Airborne Units to Stay in Afghanistan into 2015

Airborne Units to Stay in Afghanistan into 2015

Troops from the Army’s 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions will likely be part of the 9,800-strong force staying in Afghanistan in 2015 as part of President Obama’s overall war plan, the new U.S. commander in Afghanistan said Friday.

In naming elements of the 2015 force for the first time, Gen. John F. Campbell, the outgoing Army vice chief of Staff, said that he “absolutely” expected units of the 101st and the 82nd to be part of the force that he will command in 2015.

Units of the 101st and 82nd were scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in the fall and Campbell said that “we will shape them to be part of that 9,800.”

Last week, the Defense Department announced that about 1,000 troops from the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 101st and 900 troops from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st would deploy to Afghanistan at an unspecified date in the fall. In addition, DoD said that 1,725 troops from the Combat Aviation Brigade of the 82nd would also deploy in the fall.

The DoD announcement pointedly did not state the length of the deployments, which are usually nine months, but Campbell said he was counting on troops from the 101st and 82nd to remain in 2015.

The 82nd and the 101st have frequently deployed units to Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade of the 101st and the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st are in Afghanistan finishing up nine-month deployments.

The White House in late June submitted an overall war budget request of $66 billion for fiscal 2015, which begins Oct. 1. The vast majority of the funding — $59 billion — would go toward the Defense Department’s operations in Afghanistan. The latter figure is almost $21 billion less than the placeholder value the department submitted in its original budget request.

Under President Obama’s plan announced in late May, all 30,000 U.S. combat troops currently in Afghanistan will leave at the end of 2014 and a force of 9,800 will remain in advisory and training roles in 2015.

The troop strength would be halved in 2016 and all U.S. troops would be out in 2017 with the exception of embassy security and troops in an Office of Security and Cooperation, similar to the one in Iraq.

However, the plan was contingent upon the Afghans signing a new Bilateral Security Agreement to allow for the continued presence of U.S. and coalition troops past Dec. 31.

President Hamid Karzai has refused to sign the proposed BSA. Both candidates in the runoff election to succeed Karzai have agreed to sign, but the elections results currently are subject to a lengthy audit.

Campbell was confirmed last week by the Senate as the new commander of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. He will succeed Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, who has been confirmed to succeed retiring Marine Gen. James Amos as Marine Commandant.

In his last Pentagon briefing as the Army’s No. 2 officer, Campbell said that he expected the formal change of command ceremony in Afghanistan to take place around Aug. 26.
Campbell acknowledged that he would be moving into ISAF headquarters in Kabul at a “time of uncertainty” for the transition from a combat role to a training and advisory role for U.S. forces.

Campbell also said that he would conduct his own overview of the Obama plan and make recommendations for changes if he felt they were necessary. “I’ll take a hard operational assessment of it when I get on the ground,” he said.

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Meanwhile, those currently serving in combat zones in Afghanistan are receiving pink-slip notices, expressing gracious appreciation for the risks and sacrifices they have undertaken, then warning them to prepare for immediate separation from the service into civilian life upon their return Stateside.

The thanks of a grateful nation go with you; now scram, or else. Have fun on Civvy Street in the worst job market since the 1970s, if not since the Depression years.

Sheer genius. That’s got to be the greatest morale builder in Pentagon history.

(And no, I am not making this up. I wish I were.)

Does it matter ? Americans don’t like losers and want to forget them and their defeat as soon as possible.

Remember, the 101st is only Airborne in name, nobody jumps anymore! 82d only has the Green Ramp Bde on status to save money. Airborne usually means volunteers that go where they are told to go w/o[ question! The whole army is volunteer, remember! If you want light units vs armoured heavy then fine but share the wealth, let everyone be in danger equally!

As someone who is currently serving a tour in Kabul,Afghanistan right now it is hard to understand logic. Bottom line you risk your life but do people really care.… can someone expect you to hard you hardest when they have no regard towards hardships on you and your family.….that’s the military for you. You are just a number.….All I want to do is reach 20 then I’m done with it.

The American people have never cared since WW2 which was the last war that affected the US. All the past “conflicts” have not affected us except for the families of wounded or dead heroes. America does not care about the Stan.
I served during the Vietnam Era and through the Cold War. No one cares I gave up 141/2,years of my life, served without family being near, and lost the best years of my life serving a country that did not and does not care. I have heard people say to me thank you for serving, but that is like, have a nice day, it don’t mean nothing. .…
Afghanistan is going down the tubes just like Iraq has. I am sorry for your hardship, but like you, I volunteered being a service brat I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into. I did get my reward by using the GI bill, and VA benefits which has helped.
Good luck to you and stay safe. No matter what your MOS or where you are stationed your life is in danger in that God forsaken land that time forgot. Only your immediate team/ buddies will relate to you, use them as a support network. Don’t expect nothing from your country, your Afgan campaign medal, NDSM, and other awards plus 2–5 dollars will get you a cup of coffee when you get back to the World. No one will care or understand what you have been through. Good luck.

