Chinese Spy Ship Arrives Near RIMPAC

Chinese Spy Ship Arrives Near RIMPAC

The Chinese sent an electronic surveillance ship to the edge of the region where U.S. and allied forces are conducting the Rim of the Pacific 2014 exercise — the largest naval exercise in the world, according to a report by the U.S. Naval Institute.

The U.S. invited the Chinese to send four ships to take part in the massive naval exercise. However, it didn’t invite the electronic surveillance ship that is located south of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. This is the area in which the USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group and more than 50 other ships are taking part in RIMPAC.

The invitation to the Chinese was seen a gesture of goodwill by the U.S. to the Chinese military even as the U.S. continues to execute its pivot to the Pacific. The transfer of additional U.S. forces to the Pacific is seen as strategic move to counter the gaining influence the Chinese have in the region.

Andrew Erickson, an associate professor at the Naval War College, told USNI that he suspected that the Chinese ship was the Type 815 Dongdiao-class intelligence collection vessel Beijixing. The ship is home ported in the East Sea Fleet, Erickson told USNI.

These auxiliary general intelligence (AGI) ships are built to gather electronic and communication data from surrounding aircraft and vessels.

“Beijixing is the most experienced vessel from the PLAN’s most advanced class of AGI. Based on Internet photos and Japanese government and other media reports, Beijixing is China’s most well-traveled AGI, having operated frequently near and within Japan’s claimed Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ),” Erickson told USNI.

The U.S. hosts RIMPAC every two years. It often includes about 23 different nations and more than 20,000 military personnel. About 50 ships and 200 aircraft typically take part in the exercise.

Spying on military exercises is certainly nothing new. Militaries will monitor each other’s exercises to get a better sense of the capabilities each possess. You could bet a U-2 was flying nearby any Soviet Union exercises during the Cold War.

Of course, this is seen more as poor manners by the Chinese to be this transparent about it.

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They probably send the darn thing to the other RIMPAC’s. Why is this news this year?

We would send assets to their maneuvers too.

China is in the process of entering into a long term lease agreement with Jamaica for the development of Goat Island in Jamaica’s Portland Bight, not far from Kingston (but just far enough for better control of port security). They are going to dredge a deep water channel, install significant infrastructure, and develop a logistics center and port facility for handling cargo from post-Panamax container ships from China (reshuffle containers from large ships to smaller ships headed to smaller European ports and elsewhere). When completed this is supposed to be one of the larger container ship handling facilities on the planet. I suspect that this facility will also provide logistics support for PLAN reconnaissance ships operating along the US Atlantic coast and Gulf Coast.

Point being, that before the end of the decade I suspect you will be seeing news reports of PLAN reconnaissance ships operating a little over a dozen miles off-shore near Hampton Roads, etc.

Perhaps we should send 10 or 12 “fishing boats” to impede its progress. It works for China in the Great Game against Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

The USN will just jam the heck out of that ship. No biggie.

Why? I would think they would be way more interested in our west coast fleet.

The “Pacific pivot” has resulted in transfers of boats from the east coast (where they are EUCOM and CENTCOM deployers) to the west coast (PACOM deployers).

You would thin China would be way more interested in intel collection off of hawaii, san diego, and everett than hampton roads…

whoops, that was in reply to JRT’s post about PLAN recon of Hampton Roads in the future.

Absolutely not. In a way, this is a real tactical error on the part of the Chinese, we should just do nothing.

Why, because it shows that they acknowledge that intelligence collection in EEZs are perfectly normal and not subject to any exertion of sovereignity! So it sets a precedence for future actions in the SCS and other areas. No US response (we never did anything when the Soviets sent intel collectors to the west and east coasts) is the best COA.

Someone spin up the SBX golf ball. Let’s see how sensitive those ELINT devices are.

They may learn a thing or two from us actively jamming it.

So long as we are disciplined about emissions during RIMPAC they shouldn’t pick up any more than usual. I suppose we will be stalking this ELINT ship with a submarine to collect acoustic information on it, so that we can find it using SOSUS or something like it.

I think it unlikely it will unveil its active capabilities. It is only there to listen, and if you jam it it will also listen to that as well.

