Russian Fighters Will Miss Farnborough Air Show

Russian Fighters Will Miss Farnborough Air Show

Russian officials will not feature their Sukhoi Su-27 twin-engine fighter jets on display this year at the Farnborough International Air Show — a move that marks a strategic departure from prior years for Russia, show officials said.

The Russian Su-27 fighter jets were at Farnborough last year, leading observers and analysts to presume that tensions in the Ukraine have led the Russians the scale back their presence this year. This year’s show outside of London will run July 14–20.

“With the continuing issues in the Ukraine, I don’t think there will be any Russian aircraft,” a Farnborough official told Military​.com.

There will be a Russian pavilion and a Ukraine pavilion at the show, however, along with pavilions from numerous other countries, officials said.

“The Russian scale-back is a surprise because weapons like fighter jets are one of the few things the Russian seem to do well at. Their fighter jets are in demand around the world. You would think the Russian arms industry would want the opportunity to showcase their best products,” said Loren Thompson, vice president of the Lexington Institute, a Va.-based think tank.

Recently, the Iraq government bought Russian Su-25 fighters after the U.S. delayed the delivery of F-16s. U.S. officials said the delivery would be delayed until the Pentagon could measure the threat posted by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Russian fighters were in abundance performing acrobatic airshows this past January at the Bahrain International Airshow, a trade show which takes place on an air base in Bahrain. The Russian display team, called the Russian Knights consisting of six Su-27s, performed at the show, Farnborough officials said.

“The Russians kind of push it to the limit with acrobatics,” an official explained.

As a maneuverable fighter aircraft, the high-speed fourth generation Su-27 plane is designed to rival the U.S. Air Force’s F-15 and F-16. The Su-27 can reach maximum speeds of 1,553 miles per hour and hit ranges greater than 2,000 miles. The aircraft entered the Soviet Air Force in the mid-1980’s.

“The Russians prefer to do extreme acrobatics to demonstrate how maneuverable their fighters are. As a result they have a significant number of crashes,” Thompson said.

The Chinese military will also be in attendance at the Farnborough Air Show, however, like the Russians they are not planning to bring fighter jets or participate in the air shows, show officials said.

“Chinese fighter development is significantly behind the Russians,” Thompson added.

Both Russia and China claim to be developing a fifth-generation stealth aircraft similar to the F-35. The Russians are developing the Sukhoi PAK FA, or T-50, fifth generation stealth aircraft and the Chinese are working on the J-20, a twin-engine stealth fighter.

The Joint Strike Fighter has already grabbed most of the headlines surrounding the air show after the U.S. announced the F-35 would make its first international flight at Farnborough. However, following the grounding the aircraft following a June fire, it appears the F-35 will miss the show.

“Neither the Russian or the Chinese have anything close to the F-35. The planes may resemble the F-35 but they don’t begin to approach the capabilities. They don’t have the same situational awareness and they don’t have the tactical communications options,” Thompson said.

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Editor tip. Multiple quotes from an LM mouth-piece isn’t value added for those that have observed this stuff for years.

Another grudge match with Loren Thompson?

What a shame, I was looking forward to another video from Bill, telling us how the SU’s will dodge BVR missiles. As it strives to get WVR to the F-35 to kill it

The missiles only work when they’re Russian, remember?

When the F-35 is fielded in numbers and turns out to be a very capable and successful design. I honestly wonder how your going to explain to the world how you were so wrong???

“When the F-35 is fielded in numbers”

Excellent! Do check back in with us when it is.

Fifteen years from now.

LOL sure…

The Sukhoi will kill the ever loving shit out of the F35. Clubbed like a baby seal is the most accurate description of the end result of a confrontation between the two.

Im sure Bill (our resident Lockheed shill) has a full length picture of Loren on his bedroom wall LOL

You just have to laugh at Loren Thompson — he’s a simple used car dealer shilling for the contractors that pay him.
It isn’t even very sophisticated shilling.

The latest J20 has a DAS — Lockheed likes to talk like its a big deal but its hardly cutting edge electronics and the head based cuing is just a marketing gimmick. Modern DASs are processed not presented in raw form for the pilot to rubberneck on. But the “tactical communication options” should be a godsend come in handy to call for help in any combat situation.

>Fifteen years from now.

An optimist

The Su-27 Flankers are missing the airshow because they are busy flying, and ready to join potential combat, while Thompson’s F-35 is grounded and can neither fly to an airshow or join combat. Hmm. Deflection much?