As a military retiree I can emphasize with your thoughts, and am sure that many of our troops there have similar feelings. The American people do sincerely care, it’s just not seen on a personal level for individual troops. It’s up to all of us to bring about fundamental change in our government and national values back to the principles of our constitution. We can only do that through the power of our vote to replace those serving with those dedicated to restoring conservatism in government. Our citizens care greatly about the troops and their well being, but are individually handicapped to bring about the changes needed without a united front to bring about that change. I firmly believe that change will happen, as it must if we hope to survive as a nation. Believe that OUR PEOPLE CARE! God bless, and our prayers for a safe return to your family. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND PERSONAL SACRIFICE!

But, but, but, Obama promised us that we would be out of Afghanistan.….

Just one more lie.

The only way our government and our country will change is if all those morons up on the hill has term limits.The big reason we need term limits is a lot of people will keep voting the same people back in again.With term limits we will be able to get then out of the door.

Most nam vets got their benefits alot never used them,in the nam days after getting out you just get a foldershowing youre benefits,these days they tell you not to forget what you get after serving! But you are right some dont care due to no work etc. but in majority thank you for serving and for so many years a choice you made..Imoved to europe and upon wearing my vietnam cap’ people look at me as if I am a nut „now that is bad! And it gets to me also having served in the service here..

Potus apoligized for things done in “Bushes ” eraafter getting our men out of afgan..

I think you’ve overstated a few things, but I appreciate your concerns.

Yes sir, this whole thing is a mess, I just saw their going to fire 500 Majors also? Didn’t read the article yet but your right. The Vets comming home now are having trouble adjusting back to civi life as is, With the job market so called what are these people going to do? Then we have the new foundlings that are comming into the country like lost little sheep. I bet they’ll get jobs before the men/women who have bravely served this country and put thier enite lives on hold. What a crap ass president and government we have, They make more money then anyone, They are giving away more money then ever before and sit back and start firing soldiers like they were working at a FN ice cream store in winter. MAKES ME SICK!

i agree with you just one more lie from obama i do hope rhe rep, get control of congress and impeach the lawbreaking president.

POTUS promised to bring our troops back from the Bush wars that have devastated our reputation and economy, and he is keeping that promise. The US military isn’t a jobs program for folks who can’t compete for private sector jobs. If you are concerned about the economy, stop electing representatives who vote against education and infrastructure and job programs.

Thats bull. We are sending troops to fight after Obama tells the American people we are leaving at the end of the year. Vietnam 2.0 here we come.

One thing that everybody seems to be missing is that Russia is working at doing business with Afghanistan. If it’s not a double slap in the face I wonder what it is.

You sound like the loser if you were trying to cut down the American military

Sorry brother, I too am a retiree and do not see things the same. The American people care? C’mon, most folks just want to go about their business and don’t want to be bothered. There is a general state of apathy among the common masses
. Your wave the flag rhetoric and God bless ‘murica speech are for a ever dwindling minority. I’m three years retired and wish that sense of innocence you preach was real, I don’t believe it is. I will always shake the hand of a vet with an understanding of their sacrifice and a thanks in my heart but I also will keep my eye on the sheep of the world with an understanding that they are sheep and only care where their next meal comes from.

Oblat is this site’s resident America-bashing loser.

My dad served two tours in Vietnam. When he returned home, he was spit on and called “baby killer” on the local train (he was in uniform on his way to duty). I (barely) recall the TV news coverage of anti-war demonstrators.

I am honored to work with injured service members and veterans. None have reported the kind of abuse at the hands of civilians that our Vietnam vets endured. That said, the indifference exhibited by some segments of our population is painful. Some of it can be blamed on ignorance of what it’s like to truly walk in a soldier’s (or marine’s, sailor’s or airman’s) boots. And some people are just selfish and thoughtless.

For those of you who are currently serving or who have served, please know that there is a significant population of us who will never forget and will be grateful for the rest of our lives for all you have sacrificed. And the sacrifices of body, mind, and family during OIF/OEF/OND in many cases are greater than those made during the Vietnam era.

In any community, you have a segment of the population that doesn’t give a **** about anything that doesn’t directly effect them. Forget ‘em. I feel blessed to live in a community that overall is very military-supportive, where local government, schools, and businesses partner with military units and bases.

Carry on…

I didn’t see any mention of the 173rd Airborne.

82nd jumps all the time. Fyi. I had 38 in four years at Bragg. 101st is now airborne in name yet they are now an air assault force.

173rd ABN sky soldiers will likely be the go to guys to deal with Russia

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