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2050.Earth Malaysia (Sep 2021) Get Full Details Here!

Please read this article to learn about 2050.Earth Malaysia, a project to predict the future world and develop technical resolutions for the expected issues.

Can you foresee how your city would be after a decade? Are you comfortable with the way everything is progressing? What if you get the chance to mentally travel further in time and share your views about the future? Today, we have discussed a venture that shall give you this opportunity.

In this write-up, we have discussed a forum where users worldwide, including Malaysia, the United States, Vietnam, and Indonesia, can post how their cities will be in the future, such as 2050.Earth Malaysia

What is Earth 2050?

Earth 2050 is an open platform that invites the people’s comments about their cities in the future, precisely in 2030, 2040, or 2050. Kaspersky, the renowned global cyber security provider, developed this portal. The registered members of Earth 2050 can be scientists, futurologists, or Web users, who can anticipate their cities’ progress or drawbacks in the next decades. 

How does Earth 2050 work?

Earth 2050 consists of a map tagged with all the cities of the world. To comment or view about how the user’s city, say 2050.Earth Malaysia would be in the future, they have to click on their city. The views can be related to the environment, employment structure, food habits, lifestyle, etc., during the next few decades. 

There are two pages on this site, the map and the feed. In the map section, the circles on the cities denote predictions. If the circle’s color is white, the prognosis is in text only, and if it is yellow, the forecasts are accompanied by images. The feed section contains additional news about a given subject. There is a toggle key to switch between these two web pages. 

2050.Earth Malaysia can be operated from both desktops and smartphones. However, it shall be more convenient for the members to use it from desktop systems. The default pages that shall open on the desktops and smartphones are maps and feeds, respectively.

Team of Earth 2050

Apart from the technical experts of Kaspersky, the team of Earth 2050 comprises famous futurologists worldwide, such as David Brin, an American science fiction writer, Carlo Ratti, an architect and engineer, Martin Rees, a British astrophysicist, and so on. 

What is the Aim of Earth 2050?

Kaspersky introduced this innovative and unique project about 2050.Earth Malaysia to comprehend the challenges that might occur in the globe in the coming decades. By analyzing the members’ predictions worldwide, they intend to develop technical solutions to counter the foreseen issues. 

As Kaspersky has been providing cyber security and computer anti-virus solutions for more than 20 years, it aims to be prepared for the upcoming global scenarios to contribute to digital assets’ safety.

The team wants to make this planet a more protected place, and they believe envisaging our future world is the first step towards creating a better world in the coming decades. 

Conclusion on 2050.Earth Malaysia

The initiative shall go a long run in predicting the issues that may arise in the upcoming decades. The members need to sign up for posting their predictions, which shall be published after scrutiny. The users can also vote for and comment on the existing forecasts. You can read about the future of work  visualized by Kaspersky. 

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