“The Russian scale-back is a surprise because weapons like fighter jets are one of the few things the Russian seem to do well at”

That is rather a sh!t-eating comment. What a complete tosser.…

“Neither the Russian or the Chinese have anything close to the F-35. The planes may resemble the F-35 but they don’t begin to approach the capabilities. They don’t have the same situational awareness and they don’t have the tactical communications options,”

I change my opinion, he is a f@#kin tool…

First. F-35 as of yet does not have situational awareness any better than the Russian and Chinese 5th generation aircraft. Second, China is also testing the J-31, so they have 2 5th gen planes in development. There is also rumor that Mig is working on a light 5th gen fighter.
Third. The f-35 is no match for even a Mig 29, let alone the latest from either Mig, Sukhoi, Dassault, Saab, EAS or many others. F-35 is a Jack of all trades, master of none. It is a sitting duck in a combat situation. Can’t run. Can’t fight, and must be escorted by f-22 to be of any use whatsoever.

The F-35 will have “first look” superiority over the Su until they field a stealth version, which could be before LM is done screwing us for as much cash as possible in the development of the F–35.

Actually, there is a rumor that China has a third stealth in development, a stealth jump jet. Agreed, the f-35 is looking like a trillion dollar blunder and teh f-22 program should be restarted.

So a flight of Su-35s first has to detect the F-35s, then has to evade a swarm of AIM-120s (or whatever replaces the AIM-120) to get within weapons range, and only then after the initial short range IR missile exchange will the Flanker’s maneuverability provide any sort of significant advantage.

I’d rather place my bets on the fighter that has the clear advantage all the way up until the merge.

Where are these paychecks you keep saying Lockheed owes me again? I’d love to get paid for stating the obvious. The F-35 isn’t perfect, but it can certainly replace aging F-16s, F/A-18s, and AV-8s while providing greater capabilities than those aircraft.

Do I think Lockheed has done perfect? Far from it. The program was at the brink of disaster a few years back with nobody who could take charge of it. It’s gotten better since then but the costs are still too high. The government is too generous about paying the costs to fix every problem that occurs, especially when you consider the delays. Do I think Lockheed is some great company that does no wrong? No I don’t. I’m sure their CEOs are hideously overpaid like so many other corporations across all economic sectors.

Your joking you obviously have no knowledge of fighter jet capabilities, the SU-27 and SU-30 have huge radar cross sections and will be blown out of the sky before they can even get into the neighborhood. Going toe-to-toe is not even a possibility. You have no clue how advanced the F-35 is and what it can do. The F-35 pilots (former F-15, F-16 & F-18) pilots are all raving over its capabilities compared to what they have flown before.

“F-35 as of yet does not have situational awareness any better than the Russian and Chinese 5th generation aircraft”

You obviously have no knowledge of the F-35 capabilities and are bragging on Russian and Chinese capabilities that do not exist and you also do not know what if anything they might have in the future. Stop making up stuff, your ignorance is showing on the subject matter.

SU-27 is missing the show because nobody wants to buy them, I promise you if Russia had even a hint of a possible sale they would be there in great force !! But too many air show crashes (and in-country crashes) has pretty much killed their export sales.

India, Indonesia, China, Algeria and several African countries. Mig 35s for Egypt as well as Serbia. Mig 29s for Syria and likely sales to Venezuela. Sounds like not too much trouble selling them. What’s that? I could get 2 Su-35s for price of 1 F-35, or 3 Mig 35s. What’s that? I can produce them under license in my own country with technology transfer. Oh, and I can repair them at home as well. Oh ya, almost forgot, they will be ready to fly when needed and won’t cost me another fortune to maintain.
F-35 is too expensive to buy and too expensive to maintain and not very capable to boot. What is its internal stores? 4 a2a missiles? Boy, can’t afford to have lots of them in the air. Better hope the enemy has half as many planes in the air. BVR is not a guarantee with today’s AIM 120, more like less than 40%. And once you launch, Stealth is pretty much useless.

I love seeing the LM trolls here.

Why do you assume, william, that flankers dont have the ability to detect F35s first? why do you also assume they are only limited to short range heat seeking missiles? Why are you assuming that standoff distance is the end all/be all in aerial combat?

You are way underestimating the Sukhoi while overestimating the flying white elephant known as the F35.

