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7 Wardrobe Essentials to Turn Heads {July} Read in Detail!

Latest News 7 Wardrobe Essentials to Turn Heads

7 Wardrobe Essentials to Turn Heads {July} Read in Detail! >> Your personality takes a backseat when it comes to first impressions. Erasing the first impression is almost impossible but making gold on the opportunity is easy. While many consider dressing up as half the job and communication skills as the other half, you have to attract the crowd towards you before you communicate. Dressing up neat is not enough. Irrespective of the gender, You must keep up with the fashion, trend, dressing ethics, and of course, your personal sense of comfort. 

Do not be overwhelmed. Trends may seem a little too fast to analyze and find your fit. Instead, you can invest in the timeless accessories that will serve you for days and stay in fashion. Evergreen fashion comes from the idea that some accessories are essential to the daily routine and will not be replaced as soon as the other trending pieces come and go.

Following are some of the worth-your-money accessories that will complement your wardrobe and add zing to your outfits. 


we have come a long way from pocket watches considered a luxury back until the 16th century. But quickly became popular after the industrial revolution when the manufacturing process became easy. Times have changed, and watches are now necessary and have evolved to become a statement piece of fashion. 

When choosing a watch, you match the personality, sporty, classic, bougie, or basic. But you might want to invest in a piece that is suitable for every occasion, and you won’t have to think twice before slipping on your watch that quickly pulls your outfit together and does not discard your other accessories. A classic piece of rose gold for a high-class event, neutral-colored big dial watch for office use. Be sure to check popular Timex models for all-occasion wear that suits every personality like a glove. 

Watch-Wardrobe Essentials to Turn Heads


any plain piece of garment can be vamped up and presented as a cinched dress-up look with a small addition of a belt that sits as simply or as stylish you want. Your plain office outfit will be elevated from shabby to sophisticated. 

  • Classic belt: for everyday use, these are made from durable material and neutral colors that go with each outfit, formal or dressy. 
  • Wide/narrow belt: wide/chunky belt cinches your waist and gives a look of a slimmer waist. Narrow belts are especially for A-line dresses to add to the classic look. 
  • Buckle belts: they serve the purpose of making a statement


how else do you carry all your belongings? Your go-to handbag must blend effortlessly with each of your outfits. Go for being white that can either contrast or carry the color code for your OOTD. 

Small, crossbody, or tote, you must be sure that it holds all your tiny essentials and make an impression. When looking for practicality, do not forget the look it will put up; your handbag must drop a message about your personality. 

A timeless bejeweled piece of handbag or clutch will be an investment that not only makes a statement but also allows you to choose from heavily jeweled or subtle bling to add to the minimal dress. 

Bags Wardrobe Essentials to Turn Heads


as chic as the pencil heels look, you might want to slip on something that is up to the job of facing the day with you. Never forget comfort when choosing a pair of footwear, no matter the purpose you are buying it for. Don’t think and pick out a pair of white sneakers. 

 As your shoes stay on you all day, Walking must not feel like a task and must, in fact, add in the ease of keeping them on. The event you are buying it for will be no fun if your feet are cramped and you have a shoe bite the next day. Low and pointy pumps are here to hold you up. 

Match your footwear to the handbag for a more coordinated look. 


sunglasses never go out of fashion. A good pair of sunglasses is quite frankly an excess-ory, but at the same time, you will not regret your purchase. In summer, spring, and fall, no matter the season, you do not forget to pick up your car keys and sunglasses on your way out. So, a piece of daily equipment deserves to be the best of its quality and serve your dressing style each day. Choose a frame that suits your face shape and enhances your features. And go for the classics, as sunnies tend to bring in new trends that don’t last. Look for classic Aviators, Wayfarers, cat-eye, or tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Sungglass Wardrobe Essentials to Turn Heads


you do not need a drawer full of stoles and scarves to match or contrast each outfit; you only need one that beautifully stands out or matches your aesthetics. They are not just for winters to keep you warm. Cotton or similar light material will absorb your sweat, keep you cool and protect you from the sun. pick out the one with summer prints like flowers and butterflies to set your vibe

They add a little bit of spice to the solid color tops and dresses that no longer are in fashion by adding a colorful stole/scarf to brighten up the whole outfit. 

You can also tie it up around your handbag to match your outfit or simply refresh the look. 

  1. Coats jackets and blazers: invest! A quintessential Coat will cover and protect you from dust, heat, and pollution. You only need two: one for formal events and one for your day out. Go for the eternal denim look without the patches or art. A plain denim jacket will complement your outfit no matter what. While a formal coat or blazer for events where you have to make a professional impression. A classic camel Trench coat for outdoor exploration will never miss serving its purpose. 

stoles Wardrobe Essentials to Turn Heads


Choosing clothes and temporary fashion will serve you for as long as the trend lasts. But with accessories, you have more freedom to experiment with your style and pull together a look that is independent of the trend but still timeless. Furthermore, as required by the work culture, accessories will allow you to stay professional and make a powerful impression with the extras like a statement piece of accessories. With this list, you are free to choose your statement.

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