199 Barony Place Drive Columbia Sc Pentland {April} See!

199 Barony Place Drive Columbia Sc Pentland 2021
199 Barony Place Drive Columbia Sc Pentland {April} See!>> Are you looking for a house on rent or to purchase? Then this writing has brought details about the houses in this content.

Houses are one thing we all need to stay on this earth. We all need houses with the best facilities. Houses are the place where we spend most of our time. In these modern times, we need the best house with all the facilities- like rooms, gardens, gym, terries and other facilities. 

Are you looking for detail for 199 Barony Place Drive Columbia Sc Pentland, the house in the United States then this writing has brought the details about the same?

Ways to sell your home?

Different websites and agents host websites and places to provide you with rent and enable you to purchase the best properties. They provide complete details about the properties. From features, facilities, prices, neighbourhood and nearby facilities of the property. 

Zillow is the most popular website in the United States, providing you with different rent and purchasing houses. 199 Barony Place Drive Columbia Sc Pentland is also available on this website. But the details about the property is posted by a third party or the honour of the house, not directly by the Zillow website. 

So, you need to contact them for further details and communications about the house.

There are many ways to sell your home; you can sell your products through websites, third parties, agents, and directly. 

Let us know about the specifications and details of this property.

About the property-199 Barony Place Drive Columbia Sc Pentland

Let us know specifications about this property- 

  • Remember this property is not available for rent or purchase directly by Zillow, but some third party has posted it. The description of the property is given by the third party, honour or some agent. 
  • The house was last sold for $282,900 to someone in 2019.
  • The value of this home is increased up to 8.7% in the last year. 
  • The value of the house will increase 6.2% next year. 
  • Many schools near this place, named Kelly Middle School and Ridge view high school. Both the schools are rated five stars from all the metrics. 
  • The house is in 1200 square yard with Basement, five rooms, two floors, garden and dockyards.
  • The property 199 Barony Place Drive Columbia Sc Pentland has all the features and available for rent and purchase.

Final thoughts 

After analysing and knowing everything about the house and its details, we can conclude that there is a different house available on Zillow to purchase and get it on rent. The particular address given is available for rent and purchasing as well. If you are looking for any house on rent or purchasing, you can go on the Zillow website and look for the pictures of this website and contact the honour for the property 199 Barony Place Drive Columbia Sc Pentland.

Do you have anything to share with us regarding this property? Then do let us know in the comment section below.

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