As far as Terry goes, why do you assume radar stealth is the end all/be all for the dynamics of aerial combat? Going toe to toe not a possibilit? where have we heard this before? (oh right, vietnam. Dumbasses).

Yeah the F35 is sure great. Over a trillion dollars later, it is grounded, cant maneuver, is too heavy, and will get utterly stomped by its competition worldwide.

you are smoking some good stuff.

Many nations are buying Sukhois, to include China and India, you know, rising powers?

Who is in line to buy F35s? oh right, our allies that are quickly backpedaling and trying to come up with excuses as to switch to a less expensive alternative (like the gripen).

yeah dont tell the lockheed trolls that.

They actually buy into the whole “beyond visual range!’-and “radar stealth FTW!” centric BS and the delusion that a aircraft doesn’t need to dog fight.

They also assume the Russians dont have their version of the AIM120. They do. They also assume that the F35s radar stealth will give it a decisive edge over newer Russian radar. It wont.

They are also assuming missile tech hasn’t evolved since the F35s incenption. It has. By multitudes.

The sad part is that the lives of aviators are placed in the hands of charlatans and liars.

>I’d rather place my bets on the fighter that has the clear advantage all the way up until the merge.

Yea because santa clause and the easter bunny are real too. LOL.

I don’t know how “cutting edge” the stuff the F-35 is. I mean, a lot of it is stuff that I was following the research on 20 years ago. None the less, the passive search capability the F-35 will have will be a big deal. It augments the pilot’s eyes and will be a big improvement when it comes to “first look” capabilities. It’s stuff they should have developed for the F-22, but didn’t, and it’s not something you’d retrofit to a non-stealth platform because there’s not really any point in doing that for an airplane that can be seen by radar. A lot of the current software development is for these passive sensor capabilities.

All the studies so far have been very favorable to the F-35 with pk of 100% just to show how outmached the actual aircraft is. A more realistic mission is going to be a nightmare for the F-35 pilot.

As soon as a F-35 launches a missile it will be spotted, at long range, with such poor performance and the resulting huge kill zone opposing Russian an Chinese fighters will simply be able to fire on bearing use their higher speed and a high probability of a kill while using their better performance to evade AIM-120s.

Even with very rough targeting info its worth sending a missile in the direction of a F-35 flight. The F-35 pilots cant evade because turning greatly reduces their stealth and so just have to sweat it out and hope its not targeting them. Enemy teams

So the F-35 has to get in as close as possible. Even though there is no way to tell if the stealth has been burned through already and the opposition is about to launch. This is just to get a 1:1 kill ratio because as soon as the F-35 launches its basically dead It cant fight and it cant run and it’s only trick to hide is gone. Teams of beaters to flush out the F-35s and killers to nail them is going to be an effective tactic.

Against 5th generation fighters the F-35 is simply no match — we are unlikely to ever see such combat because the F-35 will never be deployed in such a suicidal situation.

You cant fly CAP with an aircraft by running away and avoiding combat. The navy is the one that is going to be hit really badly by this — having to rely on old F-18s for another two generations while having F-35 wasting berths.

India took a good look at the F-35 and was even offered reduced pricing and production incentives — and they just laughed and said it was irrelevant.

How would you know — sounds like you need to take your own advice.

I am Air Vice Marshal Alhaji ado Abacha, Head of the Air Force of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, After reviewing your well produced brochure and finding it meeting all our needs and much to our liking we would like to purchase 350 of your F-35 advanced jet aircraft of the brand name 5th Generation.
To facillitate delivery we are willing to transfer the intial deposit into a bank account of your choosing. My Government has made arrangements to secretly move the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Five Million Dollars(US$155,000,000.00) in cash for safe-keeping in a security vault. Unfortunatekly we have many enemies who don’t understand our dire securiy needs and you will understad that we don’t want the opposition or Nigerian navy to be cognizant of our arrangment.
I am absolutely positive that this arrangement will be of mutual benefit to both of us and I think that it is of utmost importance that you reach me through my > personal email address stating your telephone and fax numbers and I would give you a telephone call to discuss the matter further and if we reach an acceptable arrangement, then we can proceed further. Finally, I crave your indulgence to treat this letter with utmost seriousness and I trust that this will be the beginning of a long lasting business relationship.

Best Regards, Abdul.

Yes, they also said no to F-15, F-16 and F/A-18 which are much cheaper and (according to the experts on this board) much better than most of the competitors. India chose a non-US fighter over national (trying to to buy too much from the US) and other issues. It was partially about price and not really about performance.

