Pentagon May Retool Budget for Iraq Airstrikes

Pentagon May Retool Budget for Iraq Airstrikes

The U.S. Defense Department may need to modify next year’s budget to pay for airstrikes targeting Islamic militants in Iraq, officials said.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Martin Dempsey didn’t say how much the department has spent so far on the military campaign that began Aug. 7 and targeted areas controlled by the Islamic State in the northern part of the country.

But both acknowledged that the department may need to adjust its budget request for fiscal 2015, beginning Oct. 1, depending on how long the bombing campaign lasts.

“Maybe,” Hagel said when asked whether the spending plan will need to be reshaped to accommodate the latest operations in Iraq. “You’re constantly shaping a budget to assure that resources match the mission and the mission and the resources match the threat.”

The secretary added, “We’ve had to move assets over the last couple of months, obviously, to accomplish what we accomplished in Iraq. That costs money — that takes certain monies out of certain funds.”

Gen. Dempsey said the military made “really remarkable” adjustments to its regional footprint to carry out the airstrikes in Iraq. “But we — there may be a point where — I think we’re fine for Fiscal Year ’14 and we’ll have to continue to gather the data and see what it does to us in ’15,” he said.

For comparison, the cost of the U.S.-led airstrikes in Libya in 2011 reached almost $1 billion in less than five months, according to  previous reports.

The Pentagon requested a fiscal 2015 defense budget of about $554 billion, including a base budget of $496 billion and a war budget of about $59 billion. Congress hasn’t yet approved the spending plan. The White House also requested a separate $5 billion counter-terrorism fund, of which, $4 billion would go to the Defense Department and $1 billion would go to the State Department.

While Republicans have blasted the so-called Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund as a “slush fund,” administration officials have said it’s necessary to “provide the flexibility and resources required” to deal with terrorist threats from South Asia to Central Africa. The account would include $1.5 billion for a Syria-Regional Stabilization Initiative.

More than 150,000 people have been killed in the three-year-old civil war in Syria. The conflict has helped fuel the rise of the Islamic militant group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, the al-Qaida inspired Islamic organization that now controls parts of Syria and Iraq.

The organization on Tuesday circulated video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, who was kidnapped in Syria in 2012, and threatened to execute another, Steven Joel Sotloff, who disappeared near the Syrian-Turkish border in 2013.

During the briefing, Hagel condemned the execution of Foley and vowed further attempts to rescue remaining hostages. He described the Islamic State as “beyond anything we have seen” and left open the possibility of expanding U.S. military involvement to eastern Syria. “We’re looking at all options,” he said.

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As usual, the Pentagon is playing for more money. Diverting aviation training money in the current baseline budget can be usd to pay for the aircraft strikes. Why train when you have real targets. And replacing the missiles and bombs can be carried in the normal budget process. Otherwise, we’re stockpiling munitions for what? A war with Russian? China? Not a dime extra should be given the Pentagon. The Army spent 10’s of billions of dollars “reorganizing” their Brigade Combat Teams (CBTs), which had absoluely nothing to do with the Global War on Terror (GWoT), using contingency funds! What a scam. On the other hand, this is a religious civil war and unless the entire “Iraq Army” goes full bore on the counterattack, we shouldn’t intercede.

I’d be seriously worried about ISIS’ threat about attacking THIS country!
They could drive tanks across the southern border (well, not really), but the border needs to be closed NOW!
I cannot understand why anyone would play down their threat (ISIS)!

The pentagon budget needs to be increased by 300 bill
Need new tactical nukes for USN restart of f 22 production
More subs
Hypersonic strike missile
Nuclear SM
We are entering a cold war w China and Russia simultaneously
Introducing price controls for pharmaceuticals would save the Fed Gov 200 bill per year

“Introducing price controls for pharmaceuticals would save the Fed Gov 200 bill per year”

I thought supply and demand logic would take care of it. Aren’t price controls supposed to be the devils tools? You know…“price controls on LCS will save Fed Gov…”

As they say in Asia the pacific pivot is just America spinning round and round with one leg trapped in the middle east — desperate to get out but unable to leave.

For China keep the US distracted in the Middle East is a good strategy. I’m sure as tons of Chinese ATGMs and 50 cal sniper rifles are shipped into Syria to aid the rebels the Chinese are not that concerned that quite a few are ending up with ISIS.

retired461 and Superraptor — Good point of departure for a discussion of what weapons we need/need to modernize. Why nukes need modernization, that doesn’t seem to be our target set anymore, so why the rus? How many hypersonic strike missiles to take out a terrorist? None. But maybe a few for Russia/China. More subs? Maybe. But at a much slower procurement pace. Need to look at life cycle extensions, rather than costly replacement programs. I like the F-22 restart. Cut JSF to balance it out. BTW, the pharmaceutical companies and their laywers lobbied to prevent wholesale pricing for the medicals the government buys. That probably won’t change.

oblatt22 — You’re on to something here because that’s the same policy the Soviet Union employed to keep the U.S. in check. We do the same. We whine about the Russians supporting the separatist rebels in the Ukraine, but inconveniently forget to mention the Hispanis “students” we’re still paying to foment regime change in Cuba. It’s just the “Great Power” game.

Maybe Iraq could foot the bill? They were supposed to during the occupation but didn’t, and continued to drain money out of us like an open wound! You can’t fore more people and still remain an effective,world power! Missiles and old B-52s don’t scare terrorists!

Wouldn’t mind having the Iraqis foot the bill. Beg us for fire support, pay the bill. Maybe Iran will do it more cheaply, but will they hit the one target out of many?

Hey, maybe we should let Iran do the dying. Chances are after we save Iraq they will go over to Iran anyways.

Thanks for your service. KICK THERE ASSES ON LAND SEA OR AIR.
NAMVET. 4TH INF CO A 4th Engrs 66’71

Stop sending all of our new innovations, to China to be manufactured. Then stop buying Chinese made goods. Stop the LESO program, gives state and local law enforcement military equipment. Gotta keep the military suppliers working.

ISIS and their weapon supplies are not a threat to this country other than any other terrorist. This means they just need to be added to the list of potential enemies entering here, nothing more. They don’t need to attack us from our borders (how stupid would that be) a simple first class ticket on any airline with fake passports can get them in here, some I am sure are already here (heck some American traitors turned ISIS nutbags are waiting in line right now). When they get here they then could buy as many bombs and guns in the black market they want, easily making all sorts of WWI chemical weapons with little special equipment at very cheap costs. Like any terrorist it’s no big deal. The only thing they need is money and they have plenty of that from our intel.

Good ideas! We should get Russia involved too, get Putin a way to save face as his Ukraine takeover thing is destined for failure.

Ha Ha Ha you sounds like you’re a liberal, since you actually realize that our economic woes are directly tied to our offloading and robo-sourcing of jobs to cheap labor markets like China…Repubs can’t get this global economy thing through their thick heads. Keep on wanting to shrink the government and cut taxes and spending not realizing it has been the government whose been propping up our economy since the 1980s.
The days of capitalism solving our problems are over. It was short lived anyway (1945 to 1975) That is trickledown worked during this time period as tax cuts helped to inject our economy with jobs because we had no real competition. Not any more…The only reason our economy is doing half way good with jobs is Obama and the Dems strident force to keep the Repubs from cutting everything out otherwise we would be in a depression right now. Repubs have their heads so up their butts.

Its good what u guys are doing to try to condensed organization


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