#662# Metropcs (Dec 2020) Respite From Spam Calls!

#662# Metropcs 2020

#662# Metropcs (Dec 2020) Respite From Spam Calls! >> This post will get to know how to block spam calls on Metro PCS Phone. Please go through the information now.

#662# Metropcs: People are getting many scams and spam calls and texts from various sources. Metro PCS come up with a shield app to put a halt to these activities and protect the users from spam calls. This app is easy to use, install, and helps to stay away from all scams and unwanted calls.

“Scam Likely” is the highlighted feature that pop-ups when there are any suspicious calls received on the mobile phone. Folks from the United States want to know about this feature and clear out their queries. That is why we are here to get into all details and explore how they can get it on their phone.

Launch of a “Scam Block & Scam Likely”

#662# Metropcs: Back in March’20, Scam ID, as well as Scam Block, has launched by T-Mobile to users in avoiding all the scam calls or any robocalls. Now, the services have also available on Metro PCS all across the United States. All the users have got the Scam ID, and a feature with the tag “Scam Likely” appears on the top of any suspicious call.    

If they want to get this service activated, then there is a need to dial #662# from their phone. Both of these features are free for all users and easy to get started on their mobile phones as well.

To get more information about the same, you can follow the steps that we will pen down below.   

Block a scam call on Metro PCS Phone

We have a count of ways that would be helpful for you to get this “scam likely” feature by going through #662# Metropcs and turn it on. Let us take a peek at the steps we have given below.

  • Download the Scam Shield app on the phone for free and head to the Scam Block.
  • Dial the code #662# from metro PCS by any T-mobile device.
  • Log in to your account, then choose My Account> to add service and then, “Protection” to Scam Block.
  • In the app, choose Shop> Add services> PIN Confirmation> Scam Block and Modify Services.
  • Tap 611 from the Metro device to speak to customer care.

The Bottom Line: #662# Metropcs

After exploring all the aspects of it, we get to know that it is a spam caller ID protection provided by the Metro PCS Phone. It is handy in this era where scams and spam calls are rising year by year. 

The phone has its in-built feature to prevent the users from attending any calls that are harmful or threatening to them. The process to get this scam likely feature on your Metro PCS is simple and helps you to get you out of all threats. Therefore, it is a great help against all robocalls and scams.    

Please write down your entire questions in the comments box below, and let us sort out all your queries relating to #662# Metropcs.

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