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5 Letter Words Ending Ape {July} Explore The List Here!

Wordle has become a worldwide famous word puzzle or quiz. Today, we are covering some of the 5 Letter Words Ending Ape. Please click on the post right now.

What fun do you have when you play word games with your loved ones? What would you do if you couldn’t find somebody to engage in a game of word association with? The answer is Wordle. It’s a word game where you must guess the clues, repair the mistakes, and locate the solution.

 Wordle users Worldwide are presently facing a problem. Many people have difficulty finding words that end with Ape characters. We have compiled a list of useful 5 Letter Words Ending Ape for your perusal.

APE-Finishing Words

Following is a list of all five-letter words that end in ape.

  • Crape
  • Chape
  • Agape
  • Drape
  • Shape
  • Frape
  • Scape
  • Etape
  • Trape
  • Grape

What is Wordle game?

Wordle, a new online word game, was created by Josh Wardle, a programmer well known for his work on Reddit’s The Button and social experiments Place. When a five-letter word is correctly guessed on the first six tries, the player receives coloured tiles showing the proper and incorrect letter placements in the solution word. Unlike other guessing games like Mastermind, Wordle indicates which letters are correct for each guess. The response word for each day is the same for all participants.

More 5 Letter Words Ending With Ape

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  • slape
  • snape 
  • swape

The Meanings of APE Ending 5 Letter Words

  • Agape – of the lips of a person wide open in astonishment or surprise.
  • Scabbard point made of metal.
  • Vine fruit that may be eaten fresh or fermented into wine. Grapes can be purple, green, or black, depending on the variety.


  1. What exactly is Wordle?

An online game called Wordle is introduced in October 2021.

  1. Who invented Wordle and 5 Letter Words Ending Ape?

Wordle was designed by a programmer named Josh Wardle.

  1. Which are Five-Letter Words Ending in APE Do You Recognize?

Grapes, Agape and Chape

  1. What does the word agape mean?

In a state of awe or astonishment, a person’s lips might be seen wide open.

The Challenge’s History

As a result, many people start their days with a game of Wordle or another similar kind of word game to help get their minds going for the rest of the day. If you need help figuring out five-letter words ending with APE, you’ve found the right place.

If you’re seeking a 5 Letter Words Ending With Ape or workaround for the times when we’re not feeling our sharpest, you’ve found one. Using our thorough list given above, you can maintain your winning streak. Using this list, you should be able to locate Five Letter Word Ending in APE for today’s Wordle puzzle or any other word game you’re working on.


We had a long list among the 50+ words that concluded with APE. You may look up the terms mentioned in the hint box to obtain the proper answer to your wordle clue. Also get more words that end with Ape

Your thoughts on our collection of 5 Letter Words Ending Ape? Comment if you have something to say!

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