed intelligence collection but said “we must recognize that plans and decisions will need to be made with limited or incomplete WMD-related intelligence.”

The thrust of the new policy was to deal with the WMD threat “left of boom,” or before nuclear, chemical or biological weapons are employed the senior official said.

Another factor in the new policy was the tighter budgets that are impacting Pentagon plans across the board, the senior official said.

“In a constrained fiscal environment, we are focusing our efforts on preventing acquisition (of WMD) and countering the most likely threats,” the new policy document stated.

“Accordingly, this strategy emphasizes early action through pathway defeat, shaping the environment to dissuade actors from pursuing WMD, and cooperating with partners to achieve countering WMD goals,” the new plan said.

The new strategy did not name specific countries or regions as WMD threats. “This is a strategy, not a threat assessment,” the senior official said.

However, the senior official said that the policy was “consistent” with the agreement that resulted in the turnover by Syria of its chemical weapons to international monitors. The last of Syria’s chemical weapons were removed last week and were to be destroyed aboard the specially-outfitted U.S. ship Cape Ray.

“I feel that our effort — and the entire effort — to eliminate Syria’s declared chemical weapons stockpile is consistent from this (strategy),” the senior official said. “We’ve taken the ideas as we’ve been developing the strategy, and we’ve been applying it to the Syria problem.”


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WMD were in Iraq. Both known Declared WMD which the UN was “guarding” (yea they guys who always drive away from the fighting) and ones which were buried, moved to syria later, etc, etc. I know this from listening to guys who participated in the search for them.

The potential threat of terrorist attacks (foreign or domestic) in major US population centers using IED-WMDs has been well reported in mainstream news channels for many years now, but little has been done to fix the worst of it. Below is an example, an exceprt from an investigative report that was broadcast on PBS in 2007 (link further below).

“…Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Carl Prine…discovered that trains loaded with toxic and explosive chemicals pass through major metropolitan areas with inadequate or no security, and in some areas present a target extremely vulnerable to terrorist attack. …Prine is a former U.S. Marine with expertise in chemical and biological warfare. …spent nine months fighting in Iraq…had only been home a few weeks from Iraq when he returned to the chemical security beat, this time examining the security of America’s rail lines. Having witnessed firsthand an IED take apart an armored vehicle, Prine believed that rail cars laden with toxic chemicals like anhydrous ammonia and chlorine — trains traveling right through the heart of major American cities — could be effectively used as weapons by terrorist…”

Here is the link: http://​www​.pbs​.org/​w​n​e​t​/​e​x​p​o​s​e​/​e​x​p​o​s​e​_​2​0​0​7​/​e​p​i​sod

Yea sure and the moon is made of cheese

I participated in that search and all we found evidence of was stuff that had been declared and forgotten left overs from the Iran-Iraq war. The justification for the war was that they were maintaining the ability to produce chemical and biological weapons, we never found any evidence of that.

Here is one example that details a small fraction of that particular threat, one small geographical area in Ohio.

“Abstract: Hazardous chemicals transported by rail pass directly through urban cities and pose a safety and health threat to the community. Some of these chemicals can be in large quantities, extremely toxic, devastating to the environment and have the potential to cause mass casualties and death. Thousands of people could be in harm’s way. While there is always the possibility for accidental chemical release, they also have the potential to be used in acts of sabotage and terrorism. Evaluation of the rail line in Montgomery County, Ohio using standards in the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook using geographic information systems (GIS) at designated evacuation distances showed that many people, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and public venues are at risk in the event of a chemical release…”

The above was excerpted from a thesis paper titled, Toxic Chemicals Transported by Rail and Public Health Safety using GIS in Montgomery County, Ohio

Link to paper: http://​corescholar​.libraries​.wright​.edu/​c​g​i​/​v​i​ewc

Article is WRONG. Bio/chemical WMD’s were found and it was stated so right here on this same site more than once.


Absolutely wrong…article mentions several times the WMD/Chemicals found in and turned over by Syria…etc., WHERE do you suppose those came from, hm?

“increased emphasis on prevention and reducing and mitigating threats earlier,” a senior Defense official said” Code for, “we aren’t going to do much about these other than talk, draw lines in the sand, and make threats.”

Yikes. And the people who say there were “W M D” are magically “T R U T H”?

The UN inspectors never found anything. That much is fact.

American soldiers did not parade trucks full of WMD. Fact.

No real proof made it to the MSM regarding Iraqi WMD in Syria.

Syrian rebels haven’t captured WMD stocks for the US to take a peek at. Americans now have control over the WMD materiel, but no determination of origin has been made. Perhaps someone will come out with how stockpiles are found to be Iraqi in orgin, but nobody has done that yet.

Yup. If a bunch of train cars carrying chlorine blow up in a urban area, it’ll spread a cloud of joyous chlorine. Or if a train car carrying a bunch of fuel explodes (like in Lac Megantic) it’ll create a huge hole in the ground. Who needs jihadi fighters when saboteurs can turn enemy infrastructure against them? Sun Tzu approves.

OK jack ass.

Fact: Guys who’s job it was to find them know that they were there. We gave saddam a year to pull them out, there was a convoy of white trucks that left for Syria right as we went in, UN inspectors never “found” any WMD thats not very hard for them. A portion was “Guarded” by the UN as it was declared. Large amounts of harder to used Chemical weapons are known to be buried around the country with who knows what.

No offense but quoting the most corrupt, incompetent, and useless group in the world is also not that smart.

As we are thinking of new and refined ways to DEFEND against WMD attacks so also the various varieties of enemies are planning new and refined methods of OFFENSE. There are probably hundreds of half vast OFFENSE plans being developed and some are no doubt of the WMD variety.

We all agree that the USA would be a radically different place if even one WMD like attack was successful. But do we understand that if a series of less than WMD like attacks were inflicted on us that we would likewise be in a bad place.

New technologies offer new vehicles and payloads providing new attacks. Destroy our financial system and the radiation impact would be enormous. Create a continuous downward curve of belief in our leadership and some form of revolutionary action thus take place and we would be in big trouble.

As far as I can see we are already deep in this war. I assume we have already lost and won some battles. I assume new warriors of a different stripe than our special forces are already emotionally absorbed in protecting our country.

How we move from this relatively small heroic contingent to a more organized effort is a non trivial undertaking especially when we cannot afford to frighten the whole population,


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