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5 Letter Starting With AP Words (June) Read Details!

Check out this article to enrich your vocabulary with 5 Letter Starting With AP Words.


Have you ever played the popular word puzzle game Wordle or any word guessing games? If yes, you might have been stuck sometimes while guessing a word.

Worldwide, Wordle has gained immense popularity. This brain-stimulating game has attracted interest from every age group. It might be because of its easy gameplay or the craze of sharing scores on social media.

Keep scrolling to learn more new 5 Letter Starting With AP Words.

What are those words?

Every day, Wordle gives the player a puzzle. A five-letter word, a few hints to make a guess, and six attempts

The answer for Wordle 362 started with the letter ‘A’ and ended with ‘N’. Any guesses? The second letter is ‘P’. It is worn in a particular room. Still, baffled? The answer is ‘APRON’.

This made many people wonder what could be some other words starting with AP.

  • Apace
  • Apron
  • Apage
  • Apart
  • April
  • Apism
  • Apord
  • Aport
  • Apium
  • Appel
  • Apply
  • Aptly

These are some of the words you can add to your vocabulary or use maybe in your next Wordle puzzle.

More 5 Letter Words Beginning With AP

Would you like to learn more such words that start with AP and has five letters? Scroll further for that.

  • Appar
  • APCRs
  • Aphid
  • App
  • Apple
  • Apsis
  • Apsos
  • Apeek
  • Apaid
  • Aping
  • Apgar
  • Apnea

Do you know what App means? In British English, Apoop refers to ‘on the poop deck. Still confused?

The poop deck is the highest and aftermost deck, especially in a sailing boat. It forms the roof of the cabin in the stern. The word is also known as ‘Poop Cabin’.

Now, what about the other words? Below are the meanings of some specific 5 Letter Words Beginning With AP.

Meaning of 5 letter words starting with AP

  • Appar – It’s an abbreviation of apparently
  • Apace – Quickly, swiftly
  • Apeek – (of a ship) directly over the anchor
  • Apian – Originated from the Latin word Apianus, which means bee
  • Apism – Practice of aping, mimicry
  • A page -Use of idea or technique first used by another person, and in Ancient Greek, it means ‘Go away!’
  • Aport – Towards the left side of the ship
  • Aphid – a small bug that sucks the juice from plants

Did you know any of the meanings mentioned above? If not, you can learn now. These 5 Letter Starting With AP Words meanings will probably help you one day.

Final Verdict 

Summing up, we can say that a strong vocabulary can help you in many aspects of communication. In contrast, you are speaking, writing or listening. Through Wordle, you can learn as well as play at the same time. See you again in our next article and help you with a new word starting with AP. Comment below your lovely views to let us know how you felt about our 5 Letter Starting With AP Words article.

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