Talk about smoking some stuff, India has flown Russian fighters for years and are trying to get away from them because of large numbers of crashes due to design/quality issues.

You have absolutely no concept of F-35’s situational awareness capabilities now. That is very clear from what you posted.

That is why they are working with Russia on the Pak fa!
Most of the problems they have had with the migs and Sukhois has to do with the Hal manufacturing them in India.
And haven’t I read about a lot of F-18 crashes lately?

Oer 100 Indian MIGs have crashed and they fly an order of magnitude less than the US F-18s and from wide, stationary runways. Beleive me, yo udo NOT want to try to compare MIG accident rates vs F-18s.
As for India working on the PAK-FA, I guess they are finally getting their aerospace industry into gear after decades of trying to do so. The FACTS about the fighter procurement through are that the Russian planes were not strongly considered or they would have been part of the final competitors list. I’ve been pretty involved in procurement in India over the past few years, do you have any real knowledge or just Internet expertise?

So in Oblat’s world air-to-air combat is the same as it was in 1918? Good to know.

Interesting information. Much appreciated.

Really you would think that F-35 shills would pay better attention to the PR. Its not situational awareness anymore — its “communication possibilities”.

I remember the days when it was unmatched combat potential but that died in a 4G turn and was replaced by situational awareness. Now its communications possibilities and soon it will be nice paint job.

“according to the experts on this board”

Right because those “experts” are so objective and have no interest whatsoever in attracting attention favorable towards boeing or lockheed sweethearts. LOL.

Nevermind that the sukhois are well known for defeating US planes in wargames and outmaneuvering all of those aforementioned fighters with ease.

oh we do. its a bunch of woo woo bullshit is what it is

“Right because those “experts” are so objective and have no interest whatsoever in attracting attention favorable towards boeing or lockheed sweethearts. LOL. ”

Look in the mirror and I’ll show you a russian tech sweetheart on this board.….

The F-35 has a low probability of intercept radar which is rather hard to detect. But lets say they do detect the launch. Chances are those AIM-120s were launched well within their effective range. So the Flankers turn to face that heading, launch a few of their own missiles, and then try to evade?

Those missiles heading in the last known general direction of the F-35s won’t be getting any mid-course guidance updates and will be relying on their own active radar seeker which is nowhere near as good as the fighter’s own radar. The effective range of those active radar seekers is also going to be significantly reduced by the F-35’s stealth. Their odds to hit are very slim.

So presuming any of the Flankers survive, now they have to go full speed towards where they think the F-35s are in an attempt to get within sensor range or IR missile range. Meanwhile some more AIM-120s could be incoming.

If anybody gets to the IR missile exchange then losses on both sides are likely, if by chance some Flanker is still flying at this point, then their thrust vectoring will be of some use.

and how many F15s and F16s and others have crashed?

What is the track record of the much vaunted F22 and F35 so far? or the V22?

thats what i thought. STFU

Thats because the F35 is a dead end. A wet dream.

They know it will get its ass handed to it in visual range combat and its overreliance on radar stealth is also its achilles heel. Radar is a two edged sword, although everybody likes to give it some kind of mythical elaboration.

Next generation fighters will be more maneuverable, have superior missiles with faster speeds and more maneuverability, and more sensitive avionics. AND last but not least, ECM will become more capable. This means that radar stealth on the F35 is a joke.

Do you know that F-35 is built around a Soviet platform obtained by L&M in mid-1990s? Google Yak-141.

Flankers are busy because they can only keep enough in the air to make a show of force, when the 35 hits the air adios!

So let’s see.. no Russian aircraft at Farnborough this year…

No F-35s at Farnborough this year…

On Defense-Tech is an article about no Ospreys attending Farnborough this year..

To play on the British euphemysm.… “Farnborough 2014: fitted for, but not with, aircraft.”


The POS F135 will not be able to get this turkey to trot. LPT to case clearence?? I smell a coverup already.

“The Russian scale-back is a surprise because weapons like fighter jets are one of the few things the Russian seem to do well at”.

The above sentence is not a surprise since being imbecils are one of the few things Brits seem to do well at.

Let’s face it the Cuban Air Force is superior to our Air Force. Everything we have is either broken, worn out or
completely obsolete. We should immediately get the P-51’s out of mothballs at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ. Perhaps a B29 or two. We’re compltely broke after giving all our money to Iraq, Afghanistan and of course the biggest moochers of all — Isarel!


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