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7 Absolute Essentials For Every Weight Loss Warrior {July}

7 Absolute Essentials For Every Weight Loss Warrior >> If you’re struggling with weight loss, it’s time to take action. You can’t start a new diet every week and expect something to work. It takes dedication and hard work, but the payoff is worth it! Today I’m going to go over some absolute essentials for those who want help in their journey of losing weight. First, it is necessary to put a full-proof and feasible system in place to lose weight and build strength effectively,

We will help you chart out the fundamentals of weight loss and then help you calibrate them according to your attributes and goals. 

  1. A Calorie-counting App To Keep Track Of What You’re Eating

Weight loss is a game of calorie deficit. Some people believe that if they exercise and eat healthy food they can eat anything as much as they like, which is completely wrong. If you eat more calories than your body burns in a single day, you will gain weight due to the deposition of surplus calories in the form of fat. 

A good calorie tracker app approximately specifies the number of calories a portion of food contains. Also, such apps help you track your daily calorie requirement based on the activities you plan to perform throughout the day, which allows you to get to the best shape of your life by keeping your calories in check. 

  1. A Beginner Set Of Weights

Why do I need weights when cardio alone can help me lose weight?

Yes, cardio does help you lose weight, But too much cardio drains you of your micronutrients and destroys your existing muscle mass to a certain extent. Nobody wants to lose weight to look leaner. Weight lifting helps you lose weight and get stronger simultaneously by accelerating the process of fat burn and muscle synthesis. 

A Combo Set of weights that can be adjusted according to your level of progress is the best to invest in. You can rack in more weights as you progress on your fitness journey. 

If you are short on space or keep traveling to places for work, resistance bands of different weight ranges are the best fix. 

  1. An Online Weight Loss Program To Guide You Along The Way

Just like every personality, everybody’s functioning is unique too. You might have tried and failed miserably at weight loss programs that worked wonders for someone you know. 

It does not mean that what worked for them was a farce; it just means that you have to find what works for you the best, but that requires a lot of experimenting through trial and error.
Whereas an online weight loss program cuts the effort and time, you would require in half by curating a fitness plan that works optimally for you. 

It not just tells you what to do in the form of a progressive workout strategy but also gives you realistic goals and expectations so that you never lose faith in yourself or the process along any step of the way. 

The nutrition experts at the other end of the screen ensure that your taste buds do not have to suffer as much as your body at the behest of your physical transformation. 

Compared to the amount of time and money you can potentially waste in experimenting, an online weight loss program is the best investment you can make towards a happy and fulfilling life.  

  1. A workout routine that is tailored to your needs and wants, including beginner, intermediate, or advanced options

You can be someone who has never worked apart from cardio; some of you might have discontinued after working out for a while, while some of you might completely dread the idea of working out altogether. 

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can always start with baby steps that can eventually turn into strides of positive progress towards achieving your dream body. 

The amount of challenge your exercises present should be in regard with your current strengths and weaknesses. If you exhaust yourself with far advanced workouts too early, the mental and physical strain will pull you away from moving your body regularly. 

Your goal should always be to enjoy each of your workout sessions to the maximum. 

  1. Healthy Recipes From The Best Chefs In The World To Help You Stay On Track

The more you work out, the more intense will be your craving for food. There are certain moments where you hit a wall and then engage in a binging spree out of spite or with a sense of rewarding yourself for all the hard work. Unfortunately, more often than not, one meal turns into far too many, and a minor slip turns to a major fall. 

To get the most out of your hunger pang, eat healthy and tasty. Youtube is the go-to option for every weight loss warrior who refuses to give up their craving for unhealthy food by replacing it with succulent and nutritious meals. Thousands of recipes to choose from are just a click away; dieting is not as hard as it used to be; it can be anything you want it to be with the right recipe. 

  1. A Playlist That Pumps You Up And Get You Through On The Worst Days

Be it athletes, artists, bodybuilders, or be it fashion designers and serial entrepreneurs, virtually everybody swears by the music being their tool for optimization. Music disconnects us from the world and helps us create one of our own by connecting to our innermost self. 

Make a playlist of songs that motivate you. They do not necessarily have to be from the “workout music” genre. Just pick up songs that help you find your zen mode and fill you up whenever you feel empty.

Not only will a playlist of your favorite songs push you to do better every day, but it will also have you looking forward to working out without excuses. 

  1. Healthful Lifestyle Tips So You Don’t Fall Off The Wagon When Things Get Tough

No matter what you want to achieve, learn or pursue in life, always remember that the “Devil Is In The Details.” Every small change that you bring into your lifestyle will lead to a compounding effect in your transformation.

For starters, never start the day without warm lemon water to accelerate your weight loss; make it a habit to not eat after 8 pm. Follow meal times religiously so that the body doesn’t have to adjust to too many changes while it works towards getting in better shape. 

Squeeze a brisk walk after meals whenever you can. Running once or twice a week is a game-changer when it comes to losing weight and getting stronger. 

On the road to an ultimate physical transformation, there will be minor setbacks. However, never lose hope and turn a minor setback into a major step back. Rest if you must, but never quit. 

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