Point taken.

I do not see a logical cause-effect relationship in your statement. Why would you think that a large maritime logistics support facility that China is soon going to be building in Jamaica, in the Caribbean, would have any affect on their activity in the Pacific?

With China’s growing global maritime interests, and with the rapid modernization and gowth in the PLAN, including larger blue water warships, I would expect China to expand reconnaissance into and across the Pacific.

My point was that I suspect that they may also extend that to the other side of the Panama Canal after they establish logistics support infrastructure on Goat Island, in Jamaica’s Portland Bight.

“So long as we are disciplined about emissions during RIMPAC they shouldn’t pick up any more than usual.”

That effort makes it a more useful exercise.

Or send a few destroyers to ping on them for a few days

So what they expect the Chinese to do? Bring a few kegs of beer to celebrate a successful end to the exercise?

Zorch it.… Have the Burke’s and Tico’s Zorch the sucker…

Do the Chinese have their own version of the Soviet Tu-142 Bears that shadowed our carriers for so many decades? Somebody needs to keep that tradition going.

We could sink the boat and then say sorry we thought China a providing the SINKX target this RIMPAC.

Beat them at their own game.

What this article conveniently fails to mention is that the FY2000 NDAA categorically PROHIBITS inviting the Chinese to any US military exercise. The invitation was thus completely illegal and treasonous.

So what else is new? This administration doesn’t care about laws or restrictions or even the Constitution. We have a Cabal of mutually assured destruction.

The United States Navy should escort this ship out of the area. So what if it is international waters . They would do it . We need to start being a bit bold and flex the mutibillion dollar muscles.

The Incident-At-Sea Treaty with the Soviets prevented that aspect of the Cold War from turning hot. Violations were dealt with diplomatically … instead of throwing Thermo-Nukes at each other. At the time, I would’ve preferred the Thermo-Nukes.

At least the Chinese are building things and improving their infrastructure while our Congress bickers and cries poor mouth about everything and can’t get anything funded or underway on any fronts. The US right now appears totAlly impotent in its abilities to do anything of significance anywheres and when a project is attempted it tajes forever. That’s why we have no high speed rails, crumbling bridges and highways, outmoded airports and air traffic systems, no new refinery’s, power plants over forty years old, obsolete maritime transports, etc, etc, etc! Stop the partisan fighting and get America back to building, incenting, and leading the world, or sit back and watch us slip into another failed democracy, shining beacon on the hill, my arse!

In reading all the comments regarding Russia’s apparent agressiveness not one word was said about China beginning the development of an aircraft carrier fleet. (Theyused a carrier purchesed from Russia as a model for fleet development. YOU MAY SAY “SO WHAT?” But everone knows that aircraft carriers are for aggressive purposes not really for defensive missions. I’ve believed China is in alignment to attack for expansion and increase their military power.

Too bad the RIMPAC 2014 could not experience a “malfunction” of a MK 48 torpedo making an accidental contact with this Chinese ship.

Warm, flat beer at that.…

Broadcast old Elvis and Beetles songs and convince the Chinese Commies in believing one is alive and a reunion is in-order for the later…hehe. I know this is no joke.…I still say, “load one MK 48 torpedo!” SINKEX, target, old Chinese sampan…soon to be “junk.”

Now that IS a serious threat to both South and North America. Is anyone, anywhere, paying attention to this Communist Expansion? In 20 years this will be too late to counter…diplomats only want to “talk, and talk.”

Doubtful…diplomat’s do not want to ruin our “friendly cooperative relations.” You know, with our adversaries, we might hurt their feelings as “bullies.”

The Chinese are arrogant trying to impress our military, I really suspect the ship is full of ghost antennas to further impress their hot air capability. China need to understand that if they start a hostile act against the U.S. we will respond in kind, there is no if or butts about it! I just wish we had a better commander and chief in the WH with some balls!

Don’t trust the Chinese. The US should be very careful the Chinese don’t pick up US transmission that they can electronically interpret or manipulate. The US should stop or at least minimize commerce dealing with the Chinese especially on militarily sensitive products.

Just send an EA-6B Prowler or EF-18 Growler to fry their electronics and say it was an accident .


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