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Timothee Chalamet was spotted snogging a girl at Coachella 2022. People Worldwide are searching for the girl with him. The rumours about the American actor spread around the world. Do you know the girl’s name? The girl was identified as Victoria’s Secret model Sarah Talabi. Timothee was caught dancing and snogging the model.

The rumours went viral after a fan spotted Chalamet and Timothee together in a live stream. Here we will discuss the 2022 Chalamet Timothee.

Chalamet Rumours 2022

Timothee romance rumours sparked all over the world. Many celebrities went to the music fest Coachella 2022. Timothee went to the music festival with his friends. The girl was Sarah Talabi, who confirmed that she was the girl spotted with the actor. Sarah stated that they all were vibing and hanging out.

Sarah also said that she was receiving hate messages and death threats, which is not okay. She is not ready to declare any statement about her relationship with Chalamet. The dancing photos and videos of the pair went viral on social media on Sunday.

Is Timothee Chalamet 2022?

A video of a couple from Coachella 2022 is getting viral. Some sources are claiming that the pair was Cindy Kimberly and Timothee Chalamet. After Sarah and Chamalet’s rumours could settle, a video of the couple snogging in Coachella went viral in tik tok. However, there is no confirmation that the pair was Cindy and Timothee.

People are assuming the couple to be Cindy and Timothee. Their fans were shipping after watching their videos. Fans are curious to know whether the couple are those actors. Their fans are sharing exciting comments. After Timothee and Sarah’s snogging rumours went viral, this rumour came to light. The 2022 Chalamet Timothee and Cindy rumours are not confirmed yet.

More about Chalamet

Timothée Hal Chalamet is a famous American actor born on 27 December 1995. He was raised and born in New York City. Rumours about the actor are circulating on different social media platforms. Initially, Timothee was found with a Victoria Secret’s model, and the model confirmed that she was the girl with Timothee.

Sarah, Victoria’s model, revealed that she was getting threatened after the pair’s rumours went viral. Again a video of a pair went viral on Tik Tok where they were snogging passionately at the Coachella music festival. 

2022 Chalamet Timothee fans claim the couples were Timothee and Cindy as the attire was similar. We will be updating you once we confirm whether the rumours are real or fake.


The post will give you the latest information about the Chalamet Timothee. Some sources claim that the actor was found snogging a girl at Coachella 2022 music fest. The actress was identified as the model of Victoria’s Secret, Sarah. Sarah also confirmed that she was with Timothee. You can visit this link. to know more about Chalamet.

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