#662# Scam Block {Dec} Know How To Block Spam Calls!

#662# Scam Block 2020

#662# Scam Block {Dec} Know How To Block Spam Calls! >> Beware of spam calls on T-Mobile phone & find out how you can save yourself through the article.

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives, but with pros come cons as well. If you are getting lost in spam calls, then read this #662# Scam Block article till the end. 

In a rush, we often attend calls without looking at the number. It may be possible that it’s a spam call. 

The CTIA, the United States wireless telecommunication company, has fee insights on it, so keep reading further.  

What is a spam caller? 

Spam call or text messages are a kind of unwanted calls, which are spread in bulk. Many apps and service providers work to prevent such incoming calls.

These calls’ main aim is to make obscene comments, criminal activity, fraud, Unsolicited telemarketing calls and messages, impersonification of some institution, etc. 

In this article, we have explained how you can block unwanted and fake numbers. 

What is #662# Scam Block?

There’s recent viral news that says, by dialling #662# on your mobile, people from the United States can get rid of spam calls coming frequently. But it is only for T-Mobile users (post-paid) who can enable this feature to cease spamming calls and numbers. 

Once it is activated, the company will notify the user whenever a scammer makes a call. They also have Scam ID and Scam Block tools, which protect against spoof calls. 

Scam ID displays “Scam Likely” on the screen whenever one receives a suspected suspicious call. At the same time, Scam Block will block all the unsolicited calls before reaching your phone. 

How does #662# Scam Block work?

This particular feature is preserved only for T-Mobile customers, and this command is not valid for any other mobile network like AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint (the merger between the two companies is yet to confirm). 

It is effortless to activate this beneficial feature on your mobile phones. Follow these steps to get away from annoying harmful calls:

  • You can download the Scam Shield app on your phone, which is free, and click on the Scam Block option to turn it on.
  • You can also Login into the My T-Mobile app and turn on the Scam Black option.
  • You can also dial #662# according to #662# Scam Block, from your mobile network.
  • In, pre-paid users of T-Mobile can dial #436# to enable the Scam Block. 

Bottom Line 

The above feature and apps are only for T-Mobile users, and they must turn it on today if they don’t want to receive more scammed calls. Spammed or scammed, both means trouble.

Many users are finding it helpful in avoiding fraudulent calls that might steal any personal information. It is necessary to get trustworthy apps or features in smartphones, nowadays when this crime is taking a worse shape. 

Contact your network company and get details on how you can save yourself from such scams. 

After reading this news, please share your views on #662# Scam Block and tell us how convenient you find it in the comments section below.

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